Cancer Rising & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Sun & Moon signs in an astrology natal chart show how our personality, emotions, and body are influenced by the Moon’s cycles and the Sun’s placement at our birth. Our rising sign shows how our power of expression is influenced.

A Cancer rising person wants to make an impact and feels most creative when creating something new. With their sensitive nature, they are compassionate friends who do not like to be criticized or opposed.

When you have Cancer rising, it affects your personality in many ways—and on many levels.

This article will put you on a path to becoming increasingly aware and understanding of how you think, feel, and behave.

Whether you’re a friend or family member of someone born with Cancer rising or have it to yourself, this guide will help you better understand your own ways or help you support another.

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Cancer Rising Sign Description

Cancer Rising Personality Traits

Cancer rising people are quiet, sensitive, and thoughtful. They are extremely loyal friends, and they keep their word to the end. They are good listeners, but they often suffer in silence when no one is listening to them.

Unlike the crab, however, Cancer rising people are mellow and calm, sometimes appearing to be lazy. In earlier years of life they may have a reputation for being quiet or shy and reserved. Later on in life they seem to blossom out, becoming more extroverted and open about their feelings.

If you have Cancer as your rising sign, you are a very emotional person, who gains energy from sensitive, emotional interactions with those around you.

This desire for empathy is so strong that it is possible to over-indulge - particularly when you feel vulnerable - which can lead to its antithesis: exaggerated selfishness.

If you are a Cancer Rising, you are a family-oriented person who can be counted on to always be there for your family. You want to feel the connection.

People with Cancer rising have strong willpower. They are hard workers, and they are also successful people.

The negative sides of this personality type include impatience, and inability to listen to advice from others. The Cancer rising person can be impulsive making them a bit of an initial risk taker.

Cancer Rising personalities are bold, dynamic and intelligent. They often have charming demeanors that make them popular among their family, friends and in society in general.

Cancer Rising personalities are imaginative and inquisitive and will push questions far, often getting into trouble. But there is a measured approach to their curiosity, wanting to understand everything.

They can sometimes be anti-social due to an inability to fit in with others which may cause them to feel different – because they are.

Aries Sun Cancer Rising

Aries with Cancer Rising is a unique and powerful combination of placements. They are self-confident, self-reliant people who have a tremendous amount of inner store energy. Because of this, they seldom will ask others for help but will attempt to deal with problems on their own–even facing up to their own weaknesses.

The Aries Sun Cancer rising personality is known for being courageous, strong willed and confident in their goals. They are usually very charismatic and persuasive. They love to lead but do not like to be led.

When they are in a relationship they tend to be the head of the household or involved in a leadership position at their job. The Aries Sun Cancer rising person is often not satisfied until they get their dream car, house, or job position.

In order for them to properly function on a daily basis, they need to be active and working towards improving their current situation. For this reason, the Aries Sun Cancer rising person does best when they have emotional support from their partner or family members.

The Aries Cancer rising person can be blunt and even cold. Cancer rising people have deep emotions that they often keep to themselves, however they are still very in tune with their feelings.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising

Taurus Sun Cancer rising natives tend to be strong-willed and very family oriented. Cancer Rising natives exude an innocent charm that other Sun signs find attractive as Cancer represents home and family.

A Taurus Sun Cancer rising person is shy and modest. They don’t like to draw attention to themselves unless they have strong reason to.

Cancer rising individuals are sensitive, apprehensive and have a reserved personality. Cancer rising people are home oriented and like to spend prolonged period of time with family. They are good listeners although can be misinterpreted as cold and distant, which is not the case since these people are genuinely warm.

Cancer Rising is ruled by sensitive, caring Venus and sensitive feelings of guilt and resentment. Taurus Sun Cancer Rising personalities want to be needed, and will strive to be the best they can in any situation, even if it means they have to sacrifice their own interests for someone else.

Cancer rising individuals are highly sensitive and have very strong feelings of loyalty in love or friendship.

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising people are unusual in that they often do not reveal themselves until you have been around a person for some time.

Gemini Sun Cancer rising people have the ability to be both intellectual and emotional. They can be extremely pragmatic as well as sympathetic. Cancer rising people love to be in relationships with others.

They are accustomed to taking care of their family members, but they also take care of other people they become involved with.

It is very beneficial for them to find a partner who will make them feel stronger and more complete, such as a Taurus or Virgo sun sign. As children, this influence may set up patterns of independent behavior that become traits later in life.

