What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

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Want to know what it means when you dream about someone?

What I discovered in my research was very surprising.

In fact:

I was shocked to learn that there are 5 possible reasons why you might dream about someone you know.

Ready to find out what it means?

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Woman Dreaming About Someone

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Dream About Someone

Dreams hold hidden meanings and powerful messages. When you dream about someone it means they are thinking about you or will make an appearance in your life.

When you have a dream about someone it is important to remember the dream exactly as it happens in order to understand exactly what it means.

While scientists do not know why we dream, my goal is to help you learn the meaning of your dreams to get more clarity in your life.

Here’s what it means when you dream about someone:

5 Meanings of Having Dreams About Someone

You Want The Person to Like or Admire You

When you dream about someone it is a sign that you desire their approval or attention. This is likely caused by the fact that they have been ignoring you or not engaging with your advances.

You have a need for people to like or admire you. So when you don’t feel appreciated or noticed, you begin to question your appearance or doubt your confidence.

Dreaming about this person might be a difficult experience for you. Recently you shared things with them that you normally don’t share with others. Now you worry about what they might think of you.

The Person in Your Dreams is Thinking About You

Dreaming about someone can be a sign that they are thinking or dreaming about you.

This might come as a great surprise to you!

If you dream about someone you have not seen for a long time they are likely thinking about you or might make an appearance in your life soon.

On the other hand, when you dream about a friend, coworker, or ex, they are thinking about you or the next time they will see you. When you see them, pay close attention to their actions or body language. You will quickly learn whether they are having positive or negative thoughts about you.

If you do not want this person in your life, do not mention your dream to them. In contrast, if you are looking for an easy way to break the ice, telling them about your dream could help you create that connection you’ve been looking for.

Someone Will Take Advantage of You

Having a dream about someone could be a sign that they will take advantage of you or cause you emotional pain. This dream could be a warning to be suspicious of this person and their motives.

Your relationship with this person has left you vulnerable either emotionally or financially. You worry that they will steal from you or take what is rightfully yours.

Be careful what you reveal to this person as it could come back to haunt you.

You tend not to be too revealing to others and like to keep your deepest thoughts to yourself. On the other hand, you are still fun and spontaneous without revealing too much to those in your life.

Your unique personality will serve you well when dealing with certain people that see your outgoing attitude as a weakness.

Your Life Would Be Different If You Were With Them

If you are dreaming about someone it is likely because you worry if you made the right decisions in your relationships. The appearance of a certain person in your dreams means you are curious about what your life might be like with them.

You are happy with your current partner or relationship status, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine how things might have turned out differently.

It’s no secret that your life might be better if you were with the person in your dreams. You would likely be in a different financial situation and probably be more fulfilled, but it’s too late to change that now.

You are tired of struggling to make ends meet or not having happiness in your life, so dreaming about this person is exciting. Dreaming about someone means there will be a change in your relationships.

These dreams should give you hope that things will soon change for the better.

You Feel Left Out or Lonely

Dreaming about someone means you are feeling lonely, sad, or used. You deeply miss someone, but they do not have the same feelings.

You struggle with moving on from this person and think about them constantly. You wish they could be back in your life so everything would return to normal.

It has been difficult for you to start new relationships or friendships because you only think about the person you lost. Instead of creating new memories, you enjoy thinking about the memories from your past.

If you still see this person in your daily life, it can make you feel left out or lonely when they are hanging out with other people. You wonder if things will ever get better and how you will move on.

The good news is that they are likely also thinking about you, even if they don’t show any signs. That is probably because it is difficult for them to move on as well.

Take it one day at a time and everything will eventually get better.

Why Do We Dream About People?

Dreams are the subtle expression of our deepest concerns, fears, and wishes. The analysis of dreams can give you greater insight into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Simply put, our dreams are just the result of random thoughts in our brain. However, some dreams have deeper meaning, and when we look for these meanings, it can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

For thousands of years, people have been studying dreams and their interpretations. They have discovered that dreams do carry very real messages to us with very real feelings attached, even though we may not remember them.

There are many possible meanings of dreams that include people, locations, and objects. Noticing the details of what is happening can sometimes help in understanding the meaning of the dream.

Dreaming about someone usually means you have some unfinished business with that person. You’re worried about something he or she did, said, or didn’t do or say to you. It could be events in the past or an emotional issue.

When someone familiar appears in your dream, he or she likely holds a place in your psyche, so just as you wake up with images of faces or people you see regularly, so will they appear in your dreams. Take note of what the particular person is doing, if he or she is alone or with others, and even note how that particular person looks differently than you remember him from real life.

Once armed with these details, spend some time analyzing your feelings and what thoughts immediately come to mind when you think of each dream character. If it helps to discuss your experience with the actual person in real life, then do so.

Someone in a dream can represent many things. It depends on how that person is presented in relation to the dreamer and the circumstances surrounding the dream.

Dreaming about someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re concerned about or upset with him or her—on the contrary, it may be a way of expressing deeper concerns or wishes.

Just as in waking life, dreams can be highly symbolic: a loved one may appear to give us a magical gift, say that everything will be okay, or do something kind for us. The interpretation of your dream about a loved one depends on how the person appeared in the dream and what he or she was doing.

Some dreams paint literal pictures, but in a symbolic dream, the specific details of the dream stand for something else entirely. To get at the real meaning of your dream, you must identify the central figure and the setting. The central figure could be you, or it could be someone you know. The setting provides more clues as to what your symbolic dream is trying to tell you.

