Libra Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant in astrology is also known as the rising sign, the sign of the zodiac that was directly “above” the eastern horizon at a person’s birth. The ascendant position in a chart represents a person’s outward persona and how they are seen by the world (public identity).

Rising sign representations need not be taken too literally. This system is more like a map than a photograph. In the case of rising signs, they may offer a person insightful details about his or her approach to various aspects of life and contend with other people.

This is your starting point on your journey into yourself and others. Use it to develop your sense of self, as well as for gaining greater insight into others.

With the Ascendant as an astrological tool, you now have a means of pinpointing what makes you who you are—and what makes someone else tick.

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Libra Rising Sign Description

Libra Ascendant Personality Traits

The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is one of the most important factors to consider when speaking about a person’s personality and/or appearance. Libra rising people are charming, warm, sensitive and friendly. They do not like criticism. They easily relate with others and are open minded and fair.

Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships which makes Libras highly motivated, athletic and creative. They are usually social butterflies, hard workers, charming, funny and even flirtatious at times.

They are sensitive to those in their inner circle and more than anything else they want to find peace in a relationship. Libra’s alter ego may lead them to be able to talk a good game, but in truth they are equally inventive at delivering results. Balance and fairness are two watch words.

Libra rising signifies that you may be fair-minded. You are able to understand the viewpoint of others and are very understanding, tactful, and diplomatic. You do not impose your will on others. Rather, you prefer to compromise or use persuasion to get what you need.

You do not feel the need to gossip, make sarcastic remarks, or criticize others openly . And because of this, you do have a few good friends who enjoy your easy going manner and appreciate being around you.

Libra rising is a perfectionist, customizing everything to fit her desires. Her love of luxury may depend on the presence of gold, or lace, in her life. With an eye for balance she can bring harmony and beauty to wherever she goes.

The Libra Ascendant’s smile is a warm and winning one, with the habit of smiling on the slightest provocation – from the sheer pleasure of living.

This sign is not likely to be offended by anyone or anything, because it is one that tends to take life as it comes. Some Libra rising people could have deep wounds from early life.

There is a sense of happiness in this rising sign. Those under its influence seldom get down-hearted – even when things are at their most difficult.

There’s always a solution available to them if they only do their best. Nothing fazes them; they are easy-going and adaptable, though not easily led by others.

Born under Libra rising, you’ve got a cheerful disposition and a knack for making friends wherever you go. Your charm comes as naturally to you as breathing, but much like air, your social graces can be easily taken for granted.

Aries Sun Libra Rising

As an Aries Sun Libra Rising you are result-oriented and have strong leadership abilities.

You’re able to communicate your ideal vision with others so well that you are often able to get a handle of what needs to be done, and then motivate others to follow your lead. This type of role is needed in nearly every type of situation, especially when you’re an important part of the team or undertaking.

The Aries Sun Libra Rising individual is imaginative, artistic, and expressive. Many are well known in the arts and in business. They may be drawn to fields that allow them to travel widely, such as the entertainment industry and communications.

Some zodiac signs are bossy while others could care less whether you take them seriously. Yet, in many cases, it is important for these individuals to be recognized for their contributions.

The Aries Sun Libra rising possesses a great deal of strength and power plus a natural charisma that makes them an excellent leader in any arena. They are often quick to make decisions even if this means short circuiting debate and they rarely change their mind once they have made up their mind.

From childhood you have experienced the double edged sword that is your signature Rising sign, Aries Sun, Libra Rising. On the plus side, this placement engenders self confidence and leadership skills. You’re competitive, even combative, in all areas of life. You gain satisfaction from making your mark on the world.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising

The Taurus Sun Libra Rising personality is a combination of the Taurus’s persistence and self-will with an artistic, refined side. These people are born to be artists at heart, and often succeed in different lines of artistic expression either in the arts or humanities.

They require prestige, honor, luxury, and beauty to feel content. People born with this placement are ideal capitalists since they understand their portion of the world they live in as well as financial principles.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising personalities are decisive. They make decisions quickly and can change their minds without hesitation. They are also quite meticulous.

