Dreams About Alligators or Crocodiles: 5 Spiritual Meanings

by Ryan Hart | Updated on June 2, 2020 | Post may contain affiliate links


Want to know what it means when you dream about alligators?

It might not mean what you think.

In fact:

In my research, I discovered there are 5 possible spiritual meanings that can cause you to dream about alligators.

Ready to find out what it means?

Let’s get started!

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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Alligators?

5 Meanings of Having Dreams About Alligators

Before I reveal the possible spiritual meanings, I want you to imagine something for me.

Picture this:

There’s an alligator or crocodile with open jaws standing in your way, or worse, it’s chasing you.

You can’t escape and the nightmare continues throughout your sleep.

Does that sound familiar?

Don’t worry, I know how scary that can be because I’ve had those same dreams myself.

Here’s the good news:

It was just a dream.

The bad news?

Dreaming about alligators could be a sign that you are dealing with a serious problem in your life.

I’ll explain more below.

Here’s what it means when you dream about alligators or crocodiles:

You Are Feeling Vulnerable

Silhouette of a Woman

When you have dreams about alligators or crocodiles this could be a sign that you are feeling vulnerable or threatened.

You often struggle with self-confidence and worry about what other people think of you. So when you see an alligator in your dream, there is someone or something in your life that is causing you to worry.

You might feel vulnerable around your spouse, a family member, or coworker. You might feel uncomfortable around them because they are making your life difficult, whether they realize it or not.

The alligator in your dream is a powerful symbol of how much they are affecting you.

Having this dream is a clear sign that you need to remove toxic people from your life, or tell them how you are feeling.

You might be intimidated to talk to them because you are afraid of what they might say. Take a small step toward resolving this conflict and you will be surprised how much better you feel afterward.

You Have a Difficult Time Trusting Others

Woman Holding a Key

You are normally very trustworthy, but someone recently took advantage of you.

They hurt you when you least expected it. Which is why it is so difficult to put what happened behind you.

You were generous with your time, money, or love and it was stolen or misused.

This experience has caused you to be less trusting of others, maybe even suspicious.

These feelings of suspicion have put extra stress on your relationships because you are constantly worried about what other people want from you.

You don’t want to get hurt again. So you decided to not trust anyone unless proven otherwise.

Seeing an alligator or crocodile in your dreams is s sign that you should open up and trust others again.

It will be difficult but it is the only way to move forward.

You Should Proceed with Caution

Woman Entering a Cave

Having dreams about alligators is a clear sign that you should proceed with caution:

A big change is around the corner.

If everything is going great in your life, don’t ignore the alligator or crocodile in your dreams. It is a clear warning about what is to come.

In fact:

This is a sign that there will be changes in your relationships or financial situation.

The people or income you depend on could be about to change. Do not take your relationships or job for granted.

Seeing an alligator in your dream might mean that you should be careful with your decisions in the near future.

You are Fearful About What Might Happen

Woman Looking Through Window

You are currently going through a big change in your life, either with your relationships or your financial situation.

It is clear that this situation has been on your mind frequently and you are worried about what might happen next.

You worry if you said the wrong thing or made a mistake that put you into this position. It is not clear how to fix this problem or if there is a way to make it better.

Dreaming about alligators could be a sign that you are afraid of the consequences of your actions.

Or you are worried about what might happen if you make the big decision you have been thinking about. Whether that is starting a new business, looking for a different job, or ending a relationship.

These feelings are clearly causing you to worry. Seeing an alligator in a dream is a sign that these worries are bigger in your mind then they are in real life.

Something Was Stolen From You

Man Wearing Black Hoodie

Alligators are very symbolic of power, dishonesty, and conflict. If you are seeing alligators in your dreams, this could be a clear sign that you recently had something stolen from you.

On the other hand, this could be a message from your guardian angel to watch out for thieves in your life. Seeing an alligator doesn’t always mean you will have possessions stolen, but it could.

People who see crocodiles or alligators might have other things stolen from them as well, such as a spouse, job promotion, integrity, or reputation.

The point is, someone wants what you have and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Be on the lookout and protect yourself.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about alligators or crocodiles?

