Leo Virgo Cusp Personality Traits

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The Leo Virgo Cusp is one of the most interesting astrological cusps out there.

The qualities of people born in the Leo Virgo cusp are quite fascinating. Those who are born under this sign are energetic, dynamic and highly creative individuals who have a love for life and learning.

This article will dive into what makes a Leo-Virgo so unique and share the personality traits of someone born on this cusp.

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Leo Virgo Cusp Dates and Meaning

Leo Virgo Cusp Description

Leo Virgo Cusp is an astrological term used to denote individuals who are born between August 19 and August 25.

The Leo Virgo cusp is the point in the zodiac where the sign of Leo ends and the sign of Virgo begins.

The Leo Virgo cusp is a versatile combination! The individual born on this cusp is essentially a Leo. However, you’ll discover that the qualities of a Virgo are present which will help you get more out of your Leo side.

Subject to astrological influences, the Leo Virgo Cusp is a born leader and an energetic person with a great deal of ambition.

Populated by individuals who have had their fair share of sobriety from a previous life, those who reside on the cusp are often drawn towards careers that would lead them towards greater opportunities for success and wealth.

They follow their dreams in order to reach new heights; they will face any obstacles to get what they want and desire.

People born under the Leo Virgo Cusp are wise, romantic, generous, and they can boast of their sense of justice. Fundamentally trusting people, they place credence on true deeds rather than on promises.

Their relationship with others is characterized by kindness and understanding. They take the ideal of service very seriously – it must be sincere and not done for reward or profit - and use it to live a true life of devotion.

From an early age, Leos born on this cusp are likely to both want, and have the ability, to stand out from the crowd.

The Leo Virgo Cusp is gifted with natural ability of insight and clear thinking. This is a sign that is instinctively good at helping others and in relationships. People on this cusp are often easy to like, and enjoy playing the role of peacemaker.

They have a natural knack for success, but can sometimes suffer from feelings of inferiority, as they compare themselves to others.

Leo Virgo Cusp Personality Traits

The Leo Virgo Cusp personality is a combination of the leader (Leo) and the perfectionist (Virgo). The Leo Virgo Cusp personality blends a need for order with a demanding focus on the needs of others.

Leo is a sun sign that has an interesting mix of personality traits. They’re known to be friendly, cheerful, generous, playful and funny. In relationships they are loyal, generous and protective.

A Leo is a natural born leader. As the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leos are ambitious and have strong leadership skills. They are charismatic people who love to be in charge. Their leadership abilities can help them succeed in whatever they choose to do in life including career opportunities.

The Virgo sign is a highly intelligent, as well as serious and analytical person. They are very tidy and concerned about details.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, which begins around August 23rd depending on where you live. This sign is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and intelligence. Virgos are traditionally known as being nice, conscientious, and analytical.

The Leo Virgo personality has an innate charisma, which can make it easy for them to influence others. They can be charming, naturally popular, good at communicating and are often considered highly intelligent.

The Leo Virgo Cusp is bold and determined. They have a strong sense of responsibility and are willing to take on challenges that no one else will. They are like an open book when it comes to their career. As long as they are gaining insight and knowledge, they feel fulfilled in life.

Leos who fall under this sign are intelligent and organized people with a great imagination and drive. Language is their tool for expression, so they often have beautiful voices or other artistic talents that can draw people in.

The Leo Virgo cusp personality is driven by their need to help and care for others. This altruistic and nurturing aspect of the Leo cusp makes them natural caregivers and nurturers, and they are often found in careers such as nursing, teaching, and social work.

Curious, skeptical, and intellectual are words that describe the mysterious Leo Virgo cusp. Those born on the Leo Virgo cusp are fascinated with all things mysterious and psychological. Their inquisitive minds won’t settle for anything but the truth – facts are everything to them, and they don’t stop until they discover what lies beneath.

Leo Virgo Cusp Compatibility

For the Leo-Virgo Cusp personality, love simply does not exist without a bit of chaos.

The Leo Virgo cusp is a fire sign that combines the power of Leo with the social nature of Virgo. This cusp personality matches well with some of the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, and they can feel at ease in partnerships with Taureans and bold Gemini.

