Pluto in Libra Meaning and Personality Traits

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Pluto in Libra is an exceptionally deep soul. Their depth of consciousness into the nature of existence is often further reaching than others in the same life.

The individual has a strong link to other lifetimes, and they may dream of these at night. The past and future are as real to the native as this moment.

Quick-witted and passionate, you are guided by a need to improve society. You have a problem with a lack of direction, and strive to evolve spiritually.

You are driven to perfect the self, with that comes a need for connection with others; be it personal relationships or chance encounters on the street.

What Does Pluto in Libra Mean?

Pluto in Libra people are idealistic with a powerful sense of fairness. They value peace and will work hard to make the world a better place.

These traits are some of the best qualities to be found in any sign, but when expressed by Pluto in this way they are amplified and intensified.

Libra is known as the sign of beauty and balance. Libras are brilliant at maintaining relationships and absorbing beauty from their surroundings.

The Pluto in Libra person is impacted by the transit of Pluto in a direct way. There are many positive attributes that you can develop to rise up out of the depths of self-pity into a self-sufficient and confident person.

Pluto involves power games and political intrigue, overthrowing the status quo, and revolution. In the same way, Pluto in Libra has a strong desire to overturn the status quo.

A powerful force for change, this energy naturally arouses antagonism from those who feel they have to lose for you to win.

Pluto in Libra Woman

Pluto in Libra women are independent, proud and sensual minded. Just by looking at them, you realize that they are different from other women.

At first glance you may not notice that there is much to tell. They flirt smoothly with big bright eyes and pretty face, but you get the sense that they are hiding something underneath the surface.

The Pluto in Libra woman is a stunning creature that can really confuse men’s minds. She has the characteristics of both feminine and masculine energies and that’s why she is so hard to understand.

The woman with this placement is determined, stubborn, and focused. Since she’s been exploring relationships since her teen years, she knows what traits that she wants in a man but may not be as assertive about it as Pluto in Scorpio.

Pluto in Libra Man

Pluto in Libra men give their attention to a very small number of interests, which can cause them to be perceived as preachy. They tend to overreact and even be accident prone when they feel threatened.

This Pluto person may try to turn negative feelings around and could become destructive and self-destructive if he is unable or unwilling to make contact with his feelings.

He is fundamentally a dreamer. He is impulsive, passionate, romantic and deeply sensitive to beauty.

He longs to know all about the hidden secrets that shape people’s lives, but because he finds it hard to get close to others he always seems alone.

The Pluto in Libra man is self-centered, an individual that always expects other people to give him what he wants. He will do whatever it takes to get his way even if it means having to manipulate other people with his charms.

He loves his creature comforts. He’s obsessed with his home, and has a general air of refinement which is apparent in the way he dresses, the things he eats and drinks, and the music that fills his life.

He is a lover of luxury who enjoys good food and wine, good art and pretty possessions. Of course, few people have as much money to spend as he does, so this can create an inferiority complex.

They are insanely picky. If you think guys are difficult to please already, a Pluto in Libra guy will just knock you over with his impossible standards and high expectations. If you really want to leave a mark on him though, your best bet is pleasing his partner whenever possible.

This man is complex. He can be moody and argumentative. He carefully picks his battles but when he goes to war, he is relentless.

When it comes to his relationships, love is the only option, but that doesn’t mean he’s a romantic or that he can show it as freely as other signs.

Pluto in Libra Transit Meaning

The Pluto in Libra transit will bring surprise changes, closer relationships and more work opportunities. Pluto in Libra people may feel more spirited and they might influence others around them with their new ideas and ideals.

At first, the energy of this transit seems entirely focussed on relationships. You feel the urge to become more involved in them, and you could be impelled to break up with a partner, or find yourself feeling emotionally drained by one.

However, this is not actually about other people – it’s really about you reforming yourself to be a more positive force

This transit denotes a profound dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, which is likely to be expressed through various forms of social activism, including revolutionary or reformist legislation.

The people born under this transit are socially conscious and keenly aware of injustices in society, and strive to create new laws to rectify them. They are able to organize their activities in such a way that they almost always achieve considerable success with their plans.

Pluto’s transit in Libra is the most intense form of his transit. Its rebellious nature seeks to reform societal structures and create balance between people through interaction.

The intelligent minds of Pluto in Libra people are often attracted to keys areas of life, such as politics, law and justice, religion and philosophy.

Pluto in Libra Generation

The Pluto in Libra generation is a growing population of young men and women. During this period, Pluto was in the sign of Libra, the sign of partnership, and progressive ideas that alter traditional views on marriage, authority, crime, and sexuality.

This new Pluto in Libra generation, has the challenge to find ways to bring power to the masses. So this new generation has the opportunity to create social equality by taking care of the weak, to educate the unlearned and help the unfortunate through charity work.

The nature of the Pluto in Libra generation is to take pride in their relationships, and its members will strive for a harmonious existence between themselves and others.

They are more attracted to activities that involve the nurturing and restoration of their environment. They may pursue careers in botany to study the impact plants have on their communities or they may take a gardening class at the local community education center.

Now It's Your Turn

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