What do you think it means when you see an alligator in your dream?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about alligators? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Rommel Montes
Just this morning.and it says i was about to cross the river when people screamed at me because i didnt see the aligator i was about to crossed but prople warned me through shouting!then i saw the aligator running away from me.i had the chance to cross the river on the right side but i have to jump.
Yadira Agabo
My dream was me and my husband getting chased by alligator and then fighting a teenage girl and then i was fighting my son and killed him.
Frank [email protected]
This was totally crazy last night. As I was sleeping I felt my heart about to jump out. There had to have been 15 alligators around me. As I attempted to kill them, Some started to snap back so all I could do was to get them away from me. I just started a new relationship months ago, Lost my job weeks ago, And my longtime Ex still likes to talk about me. So facing your problems and moving them out couldn't be anymore correct. Very Helpful information here.......
In my dream I was in a high speed car chase. My car ran off a bridge. I the water it was white alligator’s everywhere. They where tearing me apart. Then I whole Up all of a sudden
I dreamt (more like a nightmare) that I was the alligator; eating ice cream... I went to your page and found out that as a recently recovering Anorexic what you said makes total sense! Thank you
Hi Ryan, I had this dream this morning, in my dream there was a man riding the alligator, it was as tall as an elephant, it started running after me as I was running, it didn't look aggressive, but I was scared, the guy riding it said don't worry I will take care of it, I kept running but when I tried back I saw the alligator was walking the opposite way. I was lost, so u had to go back to find my way back, there was flood buy I was able to safely cross the flood and I saw the same alligator walking by with the man still sitting.
Last night I had a dream about an alligator/crocodile coming out of the water and biting my arm.I couldn't move and it had a really tight grip(obviously).I finally got free but then these big black dots started appearing on my arm.What does it mean?
Gabriela Souza
Hi Ryan, I dreamt about crocodile about 5 in the water just saw the head and one snack my son got in the water and disappeared I called my boyfriend and I did not see him
It's Just last night I dreamt of a crocodile/ alligator, where by I followed its track after it went missing from home, when I lost its track then I went around asking to the people around. That was it all about.
Vanessa Range
I dreamed about my deceased brother in a clear river walking about. I shouted to him there crocodiles around him and ons dragged him underwater. I was searching for him but only found his red t shirt that I held to my chest.
I dreamed I was a crocodile swimming along with my baby crocodile away from something... It wasnt clear where we are from but while swimmign away from that something, it felt good and we were smiling and hoping and moving forward to new beginning... Its weird, coz I have 2 little girls (one is almost 4,the other is 1yr and 8 mos), but the dream only showed one little crocodile with me. Also. I have a live partner... I hope you can translate this for me... tysm
Gail Quillen
I dreamed early this morning that an alligator was under my dinning room table. He looked like a snake but we called it an alligator. My sister killed it. Later we saw this big one on the banister of the stairs. We began to get things together to kill it. When we came to look for it it was under the dinning room table where the other one was. Then we saw 2 baby ones. We figured the other one must have had babies. He was not aggressive infact he did not act as if he even saw us. I was awakened before we got to kill him. Can you please help me with this?
The other day, I dreamed I was a crocodile swimming along with my baby crocodile away from something... It wasnt clear where we are from but while swimmign away from that something, it felt good and we were smiling and hoping and moving forward to new beginning... Its weird, coz I have 2 little girls (one is almost 4,the other is 1yr and 8 mos), but the dream only showed one little crocodile with me. Also. I have a live partner... I hope you can translate this for me... tysm
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing your dream. Crocodiles can represent a big change that is coming in your life. These new changes may put your sense of comfort at risk. The fact that you were swimming toward a new beginning is a very positive sign.
I don't think the fact you only dreamt of one baby crocodile means anything. I sense the baby crocodile represented your children. this means that those who are vulnerable and rely on your protection like your two children are safe and that you are moving away from something that threatens your sense of confidence and peace. And you are taking your children with you.
I don't think the fact you only dreamt of one baby crocodile means anything. I sense the baby crocodile represented your children. this means that those who are vulnerable and rely on your protection like your two children are safe and that you are moving away from something that threatens your sense of confidence and peace. And you are taking your children with you.
Luvolwethu Shologu
Hi Ryan I dreamed going to shopping with my fiance in the nearest mall as We entered inside the mall I saw an old lady she called me as she was calling me I told my fiance to proceed I will catchup with her inside after attending the old lady,we met with the old lady and she said I must go to a quiet place with her so that she can tell me what she called me for! As we were standing right on the door opening I looked down I saw a small crocodile of a human hand size but it was an old one but it is a humam hand size I left the old lady before she told me reason of calling I grabbed the crocodile it fought back it even bitten me on my finger but I over come it I took it with me I woke up while I was waiting for my fiance outside the mall holding this live crocodile do you have any I dear of what it means?
Ryan Hart
What an interesting dream! Thank you for sharing. The old lady and crocodile might be a message about some private information you are about to receive. After you gain this new knowledge, proceed with caution.
Archana Gowri Shankar
I had a dream that a crocodile is coming to attack me it is there in my tub but I got escaped from his attack without any injuries,, and my husbands send the crocodile to kill me, I find that he is smiling and doing And I had a fear on my face and I tell my husband to vacate the house. He refuses This is the dream I had,and me and my husband are not together He lives separately,, and he has to settle huge Amount to my relatives,, I m confused of the meaning
Rita Connor
Thank i dreamed a baby alagator was coming up in the toliet thenni flushed the toilet my dream was over
Monica Calderon
Great article. I recently had a dream that I opened the bathroom door of a house and a alligator laying in the tub flies at me and bites my hand. It was a vicious attack and I woke up scared and ready to wake from the nightmare. I would appreciate Some input on what you think this could mean. I definitely feel it means something. Thanks
i dream about crocodile today 3-7-2020
I dreamed too about crocodiles and there is a one crocodile wants to bite me he is coming from me and me myself lying down the dikes and I can't move I am just screaming for help.. and when the crocodile is coming , a few inches from me I just woke up and feel worry about my dream...
Gunnel Taylor
Last night, I dreamt about a small black female crocodile that was given to me to keep as a pet. I wasn't happy about this. The froc was on a lead and had to be muzzled. I gave it to a guy to look after for the day because I was very busy arranging a hotel for an elderly black lady who was attendingvsone form of exhibition. Very strange.
I am in Florida and I see small alligators passing through a canal every day and it doesn't bother me. But last night, my dream was that an alligator was kissing my cheek. I started to run and I said to somebody, an alligator is in-love with me. Came back to my house and he was still there quiet and I asked somebody to removed him ouside. And I woke up. Now, I started to remember my dream and make me smile.
I dreamed that i was hunting crocodiles i had caught a few . then i went after one that had a baby i riped the baby off it and tossed the mom far away . i knew the mom was going to come after me so i left . the ones i caught i put into the van. They tried to get out of the net and basically i was driving worried they would attack my feet . I might be feeling overly confident . danger is lurking and i need to be more aware it will disrupt my foundation .
I was standing on poles jump from pole to pole trying escape or falling into the river as run to pick up certain items to bath that need ,as gather them crocodile approach me but got away free
Second time I’ve been chased by a crocodile in my dream this week. I was in an apartment complex parking lot at night with my friend when a giant black crocodile saw us from the bushes and began chasing. My friend ran off and I ran in zigzags across the lot avoiding its lunges at me it while trying to find her car. When I finally found it and fought the crocodile away to get in, I saw another car parked directly across turn it’s lights on with three staring teenagers wearing halloween costumes inside, the main one being a sad clown. Was so confused in the dream I woke up at 4am. I’m breaking up with my over-protective boyfriend of three years and moving into a new apartment next week. I assume these big life changes are causing the nightmares but they’re still very strange.
I had a dream last that there was a alligator in the attic of the house I live in and I told my mother that watch out for the 2 alligators in the attic. So I would push up on the attic door and the 2 alligators were just sitting there in the water because the attic was filled with a pond of water. So I told my mother hey watch out for those 2 alligators in the attic and she said ok I’m going to call the maintenance people to get them out of the attic. So I would come back to the attic in my dream and the alligator were getting bigger!! So I told my mother we need to get the maintenance people here faster because their getting bigger. So I closed the attic door tight so they would break through the door! So me and my mother were outside and the alligator got out of the attic and then they were in the bathroom so I locked the bathroom! Some how the whole scenery changed to the Las Vegas strip by T Mobile Arena and the Park MGM Hotel! The maintenance guys showed up and got the two alligators and when we got into the house I seen that they killed the 2 alligators because their blood was on the floor! So I after that I woke up wondering what was that meaning of that dream and I read this article and everything it says is true because this is how I feel and what I’m going through. Thanks Mr. Irvin
Patricia Brown
I dream about alligator me and my granddaughter lots of alligators put we found a house to go to safety ppl was running i save a little girl from the alligator alligator
