Leo Rising & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant (rising sign) in a natal chart is the zodiac sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

Knowing your rising sign is your ticket to self-awareness. Based on the date and place of your birth, this sign reveals who you are as a person and what’s in store for your future.

Your rising sign illustrates how living in this world affects you. It represents who you are, but not your potential!

Leo Rising Sign Description

Leo Ascendant Personality Traits

The symbol of the lion is proud, strong, and regal. The Leo rising personality will work hard to achieve their goals and aims to reach the top. Their need for control can make them very manipulative at times and they are not afraid to be demanding.

As a fire sign, you are willing to take up leadership roles but you should be aware of your tendency to overdo it and get too stressed out.

Leo Rising people are normally very generous, warm and often sentimental. This is sometimes quite an advantage as it helps you get along with others by understanding their feelings easily.

Leo Rising believes in the power of the arts to catalyze healing, awakening and change. By using these practices to bring light to revealed or unknown truths in one’s self or others, change can be created harmoniously and gracefully.

Leo rising sign people are often in the spotlight. They have a natural ability to lead and to make an impact in whatever they do. Often extroverted and charismatic, Leos are charming and carry themselves with style. They really know how to project an image of self-assurance and sophistication.

The Leo rising person is natural born leader who doesn’t like to compromise or deal with others in an act of being a dictator. Seeking control in life, they feel the need to constantly be in charge, as if there is no one else wiser or more powerful enough to lead.

Aries Sun Leo Rising

The Aries Sun Leo Rising sign brings out the tiger in oneself. You are bold, brash and make no apologies for who you are and what you feel about what is happening.

Life is never boring when you are around. You jump into the action with both feet and wear your heart on your sleeve, showing how you feel to others at all times.

Aries Sun Leo Rising people show their passion for life and are quite the leaders, just like their sign. They are also very stubborn because they want to get their way and love to achieve that through hard work and perseverance.

They enjoy being a leader and being able to guide others in any aspect of their lives. Their sense of humor is a natural ability, as well, as they can be extremely witty, fun, sarcastic but, at the same time, are very serious individuals as well.

The Aries Sun Leo rising person is the kind of person who people want to be around. they are cheery, kind, impress others with their humor, and it is hard for them to stay in any bad mood. These individuals like to enjoy life and are creative. They have a playful attitude on life that makes it fun. They also enjoy giving to others and love expressing themselves.

As an Aries Sun, Leo Rising person you are adventurous and like big thrills. Those ruled by this position are independent and self-reliant and will do anything to reach their goals in life.

People with the Sun in Aries and rising sign in Leo possess a natural charisma that is hard to miss. The combination creates a natural born leader, with the heart of a lion. Ostentatious and dramatic, you are driven by your creative passions - for love affairs and drama are always high on your list - and delight in both shocking people and taking all by surprise.

Aries Sun Leo Rising personalities have a seemingly limitless drive for success and self-confidence which is captivating to others. Their ambition is for leadership, grandeur, authority.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising

Taurus Sun Leo rising sign people are kind and warm-hearted. They are pretty straightforward in their ways of doing things. They do not like to miss out on any opportunity that will help them achieve their goals and resolve any disputes amicably.

The Taurus sign, ruled by Venus, is known for its loyalty and persistence, a bull looking for something it wants until it finds it.

Those born under the sun sign of Taurus are affectionate, patient, calm and determined. They are also often described as stubborn and reliable, with a persuasive manner.

The Taurus Sun Leo rising is an exceptionally stable and versatile sign that has a deep-seated desire for stability and security in all things. They will seek order in their lives and will enjoy the material world providing they have everything they need and want.

Taurus Sun Leo rising people are naturally sociable. They are popular, outgoing, charming, and clever. They have a strong sense of self and can be highly motivated.

Taurus sun sign with a Leo rising sign, is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, planet of love. People born under this combination are gentle and strong in their own way.

They are steadfast and loyal through hardship and faithful until death. Their reasoning is quick and they enjoy quiet walks alone.

Taurus is earth sign, meaning you are grounded and solid. You value comfort, quality above all else and like to live in the moment. When it comes to money, you are prudent and cautious. You do not like extremes either side of the spectrum and are happy with a comfortable middle ground where life is predictable and secure.

Gemini Sun Leo Rising

If you have this combination of signs, your personality traits are probably as follows: very laid back and accommodating; versatile; optimistically determined; in-personable and vivacious; neat, orderly, punctual; a natural leader and concerned for people’s well-being; cleverly sociable and friendly; extroverted toward others but guarded in personal relationships.

