Pluto in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Pluto in Pisces reveals a powerful, creative, and magnetic personality. This person tends to have an obsession with the unknown.

This person may have trouble keeping a job, can be sensitive and compulsive as well as being prone to self-pity. This person also tends to be idealistic, intuitive, wise, psychic, influential, religious and possess spiritual qualities.

What Does Pluto in Pisces Mean?

Pluto in Pisces characteristics are often dreamy, imaginative and philosophical people who are great at rising to the occasion and helping others achieve their goals.

They are sensitive and compassionate individuals who live by strong values that lead to a sense of inner peace.

They can be quite perceptive in reading other’s situations, however they themselves may have a very hard time revealing their own emotional needs or desires for fear of being rejected.

Because of this they sometimes get easily mistreated by others without them noticing the damage being caused as Pluto in Pisces can be very good at covering up their true feelings to meet social expectations of being the strong

They are highly intuitive and sensitive. Pluto is more than any other planet, the planet of power and with Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac, you have a well of unlimited potential to tap into as long as you let it in.

Pluto in Pisces Woman

Pluto in Pisces women are similar to Pisces in that they are intense and experience life with depth and raw emotion.

Their characteristics can be seen through their actions – the way they move their bodies, react to others, opportunities that present themselves, even their dreams.

She likes to be on the water and gets great pleasure out of traveling. She is an idealist and like the true Pisces, she can be selfless and very giving.

The Pluto in Pisces woman tends to have psychic powers, especially in dreaming. She can be manipulative and feel that her partner must devote his life to her needs.

She makes a provocative and enduring impression through her intuitive abilities. She possesses a keen sense of intuition, which is often expressed in a highly imaginative and artistic fashion.

Being sensitive and dreamy, the Pisces Pluto woman has a tendency to retreat into her own world at times, having an interest in fantasies and daydreaming. Sensitive and compassionate, this woman is very psychic and can sense what others are feeling.

She is more introverted and sensitive to her surroundings than other women. She is creative, and often a gifted artist or musician. The Pisces Pluto woman is very intuitive, and can have a psychic ability.

The Pluto in Pisces woman is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and caring. She longs for a deep emotional connection with her partner, and in return will be endlessly loyal and supportive to them if she received the same loyalty and devotion in return.

Pluto’s position in Pisces is in the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. So this could create a dilemma between what you feel is your personal truth as a woman and that which is acceptable to society.

In effect, many women with this placement may feel torn between their inner sense of reality and what society dictates.

Pluto in Pisces Man

The Pluto in Pisces man possesses the traits associated with the sign of Pisces.

In many ways, this is an extremely complicated sign, and those born under it are typically sensitive, intuitive, emotional and compassionate people that possess a strong sense of religious integrity and a large amount of imagination.

Pluto in Pisces men are confident romantic partners who know what they want and how to make their partner happy. They completely understand the language of love, however, don’t expect them to be too mushy or romantic.

When they fall for someone, they fall hard with an intensity that seems almost unearthly. There are no half measures with this alignment. He will adore you – as long as you are worthy of his adoration.

This is a spiritual man. He believes in God or universal consciousness and follows its instructions. This man has belief in his own potential and abilities, but he is not so good at showing his capabilities to others.

Instead, he has a tendency to hide certain talents for his own use. This man loves to be surrounded by other people who share their dreams with him, but not everyone seems to understand him.

He doesn’t like the pressure of having money, but he always makes some when he needs it. There’s also another thing that can make him happy - well-deserved appreciation from the one he loves.

The Pluto in Pisces man is naturally motivated to explore the depths of his relationship with you. When he looks at you, he sees a reflection of himself and this can be hard for him to handle on a daily basis.

He takes life with all seriousness except when he is with you and you bring out his playful side. He can be controlling and manipulative in the beginning of relationships because it makes him feel needed.

His needs are important especially when it comes to communication which he takes seriously. You must try to understand where he is coming from before breaking down his walls.

The Pluto in Pisces man can be quite elusive, and he is not easy to get to know. He guards his feelings well, except when there is something that he really wants – then you will see an outpouring of emotion.

It can be difficult for a man with this placement to commit fully because he needs to feel as if he has some independence. It’s important for the people around him to respect his alone time and space.

He has a soft heart and a creative mind, but he may also have a tendency to be possessive, jealous, and even controlling of those he loves.

He is deeply spiritual and artistic, and will want his partner to share this deep soul.

Pluto in Pisces Transit Meaning

A Pluto in Pisces transit indicates huge shifts within you, which can result in a complicated and trying experience. At the core of this is a desire to make some big changes in your personal life and environment.

However, during Pluto in Pisces you may be experiencing some problems here with things seeming to regurgitate themselves.

This may produce confusion for you if you try to force the change and make alterations, or you may find yourself acting out of character in order to communicate with people that are close to you.

The Pluto in Pisces transit is going to be very subtle. It may not look like much is happening, but it will be very transformative if you allow it to grow inside of you.

This is a transit where you may feel that the planet of transformation and regeneration, Pluto, is finally supporting your everyday life. There will be a strong push for change as long as this transit lasts.

You will be sensing what may need to be altered or transformed in areas of your life during this time period. This could very well mean that you are asked or forced to move from one place back to a former place.

After Pluto transits this degree, you will have an opportunity to just run with things and transform them into something amazing.

This transit indicates a strong desire for inner transformation. It can be a time of turmoil and, at times, despair. Learning to appreciate differences – especially those within yourself – is key during this cycle.

The Pluto in Pisces transit is one of the most significant astrological events for our time. Pluto in Pisces brings amazing opportunities to change how we relate to others and to build compassion into our daily lives.

But, this is a major karmic clearing event, so you may also be experiencing extra emotional or psychological discomfort now.

Pluto in Pisces Generation

The Pluto in Pisces generation is highly idealistic. Like the generation that grew up with John Kennedy, they want to change the world. It was an optimistic time for humanity and they have aspired to make it even better.

This generation has been highly psychic since they were young. They have a natural affinity with spiritual things and with nature.

This generation is known for its creative talents, spiritual nature and love of psychic phenomena, secrets and intrigue.

These people are sensitive and very impressionable and may change their minds frequently, sometimes completely reversing an opinion or idea.

They may be shy, but when encouraged they will open up and speak quite openly about their inner thoughts.

They are intuitive and can be unrealistic in some sense of what is possible to achieve or accomplish.

This generation is also one of connection. They seek strong bonds with others by nature, and if there isn’t that strong tie then they can lose interest quickly.

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