People with this combination do well in jobs that require patience and good listening skills, like teaching or counseling. They can also succeed as real estate brokers, performers, insurance agents, inventors and teachers of emotional or psychological subjects.

Gemini Sun and Cancer rising individuals are said to be personable, extremely dependable, quiet and reserved with a strong need to be with some one special. Cancer rising has a genuine concern for others. A Cancer rising individual hates to see anyone hurt or unhappy.

Cancer Rising people are driven, they want their way. They have a deep set need for control and security. Posses a strong desire to stand out from the crowd in some way. Cancer rising individuals crave affection, and are naturally warm and caring. They are drawn to people who reflect their own deep emotions.

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

Cancer Sun Cancer rising people are sensitive, intuitive, protective and sympathetic. Often giving more to others than they take for themselves, the Cancer rising personality is nurturing.

Cancer rising people have a very complex personality. They are an interesting blend of many different characteristics that make up their extreme type A personality.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Rising person is often driven to accomplish big goals in their personal and professional lives. They might be perceived as restless or impulsive, as they often take on more than one project at a time.

This just adds to their list of achievements and proves to them how well they can do anything that they set their mind to. These people want everything fast, well done and top of the line.

Cancer zodiac sign people have a natural talent for nurturing the emotions of others and making them feel at home. They are fun to be around because they quickly, put others at ease, and are usually good storytellers who can make the best of any situation by looking on the bright side.

Cancer Sun people are down-to-earth individuals and appreciate sincere friendships. You take adventures in life head on with a positive attitude and an inquisitive mind.

Leo Sun Cancer Rising

The Leo Sun Cancer rising person will do anything to make their partner happy and work as a team to take the obstacles that comes in their way.

Leo Sun Cancer rising is a person who feels their identity and sense of self is rooted in how they relate to others. Cancer rising people tend to be very sensitive, empathetic, and supportive of others, and they often place the needs of others before their own.

Like the sun, you are a powerful and radiant presence capable of igniting great change. Opening your heart to your dreams can help lift you out of depression, motivate you to take action and give others the courage to follow your lead.

The Leo Sun Cancer Rising person is emotional and sensitive. However, they also have a determined streak that makes them unwilling to give up when times are tough, and instead inspired to fight harder. They never back down from confrontation. I

Innately shy, they are the introvert of the zodiac with a sensitive side that likes nothing more than to retreat into their own world for long periods of time. Cancer rising individuals are usually people who take the blame for everything that goes wrong whether it was their fault or not.

Leo is ruled by the Sun! It is the sign that is closest to the sun in the zodiac and as a result individuals born under this sign are vital and energetic!

Leo Sun Cancer Rising careers vary from farmer, security guard, artist, footballer, writer, photographer, musician, taxi driver, chef. Their most important career factors are flexible working hours and a team spirit and supportive working environment.

The Cancer rising personality is ruled by the moon, which means they feel things very deeply. This sign is also the home of mothers and is extremely nurturing. They often have difficulty coping with change and are therefore great at creating comfort zones for themselves. Cancer rising people love to be surrounded with every comfort imaginable.

When Cancer is rising in a natal chart, the Leo Sun sign person will find that there are conflicts between their natural disposition and the expectations of others. There may be some fear of losing self-identity or having their individuality compromised in personality.

During this transit, people will need to seek peace and maintain flexibility so they don’t become overly emotional and end up hurtful to loved ones. Fear about what others think about them can block creativity. The Cancer rising sign symbolizes the struggle for balance while in touch with emotions and creative self expression.

The Cancer Rising person is very moody and feels more comfortable at home. Their household is a very nurturing place for them because it allows them the freedom to be their quirky, emotional selves.

They have a tendency, however, to become a hermit once they feel comfortable in their own home. At work, Cancer Rising people are passive aggressive because they don’t like conflict of any kind while at the same time not wanting to lose their jobs. They are friendly to coworkers and make friends easily.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising

Virgo Sun Rising Cancer Rising people are very loyal and loving when they have found their true love. They do not talk about their feelings much but are very demonstrative when comfortable.

Deeply sensitive, they require a lot of praise and reassurance from their partners. Cancers are warm-hearted and imaginative. They have a rich inner life that is often as vivid as the outer reality.

Intense emotions are always there under the surface. They’re highly intuitive but thoughtful, capable of sympathy and compassion, occasionally to a fault.

The Virgo Sun Cancer rising personality is happiest at home, with family and long-time friends. This position provides a good start to life emotionally, but can also be prone to moodiness and self-pity.