Would love to know what my dream meant. I was on vacation with my husband and his family, swimming around a home that was located right beside the water. It was so close you could jump off the deck into the water. Most of the family was doing a that and I was sitting on the deck watching my 4 year old swim. Most of the family was getting out of the water and walking on back to the house. I slid in to cool off and seen the alligator glide by and my four year old was near the bottom so I motion for him. We quickly got out, and soon thereafter the alligator/crocodile not sure which, followed us. We jumped down to the second deck portion which was under water, laid flat in between some boards and held our breath, as it slid through A hole and swam right over top of us and didn’t see us. After we thought it was gone, we swam up through the same hole and got out on the dry deck. We started walking to catch up with the family who had all left us to tell them what just happened and it wasn’t sAfe there. Then a big pile of leaves caught my four year olds eye off to the side. I said come on let’s go catch up as he was walking up to the leaves, and the alligator reached out and bit his leg. (Sorry for the gore) I took a piece of wood laying on the ground and started beating the animal until it finally let him go. (The animal did die ☹️ But it was either him or my son lol). My son had a bite mark around his lower leg but could still walk and no blood or anything too bad. My mother in law and sister in law walked back in all the commotion and then I woke up. Would love to know what this means
I had a dream last night of finally getting proposed to. My engagement ring was a baby alligator hand that wrapped around my finger. In the dream I was still excited about it but lost the ring the same day and was really upset. Pretty confusing dream.
Maria Sierra
Just last night I had a dream that I saw an alligator outside in my yard by the tree and then the dream goes on where I am telling a few people that the alligator Is in in In the house and I need to get it out. So Proceed To attempt to remove the alligator that was in my house. Then I woke up.
This morning, I had a dream that I went to the local Walmart and there were hundreds of people in line trying to get inside. There was an adult sized alligator with smaller baby gators around it. They were in the corner of the entrance, there was a possibility of being attacked when entering the store, so there was caution tape around the area of the alligators.
I saw a very long and big crocodile moving fast ,I was running after it calling people to kill it but nobody's came out until it coner into the forest then I opened my eyes with fear, but you have cleared some fear I still not believe in all the interpretation about crocodile
I had a dream my husband and I went to the river so I could do more research on ecology insects and the river life when I saw an adolecent gator in some roots then as I looked at the pool closer there appeared to be more and more and more gators one lining me up but I moved but then as I took more nptice around me they were there on land and several were in striking range. My husband was screaming at me to move and I felt a calm come over me looked around and started to pick my way avoid snapping jaws before they could truly snap around my leg with timing I refused to question just went with it then made it back to my husband we laughed then went to a church/cemetery. So there is my dream that brought me here
I had the dream this morning about a pair of alligator/crocodile, a pair of squirrel, cat and my pet jack Russell terrier all in one dream at one go. What do you think it could mean?
I had the dream this morning about a pair of alligator/crocodile, a pair of squirrel, cat and my pet jack Russell terrier all in one dream at one go. What do you think it could mean?
I dreamt about crocodiles last night .. but it was not in a bad way. I was being cautious definitely in the dream but they were gentle and kind. And they were listening to me.. it was almost like I was their guardian.. does this mean something ?
Luvely Lindiva
I had a dream that 12 or 13 Alligators came out of the water, and just laid on the cement, I was standing next to them, with a male friend and the biggest alligator looked up at him and said help me. And I said to him the devil will come in many forms, don’t help him he will attack you
I dreamed I was wearing a live crocodile and walking around on a hot summer day. The crocodile was pretty calm and it seemed to want me to stay inside. It wasn’t biting me but if someone got defensive it would get a bit aggressive and try to lock me in tighter. If it was being too aggressive I would bit it and it would act better - the crocodile’s flesh had a bitter taste like leaves when I bit it. There were a few people walking ahead of me and when the crocodile got tired, they drugged the alligator and cut me out of it. I got out unscathed and I felt fortunate, reborn and relieved.
evelyn caryton
last night was my first it was a big lake of gators i cant rememeber being afraid
Simon Quek
I dream a alligator walking toward me..but my hand holding the Stick to prevent the alligator getting near me..
Madison Moore
It was just now I woke up and me and two people had to do a competition above the water where the gators where and someone was betrayed and got thrown in
Faye Rice
I dreamed my family was by a lake. We were cleaning up the area. Our great grandson was playing at the waters edge. The alligator appeared suddenly and took our little grandson under the water. He was screaming for us. It was heart wrenching.
Hi! Had a dream I was going up and down the stairs of a room in my current house. It was my bedroom in the dream. I came downstairs, and along the stairs I came eye level with a small, beautiful eye of red, yellow, and blue. Then I realized the eye had a slit for a pupil, meaning it was dangerous. I took a step back and realized I was peering into the eye of an alligator with its mouth wide open! I was shocked and scared but then I noticed the alligator was missing all of its bones and organs from the arms down. It was dragging this sac of flesh behind it like it had been wounded. It looked horrific. A housemate said to me “the colors red and blue are meant to capture your attention”. I didn’t know how to comment, I just watched as this alligator slowly moved along its way. I wasn’t afraid of it once I noticed it’s decrepit state.
I dreamt of an alligator, eating a dead cow in a river which was full of rubbish. Then just after that I saw in my dream lots of black cows came through a gate to drink water from the river.
it related to my current situation 100 per cent.
I dream of a lot lf crodiles. I was shouting at my kids to run away but they couldn't hear me. I got to a point where they were infront of me and i threw away my weave to distract them. I was carrying my baby at the back while i was screaming at the other one to run. Whn i threw away my fake hair which is a weave they go for it thn whn i was about to wake run i woke up from the dream
Hi Ryan, I just googled and found your sight this morning. I dreamt I was at the house (it looked different) of a lady I call Aunty Jacqui (not my aunt and yes we have the same name), who was a spiritual mother to me and died earlier this year. We had two boxes of smaller alligators - about 3ish feet and we had them there as we needed to use the to find out something (I was vaguely aware that maybe we would cut one open?) ... So we had maybe 6 or 7 alligators in all. We were somewhat wary of them, but not afraid and if they climbed out of the boxes (which weren't very tall - maybe just about 6") we were able to get them back in ... This is the 2nd alligator dream I've had recently ... much appreciate your thoughts ...
In my dream it was like a race a couple of my friends were there and we were in the water and the water had rocks we could climb on so the crocodiles donr bite us and i reac a point where i nearly fell in the water and the crocodile was chasing me but i survived
I dreamed me and my family in the boat,so we saw a huge alligator burning or surrounded by fire flying towards our direction, as we were fearfully staring, it flew over ud and straight into the ocean and died instanly
I dreamed me and my family in the boat,so we saw a huge alligator burning or surrounded by fire flying towards our direction, as we were fearfully staring, it flew over ud and straight into the ocean and died instanly
I saw in mid night I was on bridge around with lot of peoples and suddenly the bridge is falling apart and all the crocodile was started opening their jaws to eat us. But somehow I m making my way to save me Nd I hv saved myself
Dreamed last night that I was walking on a bridge over a body of water. There were brown rugs floating next to the bridge. I wanted to pull one out but didn't. The bridge came to an end but didn't totally reach the bank. In between the end and the bank was an Alligator in the water. I had to make the decision to either stay on the bridge, or jump over it. I jumped over it, landing on the bank safely. I abruptly woke up!!!
Revonia Mmotseng
I dreamed I was under a dead crocodiles' tail and there was a dead person under the same crocodiles' abdomen. Plz explain what it means
My dream was I was in the back of a crew truck with my girlfriend and my mom and these other people we were on vacation were driving. We saw an alligator and it caught my arm but it didn’t bite it off only my pinky came off. When he had my arm in his grip i tried punching him and eventually I got it off by slamming it against the trust with all my strength. The thing is I wasn’t even worried about my pinky i was thankful that it was only my pinky he got. And it wasn’t even all the bitten off it was barely attached and i was waiting to go to the hospital.
judith i dreamed about an apple green alligator with carrying ripe bunches of bananas
judith--- i dreamed about an apple green alligator with carrying ripe bunches of bananas
Shamekia R Williams
Last night U dreamt of a very large alligator laying in a ditch In front of my house. It was A white tail.. I could only see the back half.. Everytime someone kills it... it happens..I then move to a series of events from different places I've lived.. Such as checking the mail at my last house, cooking dinner in my previous residence... then I'll see the alligator laying there before I wake up.
today I had a dream of baby crocodile on the wall and my brother was in danger but somehow my brother was rescued from it how is that dream related to me?
I was on a lake and I was going fishing but I didn't have any bait.i walked a spit thatch thought would be a good spot and I saw something come up out of the water and realized it was a alligator I hollowed it didn't try to chase me but I ran away from the area. But I notice that other people were not moved by the alligator.
Kate Burke
Just before I awakened this morning I had a dream that there was an alligator head in the kitchen sink, just the head, but the eye was alive. It was light green, almost white. I started to put my hand in to touch it but became terrified, pulled my hand back and woke myself up. It haunted me all day: just found your article tonight. It's comforting and rings true. Thank you.
This morning about an alligator with a burnt face and it was raining a d I was trying to make it feel better by putting water in his mouth then it took off after me then it stopped i continued and then it went after my husband and bit him i. The ar. I went after it with my bare hands and got it off of him and the i woke up but I was relaxed the whole time
last night i had a dream i was "babysitting" a friendly crocodile in the city. I was doing errands related to banking and had this crocodile "parked" in a parking space. It was leashed and tied and i put a red hood over its head while i went in to cash a check. Crazy. What does that mean?
I just had a dream last night that I was surrounded by crocodiles and alligators and they were attacking everyone around me one was running toward me but it stopped and looked at the person next to me running and attacked them and this is right on time because I had invested $1500 in a work from home business and after I gave it to my sponsor he contacted me when I gave him the money and afterwards he stopped responding and didn’t help so I lost all of my money and no business now I really have a hard time trusting anyone.
