10 Signs a Taurus Man is in Love with You

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You’ve been dating a Taurus man for quite some time now. You know that he is loyal and hardworking, but you don’t know if he loves you or not.

He doesn’t say the words to your face, but there are signs that will indicate whether or not he is in love with you.

This article will help you understand what those signs mean so that you can determine his true feelings towards you:

Signs a Taurus Man is in Love

1. He compliments you often

A Taurus man in love will compliment you often and is not afraid to show their feelings. They’re always romantic, so a night out on the town is infinitely more exciting for them than it would be for other signs.

Taurus men are warm and welcoming, constantly complimenting you on your outfit or your hair. They’ll find any excuse to grab your hand in theirs as they walk by, pressing their fingers lightly against the top of it like a secret handshake.

You never have to worry about them overstepping boundaries because they’re always so respectful and sweet.

2. You're the first person he wants to talk to in the morning

You’re the first person a Taurus man will want to talk to when he wakes up in the morning. He’ll look for you before he’s even had his coffee, and if you don’t answer your phone or call back within 10 minutes, he’ll be convinced that something terrible has happened.

But it won’t take long for him to find out that no matter what time of day it is, you always make time for him.

3. He's always making plans for you two to hang out together

Taurus men are really into planning things. It’s the best when they include you in those plans, and it feels like a date! They always have something fun planned for two of you to do together. You’ll never be bored around them with their spontaneity and sense of adventure.

They’ll text you constantly to see if you can hang out, and sometimes will invite themselves over. They’re very social so it’s never a bad idea to spend a little extra time with them.

4. He doesn't make decisions without your input

Taurus men always want your opinion on any decision they make, so when you disagree with them, it can put a strain on the relationship.

Taurus men are very sensitive to what their partners think of them and this is why they will ask for your input before making a decision. If you disagree with him, he might feel like less of a man because in his mind he failed. This can lead to arguments which will only hurt the relationship in the long run.

Taurus men are excellent listeners and will do anything to make you happy. They’ll listen to your concerns, thoughts, and opinions about any topic before they take action. You hold the key to their happiness so if there’s something you want them to change or fix, don’t be shy!

5. He is constantly trying to impress you

Taurus men are always trying to impress you by talking all the time, but they’re usually really friendly and caring. They love doing things for their loved ones, friends, and family, which is one of the reasons why they never stop talking.

There are many things to love about a Taurus man, but one of the most endearing traits is their inability to stop talking. Though this trait may be annoying at times, it’s also incredibly charming and irresistible!

They never have awkward silences or moments where they don’t know what else to say - it’s like no matter how long you’ve known them for, a Taurus will always have something new to share with you.

But even more than just the anecdotes that come out of their mouth, there’s another thing that attracts people off the bat: they really try hard to make an impression on others. Especially if they’re trying impress someone from the opposite sex, you can tell that these guys will go miles and miles out of their way just because he wants your attention.

6. He is protective of you

Taurus men are actually one of the best zodiac signs to date if you’re looking for someone who is super protective.

They’ll never leave your side and they will do anything in their power to make sure that you’re happy. And it’s not a big deal if he knows where you are at all times because Taurus people can be clingy, but it just means he likes being around you!

Taurus men are known to love hard and not let go. So if he’s got a grip on your heart then it won’t be easy for him to let go. You’ll never find someone who loves and cares about you as much as they do; maybe even more than their own life!

7. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible

Taurus men are looking for someone to make them feel like the most important person in their life. They want to be able to spend time with you and know that they’re someone special. Taurus men don’t care how much money or what car they drive, as long as they can have a partner who appreciates them for who they are and not just what they provide.

Taurus men are hardworking, reliable guys who love to spend time with their partners. They appreciate a good conversation and the company of someone they care about. If you share this passion for spending quality time together, then Taurus man is your perfect match!

8. His friends and family know about you

Taurus men are very comfortable with their relationships and have the tendency to share these details freely. Taurus men are very good at letting people know how they feel. They will definitely tell their friends and family about you!

The things that Taurus men like the most is a sense of belonging, stability, and warmth. These things are important to them because they have deep emotional layers that others can’t see through. When you’re around them, it’s as if the world slows down just for you two. You’ll wonder when this experience ends because it feels so perfect and full of love.

9. He does things to make you happy

Taurus men are always thinking about making you happy. They’re so understanding and caring. If he didn’t want to do it himself, he’ll do something for you that he knows will make you happy instead.

Taurus men love spoiling their significant other and making them happy, even if it means that they are not the one who is getting something. They enjoy doing things for you in order to make you feel good about yourself and to make your life better. Taurus men don’t mind being inconvenienced or sacrificing themselves because they know how important it is to be able to do these things for those they love.

10. You are his priority in life

Taurus men are known for their loyalty, faithfulness, and stability. They have a lot of patience and will be committed to you as long as they feel they are being appreciated in return.

He may not always express his feelings verbally but he will do anything to make sure that you’re happy, comfortable, taken care of, etc. If there is something that needs to be done or bought from the store, a Taurus man would rather go get it than have you go yourself. He also wants someone who can let him know when he’s done well and when he could improve so that together they can achieve greatness.

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re someone special to somebody and Taurus men make it their priority in life to give women the attention they deserve. You’ll never struggle with wondering if he is interested in you because if he really likes you, then he’ll stop at nothing to prove his feelings and convince you that this can be something more.

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