Neptune in Aries Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Aries people are romantic and idealistic, and they have a certain air of mystery about them.

People with this placement want to be free from restrictions, and hate being hemmed in by routine. They are very innovative people with an artistic side, and they enjoy the company of others.

Individuals with Neptune in Aries tend to be driven, ambitious and competitive. They are quick thinkers and multitaskers, keeping a variety of issues in mind at once.

What Does Neptune in Aries Mean?

Neptune, planet of compassion, creativity and spiritual, is in Aries, the sign of action and initiative.

A strong sense of justice combines with a deep sensitivity to higher values. Idealism becomes real when you put forth the effort needed to implement your ideas. For this reason, Neptune in Aries people are seen as leaders.

If you have Neptune in Aries, then you are most likely a creative person, who experiences an intense stream of emotion that startles at times.

You run a very deep interior life, which makes sense why your sensitivity would develop around dreams and spirituality. It’s sort of like living on an emotional roller coaster, where you feel intensely spiritual one minute and then confused about yourself the next.

Neptune in Aries is a little paranoid, and a lot uncomfortable with the more materialistic side of life. He or she is likely to live a quiet life, shying from the limelight. Neptune can’t stand being in anyone’s shadow, so he or she will actively try to be the leader.

This person may be inspired by religion or philosophy, and could possibly engage in spiritual quests. Although he can be shy when he meets new people, with time, they will become more assertive and even arrogant at times.

They are emotional, and will be deeply affected by the people in their life. They are friendly with a positive spirit and desire for change. They are best suited to careers as an artist or an inventor.

The Neptune in Aries person is always looking for something that they cannot find and would give anything for it. They are extremely intuitive and may get caught up in their own dreams.

This is a combination of things including dreaminess, sympathy, idealism and attaining goals. This position creates an artistic quality in the personality as well as tendencies towards intolerance, lack of confidence, moodiness and selfishness.

Neptune in Aries Woman

Neptune in Aries women are very active and have the capability of motivating others. They enjoy socializing, and are never short of an energetic conversation.

Their charm can be mesmerizing for people around them, yet there is an unpredictable nature to Neptune in Aries that keeps people wondering about them.

They are romantics who believe in the magic of love and romance. They go all-in in relationships.

Neptune in Aries is non-judgmental and is likely the only person you know who can get away with wearing skinny jeans and a sweatshirt to an event.

She isn’t concerned with what other people think, she’s too busy making her own path to care about anyone else’s. Although she doesn’t tend to make close friends, when you do manage to break through that layer of indifference, you will have an amazing friend for life.

Neptune in Aries women are dreamy, imaginative, sensitive souls who tend to meld their ideals with the ideals of others. They have a relationship-oriented nature - often needing other people in order to feel balanced and happy.

These women are more intuitive than you might think, but they prefer to keep their hunches to themselves rather than push them on others once they see if proven right or wrong (after all, they’re not that black and white).

On the other hand, Neptune in Aries women are fun-loving and adventurous, with a positive yet contemplative outlook on life.

They can be described as sweet, impulsive, generous, and empathic. They are feminine and very much enjoy relationships.

They are generous with their time and career to help others. They love romantic places and enjoy cooking or just being together at home as a couple or with their family.

Neptune in Aries women have very strong personalities. They are independent and yet they also have no problems with using others to get what they want out of life.

They are natural libertarians and capitalists. Money, fame, and power are more important than anything else to them.

Neptune in Aries Man

Neptune in Aries men possess a highly adventurous and inspirational energy to life. They seek to travel new places whenever they get some free time.

This is one of the reasons you will find them as explorers or researchers who always want to know more about our universe.

They are often known as social leaders and take charge of endeavors that many people feel are not possible. Their leadership qualities make them extremely inspiring and influential rulers of their horizons.

They are mostly biased towards activities that carry risks and rewards, they do not mind taking risks and venture in new places where there is uncertainty.

The influence of Neptune in Aries has turned the average man into a superior gentleman at heart with the heart of a warrior – he can do what needs to be done when it is necessary.

Neptune in a water sign is all about spirituality and feelings. Feelings towards oneself, others, and life in general.

Take into consideration as well that Neptune in Aries doesn’t have a tendency to generally follow the mainstream all that much, and you can see why this aspect tends to draw men who break out of the mold and make their way in life.

He has a tendency to be enthusiastic, adventurous, and spontaneous. If Neptune in Aries is strong enough this person will believe that he can conquer the world and he will seek thrills and spills. This type of person will let nothing stand in their way to succeed.

This placement is a combination of the airy and the aquatic. The Neptune energy represents ideals and spirituality.

When Neptune is in Aries, the person may have ideals about love which appear unrealistic on the surface. The Aries influence can help them with patience and staying power to the attainment of these ideals, and thus their sometimes impractical objectives may lead to great success eventually.

A man born with Neptune in Aries will have the gift of heightened sensitivity in Aries, but it will be influenced by Neptune. Because of his keen sensitivity he can easily understand other people.

He is able to sense their feelings and moods. He can relate to each one of them individually due to his empathy towards others and his ability to sense what they are going through.

Neptune in Aries Transit Meaning

Neptune in Aries changes the way you interact and approach your life, yourself, and your surroundings.

This transit represents a new awakening in your life which will bring many changes. This is a phase of spiritual growth, but also a time of great confusion.

Trying to make sense of the universe is going to be very challenging at this time and you will tend to act on impulse and not think about the consequences as much as usual.

Neptune in Aries transit influences you to be thoughtful and intuitive with regards to other people. You are very sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you, capable of being attracted by the most obscure charms.

At times, everything around can seem steeped in the joy of living and languishing mood. You feel everything inclined towards hope and you want to believe in miracles.

You reveal yourselves like an eager child searching for fairy-tale happiness. Chance favors you while your words or actions can bring a real sense of disquietude.

The Neptune in Aries transit signifies the state your life will be in after this transit. These are some of the issues you might face during the Neptune in Aries transit.

You will become disinterested in things that had previously fascinated you. Your capacity for friendship and love will diminish noticeably. You may throw yourself into causes or an ideology to fill this void.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveler. Neptune in Aries will make your trips more deep and meaningful. This transit will help you to see things in a new light and experience spiritual growth.

Even though Aries is the obvious first impression, this Neptune in Aries transit can also be intense, idealistic and imaginative. This is a time that one may develop new ideas and concepts that could change one’s life.

New opportunities arise from this Neptune in Aries transit, and many people find romance at this time as well as meet someone who will teach them about self-awareness.

It has a profound effect on your psyche and often marks a major convergence of life direction, purpose, personality, or philosophy.

It can be a time when you feel confused and vulnerable about your individuality and ideas. Though others may find your current state confusing, frustrating, or even maddening, it’s ultimately an extremely creative time.

By working with the flow of your unconscious mind and placing more focus on the abstract and intuitive aspects of yourself, you begin to work through any doubts that may have been holding you back from achieving your

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