In my dream the alligator is a pet but I’m afraid it will harm the grandchildren, but it didn’t. I kept it in a separate room and all of a sudden it came up missing and my son in law showed up and started cooking. Also a old coworker showed up. Which she has never come to my house.
I dreamt that I was wading through water with crocodiles and alligators sleeping on circular banks In the middle of the lake. A couple had their eyes open. I was trying to escape before they woke up but was in the water and scared I they were in the water with me.
Torgbui Abass Charles
Thanks for your explanation of the dream about the alligator. My problem is what of if you have started seeing it at the house you have rented meanwhile you never seen it when you lived in the same same four past years.It always run to your territory I meant your entrance
I dreamed last night hat to my left an alligator kinda swung its head in my direction. It seemed close to my head. That was it.
I dreamt of 4 alligators, threatening and attacking me. What I thought it meant was exactly what the interpretation was. 4 blood relatives, betrayed,stole and lied to me. I wanted justice which never happened. Now I want revenge. I tried giving opportunities, hoping individuals would, do the right thing, praying, taking the high road. To no avail. They made the choice. I've crossed The RUBICON. "ALEA IACTA EST. " (Thank you, and hopefully you will help me. Mendacity and avarice the life blood of these individuals. This is a case of throwing, "pearls before swine." NO MORE!
I dreamed last night I was in a car driving down a mossy path and saw about 4 alligators in the road headed towards my car. They were in 2x2 formation. I put the car in reverse and backed up away from them. I was afraid when I first saw them but later not so much!
Charlene E Bernardi
I have a very stressful job, take care of my mother and my husband is a brittle diabetic on an insulin pump, who suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury in 1994, due to diabetes) I had an event so I worked a few hours this afternoon. When I came home, I had 2 Quasadias and went to lay down. That is when I dreamt about the alligator or crocodile. It chased me in every room that I ran to, there was no getting away from it. I remember hitting it in the eye area with a pipe and it went away. It acted in my dream that it wanted to harm or kill me, but in the end of my dream, we were face to face, he scaring me and me injuring him. Nothing happened...and that is all I remember. Being a spiritualist by faith, I portrayed my dream as running away from my problems. However, I also portrayed it as a co-worker always seems to make herself "shine" and back others look bad to the boss. I'm near retirement age and already retired from my career of 25 years, and now working as an Event Coordinator (I worked for this person who is also a friend now 12 years ago for a year while I was in between jobs. I'm tired in every way, though I am active and in pretty good condition. I just woke up more stressed. Thank you for listening.
I had a dream that I was crossing a swampy area and I had something in my hand that had a smell of food still on it. When I was almost to the bank I glanced and seen a huge head of a croc and it paid me no mind. Suddenly 2 moderate sized gators approached me and it was apparently the thing in my hand that they wanted as I tried to push my way away from them they were coming after the object in my hand. I chunked it and they stayed with it and I swam to the bank. What could be the motive of this dream?? A few weeks ago I dreamt of deer.
Last night I dreamt of MANY alligators! First they weren’t chasing me. They were chasing my friends and family. I was the one to notice them in the water, though. And I saw a friends child in the water first and pulled her out. But then I saw my nephew out in the water and screamed at him to get out but he was surrounded. My fiancé went into the water and saved him from the alligators, but not without a “nip” on the foot/leg. They were chasing us and we were forced to camp at a conservation area where I’d camped before for some apocalyptic reason. Then it moved to a swimming pool (that doesn’t exist in this area) but there is was. And there was friends swimming in it but when I looked in there was a giant LAKE PLACID size alligator in the pool. I started screeching for them to get out. My friends baby sat on the step with her feet in the pool and I pulled her from the water just before the alligator snatched her up. I kicked the alligator in the face and he went back into the water. Other details are a little foggy, but that’s the just of it. I’m also very pregnant....
Saw the alligator from a distance, walking and minding his own business and it was very calm... it’s was not in my way... Then after I think! I saw my deceased brother taking pictures with me smiling and hugging me😢😢😢 missed my wonderful brother greatly...❤️❤️❤️
I dreamt that I was saving small children and this little puppy from juvenile-sized alligators. Then they and some much larger alligators started coming after me.???
Annetta Alexander
My dream was last week and it was a pond of alligators one had a bay gator in its mouth,my dead brother-law was careing for them and also I saw my dead son the same night but not at the pond.
Hello, I'm almost three months pregnant and lately I've been having strange dreams. My most recent was today. After work, I was extremely tired and needed to lie down for an afternoon nap. I fell asleep and this is what I dreamt about: I was in a place called Rome and I was standing in front of a building that looked like an entrance to a big hotel. Out front were hundreds of people who were coming from every nation to help save the Jewish people. Out front stood what looked like to me Jewish nuns. One walked over to me and said that she would speak with me in a moment. Suddenly, a small river appeared in front of the building and then a huge old looking alligator submerged from the water. Never had I seen such a big alligator. It slowly turned my way and began chasing me. I was pregnant in the dream and I ran into the building for safety. The alligator tried to come through the glass doors. This continued for a short time and then the alligator gave up. But soon after a domestic cat chased me in and out of this same building, a lioness, a cheetah and the last was a lion. I felt that each animal was after my unborn child but I didn't allow none of these animals to get me. In my waking life I've been dealing why some strong demonic spiritual battles that came as a spiritual attack through a relationship I previously had to let go of but now I'm pregnant. I couldn't take the toxicity any more. It has left me drained and spiritually broken. Any advise or opinion regarding the dream would helpful.
I dreamt almost bitten by a crocodile
I just dreamt about a bunch of sleeping reddish babyAlligators/Crocodiles in what looked like a dried up reddish swamp. A friend was holding me up on top of a wide wodden plank so I wouldn't fall in. I knew if I fell in they would wake up.
Last night I dreamed I was taking a nap by some water when I woke up in my dream I saw an alligator laying in front of me just looking at me. I closed my eyes and so did he, I kept doing this till I felt he was asleep then I slowly snuck away. First time I’ve ever had a dream like this and really freaked out.
Last night I dreamed I was taking a nap by some water when I woke up in my dream I saw an alligator laying in front of me just looking at me. I closed my eyes and so did he, I kept doing this till I felt he was asleep then I slowly snuck away. First time I’ve ever had a dream like this and really freaked out.
In my dream i saw the crocodile wagging in the water (in a deep well), while a dog is trying to bite him, then i saw the crocodile killed a pig in the same place (in the dep well )
Busisiwe Iguwa
This morning first he was taking the bag I was carrying drag it with his teeth and I drag the bag as well because is mine. After i saw the jaws and jumped on me and bite me.
I had a dream last night about a alligator or crocodile. It's so strange to me that never happen before. But I will protect me at all cost..thank you for this one.
Ashley De Lay
I had the strangest dream this morning. 10/1/2020 - I was swimming in a calm river with two alligators swimming behind me. I got up on the river side and as the two came out of the water a white one with black spots hugged me making the others leave. I heard someone say; "don't stick around too long or she'll think you're hers." When I got it to let go I got up and ran as it mad a strange sound just as I woke up.
I dreamed of a snake wrapped around the alligator crushing its bones in water while I ran away
dreamed of a under water cave that I had heard could contain some treasure during the day when the tide was low . Planned to go with some people but when Getting dressed ended up going to the caves at dusk, when I got there the entrance was covered in water and there layed a crocodile just there, when I was thinking of going in the water. Then I realized there was many others around me and I was also surrounded by apartments and people dressed for the beach with kids and people running around while there were crocodiles everywhere but I didn’t get attacked.
I saw a dream in which i was in a river and riding on a crocodile and he was helping me to cross the revier. He dropped me to the shore and saved me drom death of the river.i am now unable to get the extraction of this dream
I dreamt I was riding my bike after a huge rainstorm, and alligators were everywhere. One tried to get me, and I tried to scream but nothing came out. I tried to swat it with some kind of net. People were nearby but didn’t help. I think they couldn’t hear the commotion because I couldn’t scream.
Lizette johnson
Last night had a dream a alligator came into my home up the steps a d into my room . It came in where my husband and I was standing it smelled us then left the house
JoAnna Lopez
I had a dream last night that my husband had an alligator as a pet in the house, and that I was so scared with it, made me feel uncomfortable in my own house.
I dream about lots of alligators eating people and some were throwing their self to them they didn't bother me
Shawn D Hines
Just had this dream very disturbing they were everywhere trying to get me and chasing me.
I've had two dreams recently, the first was an abandon enclosure along a road that had alligators under water but part of the enclosure was broken and a crocodile got out and was blocking the f road, I put up my hood and zipped my jacket and started jumping around making noise and trying to be as big as possible, it scared the lone crocodile back into the enclosure where it had to avoid the alligators. The next dream I was hunting rats in a friend's basement with a bb gun. When I tracked where they were coming from it was an opening into a gigantic crawlspace which had many pythons or boa constrictors many were abnormally huge(so they could have been anacondas). Suddenly an alligator or crocodile splashed up from where it was hiding and a snake proceeded to wrap itself around it crushing it to death. I showed my friends sister the snakes and said they may have to get rid of some soon because they were eventually going to get hungry
This morning i got a dream of river full of crocodile babies and some people taken that baby crocodiles with their hands to far away in the river itself .. and i am getting afraid off it and finally a group of people including me safely crossed the river ..
