Scorpio Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. It is how others first perceive you, and how you present yourself to the world. In astrology, it is known as your rising sign.

We are all born with a rising sign. It is something that makes us act a certain way and feel a certain way. Whether you’re looking to find out who you really are or why your significant other does the things they do, you’ve come to the right place.

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Scorpio Rising Sign Description

Scorpio Ascendant Personality Traits

Scorpio rising individuals are extremely secretive. They keep things to themselves and do not want anyone to know what they are thinking or doing. They are experts at hiding emotions and are very good at acting as if everything is perfectly normal and all right with them no matter what the situation is.

Their personality type is thoughtful, intense and analytical. Scorpios are loyal, ambitious and determined. They are also sensitive, secretive and guarded about their feelings. Their main concerns are death and transformation.

This position vibrates powerfully with passion and deep emotion. You have a very inspirational quality that is more mystical than practical, and you have a tendency to resist all forms of control.

Open to change, the Scorpio rising person flashes between devotion and adoration on the one hand – and domination and ruthlessness on the other. This may make you rather unpredictable, but it also ensures no one will ever be bored as your relationship or friendship unfolds.

Your skills in the realm of human interaction are unparalleled, whether you’re seeking new lovers or have a mind to convert enemies into allies.

The keywords for the Scorpio Rising include: secretive, determined, analytical, driven, power-seeking, suspicious.

Aries Sun Scorpio Rising

Aries Sun Scorpio rising individuals are exciting and intensely passionate people. They are hard, relentless, loyal, and intelligent. Those with this rising sign possess a strong sense of self-identity.

These people are intense, passionate, and fearless. They are confident and determined and make great leaders as they have the courage to stand by their beliefs. The Aries Sun Scorpio rising person is a natural born leader. They will fight for what they believe in and have the strength to pursue it.

This combination suggests a highly creative individual who can bring innovative thinking to any project or task they are undertaking. Personal and professional achievements for these people will stem from the motivation of their deep-rooted instincts and emotions rather than intellectualism or logic.

People with Aries Sun Scorpio Rising are known for being bold, competitive, and confident. They love to get ahead in life, and they’re willing to work hard to do it.

They are a very controlled and focused individual, exhibiting great power of will under stress. If you are in stressful situation, the Aries Sun Scorpio Rising person is able to seize control and take charge of a situation.

He/she is able to rise to an occasion and handle the spotlight always shining on them. They have an ability to dominate the listener. They prefer to use their physical power rather than intellectual persuasion.

They are independent thinkers who value their freedom and the ability to get things done. Although they have strong opinions and are straightforward with others, they are reserved and not prone to flattery.

Alertness to danger is an asset enabling them to avoid accidents or bad situations. They need to be careful about negativity from others, which can be draining at times.

Passionate when interested in something, they become impatient with anything that piques their interest less strongly. They enjoy labor-intensive occupations and activities where their initiative and enthusiasm are useful, such as writing, research and sales.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising astrology sign is a sign easily misunderstood. These intriguing people are very resourceful, and possess an excellent power of concentration. They are ambitious, determined, and secretive. It’s best not to pry into their personal life or affairs - they don’t want anyone to know about these traits, because it’s all about them!

Underneath the calm exterior of a Taurus-Scorpio is a person who values themselves, loves intimacy and is very perceptive. While they may not always be outwardly demonstrative in their affection, they feel protective and loyal toward the people they care about.

These individuals are grounded and practical. They make excellent business people and employees.

Taurus Scorpio personalities crave security. This combination of two Earth signs gives them a strong sense of stability. They want the basics in life — a home, family, food on the table.

They have an innate magnetism that draws others to them. They are deliberate yet forceful, but they don’t take no for an answer, so be careful! For every exquisite gift you receive from a Taurus Sun Scorpio rising sign, there will also be something unexpected and unpredictable thrown in that keeps things interesting.

The Taurian personality is also known for its dependability and loyalty. It’s a quality that makes a Taurus a standout in business as well as in personal life.

Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising

Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising people are dynamic, intellectual and charming. They generally succeed in life as a result of their ability to grasp concepts easily and make associations easily.

These people have a magnetic quality that draws others to them. They will undoubtedly be known for their quick wit, as well as their sharp tongue. They are energetic and restless – mentally and physically – and they often struggle with a sense of never being satisfied or content.

Those born with a Gemini Scorpio fusion will be defined by Mercury, Moon, and Neptune. The Gemini vibrates at a faster pace than most and is very curious about everything. There may seem to be two faces to them. It is difficult for them to settle into any particular routine or place as they are rarely satisfied with their situation.

