Virgo Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant, which is Latin for “rising” or “of the rising”, is the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth. It is often referred to as “the ascendant” or “the rising sign” on an astrological birth chart.

The Ascendant is the narrow gate through which each of us moves into this life and into relationships with others. Each sign is a distinct blend of elements that manifests in unique personality traits and abilities, and it is these traits that make each of us who we are.

This guide can help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are when they are paired with your Virgo Ascendant. You’ll also find out how you best approach life and relationships, as well as who might be a good match for you.

Virgo Rising Sign Description

Virgo Ascendant Personality Traits

Having the Ascendant Virgo in your chart reveals your innate nature and the way you interact with others.

Most people born with the Virgo rising sign are highly analytical, practical, and sensibly critical. They enjoy taking care of their bodies and often have a very methodical approach to their health.

As a Virgo Ascendant, you’re practical, dependable and analytical. Most often, you are diligent and rational with your speech and actions. Generally, you can be described as critical of yourself and others.

You can tend to bring work home and take it back out again. Truthful and logical in nature, you thrive on precision, attention to detail and accuracy.

With a natural tendency for listing events chronologically, you want everything in its right place. Overall, you make an excellent employee–a model employee who is reliable to the extreme!

The Virgo Ascendant is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. They are the most practical of all signs, but can be uptight and critical at times. Idealistic and imaginative, most Virgos have a keen interest in science or art.

Many have incredible powers of concentration and commitment to their chosen cause. They are charming, likable, funny and good friends. This Ascendant is intellectual, health conscious, perfectionistic and self-critical.

Virgo rising people are practical and very conscious of details. They like to see the finished product before investing so they can be certain it is done right.

Through discipline and practicality, Virgo rising signs can expect to achieve success in their work. They are conscientious, responsible, and detail-oriented. Their keen sense of judgment serves them well as they tend to be talented researchers, analysts, and critical thinkers.

As a Virgo rising, your capacity for deep immersion is legendary. Your daily routine is a kind of pyramid that brings you deeper into progressive layers of discovery.

You don’t just scrape the surface; you plunge into details and data to get a full comprehension of whatever it is you seek to understand. It’s this characteristic, as well as an interest in details and facts that almost makes you the poster child for the keep-it-real school.

Virgo rising people are known for their work ethic and can be fiercely independent in their quest to perfect their skills. Because of this, it is important for Virgos to find a career that will challenge them, and allow them to develop skills that they can use.

Aries Sun Virgo Rising

The Aries Sun Virgo rising placement makes up a quirky, complex and sometimes contradictory character. Such a dynamic combination makes this position a blessing and a problem for the individual.

Being blessed with intellect, practicality and total devotion to his or her craft, can be a painful mix to bear if the rest of one’s personality is lost somewhere along the way. This is especially true during adolescence, when other more obvious characteristics of the Virgo rising sign type, such as nurturing and tenacity, may seem to slip through the cracks.

The combination of Aries and Virgo traits creates a personality of passion, prosperity, and prudence. An Aries Sun Virgo rising sign has a restless, combative nature that is constantly firing off energy.

This dynamic personality is an excellent provider with a multitude of talents to offer. The native is an entrepreneur whose success is dependent on working hard and keeping their feet on the ground.

These individuals posses the quick, clever mind, desire to help others, and energetic bounciness of Aries combined with the reserved, detail-oriented, perfectionist tendencies of Virgo.

Aries Sun Virgo rising individuals are known to be industrious and efficient, as well as conscious and practical in their approach to life. They are highly organized, and tend to strive for perfection in all that they do.

Aries Sun Virgo rising, you have a keen mind and may be interested in advanced education or training. You’re ambitious and eager to advance in your career. Your friends consider you to be very practical and straightforward.

Aries with Virgo rising is a wonderful and ambitious individual who seeks to lead a healthy lifestyle. The firstborn of the family, Aries Sun Virgo rising displays leadership qualities and is known for his or her pursuit for perfection.

Capable of intense focus and discipline, he or she is devoted to the things that are important to him or her, and is an incredibly hard worker.