it was like it was a dance event i attended and at the end of event i went back to my room where a gatekeeper said you cant enter until u come along with ur partner as per my *boss*. then i argued with him and said lets meet boss we left to meet him but meantime all scenario changed into some kind of reserved forest and i saw 2 or 3 matured alligators and one of them started chasing the guy i was arguing with. no alligator chased or harmed me in anyway. and the alligator chasing the guy was caught by two strangers who were there with me and my friends. i am very confused...
Last night, my life partner and I were driving by this huge plot of land. We pulled over and said that it was going to be ours. As we began to explore, there was a pond and it was filled with alligators. So, we did the only thing we could, we began fighting off the alligators. They came by the dozens. We fought them off as if we were warriors. Just as the "momma gator" was making her way to defeat us, we brought in the bulldozer and filled the pond. Eliminating the threat and built our house. In real life.... we just signed papers to finalize our purchase for our first house. Beating the odds??
Janet Thompson
I dreamed of a lots of baby alligators in my house they where tuning around in the closet. On the shelf. Under the bed . I was telling my sister in-law which in dead what are we going to do
Hi Ryan. I had this dream last night that I was swimming in a large water source (I could not figure out if it was a pond or pool). I simply know there are lot of crocodiles in the water but seen none. I was swimming then coming out of the water because of the crocodiles. But I seen none of them and my feeling was a relaxed feel. Kindly interpret the dream. Thank you, SSI
Christina Baez
This morning they were calm. They didn’t scare me and I was able to pick them up. One I threw out the window but for some reason the other one was released into a tree with his family idk weird dream lol
I had a dream that I and others were surrounded by alligators. Not sure where we were but it seemed like a football game but the stadium was high like a mountain. Anywho, I was aware that alligators were around. They were some even under me and I was sitting on one's mouth. It couldn't even move bc I was so strong. But I knew I had to get up. So I did and people around me Coach me up. I got up and got away. Then several gators started sliding down the mountain after I got up. They didn't harm anyone. But then, I was on the phone talking to someone about a new pjob opportunity and I was offered the position. The lady on the phone was so nice an cheerful. She told me about the job, who my director would be, how excited they are for me to be apart of the team/organization and how my background and experience is what they been looking for etc. I was so excited in the dream and very confident in my decision. I felt at ease. I know that a new opportunity is coming to me soon. I've already declared it into the atmosphere. It is so and so it is. My season my time now. Also, I feel like this dream represents a relationship too. I was liking a gentleman and the chemistry was there but all of a sudden things changed. He stopped communicating and spending time with me. I have been keeping my distance and not being fully honest with how I've been feeling. It definitely been a burden on me. Maybe the dream represents him too. Maybe this relationship that I wanted so bad has to end in my mind.
My dream the other night involved an alligator. I was the onlooker in the dream however it was chasing my sister and my son came along to rescue her and distract the alligator. In a spit second The gator had my son in a death roll. I was so frightened it woke me up. Not sure what this means?? Thanks for advising, C
Jennifer J Hall
I dreamt, last night, that there were three alligators in a lake, but wasn't going into the water. I was never in any danger. My ex father-in-law jumped on their heads and they all swam away. Never did I feel that I was in a dangerous situation, ever. I felt safe during the entire dream?
Vartreice Dixon
Hello I keep on having dreams every nights about Alligator s or Crocodiles for the last two weeks, why is that?
Ryan, I had a dream where my mom and I were present, there were at least 2 alligators also very, very nearby(within a few steps), and one of the alligators was quickly eating my nephew(9 year old). The attack was all of a sudden and so immediate, once it began. It went from not being on him at all to swallowing him to the neck in what seemed to be a few blinks! The sad thing was--it seemed as though we were too late to save him from this attack. At this point, I was shocked awake--even though I don't usually wake up from nightmares(once had a dream where I took something that killed me) and I had just fallen asleep(awaken in a half hour to an hour from falling asleep). ANY IDEAS ABOUT THIS?
I dreamed that there were alligators living under my bed. at night the alligators would play with my cats under the bed. in my dream I began to get concerned about this and wanted the alligators to leave. somehow there was an outlet into my backyard and they had a nice rocky place with a little waterfall. Still, the kitties went out and would play with the alligators. I kept waiting for something bad to happen but nothing ever did. In my dream I was so surprised that the alligators were always nice friendly and gentle.Nonetheless I was still concerned that my cats would be harmed. In my dream I went out to get my cat Mya one day and bring him inside and as I picked him up he turned into a catfish and I had to rush inside and dunk him into a fish tank so he would survive. When I awoke I had a sense of calm and that I had a lovely dream. The alligators were a very positive force in the dream. What kinds of thoughts do you think I was processing in this dream?
Lynn Cedillo
I had a dream this morning about a alligator. He was swimming in water and then he came out of the water to attack people. Everyone was running and screaming. I was running with a child in my arms then i woke up. I don't know what this would mean.
Shirley Reed
This morning
Rhicha Vyas
i dreamt that a crocodile got inside the house somehow, discovered it behind the bed. then we called a neighbour to our house, who helped us in driving the croc out of the house. and i could see it crawl first out of the bedroom, the corridor, the back room and finally out. what could it mean? what may the interpretation of this..
Donald Roberts
Hello Ryan my name Donald an I have just awoken from a dream with me fighting with a alligator because it bit me on my back an then I laid on top of the Alligator and told my wife to get out of the bed so it would not bite her and I had had help from Travis Kelce who plays with the Kansas City Chiefs and then I woke up! Please tell me what this means. Thank you and God Bless 🙏
Last night I had a dream where I was in calm waters and there were other people in the water. Some even on small boats. Then a bunch of alligators came up and they all swam towards me. At first I was like what's going on? Why are they all heading towards me? The baby's all climbed on me and held on. The big ones just hung around me. None of them attacked me. It was as if they knew me and were surrounding me like they knew me. That they were there to guard me. Ironically from the other people in the water. In real life I'm educated in alligators. I have even gone swimming in alligator territory waters here in Florida. I'm not afraid of them, I understand and respect them. My interpretation of this dream is because I was in calm waters and can see under the water, that I'm balanced emotionally. The other people on and in the waters were a threat to my emotions. So the alligators came to me and surrounded me like a wall to protect me so others wouldn't get to close to me. The bystanders on the dock who had a clear visual of what was happening were all in awe of what they were witnessing. Because before I got in the water, no one seen any gators. They just popped up when I got in.
Joan brown
I had this dream and I can't stop thinking of it I dreamt that I was laying in bed asleep on my back and there came this big crocodile came up and put his face on my chest I was stroking it as I think if I lie still it would not harm me then in came my sister she was afraid seeing that and was telling me to try and get away but as I lay there it didn't try to harm me untill I try to get up it hold on to my wrest and have it in its mouth but as I try to pull further it hold on to the entire right hand as it seems it would devour me ,I woke up out of my sleep there . Can u interpret this dream for me ,thank u
Joan brown
I had this dream and I can't stop thinking of it I dreamt that I was laying in bed asleep on my back and there came this big crocodile came up and put his face on my chest I was stroking it as I think if I lie still it would not harm me then in came my sister she was afraid seeing that and was telling me to try and get away but as I lay there it didn't try to harm me untill I try to get up it hold on to my wrest and have it in its mouth but as I try to pull further it hold on to the entire right hand as it seems it would devour me ,I woke up out of my sleep there . Can u interpret this dream for me ,thank u
Suhani Gupta
I saw alligators in my dream they were in a room full of water and at the top i was sitting with my legs in water and i counted them they were 11 in numbers i was friendly with them there were a bunch of other people too who came to see them.
Suhani Gupta
I saw alligators in my dream they were in a room full of water and at the top i was sitting with my legs in water and i counted them they were 11 in numbers i was friendly with them there were a bunch of other people too who came to see them.
I had a dream that I was floating in the sky and holding an alligator like a baby keeping it asleep. Very strange!!!
I just had a dream that I was at a friend's house with a pet alligator. In real life, I have no such friend. I don't know who this was but in the dream it was a friend. Their family was there. Another tine it was a dinner party. The alligator would get loose and chase me. I would jump on the kitchen counter or dining room table and the alligator woukd lurch to try and bite me. Yet, I fought back and several times I grabbed it by its snout and would swing it and throw the alligagator or beat it with whatever was handy to me. The friend would later make excuses for the pet alligator, apologizing, saying she didnt understand what he had against me, Say it won't happen again but I refused to go back to her house.
Sue Maneri
I had a dream last night of many alligators. I was watching them swim in a large lake in someone’s backyard. There were about 8 of them. I have metastatic cancer & I also am contemplating selling my house & moving 2 hours away. My husband & I are battling with this decision, as we are unsure what to do. This interpretation explains my dream! Thank you!
I had a dream last night about at least 20 alligators most small but anywho my friends that I met last year which are from a different state had been driving the car or truck while I was at the back of the truck trying to fight them off but was full of fear they were literally trying to eat me however in real life l I just moved into a brand new home but also my son's father just gotten out of prison and we are trying to start our relationship over but I feel certain doubt or worry about this relationship not saying he or I is cheating but I've became a much calmer and better person since he's been gone
Amanda Pryar
I had a dream that a crocodile had my arm in it's mouth and I couldn't open it's jaws I was with someone else who I told to run. The crocodile wasn't very big but it's bite was strong
Demi Fairley
I dreamed that I was on a ship and we were close to rocks. As I looked down I could see huge alligators swimming below. I walked to another side and looked below and I could see a person trying to get away. But when I looked back I would see them chewed up as if the alligator would eat but then play around with it.
Connie chin