Gemini Sun Leo rising is a combination of determination, communication and inspiration. These natives are sociable and also know how to be alone. They will enjoy the company of others, but they will also embrace the opportunity to be left alone when necessary.

The Gemini Sun Leo rising personality is a happy-go-lucky person, very energetic and creative with an uncanny ability to sell just about anything he or she touches.

Gemini Sun Leo rising is shrewd, may easily manipulate others. Hates being humiliated and embarrassed. Gemini Sun Leo Rising present themselves as chic, gracious, and charming with a knack for self-promotion and confident flair.

The best part of the Gemini Sun Leo Rising is that this personality can quickly warm to strangers and give the effect of being warm and friendly. Gemini Sun Leo Rising natives tend to be particularly smart and often feel smarter than those around them. They are generally extroverted with a great sense of humor!

Gemini Sun Leo rising will have a strong wit and good humor. They love to charm and impress others and can easily rise to the top of any group or organization. They are also sometimes extremely egotistical, narcissistic and attention-seeking.

They also have a tendency toward being impatient, intolerant and moody when frustrated. Genuine in friendships, they will go out of their way for those that matter in their lives although they may neglect other friendships that are not necessary for their survival. Gemini sun Leo rising are considered some of the best salespeople; they have no qualms about selling something if it means

The Gemini Sun Leo rising resident is charming and clever. Warm and outgoing, they can easily attract the adoration of the opposite sex. This resident has a wonderful sense of humor and an appreciation for the more conventional beauty in life, seeking out beauty in every form, whether that be a sunset, fine win or a close friend.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising

The Cancer Sun Leo rising person is genuine, loyal and honest. This person is simplistic, sometimes shy and an introvert. They are sensitive, caring and nurturing.

They prefer stability in life rather than change, and will strive for security in their life. They may be seen as a workaholic and believe they alone can make the difference in the world.

A Cancer Sun Leo rising person is ambitious, positive and adventurous. The Leo part of their character comes out when they are passionate about something, so they have a bent to go after their goals with determination.

Cancer is the luminary of our solar system. They are sensitive and protective people who find fulfillment in nurturing people.

Cancer, the crab, is said to be an emotionally sensitive soul. Cancers are resourceful and have a keen awareness of their emotions and those of others. They are nurturing and attentive to friends and family.

A Cancer Sun Leo rising sign means that you love and respect yourself as well as others, including your enemies! Leo rising in the zodiac symbolizes earthly charm, frankness, vulnerability, and romance.

The Cancer Sun Leo rising personality is very generous and giving of themselves, which touches people in a special way. They are quite courageous and have a natural sense of dignity that helps ground them during particularly challenging moments.

They are very loyal and yes, often a bit over the top when it comes to loyalty. These people love children, enjoy home and domestic life, are affectionate with their loved ones and warmly attached to their families.

In love they are always seeking a soul mate. Cancer Sun Leo rising personalities have an aura of mystery around them that makes others curious about what lies beneath the surface.

Leo Sun Leo Rising

Leo is a fixed sign. Fixed signs are those that seem to create an aura of “they are who they are.” They can’t be changed, nor would they want to. Whereas cardinal and mutable signs are always open to new ideas and always changing, fixed signs are stubbornly set in their ways.

Your Leo Sun is the leader of your planetary lineup. It shows how you express yourself in the world, and what role you take in life’s adventures. A Leo Sun shows self-confidence and a love for attention. You play an active role in life.

They’re the ones that have been married for years and raised 3 kids, but who really don’t ever want to change. In the same way, Leo rising signs also tend to be set in their ways and dislike change. It’s not that they’re inflexible; it just means they like the life they’ve created for themselves.

Having a Leo Sun Leo rising birth chart means you are strong and confident, yet noble and well-mannered. You are versatile and love to entertain.

On the other hand, this is a very noticeable position and often characterized by a person who lacks empathy and can be self-centered and haughty. Leo’s are know for seeking approval from others to build their self esteem.

Leo Sun Leo Rising personalities are very sociable, and good networkers. They enjoys helping others and giving back when they can. Their behavior is often influenced by the personal or professional group to which he/she belongs.

Virgo Sun Leo Rising

The Sun in Virgo individual is tolerant and happy to help others while retaining their own dignity. They have strong opinions on social issues and are able to express them effectively.

People with Virgo Sun Leo rising are by nature practical, organized, detail oriented, and meticulous. They have a tendency to be critical and picky.

The Virgo sun Leo rising sign is the ambitious, go-getter of the zodiac. This perfectionist has a free-spirited approach to problems that will work through challenges by taking advantage of opportunities. They are loyal and compassionate but can be stubborn about their own views on others.

