What Are Top Picks on Tinder?

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So, you’re swiping away on Tinder, trying to find your perfect match. But have you noticed the Top Picks feature? If you’re not sure what this is, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Top Picks is a premium feature available for Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers that highlights your most swipe-worthy potential matches.

Each day, Tinder’s algorithm chooses a set of profiles specifically for you based on your swiping patterns and match preferences. These profiles are labeled as Top Picks and are displayed in a separate section of the app.

While all users receive one free Top Pick a day, Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers get to see their set of Top Picks on a daily basis.

So, what makes someone a Top Pick? According to Tinder, Top Picks are based on what you put in your profile. This means that information for example your hobbies, interests, education, and job are taken into account.

If you want to increase your chances of being a Top Pick, ensure your profile is complete and showcases your personality.

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How Do Top Picks Work?

Each day, Tinder will provide you with a set of Top Picks, but you can only see them if you’re a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscriber. If you’re not subscribed, you’ll only get one free Top Pick daily.

To access your Top Picks, simply tap on the diamond icon at the top of your screen. From there, you can swipe through your Top Picks and decide whether you’re interested in them or not.

Swiping right on a Top Pick doesn’t guarantee a match, but it does increase your chances of matching with them.

It’s important to note that Top Picks are not static and can change based on your swiping behavior and preferences. If you consistently swipe left on a certain type of profile, Tinder’s algorithm will adjust your Top Picks accordingly.

How to Become a Tinder Top Pick

Here are some tips for potentially becoming a daily top pick:

Update Your Bio

To increase your chances of being selected as a Top Pick, make sure your profile is complete and engaging. This means having a clear and attractive profile picture, a creative and funny bio that showcases your personality, and a selection of photos that show off your interests and hobbies.

Make sure to also include information about your education and job, as these are taken into account when selecting Top Picks.

Review Your Photos

Tinder’s algorithm selects the Top Picks based on your swiping patterns and match preferences. The algorithm analyzes the photos and information on each profile to determine which profiles are the most compatible with yours.

The photos selected for Top Picks are usually the most attractive and high-quality photos from each profile.

Labels and Keywords

Within your Top Picks feed, you’ll notice labels on some of the profiles. These labels provide additional information about the person and can help you decide whether to swipe right or left.

Some of the labels you might see include “Athlete,” “Scholar,” or “Foodie.” These labels are based on the information provided by the user in their profile.

In addition to labels, Top Picks also includes keywords that describe each profile. These keywords are based on the user’s interests and can help you find profiles that are more compatible with your own interests.


One of the best features of Top Picks is the personalization. The algorithm takes into account your swiping patterns and matches your preferences to curate a list of profiles that are most likely to be compatible with yours. This means that each set of Top Picks is unique to you and your preferences.

The quality of the profiles in Top Picks is also generally higher than in the regular swipe queue. This is because the algorithm selects profiles based on their quality and compatibility with yours. The profiles in Top Picks are usually more detailed and personalized than in the regular swipe queue.

Swiping Strategies

In order to get the most out of your Top Picks, it’s important to be strategic with your swiping behavior. Take the time to read through each profile carefully and swipe right on the ones that you are genuinely interested in.

Don’t just swipe right on every profile, as this can lead to a lower-quality selection of Top Picks in the future. Similarly, don’t be too picky, as this can limit your potential matches.

Making the Most of Your Daily Picks

Remember that you only get one set of Top Picks per day, so make the most of them! Take the time to go through each profile and decide which ones you want to match with. If you don’t find any that you’re interested in, don’t worry - your Top Picks selection will refresh every 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Top Picks swiped right on you?

No, Top Picks on Tinder do not necessarily swipe right on you. Being a Top Pick means that you have been selected by Tinder’s algorithm as a potential match for someone. However, it does not guarantee that they will swipe right on you or that you will match with them.

How do I get more Top Picks on Tinder?

To get more Top Picks on Tinder, you can upgrade to Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum. These premium memberships offer additional features, including the ability to see more Top Picks each day. You can also improve your chances of being selected as a Top Pick by keeping your profile up-to-date and active on the app.

Are Top Picks on Tinder free?

No, Top Picks on Tinder are not free. They are a premium feature that is only available to users with a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscription. However, you can still use the app and match with other users without purchasing a premium membership.

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