Neptune in Virgo Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Virgo people are often quite shy and very sensitive. They can also be picky about their surroundings and like to keep things clean, tidy and neat.

In a career sense, Neptune in Virgo people can be drawn to almost anything creative but tend to do well in artistic careers such as painting, acting, singing or playing musical instruments.

They are intensely curious and can be analytical. However, they are also extremely sensitive, sometimes to the point of being manipulative.

What Does Neptune in Virgo Mean?

The planetary position of Neptune in Virgo gifts us with imagination, creativity, and an eye for artistry. A heightened sensitivity to the needs of others characteristics of a person with this placement.

They have a tendency to daydream or overthink, which can make them nervous about the future although they are artistic people who care about others. They set goals for the well-being of those who surround them.

The Neptune in Virgo personality is likely to be concerned about social justice, and may also be involved in politics or other community activism. They may have psychic ability.

They are more intelligent than the average, and highly intuitive. They are a lover of knowledge, and always learn something new in each area of their life. They tend to have over-active minds and feel that they may never make enough progress in life.

Their unselfish behavior has them constantly giving to those about them, even exacerbating a crisis when a friend seems distressed off rather than telling the truth for fear of hurting their feelings.

Neptune in Virgo is the creative & intellectual genius. Neptune rules the heavens, psychism and illusion, is the planet of insight and intuition, and this position in Virgo suggests a lively and hypnotic imagination.

Individuals with this Neptune placement have a remarkable talent to see beyond the surface of things. They have an immediate intuitive perception of cause and effect, they are highly sensitive readers of character – but also inclined to be suspicious of others’ motives at times.

They are a dreamer at heart. They want to imagine the ideal life, and they strive for perfection.

They can be shy, and feel badly when they are criticized. They have a need to fulfill inner ideals.

Neptune in Virgo finds beauty in small, everyday things, like a blade of grass or an old book. They often show sensitivity in their work or creative pursuits.

They are highly individualistic, and like to create their own style. They display a love of cleanliness and order that borders on compulsive.

Their home and work environments are controlled. Neptune in Virgo people have a strong sense of artistic appreciation and sensitivity, often being drawn towards the fine arts.

Neptune in Virgo Woman

Neptune in Virgo women are multi-talented individuals who scope out the big picture with ingenuity. They like to master a variety of skills, and may even change their career paths several times throughout their life.

They are also very open to new ideas and experiences and are alluringly good at coming up with solutions to complicated problems.

The Neptune in Virgo woman is often a teacher in the physical and mental sense of the word. This lover of transformation has a precise nature that could be quite perceptive and thoughtful.

It isn’t unusual for her to have a quiet temperament and restrained mannerisms in her behavior, since she can get lost in all sorts of thoughts. She knows how to get emotions under control with discipline.

These people are very hard workers and are often involved in several projects at the same time. They like to be thorough, analytical and detailed in their work.

Their hard work brings success but sometimes they may get frustrated as a result of being misunderstood.

They want to be appreciated for the effort they put forth. The health of a Neptune in Virgo woman is delicate and needs nutritious food. Herbal or homeopathic remedies will help her maintain her health.

The Neptune in Virgo female is often shy and reserved in her early life. She may be born sensitive, artistic, idealistic, self-conscious, emotional, intuitive and perceptive. She is capable of a high degree of self-sacrifice and devoted to a select few.

Neptune in Virgo Man

The Neptune in Virgo man is sympathetic, ethereal and soft spoken. He’s a sensitive soul with the softest touch and he hates to be touched back or his own touch may feel repulsive to him.

He is an idealist who can positively impact the world around him. Like the Moon in Pisces, Neptune in Virgo man can be escapist, but he will not run away from confrontation or problems.

Instead, he will become more reclusive and choose not to deal with things. He may believe that the world is fundamentally corrupt and that pessimism is realistic

He can be seeking for perfectionism, so changing may be hard to him. He will never be easy going and will not allow himself to be treated like that either. He can find his passions through, fashion, photography, art & music.

Neptune the planet of illusions puts Virgo on guard to find the truth. They are sensitive and idealistic, with a tendency towards nervous health.

He will likely be shy, timid and reserved when meeting someone new. However, once he’s gotten to know you, he may fall in love with you instantly. He is compassionate, giving and romantic.

The Neptune in Virgo man is very honest and may appear a bit naive at times. He is very gentle with people and always willing to help. All he wants is to be appreciated for the generosity he brings into the life of others.

He is an extremely nice man and very understanding. Neptune in Virgo is the true, prince charming and the one who will sweep you off your feet.

When you are with a man with this placement, there will be no arguing about the little stuff, simply because he is not paying attention to any of that.

Neptune in Virgo Transit Meaning

Neptune in Virgo is a time of deep introspection and loving care for self and others. It offers a powerful opportunity to enter the depths of your subconscious so that you may better understand how your beliefs have been shaping you.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and this energy is about merging, joining, healing and balance. Neptune in virgo transit meaning shows that people may look to limit their information intake and appear increasingly interested in health and healing.

They will be attracted to deeper levels of meaning rather than surface information. Neptune is the planet of creative imagination, inspiration and illusion. The energy of Neptune in Virgo will influence all artists, musicians, writers, spiritual personalities, visionaries, or self-help gurus.

This transit is a tricky time to be creative and enjoy the rewards of traditional business. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for spiritual evolution.

Solving problems within your existing job or business can be nearly impossible while Neptune is in Virgo, but evaluating the problems can help solve them.

Also, don’t get angry if others seem unwilling to give you what you want. Ingratitude and resentment are a waste of time when Neptune is passing through Virgo. Take advantage of this period by cleaning up a mess or reorganizing to reduce overlapping tasks or work loads.

During this transit you may experience a surge of psychic abilities, intuitive insights and artistic or mystical visions. In this time your faith in humanity and capacity for love is higher than usual, and you tend to be more sensitive to the sufferings of others.

Neptune is the planet of imagination, creativity and spirituality. He rules over your sense of purpose and higher self.

This transit means that you will learn to live compassionately and imaginatively. This allows you to be more attuned to simple pleasures (i.e. cookies, a good book).

This placement brings a lot of idealism and imagination to the table. This influence grants the natives with the ability to achieve great dreams by thinking outside the box. It also can be applied in scientific fields and creative industries, as well as art and music.

Neptune in Virgo brings the gift of idealism and skill in service to others, particularly healing or physical service. Service to others is a common theme for Neptune in Virgo; helping guide others on their spiritual journey forward is a path that can be very fulfilling for this transit.

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