Last night i dream of a crocodile walking in my room. I am afraid and try to avoid it, then i go to another room and sleep. Worrying that while the crocodile looking for me. I hardly got dream at night. Very surprise to dream of crocodile. It might represent the current worries in my mind or big changes that is going to happen. I must be careful about it.
this morning.. i dreamt i was in my house and i saw an anaconda roaming inside my house then when it saw my youngest son it attack him and when i cover my son it turned to a crocodile and it got me and it hold me and it smiled but i was scared..
carmen the🐀
I just had the dream and this whole text described me tbh the dream I had about the crocodile or alligator it didn't bite me it seemed like it wanted to play with me and it didn't run straight it ran like how my dog did when I'm playing with her it also jumped on me to see if I was ok then it laid with me like I was taking a nap or dead it just laid there its teeth felt like my dogs to not only that but when I thought it was going to bite me it didn't it just laid there.
Just had a dream about crocodiles. They were invading may backyard in Canada. They were trying to eat all the dogs, birds, and people. They bite off the leg of one of our dogs and ate numerous birds (geese, swans, ducks). We had more people living here than there is, and lots of little ones. We were going out with axes trying to kill the gators and even got a guilitine set up as a trap. Eventually we got the gators to leave, but it was a trying thing to do. Especially when calling the dogs and they wouldn't come back because they were trying to protect us. What a Wierd dream.
I dreamed that I was walking in a washed out desert area and carrying a tape measure(which I use for work). A croc came out of a low lying cave and snatched it out of my hand only to carry it back into it’s lair. It didn’t really want me...only my ability to measure? Every time I have serious change and struggle do these creatures present themselves in my dreams.
I dreamed that there was an alligator hunt, that some or maybe the adult alligators were sliced, and people were going to wear them. Not all alligators were sliced though. The baby ones may have been taken from their mothers and not sliced. At the same time, we were a traveling band, and everyone was playing their instruments on one pitch, such as a warm pitch. I was playing clarinet.
Hi,i had a dream of a crocodile but it was long like a snake and brown in colour,it was moving around in the yard but following me everywhere so i was trying to hide away.than i went in to the house and it followed me there,so i went to my bedroom and the crocodile was also there so i picked up my baby and went out of the room and closed the crocodile there,i was scared cause the crocodile hit my leg with its tail
Anita DeCanniere
I had a dream this morning that I was in a crowd of people all sitting and watching something, except inwS running from an alligator that was chasing me and trying to est me. It wasn't eating anyone else just chasing aftermath. I kept throwing it chunks of meat to stave it off, but it just kept coming after me.
Reslyn Baker
I just a crocodile in my dream last night who bite a man that i know.
Reslyn Baker
I just a crocodile in my dream last night who bite a man that i know.
Nathaniel Barry Swann
I had a dream that an alligator was just laying under my house. I my dream i remember walking around the house but u never seen it come out of the hole it climbed in to get under the house house. They was no tracks. I remember being worried about kids playing outside around the house. Then i woke up. What doea this mean?
I dream that in my house we had an alligator then it grow big one I see that it got a big cut on the chest but still alive so I am scared of it might hurt but not inted it seems binging for help but still I am scared so I went out to ask help to kill it because it went outside so people got to kill but I see it begging for help from me so it was not kill I dream it today January 11 2021
Had a dream me and my friends were getting chased by alligators. Slowly but surely most of all my friend were eaten by alligators. Weird dream was scared most of the time knowing I was dreaming
Last night I had a dream of alligator chasing and eating my siblings but my mother and I fought back after all others have been eaten
Today i was swimming with a girl and a baby and a big alligator show up and i started to swimming to get him away the baby and girl he was chasing me very fast ... y thanks
I jst woke up from a dream, I was in a a done building with few ppl around me then there was one alligator then another we started swiming , walking away, the gator seemed beefy trying to bit me and other people that was in my dream very scary ... I ended up climbing the wall thru a window to get away the gator kept swiming around trying to get me but nobody else so I Claimed the wal hop on the metal fence and go away then I woke up
Dulcenea Call
The last time was about a month ago, and 2 days ago. They were not attacking me, but their mouth were wide open and they were all looking at me. I have insomnia really bad, and when I do sleep, to dream about alligators is very scary.
Just not too long a was awaking from this dream being in my childhood room. I recall being fearful and telling the younger relatives ( present day children) to jump on the bed to keep safe as it’s from the other day that reptile been in my room hiding. My older sister however didn’t but catch a good view of it leaving under the bed to the closet and told me it’s a baby croc and not a snake as I assumed only always seeing it’s tail. However, whatever it was from snake to crocodile/alligator (2ft long) it had Gold ornaments on it and sections of it’s back was cut out with different dates.
This morning, I had a dream that a man was walking two crocodiles and they where both well behave. I was even petting them like a dog and took a item of their collars. Bizarre I know, but I felt calm and excited all in one.
Sarah Crowley
Alligators seem like a theme lately in my dreams. On a familiar road next to the lake near my house, alligators have moved in and hang out on that road between me and most of the fun things I want to do in my dreams. I've been walking past them quickly now and they have stayed on the side of the road. But when they first showed up, they blocked me and snapped at me and I would warn the other people in my dreams about the new alligators in town.
Joe Naphtali
Just few hours back got a dream about crocodile,was standing on a higher height of the house,some men had captured it and free on the ground,it jumped over where I was standing but it missed me and fell off the other side.
I had a dream last night about this huge alligator that was in my kitchen. I was very wary of it but everyone around me wasnt. I didn't see my mum but felt that she was around. I was near the floor and could only see the legs and slippers of the person at the sink and the head of this alligator was hidden by these legs. I could only see the body and tail
Michael Perez
I like your article, I took what may be a part of my life. very interesting. I hope I don't have this dream again. Thank you for writing this article.
I couldn't sleep because of this dream/nightmare kept picking up where it left off all night. I wasn't alone but with people I didn't know. We were terrorized by several alligators lerking in between the walls of an apartment building. We had to take stairs to the elevator landing and the bulge of the gator would break the floorboards and swing its tail to frighten us to one side of the elevator or the other. NO one ever got bitten or eaten but they terrorized us no matter where we went. We tried to outsmart it but it seemed to always be one step ahead. Eventually I just stayed awake to not encounter it again.
Amanda Marcy
I dreamt I had a pet alligator, but I had many other pets as well. A couple of them, like the alligator were dangerous. I had to figure a way to keep the dangerous ones away from each other and all the others so that they did not hurt each other. I also did not wish to hurt the alligator. I put it in a cage but made sure it had food and water. Still I worried that it would get out and harm another pet.
Very interesting what I’ve read yea I’m kinda going through making a big decision and worried about the outcome of this decision. Family wise is on the line . Worried in Forida
Very interesting what I’ve read yea I’m kinda going through making a big decision and worried about the outcome of this decision. Family wise is on the line . Worried in Forida
Hannah Kaye
I had a dream about a medium on a TV screen, she kept saying over and over there are crocodiles on both sides of the bridge. Crocodiles are the gate keepers. What do you think this symbolizes?
Thank you for your thoughts and comments. In my dream First came a bee in my house. Then the alligator attempting to come out the water. My interpretation is, my guardian angel sent by a higher power to protect me was sent (the bee) rendering the alligator powerless before any plans of destruction occur. The enemy would be anyone who find time to hurt anyone. This is why we must stay prayed up giving our Heavenly Father all the glory honor and praise. Something came in my spirit and said David and Goliath. Amen 🙏
Me and my bf went in a place to have a walk. While walking i saw a black small crocodile in the water trying to bite me, i run at the back of my bf and he killed the crocodile. Then we continue walking. Again another crocodile wants to bite me...my bf did not notice it. I leave him and run. Then he kikked again the crocodile. What does it means?
I dreamed of many alligators enclosing me in a tight hold. They seemed friendly and wanted my loving attention. I was not afraid. I dreamed one could fly. I remember wanting to get away from them. Felt trapped. They came after me while swimming.
Dana Ramirez
Two nights ago I dreamt I was in a shopping mall having fun with my friend running through the stores and up and down the stair wells.(we were teenagers in this dream)We ran down one stairwell and accidentally went through a door that led outside. The door was locked when we tried to get back in and when we turned around there were alligators hiding in the bushes all around us. I jumped up on a nearby small electrical meter to try to stay safe but the largest one jumped and repeatedly attacked me, biting my arm. I finally saw some workers in the distance and screamed for help but noone knew how to help me. Then I woke up; terrified! The following night I dreamt I was on a field trip with my children at a park. We were having a great time exploring and started to walk over a bridge to get to the a small water area when the planks started to shatter. There were baby Alligators and Caiman coming through the bridge and from all directions. They were everywhere around the entire park. There was no where to run. Then I woke up. Why would two seemingly totally different dreams both entail being attacked by alligator or caiman?
Last night in my dream..... I was jst laying simply some wre in an open area.. Without noticicing alligator or crocodile.. It was too big..... It was beside me, but it dint harm... It was sleeping or closing eyes.. Suddenly I shocked and got afraid that if I get up it can wake up and bite me.. I struggeled to get up. But at last I got up.. After dt I really wolked up from my dream.... Pls help me with this am I in trouble? Is that dream is a sign of bad
Last night I dreamed I was living in a dorm with shiny white floors and had taken in an alligator. It was wanting to crawl up on my bed with me but I was a little afraid of it. I could feel it keep reaching it’s dry smooth paw up to try and climb up. Someone had cut a toe off of each front foot, but I somehow had the severed toes, and they both had circles of silver glitter on the knuckle. I felt bad for the alligator. Then I opened my door and my cat ran out and a sudden feeling dread came over me as I saw the alligator lock eyes on the cat...what was I thinking, having an alligator and cat in the same small room! It lunged and snapped and even though it got the end of her tail she got away. Then I woke up.
