Cancer Leo Cusp Personality Traits

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Were you born on the Cancer Leo cusp?

If your birthday is between July 19th and July 25th, then the answer is yes! This means that you have personality traits of both Cancer and Leo zodiac sun signs.

As a person born on the cusp, you may feel like an outcast in society. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Are you ready to learn more about what it’s like to be born on the cusp?

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Cancer Leo Cusp Dates and Meaning

Cancer Leo Cusp Description

The Cancer Leo cusp period is from July 19th to July 25th. This is the period at the end of Cancer and the start of the Leo sun sign.

People born on the cusp are usually kind, sensitive, compassionate people.

The Cancer Leo cusp is a great listener and they will always be there for you when you need them the most. They are very protective of their friends and family.

This person can be very generous with their time, money, and energy. They love to help others in any way that they can. They have a huge heart and want to make sure everyone around them feels loved and cared for.

When people are born on the Cancer Lepo cusp they are born with the nurturing sign of the Lion and they will never be at a loss for friends. These people will be very popular because of their generosity, which is likely to be awakened by some act of kindness.

They are likely to become involved in humanitarian projects but in any endeavor that they become involved in these people always bring out the best in everyone around them.

The Leo Cancer Cusp person is an individual with a potent blend of energy and emotion. They are creative and artistic, loving and generous ― a unique personality that can surprise others at times.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is the short arc of time separating the last degrees of Cancer from the first degrees of Leo. It’s also called the Cusp of Oscillation.

People born on this portion of their birth chart will often be deeply involved in issues concerning security, home life, family, and other domestic affairs.

At home, families are important to them and they will do anything to make their family comfortable and happy. They love children and family gatherings. Nothing makes them happier.

You will see them at all the social functions enjoying themselves to the fullest. It’s not necessary for them to drink a lot because they are always happy anyway.

Followers of this sign are courageous, generous, warm-hearted, and highly creative people. Cancer Leo cusp people are compassionate philanthropists and often enjoy careers as teachers, doctors, ministers or counselors.

Cancer Leo Cusp Personality Traits

The Cancer Leo Cusp personality has a strong sense of self, and is not afraid to take risks. They are generous and accommodating, and have an easy-going nature.

The Cancer Leo cusp personality traits includes the elements of nurturing, sensitivity, charm and creativity. People on this cusp have a tendency to get involved in charitable works or other activities that put them in contact with other people who need help, advice or assistance.

They are compassionate, sensitive and intuitive. These are people who excel in the arts – singing, acting, and writing to name a few.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is a very confident and emotionally minded individual. The Cancer Leo Cusp has an inner confidence that shines through no matter what others may think. This person is confident in their beliefs and can be very persuasive with others.

The Cancer Leo Cusp personality is the most emotionally expressive and artistic of all of the Cusps. For this reason, it makes sense that this group is also the most likely to go into the entertainment business.

They excel at writing, poetry, and other creative endeavors such as interior decorating, homebuilding, and more. They are deeply spiritual, often developing their higher selves through art, hobbies, and different types of creative activities.

Their feelings are very deep, so they need to be careful not to become overly sentimental or easily hurt when they allow others close to them.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is the most dramatic mix of Cancerian sensitivity and Leo power. They are known to be warm, passionate, exuberant and powerful. They give out big hugs that envelop people with warmth and kindness. When the Cancer Leo Cusp encounters someone in need of help or support, they come to the rescue immediately.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is the most sensitive and caring of all Cancer personality types. Because you are so compassionate and understanding, people often open up to you and share their hopes, dreams, pain, and problems.

When other Cancer personality types ask for advice or help, they might take your suggestions with a grain of salt. But you have earned a reputation with them for being able to say things that feel truthful yet are non-threatening.

The Cusp personality is one who is torn between idealism and realism. This person cannot accept things the way they have always been, and they dream for a better life and a better world. However, they are also practical and realistic and know that some dreams are fantasies that may never come true.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is ruled by the Moon and the Sun. The positive Cancer traits combined with the Leo persona promote an individualistic, warm, assuring and creative person that is passionate about life and others. Yet their ruling planets can show more intense emotions in a warm and magnanimous way.

The Cancer Leo Cusp are sensitive and possess a strong need to be appreciated. They have a great need for excitement and new experiences. Cancer Leo often display excellent artistic abilities and their creativity often flair up in childhood or early adulthood.

The Cancer Leo is known for being dramatic and passionate. Cancers born on the Leo cusp are often talented performers who seek attention in their endeavors. They also possess quite a bit of ego and pride, which helps them to succeed in life.

The Leo Cusp is playful, outgoing, friendly and proud. These individuals love to entertain and be entertained. They are deeply emotional and are very protective of their loved ones.

The Cancer Leo Cusp personality is a true leader. They are caring, altruistic and are likely to be involved in helping others. These people are often very intuitive and loyal in relationships, and have strong opinions on what is right or wrong. An individual born with this sign usually has a degree of creativity that will serve them well throughout their life.

This Cancer Leo Cusp personality is warm, giving and a little whimsical. They are loyal friends, devoted to family and home life. They can be creative, with a need for artistic expression. It is a good idea to make sure that they don’t let conflicts with others upset them or hold onto grudges. This Cancer Leo Cusp may have a secret gift for you if he/she trusts you enough to show it to you.

