Neptune in Gemini Meaning and Personality Traits

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The Neptune in Gemini person is inquisitive, inventive, fast-talking, and friendly. The abilities to adapt to situations, and a quick-witted, lively mind allow you to make imaginative use of words and knowledge in an inspiring way.

There is a tendency for you to scatter your energies, but as long as you have the patience to see things through to the end, you will be able to achieve almost anything.

They are impulsive, spontaneous and very inventive. One of their most noticeable traits is their ability to get along with others.

What Does Neptune in Gemini Mean?

Neptune in Gemini is a very intelligent person. He’s good at anything that requires creativity and the ability to get along well with others.

He spends a lot of time at social gatherings because he loves to be around people. He has a good sense of humor so he can usually tell a joke or funny story when conversation lags.

Neptune in Gemini individuals are essentially positive thinkers, who tend to see the best in people and situations. They are also clever communicators, who can be witty and insightful.

These natives are often described as “Rebels with a Cause,” with a self-sacrificing nature. You have an uncanny ability to sense when others are in pain, and you want to help them, even at your own expense.

The main traits of a Neptune in Gemini are independence, versatility, idealism, abundance mentality and progressive thinking.

Neptune in Gemini Woman

Neptune in Gemini women are the type of women who get bored quickly, and need many hobbies and activities to keep entertained. These women are typically feminine and love relationships.

They get along with just about everyone because they are willing to be flexible and adaptable in order to make friends.

Neptune in Gemini women tend to have a wide network of friends which can prove helpful when they need help or send a favor back the other way around.

The woman with this Neptune placement is usually a complex and exotic personality. There is a lustrous and subtle beauty to such women, and a decadent charm that they exude.

They are interested in promoting the arts and culture, though most of them are rather fond of intellectual rather than sensual pleasures.

Their tastes are unusually refined and sophisticated, so they may find it rather difficult to adjust to life with less wealthy counterparts. Many of them can be quite jealous and possessive people, especially where their partners are concerned.

The Neptune in Gemini woman is a fun-loving soul who loves to socialize and enjoys talking on the phone. She loves to meet new people and make new friends just for the sake of having company. In fact, she rarely wants to be alone.

This is one of the most interesting of all astrological combinations. Neptune in Gemini takes a girl who may be an ice queen on occasion, and makes her outrageous and unpredictable.

Be warned, you may not want to figure out this woman. She is adorable and can turn on the charm with the best of them. But woe to those who mess around with her.

This girl has depth to her and that is only half of her appeal. She has a lot going on in her mind, and she’ll take you on a ride if that’s what she wants.

This conflict often leaves women under this Neptune placement uncertain about what path they should take in life, which is why they are always prizing knowledge and need to grasp as much as possible when they move ahead in their lives.

Neptune in Gemini Man

The Neptune in Gemini man is more like a human computer. He knows when you are lying, when he is being lied to and when somebody is lying to him. He is gifted with second sight.

This placement indicates a person who is playful, easy-going, and reserved. This man has an impeccable memory and is always interested in improving himself.

Often fond of high speeds and rides, this man isn’t afraid to experiment with new ideas or other crazy concoctions. He falls in love easily but doesn’t get involved in long-term relationships because he can’t stand jealousy.

Neptune in Gemini natives enjoy duality and variety in many areas of their personality and lifestyle. They are able to have many different careers and hobbies simultaneously.

Although Neptune is associated with illusion, deception and confusion, it is also credited with compassion and imagination.

The illusions of Neptune in Gemini turn your thoughts into something that seems so concrete that it seems real on both a conscious and unconscious level. But you find that the more you focus on these illusions, the further away they seem to go.

Neptune in Gemini Transit Meaning

A Neptune in Gemini transit indicates a time of major intellectual gains, insight, revelation and inspiration. This transit is for the creation of new systems or the reform of old ones.

Of course there is also the opportunity to exploit another’s ingenuities, so watch out for sharp business minds during this period. This is a time when an unusual abundance and brilliance of ideas are likely to occur if you have anything to do with writing, publishing, or lecturing.

The Neptune in Gemini transit indicates change, dreams, mystery, and secrets. Secrets are an important element of your life because you are able to “read” people like a book.

You understand them on a deep emotional level that allows you to wield tremendous power over those around you.

This transit is significant because Neptune in Gemini allows us to become aware of our versatility and inventive imagination by entering what can be called the realm of duality.

The movement of Neptune into this sign could bring some confusion upon you. Basically, you may be confused with your desires and goals. This is because you don’t know what path to take or what decision to make.

With Neptune in Gemini everything can seem to be flipped around on it’s head - but really, any apparent differences are just illusions, as everything is truly just fine.

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