Neptune in Taurus Meaning and Personality Traits

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If you have Neptune in Taurus, then you will have a highly creative imagination, and this can enable you to see things with a beautiful shine.

You will be able to get on with those around you, but will never forget where you come from. You are likely to love comfort and luxury, and may even indulge yourself well at times.

Neptune in Taurus people typically are quite patient. As Neptune is also associated with deception they are good at fooling others for their own benefit and they do it deliberately.

What Does Neptune in Taurus Mean?

Neptune is the planet of imagination, generosity, idealism and spirituality. In Taurus it gives those born with it a love of nature, home and family life. A quiet domestic existence is favored by Neptune in Taurus people.

Neptune in the sign of Taurus promotes a love for nature and a sensitivity to natural forms and colors. It enhances the sign’s latent artistic ability and inclination towards the occult.

This placement adds a spiritual dimension to material security, without compromising ego strength.

Neptune is often referred to as the planet of dreams and illusion. When this planet is placed in the sign of Taurus, a slow-moving phenomena happens, which involves a state of confusion due to fantasies or illusions.

People with Neptune in Taurus may idealize people or objects for days, weeks or even months before they come to their senses and realize that these ideals are false.

These people don’t like to confront reality just as much as they like to fantasize about it. There is confusion between fantasy and reality when this planet is placed in the sign of Taurus.

The Taurus Neptune personality is sensitive, imaginative and imaginative. They love the arts and are very romantic and sensual people. Usually natives of this position have deep penetrating eyes and soulful intuitions.

Neptune is the planet of mystery and illusion, which Taurus is ruled by. There is nothing mysterious or shadowy about these signs; they are too down-to-earth for that.

Taurus represents security and spiritual values; Neptune’s influence makes those values more difficult to attain, with problems coming in many forms: misperceptions, mental blockades, physical obstacles, and so on. Nevertheless, the characteristic patience and determination of Taurus will prevail.

Neptune in Taurus Woman

The Neptune in Taurus woman can be in the spotlight or behind the scenes. The difference lies in the perspectives via which people will perceive her and through which she will view the world around her.

Neptune by sign indicates the broadest general outline of what your Neptune in Taurus woman is like. It does not cover every possible trait. Neptune in Taurus women do not have a natural inclination to be or seek the help of others. They prefer to figure things out on their own, with their own resources.

As a woman you possess soothing characteristics that make you beautiful and desirable. You are very careful with your heart’s desires, and do not believe in unreasonable or unrealistic notions.

You enjoy the beauty of nature, and are a creative person who values stability in life and relationships. Though other Taurus traits tend to hold their emotions close to the vest, Neptune in Taurus women can somehow get away with being an open book. At least more than any other zodiac sign.

Taurus is the most sensual of all signs – a quality that can be beneficial to the Neptune in Taurus woman in terms of appreciating beauty and teaching her how to indulge entirely the senses.

They appreciate beauty, sensuousness and comfort and are as sensual as they are sentimental. The capacity to focus on material objects in an abstract way gives them an appreciation for the best in luxury items, jewels and art objects.

When Neptune is in Taurus, the tendency may be to feel very grounded. She will likely enjoy the comforts of life (material or otherwise) and will possess a strong desire for financial security.

Yet, she will also tend to have a great concern for the “little people” in society – trying to make their lives easier and more secure where possible. This placement therefore often allows these women to be charitable through giving monetarily but also through hard work.

Neptune in Taurus Man

Superficial, shallow and self serving, the Neptune in Taurus man is an actor who loves the stage, a charmer who uses his appearance to get what he wants. He’s probably a narcissist but he’s not entirely without merit.

Neptune rules dreaming, illusion, and mystery. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Earth. Ideally these signs blend their energies to create the ultimate artist. Neptune in Taurus man has a magnetic appeal that drawing people to him.

Neptune is also a planet of inspiration which means that there is an undercurrent of creativity here. Perhaps he has a talent for art or music although this will be obscured by the superficial nature of this placement.

They tend to live an artistic lifestyle. Because they are so at their best and happiest when they are working with their hands, they make amazing carpenters, explorers, or even scientists.

They possess a powerful intuition that is often so accurate it can be unsettling for investigators who are unfamiliar with this type of psychic power.

Neptune in Taurus Transit Meaning

Neptune’s transit through Taurus will emphasize your domestic life, your values and the things you hold dear. Your home and your family may be sources of great comfort during this period, as the uncertain energies of Neptune are contained by the grounded nature of Taurus.

You will likely find that the Neptune in Taurus transit also supports romantic relationships, which can provide a much-needed respite from everyday life.

These relationships can best be enhanced by following your heart – if you are drawn to someone and have strong feelings for them, do not be shy about doing something about it.

Neptune is the planet of imagination, spirituality, compassion, and mercy. This Neptune in Taurus transit brings opportunities to develop spiritual awareness and sensitivity.

However, this influence will encourage escapism and denial. Be wary of deceptiveness in all forms – lies, illusions, or schemes. Opportunities abound for travel and foreign encounters.

Neptune transiting through the sign of Taurus will create a powerful union between the planet of illusion and money, and the sign that represents stability and comfort.

This transit has been characterized as an age of abundance, with free-spirited people having the opportunity to live on their own terms.

All of Taurus' tenaciousness will bring Neptune down to earth while this transit is in effect. Taurus rules money and possessions.

Therefore, we can expect that Neptune will bring opportunities related to money and possessions during this transit. The biggest lesson we can learn here is that Neptune can make us lazy by telling us things are going to come easy.

It favors innovation and expansion, but undermines the foundations it seeks to strengthen. There may be a temptation to think big, particularly when it comes to romance and personal relationships.

This influence favors charity work, community activities, and any work that supports physical or emotional well-being. This influence can also produce a dreamy state of mind because you may be inclined to feel empathy with others, even strangers on the street.

Positively, this transit evokes feelings of sympathy because you are inspired to help others who are less fortunate.

This transit can have an amazing transformational effect. It translates into a spiritual journey, a new perspective in life towards career, relationships, finances and health.

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