With a knack for organization, they live in a neat, clean environment. They do not postpone commitments or obligations and like to stay busy with activities they enjoy. Others often perceive Taurus Sun Libra Rising as being strong willed, disciplined, and determined.

It’s probably no surprise that the Taurus Sun Libra Rising is a highly practical sign. Well, when practicality and frugality meet, we call the result smart shopper.

Practical and organized, this Taurus valet-lover looks for ways to save time, space and money. They are usually very charming, diplomatic and sociable.

The Taurus Sun Libra Rising person is characterized by a creative, practical, down-to-earth way of thinking. Wealth and comfort are essential to these people.

They have a natural ability to organize and coordinate activities. The Taurus Sun in Libra Rising person must have balance in their lives with family, love and romance. Insecure when alone, the Taurus Sun-Libra rising individual will be most comfortable when surrounded by others.

The Taurus Sun-Libra Rising person will probably take on a leadership role in any group setting where he or she meets with others. If these individuals don’t get the necessary guidance or training when they are young, they may be inclined to avidly pursue such training later in life.

Gemini Sun Libra Rising

Gemini people are known to have great mental agility. This Zodiac sign means “twins” and is related to communication and duality.

They can be curious, open minded, impressionable and impulsive. Gemini people are also witty, highly intelligent and they love to communicate with other people that well. The Libra rising configuration makes the Gemini Sun Libra Rising personality idealistic, diplomatic and sociable.

They are friendly and fun-loving people with a lot of life energy who adore socializing. They love to talk, read, learn new things and go new places.

Being inquisitive by nature these people enjoy all sorts of mental pursuits and love to share their knowledge with others. Nurturing professions attract Gemini Sun Libra rising people.

They like keeping busy and have no problem keeping long, busy schedules because they can remain focused on what matters, despite distractions.

The Gemini Sun Libra rising person is very active. Their personality traits can manifest in the following positively or negatively. Highly adaptable and possessed of a versatile talent, these individuals may be excellent at many things, though they have difficulty deciding on which project to take on next.

Competitive and personal, Gemini-Sun-Libra-rising natives love challenges and will use their quick minds and sharp tongues to win any argument. They also like to be right–and can really hold a grudge when they are proven wrong.

Your Gemini Sun sign, in Libra rising is often very contradictory. Like the air and water, they are two completely different elements that share certain similarities. Your intuition is your greatest gift; it forms your personality, actions, and beliefs. It is both reliable and fickle too.

Gemini Sun Libra Rising personalities want to travel, meet people, and see the world. You like to be surrounded by people of all races, nationalities, religions, and creeds.

You are a social butterfly who is attracted to different cultures, religions and ethnicities. A Gemini Sun Rising enjoys engaging in intellectual discussions and displaying their sharp mind and wit.

Cancer Sun Libra Rising

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac and people born under this Sun sign are known to be sensitive, nurturing and occasionally anxious. While their gentle nature makes them great caregivers and sensitive friends, they can also be a little moody at times.

With Cancer Sun Libra Rising, your personality is likely one of self-control. You balance the selfless characteristics of the Cancerian personality with a desire to see everyone getting along.

Cancer Sun Libra Rising personality traits can be summed up with psychological and emotional needs of the Libra rising person. This personality is more like a crab shape which means that they have organic shells that protect them from any danger or negativity coming their way, both good and bad.

Completely satisfied Cancer Sun Libra Rising personalities are adventurous, affectionate and sensitive to other people’s moods. Private, gentle and subtle, they have an emotional nature that is affected by emotions in others. They are idealistic and romantic, like to make friends, and harbor a need for beauty.

Cancer Sun Libra Rising loves new experiences, especially if they are a bit different than what is traditional. They hate to feel hemmed in and often do their best work when given a challenge.

Cancer Sun Libra rising people usually have a special sensitivity regarding their appearance and taking care of it. They are very good at impressing others about them. Cancer Sun Libra rising will always offer help to other people especially when one is facing a challenging situation.

A Cancer Sun Libra rising will want to maintain a good sense of humor in all situations, regardless of the stress that is being put upon them. They strive to achieve a balance between being aware and in tune with others, as well as understanding their personal needs and wants.

Leo Sun Libra Rising

Being a Leo Sun Libra rising is rare. It has many advantages over other Sun-rising types, but it also means you have to deal with some unique challenges.

