Neptune in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Pisces individuals are compassionate, caring, and pleasant to be around.

They tend to be idealistic and imaginative, focusing on their dreams instead of day-to-day practical concerns. Their ideals make them prone to self-sacrifice and martyrdom for a greater cause or purpose in life.

They are extremely sensitive and intuitive, with psychic abilities that can be developed through prayer and meditation. They will often experience visions of spiritual or religious nature.

Neptune rules the idealists who long for a perfect world and the faithful who believe in God or higher spiritual power.

What Does Neptune in Pisces Mean?

The ruler of this placement, the planet Neptune, is associated with sensitivity, spiritual connection and compassion.

Neptune in Pisces is one of the most sensitive of the Water signs and one of the most compassionate. They are the ultimate people-pleaser.

Those with this placement are very connected to their dreams, and it is a dreamy quality that they share with Neptune that helps to give them their gentle natures.

Neptune in Pisces people are very compassionate. Empathy and consideration are great strengths.

They have a tendency to take on other’s problems as well as their own, feeling responsible for fixing everyone’s distress.

This can lead to emotional upheavals, draining the person and making them feel overwhelmed with responsibilities.

They are pure and gentle. They often have an artistic side which they express with vivid imagination and creativity. Sensitive and compassionate, they look for the good in people.

Neptune in Pisces has a faith in human nature that goes beyond reality. Sensitive to their environment, they are easily hurt by sadness and sorrow and cannot understand why bad things happen to good people.

Neptune in Pisces Woman

The Neptune in Pisces woman is a born psychic with incredible intuition.

They are found to be visionary by nature and they have an interest in spirituality. They are dreamy and live in their own romantic world.

Neptune in Pisces women are both mysterious and caring. They are the perfect combination of mind and body, and they’ll always put their own self last.

Neptune rules compassion so these ladies have a giving nature and are very interested in social issues such as poverty, inequality and injustice. Her most defining trait is the ability to feel another person’s emotions as if they were her own.

She feels others' joys and sorrows intensely and tends to get caught up in everyone else’s drama. She especially relates to people who are needy and will go out of her way to fix or help them.

These individuals have a natural gift for empathizing with other people and always know just what to say. She loves deeply and intensely and once looses her heart, she keeps it even when it gets broken many times because she

Neptune in Pisces women have powerful emotions, and this can be both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. They are loving, compassionate, and intuitive, but they can easily become disillusioned with the people around them.

Their imagination and sensitivity offers them great opportunities but they must learn to control their ideals of perfectionism that bring them disappointments as well.

Neptune in Pisces represents a kind and compassionate woman with strong psychic forces. For this reason, she tends to isolate herself at times from the world around her.

Neptune favors the artistic expression of emotions. This is not only through creative outlets, but through a genuine desire to find peace within her soul and spirit.

Once found, she uses this serenity and intuition for herself as well as for others. She possesses an innate understanding of astrology, metaphysics, and spirituality that allows her to tap into her own spiritual power center more often than other women.

Neptune in Pisces Man

ANeptune in Pisces man can be described as a compassionate, sympathetic, and subtle man, who is spiritually inclined and emotional.

He challenges the status quo and brings change into any situation he encounters. He is idealistic, spiritual, generous, and compassionate.

Neptune is the planet that rules intuition, rebellion, compassion and higher mind. These men posses mystical qualities influenced by Neptune.

An intuitive sense of knowing and understanding for others emotions and feelings. These men are ruled by kindness, pureness, sensitivity and the desire to help others at any cost.

On the outside he can appear irrational and hypersensitive. Yet, deep down he is mysterious, enchanting, and spiritual.

This man is idealistic and romantic. He will completely devote himself to a woman he loves because his ego melts away when he’s in romantic love.

These men have a very unique perspective on the world. They are very creative and spiritual but it’s a hidden part of their personality that few people see. They are also incredibly artistic and beautiful inside and out.

For s Neptune in Pisces man, the sensitive and sympathetic side of their personality is stronger than their masculine energy.

They never share their emotions with others freely and this makes him appear cold. If you want to win his attention, be gentle but strong and he will feel your love for him even if he doesn’t show it.

They carry a keen sense of spirituality, and are often quite sensitive. They are often extremely idealistic, and can spend much of their lives chasing after unseen ideals.

They may be too easily influenced by others, and hard for them to make up their minds about anything because they try to find ways to please everyone.

Pisces-Neptune people have a strong desire to help others and may find themselves drawn to charitable or humanitarian causes. They might also be unusually artistic or creative during this time.

Neptune in Pisces Transit Meaning

A Neptune in Pisces transit will bring you spiritual enlightenment and peace. This transit prompts us to let our imagination run free.

As a planet and a sign that are both associated with fantasy and the collective unconscious, Neptune is potentially capable of manifesting anything that we fantasize about during this phase.

In other words, we face the possibility of being the authors of our own reality for a short time. This is a transit that allows anything to be possible, but when combined with the potential for anger and betrayal indicated by Pluto and Uranus it can be somewhat destabilizing.

We may have an awakening or spiritual experience and feel like everything is not quite right with the world around us. We can be more selfless and generous during this period, giving time, effort, energy or material things to help others succeed.

Neptune in Pisces reveals that we are not bound by any one situation or condition in life. We have a chance to let go of old patterns and ways of doing things and allow ourselves to be carried by the flow of the universe.

This is a fluctuating energy that is experienced differently by each person depending on how they see themselves and their relationship to the cosmos. Your own imagination is a unique tool to help you deal with this transit in your own way.

Each person must decide how to use their imagination. You could find yourself drawn toward creative endeavors where you can express your feelings through painting, dance, music

Neptune in Pisces can be a confusing transit for many. Open your mind, and you will uncover hidden insights about your secret soul desires.

Do not resist the changes that are taking place in your life now; instead accept this spiritual gift as a catalyst to growth in all areas of your life.

Just know that if you have become extremely curious about religions, spirituality and psychic relationships than this is most likely the reason why.

Now It’s Your Turn

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