Aries Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

Your Rising Sign describes your first impression on others and the impression you make in the world. It is the mask you present to the rest of the world. It represents how you present yourself to others and what you immediately respond to.

By learning more about your Aries Rising Sign, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself - and the skills and characteristics that you’ll need to put forth in order to achieve success.

In this article, you’ll discover your Aries rising sign personality traits, prominent strengths and weaknesses, and how these are influenced by a particular quality from your sun sign.

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Aries Rising Sign Description

Aries Rising Personality Traits

Your Ascendant in Aries represents your outer personality and is visible to others from the moment you enter a room. Outspoken and direct, this rising sign is always on the go, pursuing its next adventure. It commands the spotlight, and will always be remembered as a leader.

The Ascendant in Aries makes an excellent host or hostess. It’s impossible to ignore you when you’re around, since a true “show-off” is at home (sometimes literally) in any spotlight.

An Aries rising sign indicates an enthusiastic, energetic individual who loves starting new things and is a natural leader. This sign is likely to be brave, courageous, physically active, adventurous, self-reliant, and focused on kicking butt.

The smart, sensual and magnetic Aries rising sign enjoys taking the lead in relationships. They are known for their good looks, energy and endurance.

Aries rising signs are the first to take action, but not necessarily the best at thinking through all of the possibilities. Once plans have been made they tend to be a bit impulsive, and can forget some of the more detail oriented areas that need attending to (like paying bills on time).

Aries people are active, straightforward and enthusiastic. They do not like to sit still as they have a ton of energy to go out there and get things done.

Aries personalities are willing to take on great challenges, especially those that allow them to test their limits. It is also important for Aries to be independent from others and not rely on them for their actions.

If an Aries lets someone else take over their responsibilities, they will no longer be able to feel proud of themselves or enjoy life.

Many of the traits that are associated with Aries are not always appreciated by others. The Aries rising personality is typically described as being headstrong, impatient, impulsive and self-centered. However, these bold characteristics can also lead to success in most endeavors and a sense of accomplishment in life.

The free-spirited Ram is a social, outgoing leader who thrives on variety and spontaneity. The Ram has the potential to accomplish great things and to be a trendsetter.

Rams are creative with a keen ability to communicate to others what they see and feel. They are confident, strong-willed, fun-loving, sensitive, bold and playful. They love life!

Aries Sun Aries Rising (Double Aries)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is a cardinal and fire sign. They are considered an energetic, brave, enterprising, and adventurous as well as an ambitious sign. Aries are natural leaders taking charge with courage, strength, and confidence in all situations.

Aries is the sign of the Ram, ruled by Mars, planet of action and courage. Born under this sign you are fiery and energetic, a natural leader unafraid to take charge.

Fire-and-ice is how we describe the Aries Sun Aries Rising sign. Dynamic, passionate and quick to anger when their ideals are threatened, Aries also has a playful side and can be unusually kind.

Aries Rising is a highly charged archetype that rules the head with energy and initiative, projecting drive and decisiveness. It’s an empowering force that wants to make things happen and figures out what’s needed to get results.

An independent spirit, you crave freedom, challenge and variety. Confident in yourself and your abilities, you are always ready to take on new projects and meet new people. A natural competitor, you love to win and hate to lose.

Fearless about facing challenges head-on, you view obstacles as opportunities to test your ability and strength. Your inquisitive nature fosters a spellbindingly adventurous streak that propels you to

Aries is most representative of our impulsive, energetic nature. Those born under this Ascendant are clearly leaders, and they will not wait around on others to make things happen. They’re not afraid to start a new project or deadline while other people are still thinking about it.

Aries is also the most naturally courageous sign - they are dauntless warriors who are not afraid to confront any kind of enemy.

Taurus Sun Aries Rising

Taurus is known for its stubbornness and perseverance, and Aries for its passionate energy, impatience and initiative. This is a great combination that gives the native boundless energy and drive. It is also very creative, determined, assertive and optimistic.

Born with your Ascendant in Aries, you can be an impulsive person with a reputation for being argumentative and combative. You are courageous, energetic, ambitious, and self-indulgent. You are impatient and love variety and new experiences.

The Taurus Sun Aries Rising person is concerned with values, ethics, and standards of behavior. They want their personal environment to be orderly and they are an accomplisher. When it comes to home decorating the Taurus/Aries Rising are practical, fun-loving, and like to have their space reflect who they are.