I dreamt last night me and others was swimming across a river at night time and the alligators wasn’t chasing us but we had to be careful not to hit any of them. Of course it was frightening to be in alligator infested waters but no one was hurt I woke up right as we bumped one and got to the other side of the river. There also was a boat along side of us. I wanna say I was in the boat part of the time but for some reason I also want to say I was swimming. I was panicked for sure.
Lytia Christian
Good Morning ☀️! I had a dream of this river or lake I’m not sure which one but it was beautiful and i sensed there was something magical or mystical somewhere near and then there it was something shinning above the body of water, i was floating above the water as well and i could see hundreds of these alligators or crocodiles sitting in the water and im just floating above them and they all were following me wherever i would move. And i wasn’t scared at all i was just admiring them and them admiring me they weren’t trying to attack me just watching me and following me like i was something beautiful to them. I finally decided to stop moving and there was a quick moment where i was nervous for the unexpected of me sitting still because i didn’t know if they were going to hurt me but when i stopped moving they kept coming towards me and just started passing by me they were so close i could touch them but they didn’t bother me. It was really cool!
Yester night I've been dreaming of alligator and snake seeing each other infront of me.
Hello! I'm 65 yrs old and dreamt last night for the first time in my life of an alligator entering my home (in disguise of a small table which opened up to be an alligator)then ran and hid in my home ,not to be found. I was afraid for my children and pets being attacked.(my kids are 39+ yrs old,no longer home, I have beloved cats currently with me)in my dream I was the one who brought in the 'table'which turned into the alligator. At first I was afraid ,then relieved it must have died because it had no food or water to survive....currently I still work(can't afford to retire)and facing possible chance of having to move(20 yrs on family property)which I don't want to but is not in my control. One of my son's by chance spotted 2 unfamiliar men on my block looking at people's properties and my back yard (yes we are taking extra safety precautions!) this week. Feeling vulnerable and uneasy about everything. Was the alligator/crocodile a good or bad omen? Was never found in my dream I'd appreciate any feedback.
Ashley Calhoun
I had a dream that I was looking out on a boat and there was a HUGE skinned crocodile (No skin, and the size of a baby whale). It was trapped on the boat and being mangled by men.
Priya Salunke
I dreamt that I was walking with my friend and suddenly we saw a bunch of crocodiles camouflaged to the ground under our soles... and I quietly addressed my friend that we are in big trouble. I felt I was gonna die if any of those crocodiles opened their mouth. There were so many of them. I dont know what it means since I tried reading all of the above notions. Please if someone can tell, help me to find the meaning of it.
I dreamt last night that I saw an alligator sitting by itself on a black background. It almost looked cartoonish and it's outline was neon. It opened it's mouth and I stared into it. It seemed like I was inside the mouth, sourrounded by teeth and red throat. Then it gave me a message that I can't fully remember. It said something along the lines of "it's going to be ok."
Hi Ryan, I had a dream last night about alligators, it’s still very vague but I’m trying to work out who they were eating, 2 people they had eaten that were with me, family/ friend, I saw them in the mouths of the alligators and couldn’t get to them, as the water was rising in the house and there were loads of them swimming around. What does this mean? It’s really upsetting to think about and that i couldn’t do anything to save them.
Anna Curry
I caught a small crocodile and put a plastic container over it. It appeared the crocodile couldn’t breathe and got on its back. I put slits on the plastic container so the crocodile could breathe. But then the crocodile was pushing itself out through one of the wholes, but his head looked like a turtle’s head poking out of the hole in the plastic container and I woke up thinking I should have not made the hole so big.
Opukiri Esther
I dreamt of crocodile just last night. It wasn't scary at first but when the statue of crocodile started moving and chasing me in particular, that was scary. I ran into a house close by but the woman in the house chased me out aggressively. Some other woman helped me by dressing me up like a baby and then the crocodile passed me.
My dream was of me walking along the bank of a river. The bank was covered with hundreds of alligators and I had to walk in to of them all. None of them would bite me though. I have had this dream several times. One dream there were baby alligators with rainbow colored camouflage patterned scales who would follow me.
For the last two nights i had a dream a alligator was chasing me through the house trying to eat me. No matter where i go he's right behind me. Today he got bigger so im wondering what i should do
Sarah Brown
I saw two alligators crossing in the middle of the road in my dream.
I’ve dreamt of alligators/crocodiles for well over a month, literally almost every night, they’re just swimming or I see them in the dream, in a river, pool, hurricane or like a flood around me or inside a house.. last night it was a swimming pool and I was swimming away from it. Sometimes in the same dreams I see a wall of water coming toward me and I know I’m about to die then I wake up. I constantly have had these type dreams for years, natural disasters, tornadoes, alligators, snakes, frogs the size of a dog. Here lately it has been alligators.
I was back in a house from my childhood. I couldn't open my eyes properly but I could see it had been changed. Walls added, rooms moved around. The bathroom reno was outdated and not to my taste. There was an old friend of my mum's at the dining room table, only met him once, he's a bit odd. Rutger Hauer was in the bedroom with me, chillin in bed, talking like he was my partner. And there were big monsters in the swimming pool out the back. Sharks and strange things and a massive crocodile in the middle. It was very dreamlike, as I saw them in silhouette, floating, but my mind said they were in the pool.
Dee R
This morning Dreams was ... had a mix of emotions here is why... it all started with my family and I, I was jungle like between 12 and 14 maybe, and my mother was in every scene of the dream. I was given to hold a short rounded WHITE alligator. Which I help from his arms lookiawaynfrom be because I was afraid to get bitten. He made me feel scared but I also thought he was cute because he was unique. My mother and I went to this Zoo (mostly and alligator zoo. My mother wanted to drop him off there because I was getting too attached to it. We started looking at the different shows. One time I had to get in shoulder to shoulder like to she the show and since I was still holding the baby alligator people were looking at me between obset and scared. But did not cared as much as I was trying to shown my alligator the show high he was actually enjoying. Then all of the sudden it started to chan6from daytime to dinner time and when I when to see my mother and came back to my spot I had lost it because the people had teamed up to make it happen. This is when I remember my mother had told me to ask about the place and how they treated theri alligator. When this ladies that work there told me she had just started but that the place was not the best place for my little alligator I got worried and told my mother. I when back to the ladies and she told me I would find some answers in a kind of floor window that was a few steps away. When I walked to the window there were some inscription on the concrete looking floor that I could not identify. So I procede to walk in. They were 4 show window that on the other side was full-on water and it's had different times of alligators, I kneel down and pup his mouth as close to glass as posible, he made this sound odd Exhaling sound and put his not up and it look like he had a smile on his face. On the second une he did this growling sou d and woed his teeth, this was weird and scarry but the I knew he did not like that tank. So I proceeded to move to the next one a more greenesh looking water and he did not like it ether. On The last one this alligator shapes look.a bit more similar to it. And he hade this satisfying sound and later on the flood and window and smile. For the fist time after a lo g time I had let go of it. Then he decided to move so I had to gram him but he was much bigger so I had to manure holding him.but also hitting his mouth so he wouldn't bite anyone. So I decided that if I left him would be in there. At the end I'm not sure if I did or we made something similar to him but in a bigger scale. There were 3 big holes on the wall this so when I returned apparently after a wile he had grown 10 to 20 times his size like a dinosaur. His new was long and can put it true the holes to see me as soon as I would wal.in there. My uncle told me he smells you and comes swinging so gast to see you. I sat on the edge and he put his head close to me so I can snuggle hang wile we both smile content for seen each other. At the end I felt like I did evening could to make him happy and keep him safe.
The dream started off with me walking with my friend so he can throw away a gift he was going to give his ex. We're in some dirty river and he hits a couple crocodiles. I levitate but he's stuck surrounded by a bunch of crocodiles. I try to help but I'm flying pretty slow. A crocodile bites his shoulder he's bleeding really bad. I grab a stick to hit the crocodile. He escapes to a safer place. I feel bad until I wake up to realize he lead me there to begin with
Stacy Nieves
My dream was so vivid. I was in my classroom sitting on my table as always, teaching. My students started screaming and I noticed a king cobra on the desk of one my student. I went with a pencil to stab it but it quickly went into his table. I tried to get my student to move away but he was paralyzed in fear. So before the snake could strike I cried my student and knocked the table down. The snake grew lizard legs and ran out my classroom. As it was running it was growing into a alligator. My students screams alerted the main office but they couldn’t do anything. The last thing I remember before waking up was having the alligator open jaw right in front of me.
Ramudingana vuledzani
Hi am vuledzani Ramudingana I had dream yesterday we're I was dreaming about seeing someone swimming with the alligator inside the water what does that mean ?
I dreamt of a crocodile , I guess up on a rolling bank, no water before me. This huge crocodile ways lying on its side, it’s underbelly was dark yellow. Several little birds were picking out and eating lice/bugs, grooming? I never saw it’s head or the end of its tail, just realized it was massive, however, I didn’t feel afraid. However, in the dream I thought. Wow! This guy would be heavy if he rolled over on me and I imagine in the dream the heavy weight of it. I’ve just been hired for the best job I’ve had in a very long time, a job that incorporates life goals. I felt this dream told me that many of my doubts and fears were my own creation in mind (failing at work, life).