Leo Sun Libra Rising individuals are in touch with their surroundings. They have a keen interest in finding out how their actions affect others and make sure to act accordingly.

People born with this aspect are often risk takers who understand that failure is part of life, but with hard work and determination success can be achieved.

Leo is a fixed fire sign and Leo Sun Libra rising individuals have a great amount of energy. They are free spirit types that have an innate desire to direct their creativity in the world.

They are masterful renovators and they will restore their home/environment to a beautiful state. With all the action and activity, this person is more of an organizer, even if it means reorganizing everybody else’s stuff to do so. They love fresh air and perhaps you may find these individuals camping or hiking in their leisure time.

The Leo Sun Libra Rising individual radiates authority and charm, often acting as a natural leader or spokesperson. This person is often very sociable, romantic and artistic.

The Leo/Libra Rising person is aggressive and competitive but they will use their intelligence and charm to win over their audience. Powerful, popular and energized, they enjoy leadership positions and often rise to the top in a large business setting. However, they feel most fulfilled when they are given an opportunity to help others as a role model"

A Leo with Libra rising, will have an even more dramatic Leo personality. Libra Rising tend to be fair and diplomatic in their approach to people and problems.

They are also even more idealistic than other Leos. Their idealism is frequently seen as naive in the practical world and others may think that they seek perfection rather than accept what is real and possible.

The Leo-Libra rising person is generous, civilized, regal, and gentle. They are good looking people with excellent manners. They have a love for the finer things in life and balance this with a charming sense of social reciprocity.

Virgo Sun Libra Rising

The Virgo Sun Libra Rising personality is cautious, critical and logical. Libras rising signs are logical and suspicious. Full of opinions and equally obsessed with fairness, justice, morality and decency.

They believe in taking the concept of even-handedness to an extreme level as they are not sure about the existence of true justice, fairness, morality and decency in the world.

The Virgo Sun Libra Rising traits characterizes a person who is kind, mannerly, generous to others, and focused on the peacefulness of the community. They are also known to be very sociable as they tend to get along with almost anyone. This is especially true if they can help others in any way possible.

The Virgo Sun Libra Rising personality is very keenly aware of themselves, and those in their environment. They have an extremely balanced sense of what is going on around them, noticing everything from the most minute detail to what other people are feeling and how they respond to certain stimuli.

Libra Sun Libra Rising

The Libra Sun sign is brought to life by the zodiac rising sign, Libra rising. Born under this constellation, you possess confidence and charm. The Libra Sun Libra rising personality traits are found in those born September 23 to October 22.

Libra Sun Libra Rising natives are the embodiment of grace. They possess a sophisticated manner, demonstrating poise, good taste and refinement with an idealistic flair that may cause others to view them as being somewhat superficial.

Libra Sun Libra rising individuals are charming, diplomatic and always look their best. They tend to be creative in their endeavors allowing them to produce original works that are both practical and functional. These natives take pride in their appearance going to great length to look appealing and stylish.

It’s not about vanity for them. It’s about presenting themselves to be as attractive as possible in order to help them achieve maximum effect with minimal effort.

Being a Libra Sun Libra Rising is all about team work, harmony and using diplomacy to solve problems. This position highlights your diplomatic nature, your ability to make compromises and the importance of equality in an ideal world.

Strong beliefs require strong arguments. The Libra Sun, Libra Rising personality type looks for both when making decisions or taking action in any given situation. The need for truth and justice are extremely pronounced in this type, so much so that they will go out of their way to ensure that the right thing is done and that those responsible are brought to light.

Any injustice or deception is seen as a personal affront by this type and they will go to great lengths to ensure the rights of all are protected. They truly believe in fairness for all.

The Libra Sun/Libra rising person is charming, idealistic, and diplomatic. An excellent conversationalist with a great sense of humor, this person will bring you in with a smile.

Definitely not easily offended, Libra/Libra take criticism well and are open to change. Compassionate, reliable, sympathetic, romantic and always diplomatic this placement can make you very successful socially and professionally if you are able to listen to the needs of others.