Although some people with this placement are self-centered, ambitious, and sure of themselves, that is not necessarily the case. The Taurus-Aries Rising type is very comfortable with change and new situations, and even welcomes them in some cases.

In fact, they tend to have a wonderful time setting off on a different tangent from their usual routine in order to shake things up for good.

Taurus personalities have an eye for beauty and a desire to protect their possessions. A Taurus can become possessive and protective. They are usually slow to get angry, but when they do, watch out!

Gemini Sun Aries Rising

Gemini Sun Aries Rising people are the best at bringing new things into their life. This includes people, ideas, and products.

Anything that’s great is obviously worth adding to their collection of the world. Gemini Sun Aries Rising people are particularly keen to promote things that everyone will use in some way or another.

Gemini Sun-Aries Rising is a combination of the “thinker” Gemini and the crusader Aries. This person has a serious approach to life. Values are important to him/her; the native trusts his/her own judgment and is opinionated.

Their motives are noble, although somewhat hidden at times. However, they are not always aware that they can seem dogmatic or impatient.

Gemini Sun sign people are witty and outspoken. They are the true multitaskers and generally love to be the center of attention. Aries rising energy is driven by a strong desire to succeed in all undertakings, which results in a leadership role wherever they may shine.

Often running several projects simultaneously, a plethora of unfinished projects litter your work area. You expect fast action when you give an order and want to see results right away.

You worship no one and bow to nothing but your own desires and ambitions. Your restless spirit demands freedom, independence, variety, new scenes and new people.

The Gemini-Aries Rising combination is an innovative free spirit who thrives on excitement and variety. The Gemini Sun does not like to be bogged down, so Aries is the perfect complement, redirecting Sun’s scattered energy towards a clear goal.

However, too much redirection by Aries can cause a flighty Gemini to feel restless. Aries is naturally a take charge kind of sign, but Gemini’s need freedom to work in their own way.

Cancer Sun Aries Rising

The Cancer Sun sign is the most sensitive of all Zodiac signs, with a powerful imagination. They are very loyal, and care about their loved ones deeply. The sensitive nature of the imagination is what makes it so easy for Cancers to use these Zodiac gifts for positive and negative pursuits.

The Cancer Sun-Aries Rising person is highly imaginative, but down to earth. They can get along with anybody, agree to disagree, and are in tune with the physical world around them.

They have an outgoing personality, but are insecure. They can change their identity depending on who or where they are at the time.

The Cancer Sun Aries Rising Person is very independent and self-reliant, always taking on responsibilities. They have a lot of energy, takes initiative, and acts spontaneously.

The Cancer sun-Aries rising person likes to live in the moment. They are spontaneous, energetic and adventurous with a determination to succeed. In all matters this is a bold personality, but stop them and ask them where they want to be in five years time and their feelings show that security comes from within but also by planning ahead.

Dogs may well be the other creature that shares their home, as this is a typically canine sign: loyal, long-lasting and affectionate. They possess good business skills, being resourceful at spotting a brilliant bargain (and then telling everyone about it!)

Leo Sun Aries Rising

Leo is the zodiac sign that rules the heart. While it is traditional to describe Leo as “the king,” some astrology books will also name him the “queen” or “prince.” Leos are leaders and cheerleaders.

They love being the center of attention, taking the lead in whatever they’re doing. Leos are passionate, generous, and creative, and enjoy surrounding themselves with beauty and elegance.

The larger than life Leo Sun blends well with Aries Rising. Leo is self confident and rather bold while Aries is the first to get up on a soap box and tell you what they think.

As a pair these two are motivated, determined and when focused can come through big time. Both signs enjoy a challenge as well as a good fight. They make great motivational speakers and champions for causes they believe in.

Leo the lion is proud and strong. When the sun is in Leo, the sign of the lion, it creates a natural leader with a big heart and an even bigger personality. Leo’s have high self-esteem, confidence and are incredibly passionate about whatever they decide to do.

People born under this solar sign are courageous, honest, loving and possess a huge amount of charisma. They love to be center of attention and can often be found smiling or laughing.

People born under the sign of Leo are usually generous and kind hearted, but also very proud. Although they have trouble taking criticism, they never stop trying to better themselves and make everyone around them happy. They have strong opinions about everything and use their charm to get what they want.