The most prominent feature of people with this combination is their highly developed, analytical minds. They are clever and quick-witted, able to grasp a situation or problem quickly, and they will then set about finding the most efficient way of dealing with it.

To put simply, they have a rather complex personality. As a Gemini, this individual is very versatile, with many different “moods,” and the Scorpio Rising person is very intense.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising

Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising people are deeply emotional, highly intuitive and sometimes secretive. They may hide their deepest feelings and hide behind a wall of reserve and caution.

These personalities are absolutely notorious for stubbornness yet they are also very easily swayed and can be compared to a chameleon. They will adapt to whatever situation they are in which is why it is extremely important that they feel happy and comfortable.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising personality has a keen sense of self and their own motivations and feelings. They are truly one of a kind, but each native is more similar to the next than they might realize. When we work on better understanding who we are as individuals, we can focus on making our lives as fulfilling as possible.

These individuals are often some of the most intense, dynamic and passionate people in the zodiac. This is a rather intense personality combination on a normal day.

They have the intensity of a water sign (Cancer) with strong desire and emotions. Their passion is heightened by their desire to make sure they protect themselves from harm. With Scorpio rising, anything that threatens them has to be squashed with extreme ruthlessness.

These people have a lot to offer the world. They are both intense and caring, giving their all to most anything they do or believe in. They are often among the first to lend a helping hand, and when they find something that makes them feel passionate about a particular cause, they usually devote themselves 100 percent to helping that cause succeed.

The Cancer Scorpio individual displays great desire and determination. This is a person who strives for perfection, but who also has very structured thinking and will always strive for self-improvement.

Not one to just accept the status quo, this person enjoys making progress within all aspects of their life. This individual is warm and loving, as well as a bit possessive and jealous to those close to them. They tend to be private about their personal affairs while also being forceful in the attempt to keep loved ones out of harm’s way.

This person is very keen on security and will fight to keep it. Having a Scorpio placement makes you many things, but one of your most important traits is that you are evasive. You have a way of keeping others from getting too close to you, protecting yourself against the hurt that you fear will come if they find out the truth about you.

The most dominant feature of this zodiac combination is that you are a survivor. You have a solid belief in yourself and in your talent, skills, and ability to accomplish whatever you set out to do. There is no doubt at all that you can help anyone and everyone when they are in trouble.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising

The Sun in Leo person is a grandiose showoff who likes to be admired by others. He likes attention and isn’t afraid of making a scene to get it.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising also likes to make an impression with his appearance, expensive clothes and accessories, and the best cars or exotic leather goods. Any opportunity to “show off” makes him feel special.

Leo is the most dramatic of all the Sun signs, yet they are incredibly sensitive and warm-hearted. They are dreamers who love to have adventures but never risk hurting themselves. Whether stars or sports is their preoccupation, Leo Sun Scorpio Rising can’t resist being entertaining because they really need to be loved by others.

Their personality wants to be admired and respected by others. Being the center of attention is important to them. These people have leadership qualities although they can also be aggressive and rapacious in their quest for power.

They can be opportunistic but they are not interested in making rash decisions. They prefer to take their time with everything, weighing all the pros and cons before taking the plunge. In business situations, they will tend to take charge or wait in line until someone else takes charge first.

They have a need to be in control and lead. A powerful personality with great leadership ability and ambition which can manifest as power and greed although essentially they are deeply loyal and generous. They are extremely emotionally expressive and they are passionate, energetic, magnetic.

A Leo Sun Scorpio Rising person is likely to have many great character traits. He or she will be strong, dignified, determined and courageous. They will also be intelligent, perceptive, shrewd and even secretive at times too.

They are very confident individuals who often try to play the role of leader. This can make them quite bossy at times and they can become egotistical as well.

This combination is the idealist, the dreamer, the creator of the impossible who refuses to believe any proposition until it has been proven. To such a one, the word impossible is merely a challenge to his or her ingenuity.

Their sense of integrity is high and they will take advantage of others if necessary to maintain this standard. This individual knows how to put all their assets into play – tact, charm, diplomacy, imagination, penetrating intellect – and march directly toward the goal.

They are typically creative, determined, passionate, persuasive, and competitive. Leos are natural leaders with an abundance of enthusiasm and are life-of-the-party type individuals.

From the outside they seem larger than life as they are open and passionate. They possess an immense creative energy that needs to be constantly expressed as it tends to develop into various activities like photography, drama, painting or dancing.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

The Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising is a mysterious, inner mind that stores vital information and uses it only sparingly. It enjoys problem solving with a scientific approach.

These people are extremely precise in their work. This sign is always looking for a challenge, particularly if it creates an opportunity for human advancement. This sign is intellectually powerful, conservatively critical and suspicious of anything not explicitly directed by the mind.

