Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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The Sun and Moon are the focal points of your natal chart, and their signs dictate certain core elements of your personality. The sign of your Sun reveals your basic strengths and talents, while the sign of your Moon symbolizes your emotions, instincts, and how you interact with others.

The Leo Sun Capricorn Moon individual is dignified, strong, stoic, capable and solid. They are devoted to hard work, seriousness, and ambition in all areas of life. While they are appreciative of luxury and good fortune, their focus is on achievement.

The Leo personality has fire and strength - and these lions possess great leadership skills, too. Their generous hearts lead them to devote time and energy to people in need.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Description

Leo Personality Traits

Leo is a genuine leader. A true extrovert, this sign loves to be the center of attention and isn’t afraid of accepting praise or responsibility. When Leo’s in charge, they take their job very seriously and expect those around them to respect their position.

We’ve all heard of the well known “Leo” traits: leadership, power, and dominance. But how is that lived out? Leo people love being the center of attention, so are naturally great teachers, performers, and group leaders.

Leos love to talk and laugh alot but sometimes have a hard time seeing other people’s perspectives, which can cause them frustration when they don’t get their way. Your confidence, exuberance, and irrepressible showmanship make you the perfect product pitchman or product spokesmodel.

The Moon in Capricorn is eminently practical and methodical. They are disciplined, hardworking, and ambitious. They have a strong need to be financially secure and are highly responsible when it comes to budgeting and saving.

Their practical nature makes them very efficient. They have an excellent memory and are great at making lists. Organization is their middle name which helps them get things done efficiently and successfully.

The Moon in Capricorn gives you an inherent–and constant–sense of responsibilities and obligations. It can be frustrating for others to realize how tied up your ego is in what you do when they consider your strong sense of duty to others the absolute center of your personality. You are not the kind of person who would walk away from a task or job half finished unless it was just too much to handle.

They are adventurous, ambitious and responsible. These are the individuals who have a desire to achieve their goals and never settle for the average job.

This person is full of determination and will never leave a job unfinished. They are practical, responsible, disciplined and modest. People with the Moon in this position are orderly and orderly, follow the schedule and live strictly according to the plan.

Those born with the Moon in Capricorn are typically ambitious, practical individuals who have a solid work ethic. You take great pride in being responsible and reliable, and often put those around you before yourself.

It’s easy to label Leo Sun Capricorn Moon as a hard-hearted, self-seeking snob or phony because he does appear rather cold or self-centered on the outside. However, they are the caring soul of every group and community, freeing his friends from worry about their home life, career and health.

The Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon person is a confident, outgoing person who takes pride in being well dressed and modest in their tastes. An active partner, they can be great fun to be with. This person does not like living alone and is excited at the prospect of marriage.

Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon: You were born with a unique blend of fiery Leo Sun and cautious Capricorn Moon traits. However, this combination may prove to be too much power and creativity for the average individual.

This is the sign of the Great One, the one who stands out from all the rest. To rule rather than to serve while in a personal life is often regarded as that leader to which others look up to for inspiration. This person seems to have it all.

When you’re born under a Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon, you possess many marvelous qualities. You are prestigious, dignified, noble, and tolerant. However, your self-esteem is highly vulnerable to outside circumstances.

You are deeply intuitive and have a knack for accurately interpreting the motives of others. Your friends seek your counsel when they have problems, and sometimes even your enemies will confide in you.

Simply put, they are a sign of contradictions. They are creative and practical, and at times both the life of the party and the champion of routine. They can entertain themselves or adapt to any situation, with a self-assurance that is as easy as breathing.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

A Leo Sun-Capricorn Moon combo is as sheer and smooth on the outside as it is strong and durable underneath. The Sun energy in your chart is warm, outgoing, funny and lively. The Capricorn Moon represents your more serious, practical, cautious side.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon women are very creative and entertaining. They have excellent people skills and make others feel important.

She’s a great advocate for equality and expects those close to her to toe the line as well. Don’t be rude or disrespectful, she could turn on you quickly. She does not like games and will swiftly show you the door if you decide to play them with her.

The Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon woman has a strong sense of self; she’s confident and sure of who she is. She has a deep faith in herself and her values.

She strives for perfection and has strong opinions about how things should be done. She may be seen as intolerant by others for her need to do things her way.

She wants order in her life and appears to have everything under control. She controls herself and those around her. Her life is organized; she is always well-prepared for each task that comes before her, even if it’s unexpected.

The Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon woman is quite prim and proper even though she is also quite the free spirit. She loves to help others keep the world clean and safe. She detests litter of all kinds and works hard to keep her home a pristine, clutter-free spot where her friends can always feel comfortable.

She believes in old-fashioned courtesy, such as saying “please” and “thank-you” whenever possible, and always holding doors open for people behind her. A true nurturer by nature, she may well put other people’s needs ahead of her own.

Leo Sun / Capricorn Moon women are governed by the Sun and the planet Saturn. These two cosmic bodies help her to achieve what she puts her mind to.

They are bold, strong, confident and energetic. They have great leadership qualities and powerful presence. Women with this placement love power and authority. They hold a position of pride in their hearts and should be honored accordingly.

She is loyal, kind, wise and optimistic. A Leo Sun Capricorn Moon woman’s desire is to be happy forever. She is very emotionally connected to her lover.

She is determined, confident, and persistent. In love, she makes a great partner. She’s sensual yet stable. Her loving, caring nature makes her very attractive to men.

Leo Sun/Capricorn Moon women tend to be very charming, social, and like getting attention. They are ambitious and direct, not afraid to ask for the things they want in life. They’re healthy, strong-willed, practical and responsible.

She is an intense and loyal lover who prefers a long-term relationship over casual hookups. This combination of fixed signs strives for stability in all areas of life, including relationships.

She is happiest with a serious mate who shares her deep emotions and supportiveness. Her soul mate might be an older man or someone that has already established himself in his career and plans to stay put—something this earthy sign needs!

You often feel torn when you should relax and when you should keep working at things. You tend to be quite a competitive person and set high standards for yourself.

Also, you have a clear sense of duty toward others and find it much easier to serve than to enjoy life and play the field. As a lover, you like long term relationships that allow your bond to grow over time.

Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Man

The Leo Sun Capricorn Moon man is a unique species; these are the men that have total command over the hearts of their women. He is a man who has a strong sense of devotion, dedication and loyalty in his relationships.

They may be ultra-conservative in their exterior lives to maintain status quo structures and placate those slavish to authority, but inside beats the heart of a rebel! With the Sun in Leo they have an artist’s fire, coupled with the practicality of the Moon in Capricorn.

The Moon in Capricorn man is ambitious, serious and dedicated. They have a strong sense of authority and leadership which is dominant in their temperament. He is a reliable and trustworthy friend to both friends and enemies.

A Leo man is a confident charming person, who takes pride in his appearance. He can be unpredictable and volatile at times but he makes up for it with his magnetic personality.

They are likely to find success in a career related to other people or public relations. Their best love matches also tend to be with other Signs that provide a compatible balance of strength and nurturing qualities.

Leo people are generous, loyal, independent patrons who want to make an impression. They love without question and you will be always sure of their support if you really need it.

Leos have strong self-beliefs and they are talented actors. There is fire in your heart that wants to shine through, a kindling passion and sense of vanity that makes you stand out in a crowd and makes others want to know you better.

No other zodiac sign can be quite as mysterious, charming or confident as a Leo Sun Capricorn Moon. Generous, noble and proud – no wonder Leo is known as the lion!

Few people can do heartbreak like them, but they make you feel like the most desirable person in the world when they’re in love. Loyal, generous and ambitious, getting to know a Leo sun Capricorn moon man will teach you about loyalty and passion.

A Leo Sun Capricorn Moon is a well-built guy with strong personality traits. He might appear humbled initially, but holds a huge ego inside himself. This man wants to be adored by everyone around him. Sometimes he may make a big deal out of small matters if it pleases his ego.

The Leo-Capricorn man is a strong, confident, determined, ambitious, loyal leader and the driving force in the relationship. An independent person, he likes others to respect him and his judgment.

Chaotic and stubborn, Leo Sun Capricorn Moon people are hard to pin down. They are a blend of power, passion and explosive intensity. Consistent and reliable in their business relations, most of these people are not only industrious but also shrewd, practical, and patient.

They are equally inclined towards or away from change; they mistrust both novelty and tradition, yet pursue them relentlessly nonetheless. They thrive under pressure and seek excitement as an outlet for their tremendous energy.

Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon natives are exceedingly proud. They must be the best and they expect everyone around them to be as ambitious as they are.

Their expectations often make them the target of resentment from others who feel their Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon friend has a tendency to live in a state of perpetual condescension.

In summary, Leo is a natural born leader, often directing the spotlight on to others. He has true star quality and people love being around him. Ambitious and determined, it’s hard to faze him. He will always achieve his goals with the maximum amount of drama.

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