Black Moon Lilith Placement Meaning

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The Black Moon Lilith is one of the most interesting and misunderstood astrological signs. While some consider it an additional sign on the Chinese zodiac, others reserve it as a moon sign.

Lilith is a symbolic representation of the darkness that makes up the other half of human nature. She represents our subconscious mind and emotions hidden to us by our many layers of defense mechanisms.

In this post I’m going to reveal what your Lilith placement means and why it’s such an important part of your birth chart.

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What Does Lilith in Astrology Mean?

Lilith is not a planet or asteroid, but a lunar apogee (aka the Black Moon). It is a point in the sky where the moon would be farthest from Earth at the moment you were born.

The moon orbits the Earth once every 28 days, but from time to time it moves out further from our planet. A lunar apogee is one of those times when the moon is at its farthest distance from Earth, called the point of apogee. At this point, the moon often looks much smaller than average.

The name Lilith comes from Jewish folklore. It is believed that Lilith was born as the first and most powerful female in creation, conceived before Adam (mankind) was created and before any male angels existed.

Black Moon Lilith Placement Meaning

Astrologically, the Lilith placement can be a catalyst for uncovering deep-seated emotional issues and traumas.

The desire that Lilith inspires is not physical or sexual in nature but a longing for deep emotional union. This longing awakens feelings of great isolation and loneliness which require us to examine our past relationships and experiences.

The Black Moon represents our shadow selves. Lilith in astrology is about your hidden passions, desires, and burning issues that are often ignored. Lilith is the name of a dark, powerful figure whose history has been lost to time but who is still actively creating change.

As an energy, Lilith continues to influence men and women everywhere who are in touch with her essence. She represents the shadow aspects of ourselves, the things we deny and suppress in our day-to-day lives.

Your Lilith placement represents independence, freedom, originality. Lilith’s qualities are manifested in a free will with her own set of rules and great taste for art. The Lilith personality is active, energetic, fun, and loves to entertain.

Lilith Transit Meaning

A Lilith transit brings out things that were buried deep within you and shows you who you really are and what you must do to get what you want. This transit will bring up secrets from the past that are not yet resolved.

The Lilith woman is enigmatic, magnetic, strong willed and a lover of privacy who can be either vocal or reserved depending on the circumstances. Lilith’s are often attractive in unconventional ways and display a magnetic personality.

The Lilith energy is about a woman’s right to choose how her life manifests. Lilith represents the women’s mystery and the dark moon, which is often associated with shedding and releasing old patterns, habits, and cycles that are no longer serving your greater good.

Lilith in Aries

Lilith in Aries doesn’t like to follow the crowd. She’ll do her own thing, make her own rules, and then break the rules and replace them with new ones. She’s never one to conform, so don’t try to change her.

Lilith in Aries is the most sensual, romantic and flirtatious of the Star Goddesses. Easily bored and always seeking change, she enjoys constant stimulation. Having an active imagination, Lilith in Aries feels life deeply.

She has an independent spirit that resists restriction, and prefers keeping her freedom and the finer things in life to herself. Desirable and dynamic, she actively pursues her goals with determination.

Lilith in Taurus

Lilith in Taurus is highly practical, alert, ambitious, and talented. They are progressive thinkers who have developed a sense of confidence and self-mastery in order to attain goals and display excellent organizational skills and a strong work ethic in everything they do.

They like to share their energetic nature and a quick wit, a gift that makes them one of the most charming individuals, despite long periods without human contact.

Lilith Taurine personalities easily make friends because they have the character of the earth - steady and stable. On the negative side, it is possible that stubbornness and pride could sometimes get into relationships with other people.

Lilith in Gemini

A Lilith in Gemini placement represents a sense of responsibility. Lilith in Gemini is the same on the inside as on the outside, authentic and direct. They will be loyal and devoted to you if you make it worth their while.

They have a sharp intellect and are very creative. They are deep thinkers and enjoy spending time alone; they abhor small talk unless it is with someone they are destined to be with.

You can expect them to have many talents that will likely include singing, dancing, and writing poetry. One of their greatest attributes is that they do not feel they need approval from anyone. Lilith in Gemini people are lively and like to be treated as such. Their gregariousness and willingness to look at life from multiple angles will win their way into the graces of many.

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer takes a warm, accepting approach to the world. They sincerely appreciate other people’s need for space, and don’t love to argue or debate. Loyal and endlessly supportive of their loved ones, you can always count on a Cancer Lilith to lend a hand when needed.

They are stubborn about their point of view but will drop it quickly once they see how silly their argument has become. They love home and security with a career providing both, so finding a job that makes a stable income and lets them work from home is ideal.

The Lilith in Cancer person is a romantic. They love their home and family, and are very loyal. They take great care in making sure that everyone who comes to their house feels welcomed.