Virgo Sun Aries Rising

The Virgo Sun Aries Rising pairing represents a very analytical, detail oriented individual with a pioneer drive to accomplish. You will be focused on challenging situations and opportunities that arise in your life due to your incredible imagination.

The Virgo Sun Aries Rising person is modest and self-possessed, always aware of the impression they’re making. They are intelligent and methodical, driven to succeed, and approach any problem with patience and tenacity.

This aspect has the fortunate ability to turn a sometimes difficult set of traits into a powerful display of personal stability. Virgo’s with Aries Rising in their chart have a natural tendency to take charge; they are driven by a need for excellence.

The Virgo Sun-Aries rising person is a perfectionist, and they are also very loyal. They may have trouble relaxing, and could feel stressed by the little things. This person has a strong mind and does not let go of anything easily. They don’t get flustered or upset about simple problems. They like to be neat and orderly. They enjoy the simpler things in life, even if they are in a complicated situation.

The Virgo Sun Aries Rising person believes everyone has the power to make the world a better place. They may work behind the scenes as a social and political activist, or out front as an environmental crusader. Either way, they bring out the best in others as they encourage them to realize their full potential.

Libra Sun Aries Rising

Libra Sun Aries rising is the ideal combination of air and fire. It represents someone who is both incredibly creative and adventurous.

The Libra Sun Aries Rising individual is a confident and ambitious person. They have the potential to become great leaders in business, politics, or entertainment. They have a natural ability to influence people and this can make them very popular.

This combination of signs also suggests that they are self-confident and enjoy taking on responsibility of others. They are ruled by the planet Venus which means that they have high energy levels, enjoy being in creative environments, and are able to connect with people easily.

The Libra Sun Aries rising person needs to spend a lot of time with friends and have social interaction. They need to meet new people and go out on the town often.

They have a strong need for a lot of attention, and they like to be in charge. They have lots of energy and it’s hard for them to sit still for very long. Their minds are filled with many ideas, and they can multitask well. It’s easy for them to make friends, but friendships can end suddenly.

The Libra Sun Aries Rising person is at the forefront in their own field. They are usually at least financially secure and quite ambitious. While they do not suffer under a lack of ego, they still know how to get along with others and are usually well-liked by those around them.

Libra Sun Aries Rising people are very strong in character, energetic and positive. They are usually interested in any new activity in life - be it work or play, sportive or spiritual. Substantial and reserved materially, they possess the ability to stand grounds and fight for their beliefs, often using cunning and diplomacy rather than direct force.

Scorpio Sun Aries Rising

Scorpio Sun Aries Rising is the most ambitious and dynamic of all the Aries Rising groups. They are motivated, decisive, and competitive, but they can also be impatient, reckless, and controlling.

When others appear to be blocking their path, they boldly push forward with little regard for self-preservation. Unwilling to waste time backtracking on an error, Scorpio Sun Aries Rising will often keep charging ahead while others retreat or stand by waiting for them to self-destruct.

The Scorpio Sun Aries Rising person is not impressed with power or money, but they have a keen ability to take charge of their own life. Their personal philosophy often resembles that of the rugged individualist. They strive for independence and do not want to be dependent on others. If it can be done alone, they will certainly accomplish the task.

People with this combination are likely to be intense individuals, highly energetic and prone to impulsive acts. They possess a strong sense of the dramatic, and an innate need to achieve.

The driving force in their lives is a quest for passion. They are not motivated by thoughts or ideas; instead, they live life on a very physical level, experiencing facts rather than intelligently analyzing them. Scorpio Sun people long to experience all that life has to offer – good and bad alike.

The Scorpio/Aries Ascendant personalities are dynamic, daring individuals who need their freedom. They have an exhilarating love life and a powerful personality, they will always be among the leaders of any group.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac. Those with a Sagittarius sun sign tend to be extroverted, philosophical, tolerant, optimistic, and adventurous. They are known for their big hearts and adventurous spirits, and their love of freedom makes them natural adventurers and risk-takers.

Born between November 23rd and December 21st, Sagittarius personalities are energetic and enthusiastic individuals who are always on the go. They make friends easily, can be reckless at times, but are always enthusiastic about life. Many Sagittarius suns are philosophical and enjoy debating the deeper meanings of life with their family and friends.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising is a take-charge kind of person. You’re the kind of guy that can’t sit still, but once you get going you do not rest until everything is finished. You don’t like to sit and talk, you would rather act than talk.

