Virgo Sun Aries Moon Personality Traits

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The Virgo Sun Aries Moon is practical, analytical, and discriminating. Virgos are noted for their precise and detailed work, such as writers or accountants. Their perfectionism makes them slow but thorough workers.

The Sun placement in Virgo makes people practical, frugal and reserved. These are traits you’ll see in people born between August 23 - September 22. An on-the-go working environment suits Virgos. They feel best when they’re being productive and staying organized.

The Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries is practical and intelligent. They value good health, and are drawn to matters of the intellect, including philosophy, science and technology.

They appreciate cleanliness and order, and will strive for perfection in all things. Virgo’s appetite for work can be relentless at times. Their love of perfection compels them to redo tasks to make them better (sometimes repeatedly).

Virgo Sun Aries Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The Sun positioned in Virgo indicates that the person is very detail-oriented. This means a Virgo may be especially interested in stories or conversations that involve facts, figures or schedules.

Moreover, Virgos can generate a lot of energy from this placement and use it to make things happen. Virgo is a perfectionist so expect Virgos to be detail-oriented and logical about decisions that have to be made.

Like left brain Virgos, you tend to be methodical and analytical. You love intellectual conversations, especially about anything related to astronomy or space exploration.

The Moon in Aries person is daring, energetic and likes to assert themselves. They are sharp tongued and quick to anger. Just like the ram they have a strong passion for life with a keen sense of adventure.

The Moon in Aries has a dominant personality and can be bossy, irrational, stubborn, impulsive, and aggressive. As an individual with Moon in Aries you have a tendency to be blunt, headstrong, and impatient. However that doesn’t mean you’re an uncaring person.

You don’t need sympathy or to be treated differently than others. You just want your freedom of action and people

The Sun in Virgo Moon in Aries is an extroverted, assertive individual with a desire for freedom and to be an agent of change. This person is energetic and ambitious; someone who desires to better the future. This is a thinker who intends to have an impact.

The Moon in Aries personality loves competition and wants to be known for their achievements. They seek the limelight and enjoy accolades for their work.

This placement is one of the most challenging in astrology. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. When they are excited, their energy can burn out of control. Moon in Aries people are impulsive and driven by their feelings. They make quick decisions about things but have a tendency to turn on a moment’s notice.

Quick-witted and impulsive, you live fast and are forever on the move. No one easily puts you in a box, which is part of your charm. Your friends admire your ability to get things done, even if they don’t agree with your approach.

You want to be your own person and resent authority. You are also very impatient, willing to start arguments or take risks just to show that you can.

Sun in Virgo Moon in Aries people are honest and straightforward, but also have a ton of energy. They are quick learners and can grasp concepts quite quickly.

The Virgo Sun, Aries Moon personality is quiet and reserved with a sympathetic nature. They have a fondness for researching topics of interest and have an intense curiosity for the world around them. This individual likes to be helpful, but can become stressed as they may take on too many responsibilities.

Their quest for knowledge and the desire to know everything stems from their curiosity that is ongoing. While this pairing likes structure, they are a little shy and may feel insecure about making important decisions such as career moves without support of others around them.

This individual is someone who is helpful, persistent, has a good self-image, and tends to be conservative. He or she may tend to be impatient with others at times and sometimes doesn’t follow the normal routine.

They are detail-oriented and are uncomfortable with things left undone. This can make the Virgo Sun, Aries Moon person very hard on themselves whenever they don’t live up to their own high standards. They want to be in control of every detail and can be critical of others as well as themselves when things get out of their personal control.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon person is ambitious, very efficient and analytical. They want to know how everything fits together and are very good at getting the details right.

They have excellent organizational skills and are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. These combination can create good time managers and organizers. Virgos are perfectionists.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon individuals are resourceful and pragmatic with the hands-on ability to both organize and make things happen. The practical Virgo Sun makes you focus on what has to be done right now at hand, but the fiery Aries Moon uses that energy to get it done, whatever is at hand. You are no-nonsense, pragmatic, and efficient.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon person is very analytic and practical, ambitious to the point of ruthlessness, cool head, and thrifty. They can also be eccentric and at times even absent-minded.

