Pluto in Virgo Meaning and Personality Traits

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Pluto in Virgo individuals are always striving for perfection. They want things their way, and will do whatever it takes to get there. Nothing is more important than your friendships and bonds of loyalty with this part of you.

You have an intense emotional intensity and an often all-consuming sense of personal relationship.

You may feel like you’re being pulled two different directions by forces hidden within your psyche, as if there are two versions of you: one who wants the world to bow down and one who is content to observe.

What Does Pluto in Virgo Mean?

Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and regeneration; therefore people with Pluto in Virgo are intensely focused, idealistic, and quite often have a strong drive to create structures for their ideals to live within.

They can be insanely persistent, following their vision no matter what gets in the way. They can also surprise others in their ability to put up with the ugliest side of life, making it through situations that would make others wilt or run away from the source of discomfort altogether.

Often they are quite introspective and serious about exploring their own thoughts and behaviors.

Pluto in Virgo represents the focus and drive to help other people; they are often professional helpers by profession or by inclination.

Perhaps as result of their hard, cold, practical approach to life, they could be perceived as a bit distant and unapproachable.

They work hard and expect others to do so also. They can be very good with details and like to keep everything neat and tidy.

They have a powerful and deeply buried desire for clarity of purpose, reduced for the sake of other people’s ease. The associated lifestyle in the early years may be characterized by sacrifice, a passion for taking care of others, and a tendency to put others first.

Freedom, travel, and mobility are all things that Pluto in Virgo wants to enjoy in life. This individual knows how to appreciate the simple things in life, while still loving adventure and freedom.

They don’t like to be restricted in any aspect of their lives, which is one reason why they need to venture out into the world. If there is a way for them to make money online, it is a given that the Pluto in Virgo associate will find a way to do so.

Pluto in Virgo is about transformation and reincarnation. Transformation of consciousness and awareness on the deepest levels that results in an expansion of the boundaries you previously believed possible, and a sense of spiritual purpose and revelation.

Pluto in Virgo Woman

The Pluto in Virgo woman is very conscious person, so she can not relax until the end to the perfect detail the job.

She embodies perfectionism, there is no shortage of tasks to complete, all run with personal standards, which may be exaggerated. She is facing continuous mental and psychological stress.

A woman with this Pluto placement will have a mixture of physical and personality traits, but the two can seamlessly be joined together. These traits include a sensual, refined nature that is also fiercely independent and strong-willed.

Pluto represents transformations, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of intelligence. A person born under this influence is going to be smart and analytical. She will always be trying to find the answer to why things occur, along with trying to improve the situation.

Pluto in Virgo women are perfectionists who run a tight ship when it comes to their life and environment. They can become easily frustrated if things don’t go as planned, and then they can lash out.

If you want to have an argument ready at any moment, make sure you keep your cool around this woman.

Pluto in Virgo women are intellectually curious, well-disciplined and conscientious. Their analytical approach to life makes them intellectual yet reserved.

They are the kind of people who never stop trying to bring order to their surroundings, and to a certain extent it could be said that they often do this with renewed vigor.

They have a natural inclination for responsibility which, in these cases, does not have much to do with taking on “the big job” because these ladies already view themselves as somehow responsible for others.

The Pluto-Virgo woman is a real cunning snake, who can also be all sweetness and light. She is likely to have many interests and to be ambitious about attaining them.

Yet she never loses the sense of her duties, especially in family life. She will sacrifice herself if necessary. She may suddenly seem very spontaneous and take on any task that requires effort and perseverance.

Pluto in Virgo Man

He is a guy who has his head screwed on the right way. He always seems to know where and when he will meet someone. He is a funny, spontaneous kind of person, and it’s those qualities that everyone loves about him.

You will never feel like you are listening to Pluto in Virgo man repeat himself over and over again because he can keep an interesting conversation going for quite some time.

The Pluto in Virgo man is quite introverted and he has no interest in making acquaintances. He does not like to go out and socialize with people that he just met. An exceptional memory helps him to keep all the facts in mind.

His mind is sharp and agile, hence he can easily observe other people’s behavior and remain humble about it. He is very ambitious and always seeks wisdom and knowledge to reach his goals. He is able to learn from his mistakes which make him wiser for the future.

Pluto in Virgo man is well-chilled out and he’s very understanding of others. He treats his partner with uniqueness and compliments her for the sake of a relationship.

He remains faithful and responsible to his spouse, but at times he tends to worry about things which might just happen to him. He can become too possessive and may force his partner into a shell from time to time.

They are relentlessly practical, and detail orientated. They are perfectionists who like having everything just so. You can be certain that when it comes to his work this man will get it right!

The Pluto in Virgo man is both passionate and discrete, preferring to connect emotionally with a lover rather than compete for public recognition. His mind is powerful, intense, and focused on the details.

He is an idealist who believes in using power for growth, and he projects his vision of unity onto politics, the law, or medicine. He is critical and discerning with a keen eye for detail.

He craves success and power but may underestimate others. Pluto in Virgo reveals a deep concern with improving the human condition through morality, ethics, humanitarianism, social betterment and reform.

Pluto in Virgo Transit Meaning

Pluto in Virgo transit is an aid to resolve issues that have arisen from the Pluto in Leo transit. It brings a deep desire to organize and clean.

Creativity and artistry are strong. Health issues will be concentrated on and people may feel they need to make health changes.

Pluto rules power, energy and resources as well as our deepest emotions and motivations. It represents our quest for meaning and significance in life. It pertains to our most intimate relationships and anything pertaining to our inheritance or what’s past.

The Pluto in Virgo transit is a time of great change and transformation. If you’ve been feeling like things have been stagnant and lacking energy, this transit will bring movement and growth. This is a powerful time of release that will ultimately help you to manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

This transit is an intense and transformative period, one that can enlarge your understanding and vision of yourself. It can also force you to delve into dark corners of your psyche that you had been avoiding.

Transiting Pluto in Virgo is an influence that when benefic, is a profound and positive period for anyone with a Virgo Sun sign. The way to get beyond the limitations imposed on you by your instinctual or emotional nature is to invoke the aid of a higher power – one not based on ego-centered needs.

Pluto in Virgo Generation

The Pluto in Virgo generation has a desire for order, precision, and cleanliness. This is the generation that saw an increase of attention being paid to environmental issues, with many concerned about climate change.

They are the second generation for whom Pluto was discovered, as well as the second generation influenced by it. They are driven by conscience, service, hard work, and a mission to improve things for others.

The Pluto in Virgo generation is more focused, grounded and realistic than their counterparts. Born with a strong work ethic, many of those born during this planetary alignment have been described as controlling and bossy by some – but they know what they want and how to get it.

The kitchen was their play area and today they have an affinity with food and cooking far beyond their demographic. They can cook, clean, manage a household, entertain and feed a family. Do not under-estimate them.

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