Ultimately, a Cancer rising’s concerns are the home and family – these subjects will most interest them and any topics that involve domesticity will fascinate them. They’re fond of children, as well as animals – animal welfare issues particularly touch their hearts.

They want to be protected and have little tolerance for routine, preferring instead a quiet existence in which they can indulge their private obsessions or interests

Libra Sun Cancer Rising

They’re usually the most ‘romantic’ sign of the zodiac, and that’s because Libra suns are ruled by Venus and have a more passionate side than most. Like Venus, the Cancer rising sign tends to experience love in an idealized way, and they can even be a bit too idealistic and romantic for their own good.

It’s important to ask yourself what it is about someone that grabs your attention. Libra suns are attracted to people who shine above all others through their appearance, charm or similar physical qualities.

Cancer Rising combines the energy and imagination of the Libra Sun Sign with the home and family focus of Cancer. This combination can lead to a lot of inner tension between Cancer’s need for security, and Libra’s desire for freedom.

Sensitive, sympathetic, and imaginative, Cancer Rising people are heroic altruists with a need to serve humanity. They constantly feel the tug of others' needs upon themselves.

Cancer rising people are very receptive to the feelings of others and they sense and evaluate what it right and wrong in an immediate way through their instincts.

This Sun/Rising pairing depicts the powerful nature of your Cancer Rising personality, your ability to live life according to your emotions. Your Cancer Rising traits reveal sensitivity, strong intuition and a deep need to explore the world around you.

Libra, the scales, is a cardinal sign and rules the an affectionate, charming, fair-minded air of Venus. The Sun is exalted in Libra, making people with Cancer rising sensitive, adaptable, and amiable.

Libra Cancer Rising people feel the deep need to belong to their families at all costs. They are extremely sensitive to others' feelings and often form intimate relationships very early in life.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Rising

Scorpio Sun Cancer rising people are secretive and like to be in control. They have a tendency to over eat and the moods can reflect that.

Cancer rising people can feel shy and timid due to the moon’s dominant nature over their sun sign. Yet the Cancer rising personality is also strong-willed and determined to go after what it wants. Cancer rising natives are sensitive, caring, and warm and prefer peace to conflict.

Cancer rising has both a pleasant side and a moody side. While some Scorpios with Cancer rising are pleasant, guarded, and deeply sympathetic to the suffering of others, others are morbid and extremely touchy.

Cancer rising people take things personally, have strong emotions and are easily wounded. They tend to overreact when hurt and have trouble letting go of the past or forgiving others.

Sometimes they dwell on silly little things that bother them even though this might not make sense to others. In fact, it is easier for them to forgive themselves than forgive others.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer rising combination describes someone who is disciplined and has a good sense of responsibility and duty to family.

Cancer rising individuals are also teeming with creativity and resources, the ability to make a success of new projects, as well as the determination to rise from their knees if they fail.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer rising is the most sensitive of all sun signs. They are deeply emotional, very sentimental and imaginative. Emotional commitment is extremely important to Cancer rising people.

Although, they can be shy, they’re also flirtatious and playful with others. They can cheer people up with their silly and often funny behavior.

The Cancer Rising personality is often quite emotional and is always very sensitive. They are deep thinkers who often do not express their feelings readily, but one look at them and one can tell that they are brooding.

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer rising is a unique individual who may not necessarily be noticed but when you are talking to them, they will have a profound effect on you.

The Cancer Ascendant is a gem, but some could call her the Cancer queen. She’s trustworthy and loyal, but be warned: if you ever betray her trust, she will destroy you.

When the sun is in the fire sign of Sagittarius, these personalities are known to be optimistic, outgoing and enthusiastic people. They also love adventure!

But there’s a rebellious side to them that can get them into trouble, especially when it comes to authority figures, religious leaders and parents.

This Sagittarius Sun Cancer rising person is a caring, considerate and loyal individual. Friends will describe them as being patient, kind and unselfish.

Being an extremely sensitive person in nature, Cancer rising people usually find that they put others before them on most occasions. This is because they enjoy taking care of others and helping anyone they can. They sure do love to give to others. The emotion that rules Cancer rising sun natives is in fact, love.

This sun/rising pairing also has an adventurous streak, love for the outdoors, and a love of roughing it in the wilds.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising

The Sun rules the sign of Cancer, producing people born with this rising sign with strong family ties. Very much about the here and now, Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising folks want to live in the moment and enjoy what makes them happy.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising people are likely to be successful in their ambitions because they have the determination, persistence and patience to succeed. They are loyal companions on life’s journey. There is the urge to express their creative and artistic abilities, and there is an urge to be more self-expressive.

