Neptune in Capricorn Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Capricorn people are mysterious. Like their ruling planet, they tend to be compassionate and idealistic. The majority of people with This placement have a sincere interest in esoteric philosophies and religion.

Many also work to improve the lives of others. They often are successful at anything they try, even when it comes to humanitarian causes.

This particular alignment tends to make people feel isolated from others yet compelled to take on large projects alone. There is also a tendency to become obsessed with dedication, perfectionism and discipline when it comes to your work.

Sensitive, imaginative, compassionate and humble are words that describe a Neptune in Capricorn man or woman. People with this placement have much higher intelligence and creativity than the average person. 

Neptune in Capricorn Woman

The Neptune in Capricorn woman is a powerful, determined leader. She is ambitious and doesn’t like to lose.

She is hardworking and strong willed. She’s meticulous and sensitive to details, but spends more time on her appearance than things of meaning.

She is a woman with refined taste and great fashion sense. She enjoys the finer things in life, and knows how to decorate her home with gorgeous accessories.

When it comes to relationships, there aren’t many more loyal women than Neptune in Capricorn. She is committed and devoted to any relationship she has, whether it be friendship or love.

She will only associate herself with people that bring out the best in her, and will only date those that meet her highest expectations. She needs to have a partner that makes a commitment and sticks to it.

When they are in their youth they can be very strong headed and they tend to have some wicked good looks. When these women grow up they are very family oriented and tend to live with their parents until they find the perfect husband.

She is quiet, sensitive, and caring. In love she is reserved and conservative in her approach. She may be shy or self-contained as she needs an inner security which must come from an emotional union without too much physical contact.

Neptune in Capricorn women practice a certain passive-aggressiveness. They’re not bossy or mean spirited, but they don’t fight for causes the way Aries women do.

They can appear fickle and inconsistent at times, but this is because they are so complex. On the other hand, they have humility and compassion that may seem out of place among more aggressive women.

They generally have a higher intelligence, and are more ambitious than the other Neptune women. They feel empathy for those around them, and often try to make things easier by cooperating.

Neptune in Capricorn Man

The Neptune in Capricorn man is often a mysterious person. He likes playing mind games which can be very irritating for others.

This man is a brooder and generally, he is pessimistic. He loves to take revenge from people, especially his family members as he considers them responsible for all the worldly problems.

He knows how to make women around him feel special and loved. He will treat a girl like a queen even if he doesn’t love her or has no intentions to marry her. He believes that it is easy to find another girl whom he can charm with his humane qualities.

The Neptune in Capricorn man is passionate and ambitious, an intense soul who cares deeply about his work and his relationships.

He has a keen mind, is driven and charming. He may be moody, yet has great loyalty and integrity.

He is ambitious and goal-oriented. They tend to rise to the top of any organization they are a part of. The quest for power and authority is their number one priority.

Along with the ambition, comes a lot of criticism making them feel as if they are constantly being judged. Neptune in Capricorn can sometimes feel the need to overcompensate by playing macho and strong.

When it comes to relationships, this man doesn’t want to play the field. He wants to stick with just one woman and make her his soulmate.

His first instinct upon meeting a woman is to check out if she’d be wife material. When he’s in love, he gets jealous and possessive without even trying – even when he’s not in a relationship!

Neptune is an astrological planet in this sign, and it is said to govern loss through deception. That’s why Neptune in Capricorn men are usually good deception artists. They are normally very good at lying and hiding the truth.

Neptune in Capricorn Transit Meaning

Neptune rules dreams, mysticism, spiritual transcendence, illusion and confusion. It affects our creativity and how we view ourselves. Capricorn is about power, ambition, greed and status.

With the planet of deception and confusion passing through one of the most practical signs there could also be failed opportunities or mishaps brought on by unrealistic aspirations and illusions.

A Neptune in Capricorn transit will bring more spiritual and materialistic values to your home. You may feel the urge to travel or perhaps a desire to save money.

You may have a luxurious item pop up in your mind, grab this chance to fulfill your long-term wishes!

Neptune in Capricorn brings about a closing-in of energies that may feel dark or heavy. Sometimes this transit can feel like the planet is throwing us a twist or turn we didn’t expect, sending us off on a more difficult journey than we thought.

Neptune is known for its illusions and confusion, and at the beginning of this transit people felt confused about their identity.

Transiting Neptune in Capricorn is an excellent time to make changes to your life that are aligned with your highest good. You must address mundane practical matters, such as finance, taxes, and insurance that have been neglected.

If you don’t take care of business now, you can expect difficulties in the future. A major lifestyle change is also possible under this transit.

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