Aries Sun Virgo rising people are beautiful inside and out, and others often find them attractive. But they need to be careful because although they have an IQ of 130, they are awkward around people because they lack confidence.

They often show up at the wrong time and interrupt a conversation that is meaningful. They may need to learn how to relax.

Taurus Sun Virgo Rising

Those born with this placement are incredibly dynamic individuals with many diverse talents to offer the world. Taurus Sun Virgo rising individuals have strong, enduring personalities and a steely resolve. They tend to be extremely determined in their fields, which might include anything from politics to personal achievement goals to athletic endeavor.

The Taurus Sun Virgo rising person is one who is hard working and strives to accomplish all that they can in the world. They are also kind and caring, often taking care of others around them before themselves.

People with Virgo rising are characterized by their practicality and hard work. They have practical, down-to-earth views on life, and they enjoy every second of it.

These natives are likely to be pretty conservative, and don’t like to try new things too often, particularly when it comes to finances. That is because they associate risks with losing money.

Usually trustworthy, Taurus Sun Virgo rising people are very loyal to a fault, and usually stay faithful in their relationships.

The Taurus Sun Virgo rising person is pragmatic, practical and knows how to make the most of their resources. They are likely to be a gold-digger at core, with a strong appetite for valuable things in life.

A Taurus Sun Virgo rising is a lover of beauty in every form. Be it the beauty found in home decor, art, nature or another person, such a Taurus enjoys the simple things in life.

Virgo rising gives a crisp, organized and detail oriented approach to whatever interests them. Very critical on themselves but easy on others, Virgos tend to be perfectionists when it comes to their work or home life.

The Taurus Sun Virgo rising person is someone who is practical and responsible. They have good intentions for the people in their lives and can be quite noble overall. It seems like this placement could make a person a bit dull if they were not careful.

Their obsessions with the details could skew a perception of them as boring or pessimistic. However, they are in fact quite the opposite- they are original and imaginative, especially in the way that they approach problems or everyday tasks.

Taurus Sun Virgo Rising people are usually very practical, and tend to be critical. They try everything they can to follow the rules of moral or laws.

Taurus Sun Virgo Rising people like to enjoy life, but they don’t take unnecessary risks. They are very careful in their choice for partners and friends.

Very loyal and faithful partner, with possessive tendencies, but will never show it openly. They also need a partner who will make them feel secure and appreciated. The love very passionately, although there is a tendency towards jealousness sometimes. Taurus personalities can be very jealous in love.

Gemini Sun Virgo Rising

Gemini Sun Virgo rising personality traits include creativity, sensitivity to injustice, and a need for beauty in life and environment.

Gemini Sun Virgo rising folks are organized and methodical. Gemini is a mutable air sign, and Virgo is an earth sign, so the traits of thinking and practicality are combined.

They are kind, helpful, hard working. They may have a quick wit and love to socialize and/or entertain.

Typically they are frugal but can spend lavishly when the situation warrants. They are good at organizing information and making sense of it while being humble.

People born with the Gemini Sun Virgo rising mix have great communication skills and a love of learning with a practical, realistic outlook on life.

Gemini Sun Virgo rising people are serious, practical minded, and realistic. They have a tendency to be perfectionists, holding themselves to high standards and demanding that others do the same.

They can often come off as cold or unemotional due to their logical nature and tendency to ignore their own feelings. Due to their precision with words, it is very easy for them to make sarcastic comments without meaning to be hurtful.

Ask a Gemini Sun Virgo rising to describe himself and he’ll say, “I’m an inventor!” This is a person who will come up with dozens of projects, plans and hobbies only to lose interest when he finds something else to do. He loves new challenges and the sense of accomplishment involved in solving problems that stump others.

A Gemini Sun Virgo rising will be highly rational, analytical, and detail-oriented. They are good at paying attention to details, but they also have the ability to see the bigger picture. They are very intelligent and will use this intelligence for practical purposes.

Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

Cancer Sun Virgo rising individuals are sensitive, caring, modest, shy and introverted. They are enthusiastic in their love and they make a person who is attached to them very happy.

It’s their nature to love completely with a sense of tact and understanding. They can also be possessive about their loved ones.

