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Leo Personality Traits

Loyal and thoughtful, smart and funny, caring and considerate, entertaining and outgoing. These are just some of the personality traits that make this zodiac sign one of the most captivating people you’ll ever meet.

Leo is a self-reliant zodiac sign who interacts with the world around him with confidence and bravado. Leo has never been one to shrink from challenges. As a matter of fact, at times he has an incredible ability for overcoming and conquering any obstacles that might crop up.

Leo is intense and intuitive, yet relaxed and funny. Direct yet flexible, he loves variety and anything spontaneous. He’s a great judge of character and ridiculously charming with it. He knows what he wants and is hard to pin down.

Those with a Leo sun can be pretty big-headed at times, but they have such passion it’s impossible not to get swept up in it. Also, people tend to forgive them for it.

Leo’s are generous and heart-centered. They love the finer things in life: food, social gatherings with family and friends, and, of course, their pets. They make great team leaders because they are full of drive, focused on getting results and not afraid to take charge.

Leo is a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun. The symbol of Leo is the Lion. Leos have confidence that borders on arrogance, but underneath they are very insecure and need lots of attention and praise. They are fun, lively, flamboyant, dramatic, enthusiastic, generous and proud.

Leo people are often described as strong and charismatic. They almost always stand out from the crowd, and are as proud and independent as a lion.

Enthusiastic, adventurous, and surprisingly practical, the Leo is always a thrill to be around. But there’s more to this talkative gem than first meets the eye. Leo loves society and seeks positive relationships with as many people as possible, yet sometimes acts impulsively and can get carried away.

They are characterized by leadership, generosity, courage, and confidence. Leos are generous and share everything with their loved ones, like food and money.

They are known to be courageous and fearless, because they will fight for what they believe in. They can be very proud at times. They also have a great sense of humor and enjoy having lots of fun.

Friendly and warm, Leo can make friends with most people. These people enjoy the limelight, and often come across like royalty—they were meant for being in the center of attention. Ascribe to them the lion’s share of charisma and people will listen.

Leos are creative, enthusiastic and always full of life. Leo’s world revolves around family and home. Probably one of the most social zodiac signs. Friendly, extroverted and a great conversationalist.

Leo’s love to chat and have an excellent sense of humor, which could be considered a double-edged sword – it makes them likable but often prone to excess. Leos like to be admired, appreciated and adored and are great performers who bask in the limelight. Leos are very generous with friends, family and loved ones. Generous to a fault in fact!

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