The Cancer Leo Cusp personality traits are deep thinkers and creative free spirits. Leos who have Sun on the leading edge of their birth chart may share this altruistic nature and are drawn to humanitarian causes. Cancers who have Sun on the cusp of Leo often have a craving for popularity that may cause them to take an advisory role in groups or feel obliged to do so.

A Cancer Leo Cusp is an introverted lover of romance. They are sensitive and compassionate, yet also very private and reserved. They love deeply but are often distant.

Cancer on the Cusp blends the traits of both Signs, but it also adds a Cancer flair. These individuals can be creative and artistic people who like to bring their home or workplace to life with personal touches. They are often cherished by their family and friends for the way they create memories through traditions and beautiful handmade items. Many Cancer Leos have a love for art, music, writing, and poetry that brings them great joy, even if their creations never see the light of day.

Cancer Leo Cusp in a Relationship

The Cancer Leo Cusp is a pretty fascinating zodiac combination. These people have a wild imagination and are fascinated by almost anything new. Scorpios are also strong-willed, confident and determined; all of which make them especially attractive to the Leo Cusp. It’s no wonder these two often find themselves intrigued by one another.

The Cancer Leo Cusp is a blend of nurturing Cancer and aggressive fire that creates passionate, fearless men and women. They need someone to spur them into action on days they feel like sitting around doing nothing. This is not a placement for the faint of heart. These people are sensitive but strong. They have the ability to get their feelings hurt easily but are very loyal once they know you are loyal to them.

The Cusp of Cancer tends to be very loyal, almost to the point of being a touch too codependent. They have very strong views about what is right and wrong and expect others to behave in the same manner.

They are often artistic or musical as well as highly sensitive toward other people. They can be very generous with their time and energies, but they also enjoy having lots of space and freedom for themselves. Cancers tend to be more concerned about what others think than they are with what is rational or reasonable.

Cancer Leo Cusp Woman

Being a Cancer Leo Cusp woman means you’ve got loads of Leo energy plus, in your heart of hearts, you’re just as much a Cancer as you are a Leo!

When everyone zips along like a racehorse, you’re happily loping along at your own pace. You get that, even though your pace is definitely faster than most people’s.

Cancer Leo women are physically expressive, dramatic and have distinct facial features that are admired by many. They can be high-spirited chameleons who can change their personality to fit the occasion.

The Cancer Leo Cusp woman is good-hearted, chivalrous, and kind. She wants to be noticed for her compassionate nature and selfless acts of kindness.

The Cancer Leo Cusp woman is highly sensual and she enjoys relaxing times with her beloved. She has a lot of energy that needs to be channeled into creative projects and helpful pursuits.

The Cancer Leo Cusp woman is very ambitious. She likes being in business for herself and does well in self-employment. She may have the ability to handle a good sized home or family and she can be a successful homemaker as well.

She has strong family ties and loves them dearly. If she marries, it will likely be for life because she is faithful and loyal though she demands loyalty herself.

A Cancer Leo Cusp woman always seeks the best and because of this strives to be at the top in her job or career. She likes to be admired and wants her job to help others. Most likely she will choose to advance in a career that involves interaction and caring for those less fortunate than herself.

The Cancer Leo Cusp woman is bright, loving and energetic. At times she can be a bit moody and unpredictable.

A Cancer Leo Cusp woman is sometimes a contradiction: shy yet also bold, conventional yet also liberal, gentle but also will stop at nothing. These ladies are altruistic but still manage to keep their own interests in mind as well.

Cancer Leo Cusp Man

Cancer Leo men are difficult to read because of their complicated beginnings. Men born in the sign of Cancer are sensitive, protective, faithful and loving people.

However, they are also very determined and stubborn at times so don’t push them too far or they may take offense easily. Learn what makes this man tick and you’ll be able to bring out his happiest side more often.

The Cancer Leo Cusp man is tender, affectionate, and devoted to his family. Although he was born to be a leader and feels very strongly about what is right or wrong in life, he rarely gives advice to others.

This man is not too fond of being in the spotlight. He enjoys spending quiet time with his loved ones or going on adventures alone. Most of all, the Leo Cusp man is quick to show his love by giving gifts or inspiring his mate with tender words said from the heart.

Playful and fickle, the Cancer Leo loves fun times, especially with other people. Talkative and social, this Leo frequently invites friends over for lobster dinners or pool parties.

These Lions need plenty of family time to feel satisfied, and are great at child rearing both their own children as well as friends' children.

The Cancer Leo is very confident in his beliefs, but will usually not take sides with others unless he is involved with their situation.

It is rare for a Cancer Leo to run out of things to say, because he or she is eloquent, witty and intelligent. They have a way with words that easily flows into speech. Cancer Leos have a penchant for being romantics.

A Cancer Leo will be attracted to the social aspect of living a life. He will want to meet as many people as possible and travel to as many places as he can.

Family is extremely important to him and he often relies on his loved ones for support during trying times. These Cancers are often misjudged because they come off so strongly and in your face about their beliefs and values. Being eloquent, charismatic, and charming, they usually win people over with their personality.

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