Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Personality Traits

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Cancer Sun Pisces Moon people are affectionate, sensitive, nurturing, protective, maternal and paternal. They tend to surround themselves in things familiar and safe, such as home, family and friends.

Many Cancer people possess an artistic nature. Cancer natives are very hard workers. Because they want to be on solid footing with one or two close friends rather than many casual acquaintances, they often choose partners who share their need for understanding and stability.

Cancer is a Water sign that is sensitive, emotional and sentimental. Cancer’s main goal in life is to be happy and peaceful. Cancer women tend to be more shy and reserved compared to men, who may enjoy hanging out with friends and going out to party all night long.

Cancer natives are deeply sentimental and have a strong desire to protect their loved ones. They are also very sensitive and caring about career, money, and status.

Selfless, kind, objective, and compassionate are just a few words you could use to describe a Cancer personality. Strong willed and loyal, they make excellent friends that would give you the shirt off their back. But they come with a protective shield that must be broken through in order for them to truly open up.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Description

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon person is incredibly sensitive and emotional. They are natural nurturers who are good listeners and very caring.

These people usually have large hearts, are very sensitive, and are extremely protective of their loved ones. They make great spouses and partners, and will do anything they can to make sure their loved ones are always happy and taken care of.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon person is very creative, and sensitive. They feel deeply, and communicate effectively. Their imaginative nature makes them fluent writers and poets, or singers.

Still waters run deep with these people. Although they present themselves to the world in a calm manner, under their surface lives a sea of storms. They can be moody, and difficult at times, but always have your back when you need them most.

Some Cancer Sun Pisces Moon are very sensitive and may have great artistic abilities. They will be highly influenced by the people around them, especially when they are young. When they have grown up, they will be able to use their great imagination to fantasize and to create powerful and moving emotions within them.

People with this placement tend to be moody, somewhat reserved, eager to learn and creative. They are fertile in imagination and talent. They are good listeners and their sympathetic nature makes them popular with others.

They can have very deep feelings for others and they like intense relationships. Their sensitivity makes them feel things deeply and suffer

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon person tends to be empathetic, intuitive and psychic. These people are very creative and often have a deep interest in the occult and paranormal.

They love to daydream and need a lot of time alone to just relax their minds. They are known for being very stubborn and have extreme mood swings that go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

She is bright, talented, and friendly to all she meets. Don’t cross her or you will quickly find out that when she isn’t happy, no one else is. She can be very moody and you might see her circling back around from time to time. Her temper can be quick and when it flares up, you best get out of the way or you will suffer a terrible end.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon combination is an emotional and intuitive blend. You tend to be empathetic and sensitive to the moods of those around you. Sometimes you can be too sensitive for your own good, often taking on feelings or problems of others as your own, which becomes burdensome.

They are extremely passionate about what they believe in. It’s difficult for them to accept that they were wrong because they put themselves 100% into whatever it is they are doing at the time.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon personality is soft-hearted, sensitive, and even a little shy. At times this person may feel caged in and come across or secretive. This can all be traced back to the early childhood, when the person felt misunderstood.

They can be very loyal to friends and family. There is a great deal of versatility with this position as well. Finding his or her niche will be an important goal of this person’s life.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon individual is compassionate, charismatic and charming. They are great at helping others and are inherently artistic. They have a strong sense of self-preservation.

This individual is super sensitive and very artistic. If you know someone with Cancer Sun Pisces Moon, the one thing that you should know is that this person absolutely loves to be pampered. It’s amazing how much love and attention this person craves.

Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon souls tend to be highly intuitive people-readers; they can spot others' moods by looking at their faces, and can react with attunement or withdrawal depending on the vibes they perceive.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Woman

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon woman personality is sweet and kind, affectionate and sensitive. She is very good in service to others, especially those suffering from illness and disease.

She is a nurturing mother figure to her family, providing them with support when they need her most. Her intuition is very sharp, and occasionally she may see visions of the future and “feel” what others are thinking.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon woman is an emotional and sentimental person. They are a dreamer that always tries to be in the center of attention, making them quite popular among others.