A Capricorn Sun with Cancer Rising is very patient and undemanding of others as well as self. They are big on feelings, perhaps even a little too much so. This Cancer Sun sign nature tends to be cynical solitary, often preferring to “go it alone.” Total confidence is their greatest plus.

Combining the outgoing personality traits of a Capricorn Sun with the passion and drive of a Cancer Rising, this individual enjoys life to the fullest. This person is highly sociable, friendly, and has no trouble finding people to befriend. He or she loves to be surrounded by large groups of friends.

People who have a Capricorn Sun sign and Cancer Ascendant tend to be loyal, hard-working, and stubborn. They also lead with their heart and offer a nurturing touch wherever they go.

Capricorn Suns with Cancer Rising are strong, reliable and full of ambition and drive. They have an intense need to be secure in their comfort zones. Cancer Rising signifies contrasts in our lives, like day and night, hot and cold. Capricorn Rising signs need that contrast to keep them motivated, forward moving, and growing.

As a Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising, you’re private and shy, but perhaps better known as a workaholic. More than anything else, you want to do your job well. You have a terrific memory for detail and you have an excellent eye for spotting any flaws in a project or product.

Aquarius Sun Cancer Rising

Aquarius Sun Cancer rising people have the tendency to be a little self-centered at times, and can also be moody and temperamental. They are organized and sensible, and don’t like to travel. They aspire to make their home into a haven.

The Aquarius Sun and Cancer rising is the sign of home, family, possessions and all things practical. You’re careful with your money and cautious about changes in life, which stems from an unshakeable need for stability.

Cancer Rising people are adaptable to life’s twists and turns and remain calm in the face of any obstacle because they know there is always a way out.

The Cancer rising personality is very people oriented and family orientated. They can form a nurturing, protective, possessive attitude toward those that they love.

Due to their childhood experiences they can be hypersensitive to criticism. They are good listeners who empathize with others and are understanding of their shortcomings.

People with a rising sign of Cancer are extremely sensitive to whatever is going on in their environment. This often leads them to hide deeply behind emotional barriers, and can also cause the tendency for moodiness and unpredictable behavior.

With Cancer Rising people, their personality characteristics can fundamentally change daily according to how they feel inside.

Cancer rising people are often passionate and sensual. They need love and attention and take care of their loved ones with devotion. They are optimistic and friendly and feel comfortable everywhere, it’s like their second home.

An Aquarius Sun Cancer rising has a positive outlook on life, is up for anything, and knows how to attract many friends. Any Aquarian will seek to rebel against conventionality, and at times they may feel like they’re fighting a losing battle. There is a part of them that would prefer not to answer to mother nature and be ruled by her laws.

Pisces Sun Cancer Rising

The Pisces Sun Cancer rising personality is sensitive to both the feelings of others and the needs of those around them. Pisces Sun Cancer rising people are deeply altruistic and can be moved to tears by the sadness of others.

Many are naturally drawn to careers in medicine, and they also make capable artists, writers, and musicians.

The Pisces Sun Cancer Rising individual often feels emotions deeply and fiercely, and is compassionate. They are attuned to the needs of others. This Sun Sign can be artistic and enjoys poetry, painting, or other creative outlets. They often feel misunderstood, but are also self-sacrificing.

If you have a Pisces Sun and Cancer Rising, you combine the intense emotional sensitivity of Cancer with the detached determination of Pisces. Because of your potent emotional awareness, you are highly intuitive and empathetic.

The ease with which you can sense another person’s feelings may be a double-edged sword, cutting both ways: It makes you feel cared for in your relationships, but it also makes you vulnerable to manipulation.

Cancer rising is moody, changeable, and deeply intuitive, while a Pisces sun sign can be a surprisingly complex creature – especially when regarding them as a potential romantic partner.

For the Cancer rising sign, finding a healthy balance is their ultimate goal. It can be difficult for them to express themselves fully and thus bottling up their emotions and sorrows can occur.

They will do their best to make you feel welcome in their home by making a great meal with good conversation. Those born under this zodiac sign are very generous in giving advice and always try to treat you as one of their own, even if they have just met you.

Pisces Sun Cancer rising people are usually very spiritual as they tend to believe in helping others and that’s where they get their energy from.

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