Scorpio Sun Libra Rising

Scorpio’s are known for their uncanny ability to read people. Scorpio Sun Libra Rising people are able to get to the core character of people with speed that surprises everyone they meet, and this gift helps them in almost everything they do.

This makes them a success as corporate managers, politicians and even salespeople. It is also true that as long as they feel any form of limitation, be it physical or mental, it can create problems all over their life.

These people are well-developed and demand respect. They combine natural leadership ability with a talent for making others see only what they want them to see.

Scorpio Sun Libra Rising is a rather unique placement; the Scorpio personality is notoriously intense, focused and ambitious. You like to get right to the heart of things, cutting through deception, pretension and partial truths in order to get to the core truth – whatever that may be.

If you have a Scorpio Sun Libra Rising, the great planet Pluto is more than just an astrological influence; it also represents your deepest motivations and unconscious drives, driving you to take certain patterns of action. It rules your depths in the same way Neptune does—creating a powerful emotional sensitivity that guides you toward deeper and more spiritual forms of connection to others.

Scorpio Sun Libra rising people are often very charming and are able to make friends very easily. They usually have a natural ability to lead others. They are extremely ambitious, striving for success in whatever they put their mind to.

Scorpio Sun Libra rising people are at their best when they feel like they’re part of a team and working toward a common goal, or as a leader of such a team.

The Scorpio Sun Libra rising individual is often the creative and charming leading man or woman. They have their own style, are proud of it, and usually have a slew of friends that they move in an out of their life easily.

They like to be admired, respected, and admired, so they do what they can to keep themselves as neat and attractive as possible. They want things in their life to be orderly all while enjoying all the freedom and fun that they can have.

As a Scorpio Sun Libra Rising you know that you are here to create beautiful music, whatever your instrument. Your mission is to constantly create new sensations and sounds, to keep people looking at the horizon and anticipating what they will find there.

There will be bad days as well as good ones in your musical life; it’s just the nature of the game. If things get too dull or routine, you’ll move on – in fact, even if things aren’t nearly dull enough according to your expectations.

Sagittarius Sun Libra Rising

Sagittarius is a free-spirited wanderer who loves the spotlight and often entertains with an optimistic outlook on life. Born with their fire sign ruler, Jupiter, in harmonious aspect to the Moon, they’re compassionate people-pleasers who are greatly affected by the moods of others but would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Sagittarius Sun/Libra Rising individuals have a hard time saying “no” to others for fear of offending or hurting them. They have keen insights into other people’s motivations and will go out of their way to avoid arguments or confrontations

The Sagittarius Sun Libra Rising person is detailed oriented and methodical. You are warm, friendly, honest and straightforward. You are proud of your independence and freedom. Even though you may attract people who are jealous or suspicious, you are sincere in all your relationships and value friendship above everything else.

The Sagittarius Sun Libra rising person wants to be on an equal footing with other people. They don’t like being the center of attention and will get angry if they have to assume leadership positions. These individuals also appreciate art and beauty, and have an appreciation for life itself.

The Sagittarius Sun-Libra Rising person combines the freedom-loving, enthusiastic outlook of a Sagittarius Sun with the loyalty and emotional sense of a homebody from Libra. They put great value on their social and family networks, and are often entertaining and gregarious with their circle of friends.

They can live in apartments or houses, and love traveling either short distances or distant lands. The Sagittarius Sun-Libra Rising person is also magnetic and charming, and often good at initiating new projects.

Capricorn Sun Libra Rising

Capricorn is known as the “Sea Goat” due to its love of being in touch with nature, water, wind, technology and nature. They may be successful in managing people and know how to manage things. They are very loyal but not afraid to speak out for what they believe.

Your Capricorn Sun Libra Rising personality traits are most strongly exhibited when you have achieved some level of success. Then you take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but not for long. You move on to new challenges and leave the job behind.

You are ambitious but can be lazy and procrastinate at times. Your outlook on other people is one of tolerance and understanding. You recognize that humans are inherently flawed, motivated by pure selfishness, power and greed. But you expect no more or less from them than they will give you in return.

A Capricorn Sun Libra Rising person has a strong sense of self, and seeks to be in control of situations and environments. Self-discipline is one of their most noticeable traits, and they rarely let the emotions of others get the best of them.