Cancer Sun Virgo rising tends to be a very pleasant and affectionate person. They also love to help people in distress, and are the first one to offer help when someone is in need of comforting. They will surprise you with unexpected gifts from their heart. However, Cancer Sun Virgo rising personalities have many deep rooted fears.

The Cancer Sun Virgo rising characteristics are ambitious, analytical and always seeking knowledge. Assertive, creative and attentive. Ritualistic, they may enjoy making daily to-do lists and religiously performing them.

An exceptional communicator, they are able to converse freely with anyone regardless of rank or status. Their interests in details, analysis and research make them dedicated investigators, writers and court officials.

From their Intelligence and ability to analyze, to their empathetic nature and tendency to withdraw from many people Cancer Sun Virgo Rising people are extremely responsible in life. Due to this responsibility they may be extremely reliable, trustworthy, methodical and thorough.

They may be very analytical by nature and this in turn makes them keen on details. If they are betrayed by a friend or loved one everyone around them will know because any Cancer Sun Virgo rising will let others know about the person’s guilt. The Virgo-Cancer Sun person is likely attached to the traditions of family, homeland, or religion.

Cancer Sun Virgo rising are the most practical, versatile and adaptable astrological combo. They prefer to focus on fulfilling their goals to make their mark in life.

Cancerians are nurturing and protective of their loved ones. They try to avoid direct conflicts at all costs but when unavoidable they will face them head on. These people know that they can rely on themselves and they hate asking for help unless they really need it.

Cancer Sun Virgo rising is often quiet and reserved, and have a tendency to be perfectionist. They are responsible, and can be demanding of others. Their friends would describe them as amiable, reliable and popular.

Leo Sun Virgo Rising

The Leo Sun Virgo rising sign person will have a solid and dependable character, strong sense of integrity, an orderly approach to life that depends on thorough preparation and a logical routine.

They exhibit practical down to earth skills, be talented with money issues such as careful spending and resourcefulness when it comes to getting things fixed (big or small).

The Leo Sun Virgo rising personality is confident and ambitious with a desire to be at the center of attention. A born leader, Leo/Virgo enjoys being in charge of others and endeavors to be in charge of situations.

Leo Sun Virgo rising is quite the unique individual. They are born leaders and always seem to be in charge. Their leadership skills shine both on and off the stage, as they can be the most charming of anyone you know. They have a gentle way about themselves that make them a very easy person to get along with.

The Leo Sun Virgo rising person is confident, conservative, proud, and enthusiastic. A Leo Sun Virgo rising can be a challenge to know and understand as they tend to be very private, reserved, and quite introverted.

Leos often require assistance in developing their sense of modesty and humility. Virgos are practical, hardworking people that demand perfection from themselves and others.

This is a highly analytical combination that can make you a great detective, or a psychology teacher. But both of these professions require that you keep parts of yourself protected and hidden in order to keep your distance from others.

If you are born with Virgo rising under this combination, you will need to work hard in order to avoid coming off as cold and unapproachable.

The Leo Sun, Virgo rising individual is often generous to a fault. Not one to be swayed by expediency or the opinions of others, he often follows his own star, no matter what the consequences.

Born with strong leadership skills and huge amounts of ambition, people born under this Sun sign are often leaders and do-ers. Leo Sun Virgo rising is a combination of the ‘Queen of the Heavens’ and the ‘Merry Virgin,’ making them hard working yet level headed. They don’t like to flaunt their talents or abilities, which makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Virgo Sun Virgo Rising

Virgo Sun Virgo rising personalities use their analytical skills and practical nature in their career, although they prefer to work behind the scenes. They are loyal, down-to-earth, and reliable workers who are attentive to detail.

Virgos rising are warm, understanding people who love to help others. Although they can be a little critical at times, there is much more good than bad when it comes to the Virgo Sun Virgo rising sign person.

People born under this sign can be recognized by their tendency to be neat, orderly, patient, straight talking, reserved, good workers, and hard to get to know.