Mary L Byrd
I dreamed I was walking around my house (outside) and I saw an alligator covered in sand. And my house was filled with a lot of baby alligator all through the house. I was upset, afraid and crying.
Maria sears sears
I was dreaming of swimming in the middle of two semi truck sized aligators but I was at peace I felt very calm felt they were sent to protect me they were about five feet or more away from me they never got close but I felt safe at peace we continued on I felt safe we never did anything but swim the water was calm they glided gently and smoothly thru the water me too it was so tranquil and peaceful I didn't ever want it to end I felt telepathically they were spiritually helping me on my journey and nothing could hurt me .it was a good dream I didn't want to wake up they maintained the same distance the whole time thru the dream. I saw their immensity and my smallest in comparison to them .I still feel safe just thinking about it I still sense the same peace
I dreamed of a crocodile.. it was chasing me and the other person and later it catch my leg
Hi Ryan, the past Monday I dreamt of a burst of water and crocodiles from all around the yard here at home(It's like I was shocked that they were even creatures under the ground). So after the burst the crocodiles were filled around the yard except inside the house. One baby crocodile was at the door step. All these crocodiles looked powerless. In the dream my partner said "at least this is a good thing because they are out the ground , imagine all this time we lived not knowing these things were under here" Still confused...
Patricia Gayle Newton
My boyfriend and I were sitting against the carport wall of my fathers home. Boyfriend of 3 mo. I want more/he is pulling away, he is 59 and I am 60, my fathers home has not been accessible since 2006. There is now a swamp there and I looked down to see a very large gator under the water next to boyfriend, I tapped his arm, pointed and I got up and ran, bf started to follow and then I woke up.
Passing on a river by a big crocodile. Someone disturbed it and it open the eyes and open the mouth about to swallow and woke up
Gloria David
Just this morning, dreamt about it but the alligator is in someone elses house chasing me and others inside😬
Gbede Bright
Yesterday about crocodile
I dreamt of alligators last night, I realized after reading this article that I every dream with alligators have something to do with me in my current house and me in a different house, I'll been at a crossroad for the last two years about buying a house or not. And it scares me.
I had a dream of me and my brother. Also sister, he was showing us 2 crocodiles by this pond lake thingy. But we had to get up this mountain. He waited up there for us as we went and got food I think to feed them. The second time up he was telling us to hurry cause he wanted to show us feeding them. I was last one up tryna hurry. I asked my sister for help. She didn't wanna help me. So I got up n missed the whole thing but he told her that he loves us. N I couldn't help but wonder if she told him I loved him too. Then me n my sister were standing near this tree I hugged the tree as I seen the sunset shining over the pond. Then she copied me and hugged the tree. Please send me an email. I love an insight on what this could possibly mean?
Tumisang Rapoo
I was in a huge lake with 2 white people and one of them was being bitten by a crocodile didnt seem like an attack dhe wasnt screaming. So after reading the article, yes i been having trust issues, betrayed, husband still chatting to his ex, the dreams probably tryna tell me that crocodile might bit but wont hurt....
I dreamt that extremely large crocodiles kept entering my home through the AC vents. I had to fight them with broom sticks, killing most through the eyes/head.
Nutei Chhakchhuak
I just have it now.. I was trying to breast-feeding my baby but it transform into a giant crocodile.
Last night I dreamt I was swimming with someone familiar and when I looked back at the shore we were so far out. I became concerned so we began to slowly make our way back. That’s when I saw the bumpy ridges of a croc breaking the top of the water. I kept my calm, looked to my left and saw that the bank was closer in that direction. We turned and slowly and gently breast stroked in that direction, keeping very quiet and calm. More and more crocs began to appear. The water was now full of them. They were bumping and becoming agitated, circling and flicking. I felt intense fear and anxiety . There was no way out. As I realised that we were not going to make it a calm and peace enveloped me. I spoke to the other that was with me and said I love you and I let go internally. I awoke. ??? I am living on my own after a 10yr relationship that ended due to domestic violence and am struggling financially. 3 days ago I used the last of my superannuation to pay my rent so I now have no backup financially. I am unemployed and have been in a 18 month battle with my ex for settlement. Anxiety has been through the roof however this morning I am still in that calm from the dream???
I dreamt I was forced to take care of someone’s (a family member I have had issues with) pet alligator and take it out for a walk in town. I was terrified of it which was following me so eventually I ran into a stranger’s house and asked them to help me hide until it went away. It finally did and then I felt somewhat bad because I had “lost” the alligator but was mad because I didn’t want it in the first place. I had important errands to run and this hindered me and drove up my anxiety.
Maura M
I had a dream about alligators on two different occasions. The first, I was walking with my fam and told them we needed to leave bc of an alligator walking up out the water we were close too. We proceeded walking when my sister and her lil daughter started walking back towards its direction, the gator bit my nieces foot while my sis tried pulling her from his grasp. I then grabbed my niece and ran for the house. The other dream was similar, my grandmother was in the pool, but it had a swamp around it. There were many gators around her and she seemed unbothered by it, I then tried scaring off some to make my Grammy a path back (she still unbothered) i then get really close to one so I can scare it off, but the gator seemed like it was toying with me. My grandmother finally got out the water and with the alligators being so close I was shocked when nun tried attacking her. What do you think those dreams mean..
This morning I had a dream that over 20 baby alligators were crossing the street thst I needded to walk throgh. Suddenly a moma gator was running in my dirction. I crossed over the baby alligator and kept walking. There was also 1 albino ( all white) baby alligator. Not sure what it means. But I am leaning toward trouble my relationship
I had an amazing dream about crocodile eyes. I was at a party and had crocodile eyes on the top of my shoes. They were able to see and look from side to side as if they were real. It came with a sense of being incredibly empowered and I had an entourage of followers supporting and rooting for me. I was at a party and I felt totally in control, vivacious and full of fun! One of my stand-out and best dreams ever...
I dream seeing someone running to toilet to escape from a prank humour situation and sit on toilet to rest. Outside they switch off the toilet light and I saw behind him there was crocodile face with green eyes rising behind partly and my alarm rang.
jessy Libato
Today morning I open my eyes around 6:30 am I check the time then I move and went back to sleep I had a dream there is a huge place like a sports museum and I plug some charger wondering there is water was like flooding and I saw crocodile or alligator small try to chase me i try to skip out with the water and I know there big one a lot farther and slowly less water into the ground.then I wake up.but before that I saw some of my husband family and those people are we have a quarrel I don’t want to see them anymore that’s what I want in real same in my dream while I am sleeping I try to pretend my eyes not open so not to see them but 1 boy newhew giving list for Xmas ge requesting me to buy a fertiliser for the plants and I saw a art the tree and plants too in the note.that’s my 1st dream continue with the alligator or crocodile.what the meaning of my dream thanks a lot
I had a dream and I saw a baby alligator along my way and I kill it after I kill it, and I saw the dead baby alligator vanished, and a mat came from up to block me from leaving where I kill the alligator, but it didn't reach on the ground and I woke up.
Rester Baronda
I dream more crocodile in the water last night.I hope and I pray that it’s a good sign.
I had a dream that a crocodile ate half of my loved one and continued to try to attack my home and family
My dream started out with me having an argument with my Dad about me playing video games. My Dad kept saying I needed to do something or he would smash my game system. I finally turned the system off and left, which pleased him but he then started belittling me for it. I left the house and found myself walking through a tourist area in the Everglades. I was talking to a woman on my cellphone and she was telling me that I had to start fighting back. After hanging up, I stopped by the edge of a small shallow canal, with people on both sides, and there was a group of medium size and small alligators swimming down toward a larger building. I got the feeling they were heading there to be fed. Two large alligators showed up but the water was too shallow for them to swim so they were walking. They only came a couple of steps into the canal, watching the people with their mouths slightly open before turning and going back to the deeper water.
bhamah kotiah
My dream was about young alligators swimming opposite direction from me in a clear water lake. I turned around and fed one of them. My interpretation is that the enemies will try to avoid me. feeding them means that they will be trapped in their own world.
Zavine McKenzie
This morning my house was filled with black crocodile/alligator and I keep begging people in my house to please help me get them out cause I was scared of them they helped me remove a few but I have to remove the rest myself I even hit one them really hard almost killed it because it bit someone and I was angry at it hitting it saying why did you kill that person no idea who the person was though but I hit the reptile really bad someone stop me and it got away half beaten up. What does that mean all the reptiles was black but my house was white big upstairs & downstairs.
I had a dream I was running away from some people …. Interestingly enough as I’m crossing the top of the forest I could see a huge caimen and I knew it was a caimen because the water was murky almost swamp like I happened to snap a branch as I was trying to silently cross the path the caimen spotted me and turned into a black woman she was completely bare as if she had shape shifted I saw her coming towards me and I remember using the branch to bash her eyes and head in I remember removing her head and carrying her body out of the forest …. Help
I had a dreamt this morning that the crocodile is about to eat me, then i just remembered that someone told me that if u dont move or pretend that you are dead they will not eat you so I did that and the crocs just smelled me and go away,i can felt his tails moving away from me
In my dream there were about 30 crocodiles swimming across the lake. I entered and was swimming behind them. I was terrified and didn’t want to be doing it. In life, my job could definitely be at stake do to covid, I had a bad ending to my last relationship, and my current relationship has a barrier to happiness. Someone owes me a few thousand dollars and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it paid back.