Lilith in Leo

The Lilith in Leo personality is quiet and reserved, yet capable of strong passion. They may appear aloof or independent, but are often adventurous, interesting lovers with a great imagination. They are sensitive to criticism, and hate to be told what to do. They tend to be early risers, but may be restless sleepers.

Lilith in Leo is the kind of person who is charismatic and extroverted, impulsive and creative, self-conscious and dramatic. This person is full of imagination, and people can be inspired by their originality.

The Lilith in Leo personality type is creative, passionate, and fiery. They have a sixth sense for art, beauty, and romance, and even if they don’t always feel like it—they are great at connecting to others.

Lilith in Virgo

Lilith in Virgo personalities are good with money, have a unique sense of style, and a tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness. They are calm and balanced, sensitive to the feelings of others, and have a gift for expressing themselves well––even while angry.

Lilith in Virgo people will often have a sensitive, caring spirit. There is an artful but independent air about this person. The Virgo influence gives them a good eye for detail, but they are usually not bothered if things around them are a little bit messy.

Lilith’s energy can be volatile at times. They may go from being very calm to suddenly erupting in emotional explosions with little warning. They like things done just their own way and they truly believe that the best way to do anything is the way which seems best to them.

Lilith in Libra

Lilith in Libra personalities are experts at turning their charm and good looks into any outcome they desire. Those who are easily fooled or manipulated know them as the eternal charmer. They may never win a game of chess, but they can certainly make anyone fall in love with them if they want to.

Lilith in Libra is a passionate lover, yet given to judging others in a manner that can be hostile. This position tends to be critical of others, feeling rage when treated unfairly and jealousy when their affection is not acknowledged.

Lilith in Libra tends to be fickle with its affections, needing constant validation and reassurance of its importance to others. With this as a prominent feature of the Libran energy, Lilith in Libra can at times come on too strong or give too little.

Lilith in Scorpio

The Lilith in Scorpio person is all about understanding and accepting the person they are, as well as developing a strong sense of self. Bold and fearless, a Scorpio Lilith personality acts without hesitation. Full of personal power, Scorpio is highly ambitious.

Lilith in Scorpio can be a somewhat restless and anxious person. She is intensely determined to gain her own way, and attempts to manipulate others into doing her bidding. This could be harmful if done from a negative standpoint, but the positive side of this would be the ability to get people to work with them for their own advancement.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Lilith in Sagittarius is a fire-oriented sign, insightful and intuitive. Sagittarian energy is soulful and joyful, making them a great fit with Lilith. Be ready to kick up your heels and enjoy great fun times and exhilarating adventure at every turn with this sign combination.

The key word for you throughout the return of Lilith in Sagittarius will be fun—in fact, you’re likely to experience more fun than you ever would have dreamed possible! It’s easy to see why: you are in one of the most carefree periods of your life!

The Lilith in Sagittarius person is known for having a strong, independent spirit. They are creative and unconventional thinkers that do not fit into the standard box. They are often bohemian in nature and can seem flaky to more straight-laced folks. However, they really do have a knack for resourcefulness, coming up with interesting solutions to everyday problems.

Lilith in Capricorn

The Lilith in Capricorn person is a lover of trust, loyalty and stability. They have depth to their personality. They live life with an attitude that no matter how bad things are, they can handle it.

As a person with Lilith in Capricorn you are shrewd, clever, and daring. You have a natural intuition for money and can often be found doing business deals that benefit you greatly, most likely without the use of any money at all! This is a sign that you attract wealth rather than put effort into it.

Lilith in Capricorn is an unusual placement for Lilith. You are loyal, almost to a fault. You will never abandon those you love, no matter what insults they throw at you. You are wise and have insight into things relating to the heart.

Lilith in Aquarius

Lilith in Aquarius personalities have a love of travel and freedom, but also a tendency to be immature. They are forward thinking and pioneer souls with an intelligent edge.

Lilith in Aquarius is as inquisitive as it gets and loves asking questions, doing research and learning about various topics, people, places and things. They’re extremely interested in the world around them and find it difficult to disconnect from exploring it.

Lilith in Aquarius personalities are no ordinary people. They are some of the most intriguing characters you will ever meet, and their allure is as inexplicable as it is indescribable. There’s something about them that you will undeniably find appealing, and there’s so much that they have to offer those who can manage to keep up with them.

Lilith in Pisces

The personality of someone with Lilith in Pisces is strongly romantic. This placement is all about the need for love and affection in life, which could become problematic because this person may be unable to accept what they get from others.

Lilith in Pisces is often misunderstood, or even considered to be an outright liar. This is far from the truth. Lilith in Pisces will readily admit when they are wrong, and would never think of fabricating information for their own gain.

Lilith in Pisces are mysterious individuals, likely to keep their feelings a secret for a while. Once they feel safe enough to reveal themselves a little more, however, they have the capacity to blend into any social situation with ease. They are charming and flirtatious, but may be hard to get close to.

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