Neptune in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Neptune in Aquarius individuals believe life is a journey of self-discovery that can end in happiness through the practice of detachment.

They are often introspective and adventurous, seizing opportunities to explore alternative lifestyles and modes of self-expression.

They have an affinity for anything “new” and futuristic, including innovative technology. They may also dabble in the esoteric, such as astrology, tarot cards or other divination systems.

What Does Neptune in Aquarius Mean?

With a Neptune in Aquarius person, you will find the joys of friendship and idealistic visions come to life.

These people have many friends who regard them as inspiring leaders. They are progressive thinkers and will never be tied down by conventionality.

The inherent appeal of Neptune in Aquarius lies in the imaginative, humanitarian, and idealistic potential that it brings to bear on life.

Neptune in this naturally adventurous sign resonates with the longing for a future world of peace and plenty, while Aquarius symbolizes progressive thinking, humanitarian ideals, and the collective desire to band together.

They are free spirits and can dissolve inhibitions with ease. These folk are determined to make their mark on society with their inspiration and ingenuity.

This placement provides natives with an idealistic and compassionate outlook. They do not like to push others around. Instead, they prefer to get their way through mild persuasion or by enlisting the aid of others to implement their ideas.

In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of all that is unpredictable and magical. When Neptune transits through Aquarius we are in for some profound changes to how we think and feel about everything from our careers to our love lives.

With Neptune in Aquarius you are likely to have a talent and interest for music. You may also be drawn to the healing and/or spiritual professions.

Neptune in Aquarius Woman

The Neptune in Aquarius woman is a fresh, honest, spiritual and imaginative type of individual who has incredible talents of intuition. She is likely to have friends all over the world.

She has a strong sense of devotion although she might not be the most practical person – but can definitely be very inspiring. She will never give up on her dreams and loves to reach out for something new and innovative.

Neptune in Aquarius woman is totally different from any other kind of woman. She is different in her philosophy of life, in her belief and opinion about everything.

Contrary to what people say, she is not a mere dreamer or daydreamer seeing life from a different angle. She is an idealist, a humanitarian who wants to make the world more just and humane for all that lives on it.

The most important thing a man should know about Neptune in Aquarius Woman is that there is always more to this woman.

Neptune rules optimism, but also illusions. The uneasiness and unpredictability of the Moon and its cycles are mirrored in this woman. Many men won’t understand or even like her, but she has her reasons for being completely unpredictable.

A woman with the combination of Neptune in Aquarius is likely to be ever changing. She will be very individualistic.

These women will be very intellectual and artistic. They will have a lot of friends, but they will not really trust them completely.

They are often also confused about their desires as well as their personal needs. They can however still make progress toward their goals and dreams if they do not let the confusion stand in their way too much.

They love to be the center of attention, and they can either be the life of the party or the one who acts like no one but them matters. That said, no matter what happens around them, they never get involved because all they are focused on is achieving their goals in life.

A woman with a Neptune in Aquarius placement will often be more problematic than romantic. The strength of her zodiac sign will make her more serious and refuse to be prone to much patience around greater love.

She will treat this person as a friend and call upon them when she has a need, creating an ideal relationship wherein the man isn’t sure if she loves him or not.

He’ll continuously seek clarification of where he stands, which makes her feel like he doesn’t trust her feelings for him. There may even be a few heated arguments before she allows him into her world completely. She’s apt to shower him with gifts.

Neptune in Aquarius Man

There can be no denying that the Neptune in Aquarius man has a unique and unusual personality. The individual born under this sign is eccentric and individualistic, a true original.

It’s how this person understands the world, one of endless possibilities but also of wonders and quirks.

He is reliable, loyal, passionate and always true to you. He is the man who is always there for you through good times and bad. The Neptune in Aquarius man is a wonderful choice for the long haul.

He craves change and new experience. He is a person who is unafraid to live on the edge, and who likes to take risks.

He can become bored easily by routine or what he perceives as a lack of progress or excitement in his life, and as a result may be difficult to get along with in relationships.

The Neptune in Aquarius man is an abstract thinker, a real intellectual and someone who will always like to be one step ahead of the game.

He likes to feel that he is unique and the only person who sees or understands things in quite this way. This knowledge, rather than making him arrogant, often makes him quite shy and sensitive.

Sociable, charming, and intuitive, a man with Neptune in Aquarius is intelligent and cultured. He has a unique vision of life and plenty of original ideas to go with it. Retrospective by nature, he wants to know why rather than what.

Some Neptune in Aquarius men are aloof and stand back from social events, while others plunge into the thick of it.

The former tends to be quite vivacious when stirred from his reclusive state; the latter may seem like he’s had a few because he has difficulty distinguishing “reality” from his vivid dreams.

The Neptune in Aquarius man can be elusive and mysterious. He is extremely intelligent, he has a vivid imagination, but not very practical.

Because of his psychic abilities, when this man is taken over by worries and tension, it shows on the face and in other body parts.

This brings us to one of the big problems that ones with Neptune in Aquarius have: they feel that they have to hide their true personality – from others and from themselves.

Their intuition does not always serve them well, but often draws them into a state of gloom and apathy. They are afraid to rely or depend on others in times of need.

Neptune in Aquarius men are fun, playful, and come off as dreamy idealists. They are interested in the more bizarre side of life and are willing to experiment with different ideas and philosophies.

They have a great respect for privacy and personal space but also admire the metaphysical study of astrology and astronomy. They may be into unusual hobbies such as tribal or folk dancing.

They have good self confidence but do not trust many people or institutions, which can make them seem stand-offish. Since Neptune rules collective thinking, these men could have a career in politics, religion, psychology, sociology, or science fiction writing.

Neptune in Aquarius Transit Meaning

The Neptune in Aquarius transit will bring a higher consciousness and disregard for authority. Aquarius is the sign of new age and revolutionary ideas.

Neptune rules your intellect and imagination. This is an ideal time to reflect on your own uniqueness and how you contribute to this world.

The Neptune in Aquarius transit may trigger a feeling of dissatisfaction with your surroundings–even an urge to flee–as you experience the depths of disillusionment.

This is a time to come to terms with your ideals and commit yourself to your highest, best and most creative goals. Start by being true to what you believe in–and who you really are–without being swayed by outside forces or loss of faith.

This transit represents a period of optimism, opportunity, and growth. The Neptune in Aquarius transit ushers in a great era of equality, peace, and prosperity for all.

You may become involved in humanitarian work. There is a shift outward to humanitarianism both social and global.

Your imagination is ready to create even more chemical creativity but there is a desire to experiment with all things exotic. Extraterrestrials come to mind when you think about the otherworldly dreams of this transit.

There will also be a push toward environmental movements benefiting animals and plants. This Neptune transit may make you feel loyalty and devotion to a cause, a person, a relationship — an ideal or an institution. You may become the object of other people’s concern, affection or use in some way.

There may also be a boost of collective inspiration that is independent of whether or not it is for your personal benefit. Examine your own beliefs during this time — are they causing problems? Are you feeling too much pressure to change and to conform?

If so, you will probably want to distance yourself from these things during this transit. Trust your intuition.

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