They are sensitive, intuitive, caring and nurturing. What makes Cancer Sun Pisces Moon woman most content is being able to make a nurturing home-based environment for her loved ones.

She likes to be surrounded by things that she loves and is emotionally attached to. She is a dreamer with many fantasies and tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. She has an appreciation for what others might not notice and she is very intuitive.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon woman is a poetess and a mannequin, a dreamer and an introvert. She is the hausfrau and the aristocrat’s lady all in one. She is instinctively worldly, and has an old soul that speaks Spanish. She enjoys the past, while yearning for the future.

They are loyal, down to earth and strives for perfection. These women are shy to begin with but are sweet and loving once you gain their trust.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon woman appears careful at first, but once she becomes comfortable in a relationship, she is fun to be around – generous and warm-hearted.

She is quiet, private and intuitive. She will take everything internally, and will not release her emotions easily, like other women.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon women are very easy to love. They are kind and caring, selfless as well as romantic. These Cancer Sun women don’t forget about their Pisces Moon traits and find themselves in relationships that are often filled with uncertainty and chaos.

She has a romantic and loving personality. She is deeply emotional, sensitive to the moods and feelings of those around her, and intuitive. Often quite psychic and sometimes clairvoyant she possesses a great deal of psychic ability.

She is likely to be loyal and faithful but also have a sensitive emotional nature. A Cancer woman with her Moon in Pisces will find her home life much enhanced as she can appreciate the finer things in life and nurture her partner and family.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon Man

The Cancer Sun Pisces man is a romantic dreamer who lives in his own little world of fantasies. He needs romance in his life and thrives on love and affection. This dreamer craves attention and loves being a center of attraction. Basically, he needs to keep his Moon Pisces side dominant.

A Cancer Sun Pisces Moon man is likely to be quiet, sensitive and gentle. He possesses a natural gift of inspiration, the higher self.

He appreciates what he has in life and he doesn’t worry about things that he can’t change. A Cancer Sun Pisces Moon man generally makes a good listener and he may be someone that you can confide in as a friend.

He can be loyal and determined. He is very calm and quiet. He likes to have some fun but never in the forefront. He is always willing to help others.

The Cancer Sun Pisces Moon man is caring, considerate, sensitive and gentle. He can be timid, fragile and indecisive (although he will never let anyone else know that) and a typical Cancer day will involve lots of walks in nature to the solace of his special place where he feels happy.

They make excellent mentors, assistants, and caregivers to others. A Cancer Sun Pisces Moon will always be there for you when you need him the most. He is an awesome listener who will show lots of compassion to a friend or loved one.

He’ll share problems with others as well as offer advice and suggestions in order to lend a hand. He enjoys doing favors for people and feeling needed by someone of importance.

Cancer men adore security, and those born during the Moon in Pisces period love to express themselves through art. These Cancer Sun Pisces Moon men are expressive, gentle, and creative. They can make excellent lovers and partners.

Pisces Moon men can be some of the most sensual, romantic, and emotionally deep people you’ll ever meet. This is a man who has a unique way of looking at the world that comes from being dreamy and poetic.

These men are gentle, sensitive, and romantic. They are the most protective of all of the Cancer men and will go to great lengths for those they love. Can be jealous and possessive but will always want everyone to have a good time and help out by volunteering for extra work.

Feeling a need to give more than receive, Cancer Sun Pisces Moon people can sometimes come across as martyrs. A true survivor, your Moon in Pisces means that you are extremely resourceful in times of need, and if forced to flee your homeland you can easily start afresh in another land.

Although they want to be liked and admired for who they are, they will often forget their manners in a quest to be in charge. At times they may appear cold or aloof. They are also highly sensitive and may take offense easily.

Sun Pisces Moon men respect women, and expect women to be strong. They are looking for a woman who shares their moral and spiritual values, and wants to have an intellectual, soulful relationship.

They’re very sensitive but are often resistant to talking about it. These men tend to live in their own heads quite a bit and dream up romantic scenarios, so a partner who can keep them grounded may be just what the doctor ordered.

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