The Virgo Cusp personality is often referred to as the “earth sign,” because their energy is so grounded. The Virgo/Cusp zodiac personality loves stability, tradition, and the familiar.

Things that are new and untested are more frightening to them than things that are well-established. Everything must be thoroughly thought through before they act on it.

They evaluate all of the angles involved in just about every decision they make, no matter how simple it seems.

Leo Virgo Cusp in a Relationship

The Leo Virgo Cusp personality always wants love, but often can’t handle it. They are highly energetic and very demanding of others as well as themselves. They have a tendency to become critical of those they love when they don’t live up to the high expectations of the Leo Virgo Cusp personality…

The Leo Virgo Cusp personality is a very intelligent individual that possesses the traits of both the Leo and Virgo zodiac signs. Their most dominant trait is their intellect, which is fortunate for them because they attract many opportunities for academic success.

Leo Virgo Cusp personalities have gifts that are unusual for their sign. Charming, wise, and loyal, they are the perfect partner for someone who wants to explore the more sensitive side of love. They are gracious friends and colleagues. Their image is impeccable; they demand the same from others.

A dynamic personality that is a natural people-person, inspired and popular, vibrant and attractive, this is the Leo Virgo Cusp. As a Leo/Virgo crossover, or “Cusp,” their combination of fiery Leo self-confidence along with Virgo’s subtle insight into others' moods, motivations, and feelings makes them natural leaders. Their abundance of energy can exhaust the ones they love.

Cusp people exist between two opposing states. This dual-sided nature can be a real strength in a relationship, but also offer unique challenges.

Leo-Virgo cusp individuals are characterized by their passionate and energetic natures, but they can rarely allow themselves to truly relax enough to enjoy life. Thus, relationships with them can be intense at times, as they may be demanding partners.

The Leo / Virgo cusp personality is curious, persuasive, and romantic. You’re self-assured with an open mind, but you’re also dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and like taking on new projects.

Leo Virgo Cusp Woman

The Leo Virgo Cusp woman is warm, generous, helpful and cheerful. She is a deeply spiritual person who values harmony and balance in the world.

She understands her role as an influencer on others, and may be very distant with others. Her intuition and creativity are at a high level, and she has ideas that she wants to create into reality. She will stand by others, no matter what they do to her.

The Leo Virgo Cusp woman is loyal and supportive of her man, seeking to contribute to his happiness and self-confidence. She has a serious nature and likes to be involved with her partner on the most intimate level possible.

Leo Virgo Cusp women are very attractive and appreciative of anything that might add to their physical beauty. They also enjoy a good meal; they have extremely refined palates. It’s not unusual for them to host fine gourmet dinners, and they tend to enjoy fine food and wine.

The Leo Virgo Cusp personality is known for its flexibility of being cunning yet has the charming ability to make friends with almost anyone.

There are so many words that could be used to describe strong Leo women. Gutsy, courageous, caring, considerate and compassionate would be a good starting point. Leo Cusp women have incredibly high principles and morals and will always put their families, friends and loved ones first.

Leo Virgo Cusp Man

The Leo Virgo Cusp man is proud and confident, but can sometimes feel hindered by their own pride.

The Leo Virgo Cusp man will do almost anything for their family. These fine individuals are very devoted to their loved ones.

The Leo Virgo cusp man has natural talent and drive. He is the hard worker, the organized one, the perfectionist. He can be ambitious and determined. He needs to be in control of his environment to a degree.

This more traditional man is sometimes awkward in public and at social events. He is someone with whom everyone has an opinion, either good or bad, because that’s a Leo trait.

He can also be too proud to ask for help because that’s a Virgo trait as well. This cusp man has high expectations for himself and others around him.

Before he even opens his mouth, a Leo cusp man is already a hit with the ladies. A Leo cusp man personality has great communication and is charming, too.

Leos are known for their superior leadership skills, listening to others and helping them to see things from a different perspective. They also have an optimistic view of life which helps them to achieve their goals and dreams.

The Leo man is a natural leader and likes to be the center of attention. He is generous, thoughtful and always willing to lend a helping hand.

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