Neptune in Cancer Meaning and Personality Traits

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With Neptune in Cancer, a person can be highly imaginative and have a spiritual-type lifestyle. They will probably have an interest in the arts and love to look at beautiful paintings, sculptures and other creative endeavors.

These folks are also very likely to spend fortunes on items that could have no real possible practical application just because they were so beautiful.

This placement can have a very sensitive effect on the person’s emotional world. It imparts an intuitive understanding of the human character and an ability to relate to others on an intimate, eloquent level.

What Does Neptune in Cancer Mean?

Neptune is the planet of spirituality, illusions, psychology and medicine. It is also associated with the Moon and with water generally.

Neptune aspects in your birth chart are among the most confusing elements to analyze. This is because their effects are often so deeply hidden, and change frequently. Neptune tends to work via dreams, inspiration, illusion, spiritual transformation, and creativity.

Neptune in Cancer people seek harmony. In fact, their need for harmony may be stronger than any other type. If there are conflicts, you will know it.

These people often live with one foot in the past and one foot in the future, of which he or she is very susceptible. This person will have dim memories of early childhood experiences.

The strong emotional sensitivity of Neptune in Cancer is accompanied by a deep-seated self-doubt.

They are inclined to be highly imaginative and somewhat psychic, with a tendency towards fantasy. This placement can cause moodiness, but also provides a deep well of compassion for others.

Neptune in this placement will help you get rid of those old stagnant energies from past relationships that may be affecting your confidence and self-belief. It’s time to come up with ways to spice up your life, so look for new experiences that will change your point of view.

Neptune in Cancer Woman

The Neptune in Cancer woman is extremely loyal and devoted to those she loves.

She also has a very intense sense of imagination and creativity. Her sense of humor may be odd at times but overall she is still a good person to have in your life.

She is a very gentle and sensitive person. She understands high standards of living and her happy home is characteristic to such a degree of luxury, that she makes others wonder where she gets the money for it.

The attraction to cultural pleasures, which include theatre, movies, operas and dance, is quite strong with this woman.

Neptune in Cancer women are one of the most intriguing and interesting personalities that you can come across in astrology. They are very complex, sensitive and yet creative in nature, much like the planet Neptune.

They have a strong desire for perfection and emotional perfection is their main goal in life. In many cases, they may not be aware of their feelings or emotions because this world of emotions and feelings is still a mystery to them.

She may be known as secretive and elusive, but once a bond is formed, she is loyal forever. She can also possess to a degree, the ability to read others' thoughts and feelings.

A woman born under this sign is very intuitive, affectionate and loves her family. She is caring, loving and understanding and a strong person with a solid will to forge ahead. Although she can be very sensitive, she holds her emotions in check.

Neptune in Cancer Man

The Neptune in Cancer man’s personality is quite complex and confusing for you.

He will not communicate with you openly. Rather he will be a person of many layers, and might not let you into his inner world until he is sure about your intentions. The Neptune in Cancer man can be a wonderful partner to someone who can tolerate his moods and emotions.

He is the type of person who would do anything for anyone. He can be very caring and may be the only one you know who will bring you a gallon of soup when you are sick, or give you money just because.

He loves children and animals and might even have one of each at home. He tends to be very sensitive and may cry if he sees a sad movie or hears a tragic story.

The Neptune in Cancer man is a bit different than other men. He does have some of the traditional characteristics that most men have, but he also has certain elements that are more feminine.

He may appear to be impulsive and may not take decisions in a logical manner. A tendency of borrowing money from others and not returning them on time is there.

He is sensitive, imaginative and tender. He moves to music you cannot hear. He craves a sense of permanence, but his life seems made up of scattered moments that slip away before he can catch them.

In an effort to hold on to his fleeting dreams, he surrounds himself with familiar people and things. And when he feels abandoned or insignificant, his pain wells up inside until it finally spills out in the form of tears that leave him paralyzed and bewildered.

Neptune in Cancer is a unique placement. These people are drawn to the ocean, and water in general, and have a deep affinity for family.

They will form an emotional attachment to the family structure and spend much of their energy regenerating this familial bond. Family life is more than just an obligation; it is a psychological need.

Neptune in Cancer Transit Meaning

During this time, transiting Neptune will be in the sign of Cancer. The planet of mystery and secrets will be hiding in its home sign where it feels most comfortable and safe from exposure. Neptune can hide anything it wants from us!

The Neptune in Cancer transit brings you different types of fears and anxieties. Some may find themselves being very sensitive, moody and at times confused. On work front, you may be in constant fear for your job and responsibility to the boss.

Neptune is the planet that rules all of your oceanic and watery affairs of life. During Neptune in Cancer transit, you may feel as if you are swimming or floating through life, rather than living it on dry land.

Perhaps there will be more sense of fantasy and illusion connected to Neptune during this transit than usual, and people may find it hard to tell where dreams end and reality begins.

The Neptune in Cancer transit is a time of fulfillment and completion. This can be a period of emotional sensitivity where one’s subtle perceptions are heightened, but it can also be an ideal time for creativity, inspiration and renewal.

This transit is ideal for those who are creative, loving and nurturing. This transit will also be good for couples and marriages between people with the same sign.

Nurturing, loving and inspirational, this is a period when your psychic abilities will be high. You may also experience premonitions of a psychic nature while driving especially at night, or working in your garden.

This is a transit that is usually challenging for most people because of the nature of this planet. It’s not always easy to know how to balance the intense emotions felt during this transit. The incoming Neptune in Cancer transit will keep you swamped with work and responsibilities.

The best way to handle these powerful energies is by processing them with creative outlets. The key with anything going on in your life right now is being honest and forthright.

Both in thought and action, you must be real with yourself and others if you want to succeed while going through this period.

Now It’s Your Turn

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Is your natal Neptune in Cancer?

What does this placement say about your personality?

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