Independent and with a good head for business, the Virgo Sun Leo rising person has a great sense of humor and is loyal.

Virgo Sun Leo rising people are intellectual and like to explore philosophical and spiritual themes. They are reliable and persevering as they like to focus on a project long enough to see it through. They have a highly attentive nature that leads them to teach, write, or otherwise draw on their observations of others.

With Virgo Sun and Ascendant in Leo, you are sure to live an active social life. You are viewed as charming and strong, with a focus on family life. When it comes to careers, Virgos who have Leo rising often find success in entertainment or fashion design.

Virgo Sun Leo rising people are quite often great leaders of creative teams. A Virgo Sun Leo rising person is very likely to be doing something they are really good at like creating, designing, or organizing.

Libra Sun Leo Rising

Libra Sun Leo rising people are sociable, charming, extroverted and like to be on stage. Appears self confident and friendly, even to strangers. Very good at public speaking.

The Libra Sun Leo rising person sits at the crossroads of contradiction. Everything about you is fixated on balance; so much so that you can tip the scales in either direction depending upon how your two sides mesh in any given conflict.

Librans with Leo on the ascendant are more flamboyant and demonstrative than the other Zodiac signs. They remain very in touch with their identity as an individual and are not easily influenced by others.

However, the fact that there are is a fixed sign (Leo) on their birth chart makes them a little bit strong-willed. They like to fight for their rights and do not believe in giving into others. These people are usually a perfect blend of the best qualities associated with Libra and Leo.

Libra Sun, Leo Rising tends toward the expressive side of the artistic spectrum. Libra is a sign of peace, justice, and law, and this influence is doubled by Leo rising. Above all else, this person values harmony in situations and surroundings.

They value grandeur in both style and achievement; there is an element of showmanship to their approach to life. Libra Sun, Leo Rising natives are dramatic in both manner and physique.

A Libra Sun Leo rising is the life of the party. They love to have a good time and are always surrounded by a group of people, making them fun to be around.

Their dominant traits are understanding, fairness, and justice. These traits combined with their egocentric behavior make them want to be fair at all costs. T

hey love the spotlight and enjoy being in the center of attention at any event. These people have an extremely strong will power when determining what is morally right or wrong.

Libra Sun Leo rising can be a bit flamboyant at times and is a true people pleaser. The Libra’s most prominent trait is that they like to be fair to all parties in all situations in which they are involved.

People with this rising sign are very affectionate and enjoy giving hugs and touching; this is their way of showing their acceptance of others.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising

Scorpio personalities are deep, insightful and reserved. They can be as intense as they are thoughtful, and have a point of view that is not afraid to spark debate or upset the status quo.

The Scorpio Sun Leo rising sign is characterized by passion, creativity and energy. The Scorpio Sun sign tends to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Although not the best at expressing emotions, personality traits of the Scorpio Sun Leo rising sign include being hardworking and ambitious.

Scorpio Sun Leo rising is an intense, magnetic personality. These individuals are self-assured, persistent and have the ability to get things done.

It is important for them to feel they have earned something before they can truly be happy about receiving or possessing it. They are generous in their philosophy but thrifty in their personal habits.

The Scorpio Sun Leo rising person is self assured, magnetic to others and has a big presence. This person feels comfortable and confident with themselves and are generally comfortable in public. Their desire to achieve success can lead them to be considered workaholics.

Scorpio Sun Leo rising has the need to be in charge. Has great leadership skills and knows how to motivate people.

They are strongly motivated by creative self-expression and desires to achieve recognition for their talents. At times these people may need to be careful, as intense jealousy can sometimes motivate them. They also have an outstanding inner strength that helps them to become key figures in society.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Rising

Sagittarius Sun Leo rising people are smart and versatile, and may be interested in many things—especially if those interests involve travel, technology and new ideas. They always want to know what makes things tick, so they can try to fix them when they are broken.

They love to get their hands dirty. Because of their extroverted nature, Sagittarius Sun Leo rising people have a large circle of acquaintances who know that when you need something fixed you call the “fix-it man.”

The Sagittarius Sun Leo rising person has a great desire to be in charge. They strive to achieve something big and are enthusiastic. Sagittarius Sun Leo rising sign people have a high energy level and a positive attitude.

As a Sagittarius Sun Leo rising, you are honest and are willing to take risks. You believe that anything is possible. Your positive outlook is the reason you attract success into your life.