The Virgo Sun Virgo rising people are imaginative, keyed into detail. They have a knack for being scientific or mathematical, and infuse practicality in all that they do. They have both feet on the ground and a head in the clouds.

Virgo Sun Virgo Rising people are industrious, hard-working and thorough. They often work on a number of projects at once, so it is important for them to be organized. The Virgo personality can be described as discreet, reserved and meticulous. They especially love to think before taking action, which can make them appear slow and indecisive to the rest of the world.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising

Being an air sign, Libra Sun Virgo rising people are known to be airy, playful and communicative. These qualities make them popular among their peers. Dancers in particular are perfect examples of the Libra Sun Virgo rising due to their love for movement and practice of their craft.

With its steady, natural-born ease and grace Libra Sun Virgo rising is a wonderful example of an Air sign in the element of Earth. Witty, intelligent, refined and aesthetically grounded and needs reasonable routine in life. In relationships Libra Sun Virgo rising can be supportive, loyal and even somewhat conservative.

Libra Sun Virgo rising is usually involved in a variety of endeavors, well-rounded personality, has a strong sense of fairness and justice, great organizer and leader, curious, intellectual and detail oriented.

Libra Sun Virgo rising people are self-conscious and seek perfection in their image. The Libra will balance the Virgo’s critical nature and push to control. The Virgo will provide the Libra stability and patience. The sign is sensitive and reserved but also passionate and artistic.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising

Known for being analytical, hardworking, and dependable, individuals with their Sun in Scorpio with their ascendant in Virgo are also known for having a strong sense of subtlety.

Scorpio Sun Virgo rising sign people are more outgoing and assertive than their siblings, making them suited to careers such as sales, management, and training. They are sensitive to the feelings of others but may sometimes be guarded or even deceitful.

They love to analyze and learn from past experiences and are experts at weaving the best points into a story. Scorpio Sun Virgo rising personalities have the emotional strength to confront anyone. These folks are extremely talented and work hard to get what they want.

Scorpio Sun Virgo rising people are stubborn, fixed and determined. There is a certain selflessness to them that makes them loyal friends. They expect the same loyalty in return, and are willing to do anything for those few they call their best friends.

The core of this person is one of steel. Their past may have been rough, but it is not the only thing that defines them today.

Scorpio Sun Virgo rising people have a symbolic sense of insecurity, as if something or someone will take over their identity. They feel the need to protect their identity at all cost.

Scorpio is ruled by Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto and is the 8th sign of the zodiac. They are highly analytical and deeply desires knowledge.

Its power comes in the form of persistence and intensity of will. The individual with a Scorpio Sun Virgo rising has deep emotions and a strong sense of duty and morality.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising

Sagittarius Sun Virgo rising indicates that the person has Sagittarius Sun sign attributes as his or her nature and character, but the characteristics indicated by Virgo rising are also prominent in the individual.

The combination of these two zodiac signs results in a strong and intelligent personality marked with notable sincerity and devotion, yet the person can be very practical at times in his or her approach to life.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo rising is lucky, complex, and successful. Often referred to as the “Centaur” for their stable, understanding, and compassionate nature, this sign combination is usually well organized and focused.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo rising is adventurous and curious. They are honest individuals by nature who can sometimes be blunt. They live for movement and travel and often feel restless unless they are kept busy.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising individuals are analytical and methodical in their decision making process. They tend to be driven by the idea of perfectionism in everything they do. They need order in their lives, peace and harmony.

The balance of Sagittarius is infused with the patient security of Virgo that is careful yet fun loving and joyful at times. Sagittarius Sun sign natives are generally good humored, optimistic, goal oriented and open-minded people.

Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising

Capricorn Sun Virgo rising is a combination of the practical and disciplined values of Capricorn and the intellectual and understanding nature of Virgo.

Analytical, hardworking, and ambitious are three words that describe Capricorn Sun Virgo rising individuals. They set high standards for themselves so they always know when they have succeeded.

Capricorn Sun Virgo rising people are ambitious, resourceful and practical. They are planners who like to create a full schedule.

Capricorn Sun Virgo rising individuals are often more introspective than their friends and family realize. They are people who like to spend time by themselves, looking at all of the choices they have made in life and thinking about where they want to go next.