These individuals will be interested in being on time, but for the wrong reason. They will be obsessed with the little details and will want everything scheduled down to the minute.

They are so busy doing, that there is rarely time to relax. Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising wants everyone to be comfortable. She is a great organizer, cook and practical homemaker. She sees flaws, admits it easily and moves on. She knows what she wants and why she wants it.

This is someone who is naturally very disciplined, believing strongly in a straightforward and efficient approach to life. You have powerful intuition but you rarely act on it.

Once a Virgo Sun/Scorpio Rising person has experienced a pain or hurt, they probably will not forget it and may hold a grudge indefinitely!

Libra Sun Scorpio Rising

The Libra Sun Scorpio rising personality is known for great tolerance. These individuals can be diplomatic, charming, and persuasive.

They are excellent in situations that require a patience and a good memory. Being shrewd with money, they are not likely to spend beyond their means.

Thisg person is a passionate, highly perceptive individual with strong intuition and motivation. His/her analytical, critical thinking skills and natural ability to both reveal others' flaws and then get them to accept the criticism as beneficial makes him/her a leader in all circles of life.

Stubborn but fair, he/she can be a truly valuable friend and valued mentor. He/she gives his/her heart only once, but when that love comes is completely. Fine art, music, and writing are where this rising sign finds balance and solace. His/her captivating personality repels negative people and criticism.

If you have a Libra Sun Scorpio rising then your sign is fiercely independent, attuned to the needs of others and keenly intelligent. Mercury is your ruling planet and this gives you an affinity for language, travel and technology which is amplified by its relationship with Pluto. You are mental movers and doers and enjoy expanding your skills with work or study.

Worry is never far from their minds, for this rising sign is empathic and sensitive to the emotional climate around them, ingesting trouble like a sponge. It makes sense that this rising sign would have a knack for looking after others, which they do through nurturing and wanting to help anyone who seems down or out. Their kindness is also expressed through their resourcefulness and ability to fix problems.

This is a multi-layered being who is both charming and complex. Your yearning for balance makes you happiest when you are appreciated for being who you are.

Yes, your desire for harmony can be used as an excuse to evade responsibility and avoid the truth, but this is not always the case. Sometimes your ability to strike a balance is unappreciated because more straightforward individuals view it as a sign of indecisiveness.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio rising person is organized, strong-willed, and focused. This Sun/Rising planetary combination comes with amazingly intense emotions which are often easily suppressed, but can also be positively channeled and put to good use.

There is a certain rigidity in their thinking, which can come across as stubbornness to others. They are very aware of what is going on around them at all times so they make great leaders. And since their emotions are such a powerful part of who they are, they make for exceptional lovers – passionate, obsessive, and totally devoted to their partners.

The Scorpio person is ambitious and mysterious. He or she loves to achieve goals no matter what it takes, whether slow or quick. They have a kind heart and are very loyal but are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They will do almost anything to get what they want and have a very competitive streak.

These individuals are emotionally complex and intensely passionate. They look life straight in the eye and accept what they see. They live their life with discernment and discrimination. They demonstrate strength, courage, intensity, and integrity.

Power, passion and intensity. Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising individuals have a way of attracting others to them. Their personal magnetism and power captivate others – for good or bad.

They are passionate, intense and adventurous. They’re determined and strong-willed, and they have an intense desire to lead. There’s a willingness to sacrifice their personal needs for others, often leading to a feeling of emptiness or loneliness when undertaking a significant task.

The passion and intensity can lead to a tendency toward jealousy. They could be overly suspicious of those who might compete with them for power or status. Outwardly, there could be a tendency to be jealous or resentful of the accomplishments or possessions of others.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Sagittarius individuals are envisioned as philosopher and gallant. This person is a brilliant researcher, investigator and questioner. They will never waste their energy in trying to be right all the time.

This individual is actually appreciating the chance of learning something new. Their personality traits feature the double-edged sword nature, a combination of sense of humor mixed with a serious approach underlined with an unshakable determination.

This is someone with a discerning taste, an artistic or maybe even a sensual nature, someone who is into meaningful conversation.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising person is oftentimes a mystery even to himself. He’s stubborn and independent, yet devoted and trustworthy; honest as the day is long and direct in his relationships. He’s a real charmer who loves to have fun and take risks.

This individual has hidden depths that give him a lot of power, but he doesn’t always realize it because he prefers to live semi-nomadically, hopping from one place to another without ever settling down. He has an intense need for freedom, but can also be suspicious of others at times if they don

They have a fierce passion and strong sense of purpose. You endlessly push yourself to achieve your goals and aim for success but only if you find real meaning in what you do.

