Neptune in Sagittarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Sagittarius people are very broadminded and are capable of abstract thinking. These folks are very imaginative and probably possess an excellent sense of humor.

They are quite philosophical and like to meditate and read books dealing with the occult, metaphysics or psychology. They have many traits like those of Neptune in Pisces personalities.

Neptune in Sagittarius is the sign of philosophers and visionaries, of prophets and people who are truthful purveyors of information.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which means that it has both positive, creative, upbeat traits as well as slightly negative traits like being indecisive and vulnerable.

What Does Neptune in Sagittarius Mean?

The Neptune in Sagittarius person is bound to take some chances, as they will tend toward the unorthodox and new age. They are idealistic and have an optimistic way of looking at life.

They are a spiritual individual who is very eccentric, innovative and a good judge of human character. They are very intuitive and has a strong connection with the invisible world.

These individuals often have psychic abilities which they work hard to develop, but if this is not their interest, they may feel unhappy and frustrated with life.

Neptune in Sagittarius people tend to be more abstract and idealistic than people with Neptune in any other sign.

Like all Neptune natives, you have a great deal of compassion for others, but your empathy is expressed through your spirituality rather than through a connection with other people.

Because you are so devoted to philosophical and religious concepts, you aren’t as interested in the physical world as most people are.

Neptune in Sagittarius has a taste for the finer things in life, including the use of higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom. They love travel, adventure, and exploring foreign lands.

Those who have this placement are visionaries, their minds are often clouded by their visions of an idealized future filled with success and excitement. They are risk takers, no doubt about it.

Neptune in Sagittarius is a very philosophical type but they are also adventurous. They want to see the world and be free from confines of any sort. These people can be travelers but they aren’t always go-getter types.

Neptune in Sagittarius Woman

The Neptune in Sagittarius woman is idealistic, spiritual, honest, loyal, and philosophical with a love for humanitarian causes.

She has extreme psychic ability and sometimes it is difficult to know what her motives are.

She is drawn to individuals who seem powerful or can help further her cause. She likes variety in relationships which may mean numerous partners during one lifetime.

This woman is multidimensional and people who talk to her for the first time would get confused by her complexity.

To understand a Neptune in Sagittarius, you have to know about Neptune as the planet of illusion, delusion and fantasy, and Sagittarius as the sign of higher knowledge, world travel and truth seeking.

She loves to explore. Her curiosity is never ending and life will always present new opportunities for her to try something new or take a spiritual journey, but only if she feels inspired.

She will often surprise herself and others by leaving her safe comfort zone and discovering a different way of looking at things, acting or even living a lifestyle that feels right to her even if it is very different from what she has been used to in the past.

The Neptune in Sagittarius woman is a great myth-maker as she loves to tell tall tales, especially those that exalt the human condition.

She is very optimistic. She’s very idealistic. Part of that comes from her dreams and aspirations for a better world.

Like the Neptune in Taurus woman, the Neptune in Sagittarius woman is fascinated by the pursuit of money and power but also social causes or politics, which might lead her to a career in philanthropy or charitable work.

Neptune in Sagittarius Man

A spiritually intuitive, idealistic, philosophical, cautious man who is ahead of his time, Neptune in Sagittarius represents the late sign of this water planet. He is a philosopher of a different kind.

He’s not out to prove anything through his intellect. Rather, he uses that same quality of mind to ponder over what might be the truth, instead of what is currently in vogue or being discussed by authorities.

Neptune in Sagittarius men are well-known for their mysteriousness. This is a part of them, which they cannot really change.

Their mystery surrounding them draws others in and makes them even more mysterious, including mystery of what they like and what they do not like.

They have a difficult time dealing with people being angry, or with injustice. They hate for anyone to feel bad, and are well known for taking up causes solely because they think it will help someone else. Their idealism is especially strong when Neptune is in Sagittarius.

Neptune rules dreams, so it’s fitting that he is known for his lofty aspirations. He is always ready to take on fresh challenges that integrate both his rational and imaginative sides.

Encouraging a strong interest in the new, this sign blends futuristic ideas with compassionate heart and soul.

Neptune in Sagittarius is a man of vision, driven to help others. Ever the philanthropist, he is charitable, generous, and well intentioned. Material things do not hold much appeal for him; his main concern is spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Neptune in Sagittarius Transit Meaning

A Neptune in Sagittarius transit is a time of spiritual expansion, when higher ideals motivate your quest for meaning and truth. In this period, we use our imagination to bring romance, adventure, and spiritual inspiration into our lives

This transit will come with an overall feeling of a mystical and religious experience, while you escape from the mundane routines of everyday life.

While Neptune is in this sign, you may even wander into some kind of new age practices or even spirituality. While it may not be your cup of tea, it will be good for your soul.

This transit is often a difficult one for many. Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning and philosophy, but this placement also represents the dark side of philosophy where long words and esoteric ideas take precedence.

Many who experience this Neptune transit find themselves being falsely accused of mistakes they didn’t commit or find themselves caught in the throes of legal action over something that was not their fault.

This is a time when people will be acting out of strange compulsions or inner urges with little or no control over what they are doing. This will be a confusing time for all involved, and a challenge to those who with a strong Neptune placement in their natal chart.

Neptune symbolizes compassion, forgiveness and spirituality while Sagittarius rules higher education and religion. The transit of Neptune in Sagittarius is a karmic cycle that bestows spiritual gifts upon all humanity.

Individuals with this placement are highly spiritual people as they have both Neptune’s gift for daydreaming and delusion but also Sagittarius' desire to master the material world.

Neptune in Sagittarius is the phase of your career when you begin to realize that there’s more to life than work. Travel, philosophy, spirituality and higher education may become active interests in this lifetime.

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