People with this Sagittarius sun Leo rising sign are full of life. They don’t just live – they live large. The Sagittarius Sun Leo rising sign is outspoken and charismatic, and usually the center of attention. They love drama and excitement, and aren’t afraid to stir up trouble or make a scene if something grabs their interest.

Sagittarius Sun Leo rising people are said to be honest and hopeful.They are also believed to be ambitious and cheerful. Sagittarius/Leo personalities are open-minded, idealistic and adventurous. They like being surrounded by other people and love adventure.

The Sagittarius Sun Ascendant in Leo person is charming and energetic, with an innate curiosity and adventurous spirit. They are expressive and love to communicate but may be impatient at times.

These personalities are loaded with a huge amount of self-confidence, a strong sense of adventure and spontaneity, and a genuine warmth and an empathy for the needs of others.

Capricorn Sun Leo Rising

Capricorn Sun Leo rising is a positive and heartfelt sign combination. People with this personality are honest, hard-working, fun to be around, popular and aren’t shy or aloof because they have a strong need to fit in.

Capricorn Sun Leo rising individuals share the common traits of hard work, longing for authority and recognition, self-assurance, dominance and leadership.

Capricorn Sun Leo rising people have a strong personality but avoid confrontation. They like the finer things in life and will invest money wisely.

These people are ambitious and have a high level of trustworthiness. They have great leadership ability and make loyal friends.

The Capricorn Sun Leo rising person is typically ambitious, determined, disciplined, and strong-willed. They are methodical planners, use their intuition in making decisions, and are progressive and creative thinkers.

Capricorn Sun, Leo Rising is diplomatic, charismatic, outspoken and determined. This sign has leadership traits and often rises to positions of power and authority.

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising

Aquarius Sun Leo rising is a deep thinker who enjoys learning for the sake of knowledge, does everything in their own way and at their own pace, has a tendency to be somewhat eccentric, can be rather stubborn but in an endearing way.

The Aquarius Sun Leo Rising Sign is one of the most mercurial and the most interesting personalities among the 12 zodiac sun sign. These people are intelligent, enterprising, and versatile. They have high respect for parents and elders, but do not like to be confined in a cage.

Many Aquarius Sun Leo rising people are highly individualistic, having a different outlook from others making them complex personalities because of their internal contradictions. They are pioneers and true revolutionaries.

The fascinating Aquarius Sun Leo Rising person is often very magnetic, with many friends and acquaintances. They are ambitious and has a drive to succeed on their terms.

They are the person that takes charge and gets things done. In relationships, this individual will always take the initiative by planning dates, events or vacations.

Your Aquarius Sun Leo rising sign offers a lot of variety in the way you express yourself. You have much depth and complexity that others might not see at first glance, but you’re really quite open about what you like and what you don’t.

You have strong beliefs and ideals. You strive to be esteemed by all you meet, and like to express your thoughts. You communicate well, and you certainly have a voice that is heard. People seek your advice. You may be an actor, politician or highly visible in the community.

Pisces Sun Leo Rising

The Pisces Sun Leo rising person is very creative and enthusiastic. Pisces and Leo are compatible signs, so the Pisces Sun Leo rising person has a sense of humor and likes to entertain.

He or she is extremely creative, artistic, and sincere. They give off a hippie vibe that exudes love, affection, warmth, and peace.

Pisces people with Leo rising are likely to be very glamorous and stylish, and will often dress in a way that commands attention. They love the limelight and command respect easily from others.

They can make good leaders, as they are friendly, charming, popular, passionate and creative. It is advisable for Pisces Sun Leo rising people to build on their skills of organization so that they have proper structure in their lives to avoid confusion or chaos.

The Leo rising sign personality is the adventurer, the executive, and the leader. This Pisces Sun Leo rising sign person has a glowing future ahead of him or her.

One thing that will not change is your determination to achieve greatness in the fields you are passionate about. As a Leo rising with Pisces sun, you will be a natural leader and you tend to spot talent in others and create situations to bring out their best potential.

The Pisces sun Leo rising person is creative and enthusiastic, able to work well in a team.

Pisces Sun Leo rising individuals are multi-talented individuals who are able to pursue multiple interests at once. Typically these individuals will have many friends, and at times be part of a larger circle of family or community that can extend beyond the immediate family.

The Pisces Sun, Leo Rising person is laidback and carefree, with a strong sense of purpose. They are confident, energetic, and caring towards other people. They truly love life and those around them, but feel that they don’t have to sacrifice their happiness in order to reach their goals.

These folks are confident, creative and friendly. Their optimistic outlook and inspiring nature attracts many people to them. They always have something interesting to say.

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