They are very interested in others and their motives, but they do not want to share too many of their own details. They will listen intensely to you about your hopes and dreams, problems and confusions; however you can rarely get them to reveal much about themselves.

They are philosophic individuals who enjoy deep conversations with intellectuals. Sag people love to play all kinds of mind games. Sagittarius Sun Scorpio rising people like to test others–and always win.

If you have this placement, you are an adventurer with keen perception and an abundance of good sense. You are open to change and all that life has to offer, and love delving into the unknown. You thrive on intellectual stimulation and are drawn to scientific pursuits—especially those with practical applications.

This person is honest, adventurous, impulsive, demonstrates great generosity, and spontaneity with a group of friends. They can also be resourceful and outspoken, with a restless spirit that likes to push the envelope at times.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising is a Capricorn with the Scorpio ascendant. With both fated signs ruling your sign, you’re a personality with deep contrasts. You are well suited to receive wealth but also understand the value of spending less in order to make more.

These personalities are an ambitious and achievement-oriented group of people. There is a strong sense of dedication to their work. They are tough and hard working people, keen on having authority over others.

They are discreet, full of integrity and capable of working hard in every detail. Their wide range of activities can startle anyone.

This person is one whose destiny is to serve others. They are serious minded and brooding, but like a mask, actually have a good sense of humor.

They have high standards for themselves, and for others around them. As an earth sign, the Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising person is analytical and practical. The energetic traits of their Sun sign make them very competitive and ambitious.

This is an ambitious combination of their Sun sign and rising sign traits. This person has a powerful, if somewhat veiled, presence. They have great self-control and are good at being practical. They may be very competitive, with a burning desire to achieve everything they set out to do.

They are a combination of the ambitious and practical Goat and the intense and passionate Scorpion. They are motivated by survival and power, and are able to go far in life, usually becoming wealthy or gaining reputation, status, or knowledge.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising personality is deeply complex, with wide mood swings and a tendency towards addictive behaviors. Self-centered and apt to seek out new experiences, individuals with this placement have a desire to make a mark on the world that is hard to satisfy.

They may struggle to enjoy domestic life as an adult, and might even be considered unreliable partners or parents due to their tendency towards chaos and risk-taking.

Their personality is a natural born winner. People born under this astrological sign are original thinkers and pioneers with the intelligence to solve any problem.

At times, you have the qualities of a true leader, although you are best-suited as a reliable advisor or second-in-command. You have the vision to spot opportunities before anyone else, then develop a way to implement it.

This individual is one of the most mercurial signs, exhibiting contrasting qualities and the deepest emotions. Usually bright and perceptive, they are also charming but melancholic, with a predisposition to drama.

They are very reserved and private in nature. They want to be respected but not known. They’re resourceful, shrewd, articulate and can be excellent communicators.

These people tend to be slightly insecure as a result of all the secrets they keep, this shows in their inability to commit fully to anything or anyone. They will sit on information until they find a need for it or feel it is the right time to use it against someone, in order for them to achieve their ends.

They are the quirky sort whose free thinking and imaginative, unconventional attitudes stand out because of their uniqueness. People with this combination of Sun sign and rising sign are often highly intelligent, curious, bold and powerful individuals.

They are a keen observer of the human condition. They have immense appreciation for the joys and pains of life. A born humanitarian, they are sincere and generous in outlook, giving freely from their compassion to aid others. There is a silent strength about them that few can resist.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising

The Pisces Sun Scorpio rising personality is someone who is adaptable, ambitious and creative. They have a great sense of humor but can also be quiet and shy. They are warmhearted and generous, with a sensitive and caring nature.

Characterized by empathy and affection, these individuals possess a strong sense of self motivated by their desire to help others with whom they form a close attachment. Their purpose in life is to explore and discover new things and teach them to others.

This placement gives this person a soul of water and the energy of fire. This is a highly intuitive, vulnerable personality with extraordinary emotional strength.

These people are unusually adept at the use of psychic powers and intuition. The strongest feelings are experienced when someone close to him or her is threatened, or when that person’s wishes conflict with his own. At that point, they will fight like a tigress to defend that person.

They are a deep yet complex individual. Somewhat of an enigma, this person can be elusive for those unfamiliar with his or her personality.

You are very sensitive to what others think of you, so you can be quite good at reading their psychological nuances. You have an eye for hidden information, and always seem to pick up on secret messages even if the person actually just misspoke. You are trustful of others, although it’s hard to tell when they are lying and when they aren’t.

They are open-minded, selfless, strong and compassionate. They are dedicated, creative, have vivid imaginations and spend a lot of time daydreaming. They are also quick to notice when something is awry.

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