There is a seriousness to your life, but it is rarely expressed in a dark or morbid way. No, Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising can be very good-humored about his or her life.

The Sagittarius Sun-Aries Rising person exhibits many of the traits that are typical of the Aries personality. As an Aries, they are charismatic and ambitious, a mixture of practicality and visionary idealism.

They are not easily satisfied with their routine or lifestyle and usually have some kind of grand plan for the future. People who have both Sagittarius and Aries in their chart are likely to be restless with their current circumstances, always trying to find ways to broaden their horizons.

The Sagittarius Sun-Aries Rising person is clever, adventurous, and idealistic. As an Aries rising, you are independent, optimistic, and always trying something new.

The Sagittarius Sun-Aries Rising person directs his energy outward — toward the world around him. He is innately determined to grow, and is interested in expanding his horizons. He likes to begin new projects and may be highly involved in initiating change or doing things differently than they were previously done.

The Sagittarius Sun-Aries Rising combination suggests concise, clear thinking that seeks order in a seemingly random world. This world view may cause you to take on more than is feasible. They are quick to learn and ready for action.

Capricorn Sun Aries Rising

The Capricorn Zodiac sign is a stubborn, practical, and determined creature with a hard-headed attitude that doesn’t easily tolerate lazy people. Capricorns are also extremely loyal and responsible, with loyal friends and partners that can be expected to stick by their side indefinitely.

Capricorn Sun Aries Rising is a combination of Capricorn, who strives for success and who is steadfast and direct, and Aries, who has aspirations of success but can be impatient in reaching their goals.

They are ambitious, spirited individuals who are dignified, spirited, determined, self-confident yet sometimes impatient. They need to be careful about appearing overbearing and arrogant.

The Capricorn Sun Aries Rising individual is more the sensitive and cautious type. Such an association makes them more the thoughtful one, always wondering about what to do next, and how they are going to carry any of their plans out.

Aquarius Sun Aries Rising

Aquarius Sun Aries rising individuals are a unique blend of traits. You can be very strong minded, yet still a bit indecisive at times. The Water ruler over the Air planet means you can be hurtful, but also charming and helpful as well.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Rising person has a cheerful and positive attitude. They are also very enthusiastic about achieving the goals in their lives. They are quite fearless, courageous and dauntless as well.

These individuals have a great sense of humor that can be used to cover up their negative emotions to others but not when it comes to them.

These people can be quite stubborn at times too and they do not like being controlled by others. They will resist change even if it is good for them, especially if they think that it is against their wishes and desires.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Rising native is idealistic and creative, regardless of the position of the planets. They always look for a way to be innovative; he or she loves to experiment and needs to invent things. Their spirits are at a peak when they get involved with new ideas and projects that have never been tried before.

The Aquarius personality prefers to be prepared. They are always ready to handle any obstacle with their quick thinking and logical approach. The Aries rising person considers themselves a leader, and likes to jump headfirst into a project or situation. They usually finish what they start, which can sometimes be both bad and good.

Pisces Sun Aries Rising

Pisces Sun Aries rising people have a vibrant, quick-witted, blunt and honest personality. They are entertaining characters that like to tell stories of their exploits in order to impress others. They tend to play a lot of practical jokes and can often surprise other people with their odd, sometimes outrageous behavior.

The Pisces Sun Aries rising person is highly imaginative. They love to dream and make dreams come true. Even the smallest thing can trigger their fantasies. They are impulsive, intelligent, fast learners, and good at most physical activities. In love, they are mercurial, loyal to the extreme, and run a marriage on emotion.

Pisces Sun Aries Rising people are quiet and sensitive. They have creative minds and a strong imagination. Pisces/Aries Rising individuals are quick thinkers, swift in movement and speech, and intense in their reactions. They can be very generous, but always require direct evidence of appreciation.

Pisces Sun Aries rising people are exceedingly competitive, fun-loving, and energetic. They may have a hard time sitting still when they get agitated, but will find themselves unable to resist a challenge. This leads them to seek constant stimulation, which can be satisfied through hobbies like extreme sports or social activities.

This placement contributes to a personality that is independent and original. An immature Piscean in this position would be a pillar of society—responsible, altruistic, and very civic minded but at the same time would have tendencies toward rebellion, belligerence, stubbornness, and arrogance.

The native may be preoccupied with human welfare and with society’s rules and regulations. It is difficult for the individual to understand how he or she can produce such happiness for others while suffering so much unhappiness.

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