They come off as shy people at first, but often don’t realize that because they spend so much time with themselves, they understand themselves pretty well.

Capricorn Sun Virgo rising gives us someone who is a perfectionist in most everything, orderly and just wants the world to be in place. Busy, hardworking, neat in dress, usually charming and well organized.

Virgos ascendants born under the Capricorn Sun sign are known for their practicality and frugal nature. They contribute to society by working hard, avoiding excesses and finding creative solutions to problems.

Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising, you are a leader with an eye for perfection. You work best when you can make everything work to your advantage.

Though your love of order borders on the extreme, there is always a logical reason for your overbearing nature. Your attention to detail gives you strength and will power. You believe in yourself and act with confidence.

Keywords of Capricorn Sun Virgo rising individuals include caution, economy, practicality, work ethic, understated beauty, attention to details, tactful behavior, perfectionism and analytical mind.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising

Outgoing and friendly, your Aquarius Sun Virgo rising sign personality traits are attractive to others. Your quest for the best in everything is legendary.

Self-sufficient and outspoken, you come up with innovative ways of doing things. Your planetary ruler is Uranus, which gives you an unpredictable and progressive approach to life.

Considered cultured and tasteful, the Aquarius Sun Virgo rising sign person will always have a unique outlook on life that is unlike anyone else. They do tend to care about other people, but they don’t demand loyalty back from others because they are extremely loyal in return.

This person is very emotionally mature, and can be a good counselor. They would make an excellent partner for someone trying to navigate through a complicated relationship, as they understand the complexities of love and relationships.

Aquarius Sun Virgo rising sign is quite an original, inventive and independent type of person. They usually have many interests, such as being a science fiction or horror movie fan, a computer geek, traditional musician, or even learning math for fun. They are hard to get to know well, but those who do are invariably captivated by the person’s unique combination of stability and unpredictability.

Aquarius Sun Virgo rising people are friendly, honest, intelligent, and popular. They are very capable and make good leaders. They can be trusted with any task because they always get the job done.

They are full of energy and cannot sit around doing nothing for very long. Sometimes they work so hard, they even work themselves into poor health.

The Aquarius Sun-Virgo Rising combination indicates that your heart is opened to the world. You have the ability to absorb universal truths and use them to better yourself, and at times, others around you.

You know that it is important to respect and listen to the sound advice offered by those wiser than you. One of your greatest strengths is the ability to learn from others in a nonjudgmental way.

Pisces Sun Virgo Rising

Virgo rising is about uniting your spirituality and helping others. Pisces Sun Virgo rising people are deeply spiritual and compassionate towards others. Their ability to understand other people’s feelings is amazing. They can easily identify the concerns and worries of a person.

The Pisces Sun Virgo rising personality is a largely introverted person. They are highly creative and can be artistic, but particularly in the realm of words. Many love to read, write poetry and fiction, or study philosophy.

The Pisces/Virgo pattern is largely influenced by Mercury which gives them good mental focus and the ability to reason and use logic in everything they do. But being a water sign, the Pisces Virgo native may not always use their mind in the best way possible.

Pisces Sun Virgo rising are very in-depth thinkers who love to be logical. They have high ideals and expectations that they struggle to meet with their partner.

If you were born with Pisces Sun Virgo rising, you may be reserved and quiet to the point of seeming shy. Natural modesty and a gracious nature help you to make friends and/or avoid rejection.

You may have an interest in helping others and tend to be restless, ambitious, idealistic, and even visionary. People are drawn to your gentle or philosophical demeanor – some may go so far as to confuse you for being a mystic.

Born under the sign of Pisces Sun Virgo rising, you are a personality that is somewhat complex to fathom. Caring, compassionate and empathic, you truly have an affinity for the suffering of others and will do your best to gently encourage others to overcome their fears.

This aspect of your personality also makes you cautious where the lower back is concerned, and you’ll try to avoid activities which may affect this area.

Your Virgo rising placement gives you the gift of imagination and empathy. You are romantically devoted, often putting your partner’s needs and desires above your own.

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