Neptune in Scorpio Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Scorpio brings artistic flair, vision, and a strong sense of privacy to relationships with family and friends.

A person born with this placement is one who was born with a vision. They possess an allure that draws other to them effortlessly and magnetically.

Their charm attracts those around them and their interest in others makes them seem like your best friend.

Their intelligence can make them very mysterious, as others cannot always predict which way they will go next, being such a mystery to those around them.

The instincts of the Neptune in Scorpio individual are very strong, and they tend to let these emotions direct them through life.

What Does Neptune in Scorpio Mean?

Neptune personifies the empathic, almost psychic connection we have to other people. In this position, Neptune endows your life with a strong sense of compassion and the peace of an inner-life philosophy.

Such souls are known for their seemingly ‘second sight,’ in which they often predict future events with stunning accuracy. Their magical minds can mystify and amaze those who haven’t developed their own intuition skills yet.

The Neptune in Scorpio personality is very intense as the emotional intensity of Scorpio is combined with the expansiveness of Neptune. This person is likely to have a magnetic and enigmatic sex appeal, as well as an interest in the occult.

They may put more effort into building their own personal artistic or spiritual world than they do in building personal relationships.

Neptune’s in Scorpio is intense, mysterious, and magnetic. You’re likely to fall in love quickly if you meet someone who’s fascinating and mysterious.

You’re very intuitive and have an unusual way of looking at life that makes your friends and family feel like they’re in a soap opera.

They are the most sincere and the most secretive of all Neptune’s positions. Neptune in Scorpio will tend to have a remarkable imagination and often comes up with unique ideas.

And if he or she doesn’t do that, this individual will use the imagination to create a new identity, a different persona. This person may have some extravagant tastes in art and things in general.

They are creative, intense, sensitive, and intelligent. They are so deeply intuitive that most don’t even realize they have this gift.

Even worse, many Neptunes in Scorpio in today’s world have suppressed their sensitivity for any number of reasons.

They’re going to notice the world around them, and they’ll have opinions about everything they see and hear. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

This placement is about feeling at one with the universe, your family, and tribe. You sweep each other up in warm, intimate exchanges. Either you ascend to higher states of consciousness together or dissolve as one into the cosmos–it’s all a question of how you work it.

Neptune in Scorpio Woman

This Neptune in Scorpio woman is an intense and passionate woman. This lady has a very broad range of emotions and goes through them very quickly.

She is affectionate and will make someone who holds her heart with tenderness, but on the other hand she can be vindictive, selfish, jealous or just plain old mean.

She can certainly be selfish but it’s because she wants to protect her interests. She cares for people less than she cares for herself but only on an emotional level, not a physical one.

She needs a stable environment, and acting like everything is ok when it isn’t? That’s doable, if you can keep the facade up. She may seem cold at times but that’s just how she is.

When Neptune was placed in the sign of Scorpio there was bound to be some mystery. A Neptune in Scorpio woman is many different things rolled into one. She can be incredibly inspiring and extremely seductive.

A little charming with a serious side that is not afraid to get dirty in her beliefs. She may be shy at first but once she gets to know you better she loosens up right away and becomes a good time for all to enjoy with her quick wit and easy laugh.

Sweet and sultry, confident and self-assured, the Neptune in Scorpio woman is a wise soul who provides insight and clarity. She speaks with wisdom and honesty.

Whether she’s pointing out your flaws or cheering you on, she channels her intuition to help others.

Neptune in the sign of Scorpio is a bit of a mysterious one. She has many men charmed and captivated by her but she does not boast of this fact. She is private about everything, including the way she feels about you.

They tend to get really, really attached to other people. She may have a tendency to lock people in and then look for a way out.

Neptune in Scorpio Man

Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and compassion, if this placement is found in a man’s birth chart, he will be very kind hearted and compassionate to everyone. His inner self is a good moral compass and his high spiritual consciousness is the need to keep in check.

He stands for non-violence and believes in harmony with one’s surroundings. He has a wisdom that can tell right from wrong, he will keep away from any bad deeds or trouble makings.

The Neptune in Scorpio man loves to be in a position of power. He wants to feel superior to others and to bring peace between them, but rarely achieves this aim, as he is prone to jealousy in relationships.

In a work environment, he seeks a career path that allows him to help others or makes him feel good about himself.

He possesses a great deal of sensitivity and compassion for others. He often feels that he has to shoulder the burden of the world’s troubles and injustices, but he wants very much to help people.

The Neptune in Scorpio man is extremely intuitive and is reputed for having psychic abilities. He is always producing new ideas and unconventional approaches to solving old problems.

These men are secretive. They have an innate power and the presence that draws people towards them.

There is no shock over their acting like people are secretly in love with them, where people hang on to every word they say.

They are deep thinkers; their feelings often tend to be more intense as they can feel more deeply than other people. Their emotions can swing wildly from happy to sad without warning.

This Neptune in Scorpio man will have a tremendous amount of desire and feeling of needing to stay attached to the one he loves. He is deeply committed to his partner, but it will often come across as demanding and possessive.

Neptune in Scorpio Transit Meaning

The Neptune in Scorpio transit involves the transiting planet Neptune moving from Leo to Scorpio. The main thrust and influence of this transit will focus on our own personal beliefs, attitudes, feelings, intuition, and inner depths.

The inky depths of the unconscious mind will be awakened through dreaming and fantasy. This is an excellent opportunity to develop greater creative abilities that we have neglected for some time.

We can use this time to reimagine our personal relationships and to develop a new vision or master plan for how we

The Neptune in Scorpio transit brings intense emotional experiences that are often felt deeply on an unconscious level. Scorpios can find this transit frustrating, as they’re not normally given to fantasy, so they may not be able to fully describe how they feel.

During this time it’s important for them to be in touch with their feelings and to understand that sometimes just being is enough. This transit also offers opportunities for emotional healing through psychotherapy or other spiritual practices.

Neptune in Scorpio is most effectively expressed through dreams, visions, fantasies and psychic sensitivity, and during this transit you can work to develop your creative potential.

You could also find the intensity of feelings during this time make it difficult to know what is real and what is not. If aspects of your life are out of balance and need to be made more spiritual, seek guidance from a close friend or relative who has a strong Neptune or Pisces placement (especially if they also have Scorpio) – their dreamy insight may help you get to the bottom of the matter.

This will help you understand what is going on and plan for the future. It will guide you through the good and bad of this energy, what is coming up for you and how best to use the energy being sent your way.

Neptune in Scorpio will have a strong effect on your deep emotions and imagination. It will give you an intuitive awareness, sensitivity and creativity, allowing you to transcend the everyday world.

You will also be able to develop a strong intuition, giving you a sense about people and things that is hard to explain but nevertheless useful.

The potential problem with this transit is that because it affects your subconscious mind, it may be difficult for you to understand why your imagination will run away with itself during this time .

This is a time to awaken spiritual awareness and to make the invisible, visible. This transit is pure potential for those who can remain open to new possibilities.

As your boundaries dissolve, you may become more adept at feeling energy of all kinds, and you may be more sympathetic toward others' plight. Courageously release what no longer serves you as you claim new understanding and deeper insights.

You are entering a time when it’s particularly important to nurture yourself during this period of increased pressure and stress—scratching that itch to dig deeper, knowing that your work will pay off in rewards beyond what you

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