This Sun-Moon combination suggests that you are a mellow, friendly and outgoing person. You are a very dependable person who people find easy to open up to. You tend to be responsible, loyal and organized in your daily routines - mostly because it makes life run smoother.

Virgo Sun people have high standards for rectitude and make for exacting friends and partners. You’re a worrier, but also very practical. You can come up with solutions to most problems – even the ones you make up in your head.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman personality is one of the hardest to get to know. Why? Because she is so self-sufficient and has incredible intuition.

She is very smart, may be a little eccentric, and does things at her own pace. She is always up for a challenge, and can become bored easily with the usual tasks associated with being an adult.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman is blessed with a sharp wit, but she’s not afraid to spend some time talking about her feelings. She is the one that other people find really intriguing because of her great personality. She enjoys the attention, but she also knows how to use it to get what she wants.

In a person with this placement, there is a twist from what you see on the surface, which makes others wonder about her. Her mystery makes people interested in her, and she will have tons of friends. Or at least she will think she does!

The Virgo woman is an Earth Sign and her main energy source is mental. She is a deep thinker and likes to process things over time.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman is outgoing, stubborn, determined, and confident. She can be temperamental at times and loves to set goals and follow through with them. She is independent and strong-willed; she doesn’t take kindly to orders but makes up for it with a welcoming nature.

An Aries Moon woman will go out of her way to help others as long as it doesn’t interfere with her plans. She loves challenges and will never back down from a fight. Her sharp wit drives people crazy, but she isn’t usually malicious–she just likes to point out when things could be improved.

She has a down-to-earth approach to life that helps her to take a realistic and pragmatic look at the world and its problems. She takes a very direct or ‘no frills’ approach to life, she wants to get things done as efficiently as possible.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon woman is someone who is sensible, practical, methodical, and very organized. Her perfectionism and love of order will see her planning things way in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. She’ll also be very particular about her home as well as her appearance, with a neat and tidy appearance being very important to her.

They are goal-oriented, perfectionists who have an indomitable spirit. They love to problem solve and debate ideas with others.

This sign’s visionary quality allows them to see past the obstacles in a situation and offer practical solutions to problems. They aren’t afraid of confrontation and can be blunt when they need to be.

The Virgo Sun woman is most compatible with a man born under the sign of Pisces or Gemini. These women can be somewhat one-dimensional. This is due to their focus on the facts, details and underlying truths. They are calm, cool and collected about everything.

They don’t like drama or excitement for the sake of being dramatic or exciting. They are true perfectionists in the sense that they want to get things right, and they are ever willing to ask someone else for help if it will get them what they need or want. They hate anything false or dishonest, and will walk away from relationships quickly if they feel that they have been lied to or cheated upon.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon man is analytical, career-oriented, hardworking, ambitious and creative. Dominate in some areas and submissive in others, they possess great leadership qualities however lack determination and stubbornness. He can be a bit impatient, self-sacrificing, secretive and irritable.

The Virgo Sun Aries Moon man is methodical and critical. He is also a quick thinker, fun-loving, and action-oriented. He has good perception of the world around him. His inquisitive nature helps him analyse situations. He is sharp and analytic.

His unique personality traits are not only the result of being extremely dynamic, but also due to a great deal of self-criticism. In the case of Virgo Sun Aries Moon man, your dark side is subtle, so that there is always a chance to keep up with the usual activity. You seek glory and often enough you achieve it.

He has a serious nature, is thoughtful and contemplative, likes to explore ideas thoroughly. He is all about performance and high standards. This Virgo-Aries man wants to be perfect and expects a lot from others as well.

Born with a high intelligence quotient, the Virgo Sun Aries Moon man represents the gentle giants. They are very good at multi-tasking.

They are clever, quick on their feet and their high moral ground will always keep them true to themselves. Due to their simplicity, they prefer to reduce the level of complications in their lives and look forward to simple lives devoid of unnecessary features.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon man is without a doubt excellent, Mr. Perfectionist, devoted and often doting! However, in love he can be demanding, possibly because he will tend to have high standards on most everything.

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