What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

by Ryan Hart

Updated on April 17, 2019

Woman Dreaming About Someone

Want to know what it means when you dream about someone?

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I was shocked to learn that there are 5 possible reasons why you might dream about someone you know.

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5 Meanings of Having Dreams About Someone

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Dream About Someone

Dreams hold hidden meanings and powerful messages. When you dream about someone it means they are thinking about you or will make an appearance in your life.

When you have a dream about someone it is important to remember the dream exactly as it happens in order to understand exactly what it means.

While scientists do not know why we dream, my goal is to help you learn the meaning of your dreams to get more clarity in your life.

Here’s what it means when you dream about someone:

You Want The Person to Like or Admire You

When you dream about someone it is a sign that you desire their approval or attention. This is likely caused by the fact that they have been ignoring you or not engaging with your advances.

You have a need for people to like or admire you. So when you don’t feel appreciated or noticed, you begin to question your appearance or doubt your confidence.

Dreaming about this person might be a difficult experience for you. Recently you shared things with them that you normally don’t share with others. Now you worry about what they might think of you.

The Person in Your Dreams is Thinking About You

Dreaming about someone can be a sign that they are thinking or dreaming about you.

This might come as a great surprise to you!

If you dream about someone you have not seen for a long time they are likely thinking about you or might make an appearance in your life soon.

On the other hand, when you dream about a friend, coworker, or ex, they are thinking about you or the next time they will see you. When you see them, pay close attention to their actions or body language. You will quickly learn whether they are having positive or negative thoughts about you.

If you do not want this person in your life, do not mention your dream to them. In contrast, if you are looking for an easy way to break the ice, telling them about your dream could help you create that connection you’ve been looking for.

Someone Will Take Advantage of You

Having a dream about someone could be a sign that they will take advantage of you or cause you emotional pain. This dream could be a warning to be suspicious of this person and their motives.

Your relationship with this person has left you vulnerable either emotionally or financially. You worry that they will steal from you or take what is rightfully yours.

Be careful what you reveal to this person as it could come back to haunt you.

You tend not to be too revealing to others and like to keep your deepest thoughts to yourself. On the other hand, you are still fun and spontaneous without revealing too much to those in your life.

Your unique personality will serve you well when dealing with certain people that see your outgoing attitude as a weakness.

Your Life Would Be Different If You Were With Them

If you are dreaming about someone it is likely because you worry if you made the right decisions in your relationships. The appearance of a certain person in your dreams means you are curious about what your life might be like with them.

You are happy with your current partner or relationship status, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine how things might have turned out differently.

It’s no secret that your life might be better if you were with the person in your dreams. You would likely be in a different financial situation and probably be more fulfilled, but it’s too late to change that now.

You are tired of struggling to make ends meet or not having happiness in your life, so dreaming about this person is exciting. Dreaming about someone means there will be a change in your relationships.

These dreams should give you hope that things will soon change for the better.

You Feel Left Out or Lonely

Dreaming about someone means you are feeling lonely, sad, or used. You deeply miss someone, but they do not have the same feelings.

You struggle with moving on from this person and think about them constantly. You wish they could be back in your life so everything would return to normal.

It has been difficult for you to start new relationships or friendships because you only think about the person you lost. Instead of creating new memories, you enjoy thinking about the memories from your past.

If you still see this person in your daily life, it can make you feel left out or lonely when they are hanging out with other people. You wonder if things will ever get better and how you will move on.

The good news is that they are likely also thinking about you, even if they don’t show any signs. That is probably because it is difficult for them to move on as well.

Take it one day at a time and everything will eventually get better.

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