Neptune in Libra Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Libra is idealistic and creative with an eye for beauty. They are very receptive, compassionate, tolerant, and understanding of others and they can form unions and bond easily with others.

These natives are sensitive and creative. They seek harmony and balance in all of their relationships.

They are idealistic and romantic, faithful lovers that can be swept away by love. Their extravagant natures can sometimes be hard to handle, but they seek beauty, truth, and perfection in everything that they do and say.

What Does Neptune in Libra Mean?

Neptune in Libra people know how to appreciate what they have and can get really creative when it comes to saving money. These people understand the true value of a dollar and won’t waste their hard-earned cash on unnecessary items.

They are sensitive and impressionable. They love beauty and are artistic, romantic, idealistic and daydreamer.

They can become melancholy or depressed if this planet’s placement in their natal chart leaves them too much influenced by dreaminess and illusion.

Neptune in Libra people have a talent for appreciating art, music, drama, and beauty. They are likely to be artistic in their own way, perhaps even being able to compose poetry, act or sing with great skill.

They will never be vulgar or crass and always cut a stunning figure no matter what they wear. Those born under this sign are compassionate to a fault, selfless to the extreme, and more than a little romantic.

While other signs are ruled by planets that tend to be better defined in their actions and effects on others - such as Mars, Saturn, or Venus - Neptune has a hand in all things mysterious, magical, spiritual, and symbolic.

Neptune in Libra Woman

The Neptune in Libra woman is compassionate and she loves the romance. She is looking for a soul mate that can fulfill her desires. She is alluring and passionate.

She is a creative, compassionate, romantic, and self-conscious lady. She has an eye for beautiful things; she loves to dress up and collect jewelry and clothes.

She aspires to a refined way of living and loves the fine things of life. She’s very artistic, sensitive of others feelings and her own, as well as that of the environment.

The Neptune in Libra woman possesses a creative imagination that’s balanced by an artistic sense of beauty. She puts forth a cool and collected exterior but bears an active mind that churns with inner thoughts and imaginings.

She sees herself as charming, but resist the urge to tell her so. Asking too many questions and using flattery can be redundant for her.

Neptune in Libra women are dreamers and romantics. They seek out relationships of rare intensity, and are drawn to the arts, music, drama, and high-flying ideas.

These women love beautiful surroundings and the luxe life, they tend to think big and have a taste for luxury items. They enjoy being with successful men who look like they’re going somewhere in life, and can get them there, too.

The Neptune in Libra woman is caring, gentle and sensitive. She is also quite idealistic and has a desire for harmony both in her personal relationships and with the outside world.

This woman will always be searching for that status quo or balancing point between opposite points of view although not always able to maintain it with enough consistency.

She may be fragile, kind-hearted and very fashion conscious. When love finds her, she falls honest with her emotions.

She’s very compassionate, and truly wants to believe that all people are good-natured. She has a keen sense of balance between giving love and receiving it in return, but none the less has a tendency for self-sacrifice, which leads to frustration.

She’s also tired of the heaviness around her heart and longs for lightness that comes from inner fulfillment.

Neptune in Libra Man

This position of Neptune signifies that you are a gentleman in all respects. You have a deep appreciation for the value of love and affection, and are willing to give this as well as to receive it. You may be romantically inclined because this is one of Neptune’s significations.

A Neptune in Libra man has a soft, muted charisma. He is not one for the spotlight and is more likely to prefer interacting with people one-on-one, rather than in large groups.

He is very refined, polite and kind. This Neptune placement make him very fortunate financially, socially, educationally and professionally.

He is sensitive, intuitive and creative. He is gentle, romantic and full of poetry. He knows how to treat his partner and he puts a lot of effort into developing a relationship.

He likes to give gifts, pamper his woman with flowers and other little things that can be remembered for a long time.

The Neptune in Libra man is a little bit mysterious but he actually cares about the happiness of others and is loyal to a fault. This man will never betray your trust, or lie, but he does have his secrets, because he doesn’t like to pry into your personal affairs.

Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusion. It signifies dreams, creativity, compassion, music and art. Neptune in Libra man is a dreamer and visionary with strong sense of aesthetics.

He has a vivid imagination and an artistic talent to bring his dreams into existence through words, pictures or any other medium.

He is able to inspire others to get onboard with his dreams and ventures through his belief in them. This man is ready to be a part of relationship where he can engage both sides of his nature - that of the dreamer and the realist.

Neptune in Libra Transit Meaning

Neptune in Libra transit occurs when the planet of dreams moves from Virgo to Libra. This transit means that although this is a time for love, beauty, harmony and art compatibility, this can also be a difficult time.

During the Neptune in Libra transit you’re likely to be inspired artistically or creatively, to have feelings of love for humanity and nature, to feel inspired by the arts, or to meet people whose influence will be creative for you.

You may suddenly discover a love of music, art and beauty in all their forms, which may inspire you to become more involved.

Your interest in the arts may also be generated through a new relationship. It’s not just what is expressed but the way it is expressed. The emphasis is on idealism with a touch of romance.

The Neptune in Libra transit suggests a turning point in the way you regard your relationships. You have grown weary of routine, but you may also be feeling blocked in your interactions with others.

Instead of pushing for change, you can simply observe your feelings about people and events, and this process will bring insights that help when it comes to making helpful changes.

This is a great transit for all of us to come together, to build community, and to help each other. This is a gentle loving energy that calls us to look past the divisions within and beyond.

Neptune in Libra brings confusion and uncertainty to the relationships within a person’s life. Some may come out of this passing through hell, others will experience some obscurity in respect to your relationships with others.

It is important during times like these that you follow your heart, not your mind. Minds lead us astray into a maze of confusion, where we become lost and unable to find the exit from the darkness, letting despair take over our lives.

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