North Node in Cancer

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The North Node in Cancer describes an individual who is very concerned with the needs of others and finds their greatest challenge in fulfilling those needs.

Those in this placement will have a strong need to take care of others, and therefore, may often feel powerless or as though they are being victimized.

The North Node in astrology is the point of balance and harmony between the two polarities of our nature. In this article, you will learn how to fully take advantage of this powerful force by harnessing the positive potential that is found in both North and South nodes of your natal chart.

North Node Meaning

The North Node or True Node is the point where the lunar orbit of the moon intersects the ecliptic. It is not visible to the naked eye, but is always located opposite to the South Node in the sky.

In Vedic Astrology it represents “Yoga”—the path, as well its polarization—the obstacles along life’s path. The positive and negative influence of the North Node depends on its location in relation to your natal chart—even though both have a direct influence upon you regardless!

The North Node represents a person’s destiny, their potential for greatness and spiritual growth.

The North Node is the energy of growth, ambition and the urge to expand. If the South Node brings us into a life pattern, the North Node shows us where we wish to go within that pattern or where we need to progress. It is your most important decision-making point. The North Node means opportunity, just as the South Node means change.

Personality Traits

North Node in Cancer is a parental and helping sign. The North Node is not exact but supportive. People with this placement strongly respect and care for tradition and had a lot of support during their childhood.

They are extremely self-sacrificing, caring, sensitive, idealistic and introverted. People with this placement are usually passive, loving and stubborn. In their relationships, people with this placement can be overly possessive, protective, dependent, insecure and may have difficulties in letting go of their loved ones.

People with their North Node in Cancer feel most at ease when they are with relatives and friends who make them feel secure. It indicates a love of family, a strong sense of duty, and a desire for home comforts.

The North Node in Cancer is very sensitive and emotional. They have the power to feel other people’s emotions, and they often take on other people’s problems as their own. They are excellent listeners when others want to talk about anything that bothers them.

People with a Cancer North Node are gentle and caring. They love children, and the children in their life will grow up feeling protected and loved by them.

Having a North Node in Cancer indicates a highly sensitive, emotional, impressionable and even psychic individual who can be hurt easily by others. But this need to avoid hurting others puts the Cancer North Node person in an odd situation, because they are likely to avoid conflict at all costs.

Career and Money

The North Node in Cancer bestows a great deal of sensitivity if you allow it to work in your life. Because the Cancer North Node individual has this profound sensitivity, they have a tendency to protect themselves by hiding behind their shyness.

If you experience this placement, there is a need for self-acceptance. You must accept the fact that there is no reason to hide. Your greater purpose is found in taking a stand and collaborating with others to make the world a better place.

The ability to be sensitive and caring are truly needed in raising children, helping people who have difficulty coping, or healing those who are emotionally harmed

Activities ruled by this North Node placement include jobs, writing, publishing, science and technology, and anything remotely related to the sea - oceanic or island life, fishing and whaling included.

In a professional capacity the North Node in Cancer in your career sector opens possibilities for a promotion, a raise or even starting a new job. There is an air of efficiency and practicality about this placement that feels like you would be more productive working with others as part of a team.

The energy in Cancer is that of the nurturer and the caretaker. They are ruling those who need help and receive those in need. They are very protective of their own family and will fight to the death to protect themselves from anything or anyone.

They are protective of everything and everyone they love. Family, friends, money, and security are all important to this sign since they love being considered responsible because they feel safe when they’re in control. Natives of this sign can be very shy, unassuming, kind-hearted, sensitive, emotional, feelers, conservative as well as possessive.

The North Node in Cancer describes a person who has a generous and nurturing emotional nature. If nurtured properly, these people can turn out to be highly charitable, magnanimous humanitarians. But the problem is they often do not like to take care of themselves first.

They can sometimes have problems with managing money, when their generosity gets the better of them. They may also feel guilty about making money, and hence struggle to be satisfied with their success.

The North Node in Cancer man has an inherent ability to enjoy this time of his life where he experiences dedication, security, and stability. It is a period that provides great lessons in giving and receiving along with a lot more support from those around him.

The North Node in Cancer personality also has an innate ability to find his way back to his roots again and become homely, secure, and stable for the first time in his life.

Having your North Node in Cancer makes you a natural friend to others. In your youth, your compassion for the underdog drew you into service work as well as to occupations where you could help others succeed.

You appreciate the need for cooperation, for sharing and mutual regard, even if getting along is not your natural style. In fact, you may work alongside someone who needs guidance of any type and learn much from that working relationship, because here again you have the opportunity to be helpful—a role that is very near and dear to your heart.

The North Node in Cancer represents a natural artistic talent. Many native north node people are musicians or vocalists. They try to create beautiful things and can be easily recognized as artists. They can automatically sense an appropriate mood of an environment and create something that will complement it.

Love and Relationships

The North Node in Cancer is deeply loving and compassionate. Caring for others and being there for them is emphasized in this placement.

If well aspected, the North Node in Cancer is very sensitive to people’s feelings and needs. They often intuitively know what others are feeling and can respond appropriately from their heart.

A well-developed and highly refined North Node in Cancer is enormously sympathetic and empathetic. These folks have tremendous reservoirs of compassion that they can draw upon constantly to help others and to make them feel better about themselves.

There is a kind of special “twin telepathy” between these two people which allows them to be understanding of each other even before they talk. The North Node in Cancer individual also has an enormous sensitivity to the physical needs of others, and, unlike some South Node people, they will not let the needs or demands of others take precedence over their own physical welfare.

As a North Node in Cancer, you might feel you have very little purpose in life or are unclear about the next step you are to take. This is because the higher purpose of your life will be expressed through social and environmental projects that involve helping others.

What is personally fulfilling, then becomes an expression of your spiritual evolution. Emotivity and feeling is no longer the major theme in your life; what you “feel” can be subordinated to a greater cause.

As a North Node in Cancer, you are very interested in getting what you want. In fact, your goal in life is to get others to feel your way about things.

Warmth and a love of home are two of the greatest assets you possess. You can be a bit inconsistent, and you tend to live by your moods; but as long as those moods aren’t too dark, this won’t be much of a handicap for you.

One whose North Node is in Cancer feels it a duty to care for others. Security and protection are also priorities, because the only assurance of security is to be close to other people. But this does not mean that a Cancer North Node individual will become tied down with family ties or nursing responsibilities.

More likely it means that this individual will devote himself or herself to making sure everybody has food, clothing, and shelter – figuratively speaking, of course.

The North Node is in Cancer, the sign of home, family, security, and feelings. Although you have always been close to your family and loved ones, nothing can prepare you for the emotional intensity of this placement. Your deepest beliefs about love and security are challenged or solidified by current events in your life.

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