They are no-nonsense people who don’t waste time on people or things they don’t respect. These people know their own mind well, and aren’t afraid to express their thoughts to others; but are also good at tuning into other people’s feelings and needs. Capricorn Sun Libra Rising people are known for being both kind and authoritative

Capricorn Sun in Libra Rising person’s achievements are built around themes of balance and collaboration. They seek equality and unity in all their associations and acumen for fairness. Capricorn Sun Libra rising will have a strong career with strong relationships at home.

Born with Capricorn Sun in Libra rising, you are blessed with Intelligence, Integrity, and originality. You are passionate and idealistic, but tend to be reserved in relationships. You have a fine sense of balance and excellent taste. An attraction to luxury, you love the good life–good food, good wine, and even champagne.

Aquarius Sun Libra Rising

The ideal Aquarius Sun Libra Rising individual is profoundly traditional. He or she has a head for business, can be helpful, moral and sincere.

Additionally, this person is polite, tactful, practical and fond of beauty. He or she is attractive and sensuous as well as refined and graceful.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Rising personality can be defined as a bird with many feathers, or a Swiss army knife. These people often have a real tale of woe past that gets in the way of forging deeper relationships. Although it may be hard for them to form attachments, once they do - they can be fiercely loyal and protective.

The Aquarius Sun Libra Rising personality type is a mix of unique qualities. Aquarians are idealist with humanitarian tendencies. They usually possess a broad range of knowledge and many friends from all walks of life.

Aquarius Sun Libra rising have a unique blend of qualities. These individuals are generous, helpful, and friendly. Furthermore, they are bright and inventive and have a lot of originality in them.

People with Aquarius Sun Libra rising are customarily good at starting friendships and nurturing long-standing relationships. You may be independent at heart but you’re also a natural nurturer who’s ready to love and take care of others.

Aquarius Sun, Libra rising are the life of the party and love to be in front of a crowd. Active and innovative, they’re always on the move, tossing off quips in their inimitable style. They’re fond of children, nature and animals – any living thing really – and give freely of their time and money for a good cause.

Aquarius Sun, Libra Rising is a very even-minded combination as both signs are more naturally good at compromise than being stubborn and unyielding. They’re excellent at pursuing freedom, harmony and equality in all things.

Pisces Sun Libra Rising

It’s interesting that, considering the trend in more intuitive forms of communication, literal Pisces Sun signs often have a mind toward language, code, and numbers. They love diving into research and study.

As long as they don’t get too carried away in their quest to understand everything, the good news is that they are smart, inventive and outward facing people.

People with a Pisces Sun Libra rising are lovely beings who use their intuition lightly, almost subconsciously, until it’s time to tap into their highly creative and artistic side to solve problems or create something beautiful.

Pisces Sun Libra rising individuals are born with the ability to see both sides of any situation. They love peace and harmony, and often will try very hard not to hurt other people’s feelings. Due to this, they can be a little too indecisive at times and may find themselves wanting to please everyone. Because of this, they often experience low self-esteem issues.

They grow up learning how to trust others as there tends to be a fair amount of betrayal in their lives at an early age. They are rarely gullible because they have been burned too many times in their youth and learn how to see through the facade others put up.

Pisces Sun Libra rising individuals are often the least revealed of all possible Sun signs. They are typically an enigma and may see themselves as a special case. They have physical features that make them out of the ordinary, like height or build.

The Pisces Libra rising personality may have their moods affected by foods, smells, or the weather. They have an inner drive to one day be famous.

The Pisces Sun Libra rising person has a strong need for social harmony in order to be happy. They are observers of life who don’t like conflict and love to have beauty around them.

The Pisces Libra Rising person is unconsciously selfless. It is as if their life is a superior spirit animate that they have to guard and nurture. On the first impression, people are likely to feel that there is a “vulnerability” around this person.

Put the Pisces in the driver’s seat and Libra Rising in the passenger’s. You’re an idealist who dreams of peace and harmony but desires to live comfortably.

Your biggest goal is to live a comfortable life and stay on good terms with everyone. The way you set out to achieve this balance is by accommodating other people’s wishes. You attempt to achieve grace, refinement, harmony and finesse while pursuing your goals.

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