How to Interpret Your Dream About Someone

The purpose of dream interpretation is to decipher the hidden meaning within the symbols in a dream. It is a common belief that dreams reflect our inner thoughts and desires, or they may be warnings of things to come.

Every night, each of us is visited by a small cast of dream characters who may communicate a wide variety of messages.

Dreams have always been important to humans and continue to be so in many cultures throughout the world. Cultures with access to written language have passed on detailed instructions on how to interpret dreams. These interpretations usually involve themes of sacrifice, heroic action, punishment for wrongdoing, and wish fulfillment.

Ancient Greek writings are an example of how dreams were interpreted 1500 years ago while modern day books can show how they are interpreted today. Dream symbols often need interpretation because they appear differently in different individuals.

When you dream about someone, your unconscious becomes activated and brings forth what matters to you. The easiest way to distinguish whether you are dreaming of a person who matters to you symbolically or in real life is to take note of how you feel. If you feel uneasy, afraid, or overjoyed in your dream when you meet this person, they likely symbolize something in your life.

A dream about someone you know could be more personal than you might think. What someone is doing in a dream, or even the details of his or her appearance, might mean something entirely different than what the person looks like in real life—for instance, a menacing figure might mean something that feels insurmountable to you.

Dreams and the people you see in them are reflections of yourself and things about yourself that you may not even be aware of. Your dreams are tools that help you understand your thoughts and feelings. The first thing to remember is not to take dreams literally, they are very symbolic, and it can take some time to figure out their meaning.

Dreams provide an inner glimpse into our subconscious mind, which heightens self-awareness and helps bring hidden thoughts to surface. When we dream about someone we care about, it is often a reflection of how that person influences us on a subconscious level.

If you think of your crush in a dream, and it’s what happens next that concerns you, don’t worry. The waking world is the real bad guy in this scenario. It’s not about the crush, she or he is innocent by association. You just need to take stock of your other relationships—the ones that are closer to the heart. Are you neglecting them? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time for some self-searching and introspection.

If you are still trying to understand what your dream meant, here are a few tips to gain some clarity:

First, try to figure out if the dream is a memory of something that really occurred. What were you doing at the time? What was the location?

Then, ask yourself what else was going on around you prior to your interaction with the person in your dream. If you can recall anything noteworthy about those surrounding you, it might help you learn more about what is really bothering you about this person.

A dream about someone else is sometimes an expression of your feelings about that person, how you feel with them or how you perceive them. It may also help to know what the other person looks like, if you were present when the dream took place or there is some object from the dream you can think about.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about someone?

What do you think it means when you have these dreams?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about someone? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Last night. I woke up at least 3x before going back to sleep. And every single dream my ex was in it. But in the dream, we were together, and happy. I’m confused and sad wondering why she’s in my dream
For the past 3 days
I got a dream about my old friend we had some feeling for eachother but we ended up with fight we did not have any relationship and all,but he was very angry on me he blocked me in all social media platforms,now for 2 months or so he comes in my dream, it's like am trying to convince him for the mistake i did to him and he is comprised,shld i talk to him in real world? Does he stills thinks about the wrong i did to him? Am very confused and worried
I was very intrigued to know that when u dream about someone they are thinking about you,its realy amazing.So I keep dreaming about a man whom i like,and i have dreamt about him more than once multiple times actualy and in the dream he and I are in a relationship.I have never approached him and neither has he.And i dreamed about him this morning again today,so i need to know what is going on please.
Lastnight that he came back to me i havent seen him in 1month and 5 days
Hi there Last night I had a dream about my toxic ex that I was starting to forget . In this dream he was hitting me so hard I was crying my eyes out when people tried to help me I was telling them that he's going to change. Mind you when we were still dating he has never physically abused me, he was emotionally abusing me.
I keep dreaming about the same person, well ex. I dreamt about him last night and before that it must of been a few months (2 or 3) since I last dreamt of him. This has been going on for like a year now and if your theory of “if you dream of someone then they are thinking of you” or that “you will see them again” is true, I’d hope to discover that answer pretty soon because these dreams make me feel confused and sad when I wake up, and I would sure love to talk to him again.
Daniela (maluma sister)
Heyyy guys I had this dream about my ex mike and it been 2 nights I can’t sleep thinking about him I have dreams about him I miss him so much .....but it’s weird ....cuz I been saying in my head he moved on maybe he didn’t and my dream telling me sum?!idk help me !understand this plz😔❤️☹️
Ava R.
My old friend was in my dream and all she said was "Hi" but she said it in a very nice way. She even smiled at me. I at first ignored her for like, 1 second but then I said "Hi". I also smiled but I even felt sad in my dream. That was concerning and very sad. The even weirder thing is that two other boys from my old school were in there witch was concerning. I was actually talking and laughing with them a lot in my dream but we never talk in school. I even gave one a Christmas present! The weird thing is the one I gave a present is the one I have never been thinking of but the other boy was the one I have been occasionally thinking of. In real life, the two boys are both friends. This is concerning because I don't even go to that school anymore and I just switched schools recently. I have no clue as to what is going on. Please help I am very worried. 12/24/2020
I dreamt I was walking along the highway and out of no where and old female friend who I haven't seen in years was walking towards me. We both smiled at each other and then I woke up.
the past two? maybe three nights i've been dreaming about this girl. i've never met her in person - she's a friend of a friend - but we're interacted on instagram like twice and i think she's really cool. in the dreams she hasn't been a main character, but each time i've woken up the main thing i've taken away from the dream is that she was there. does anyone know what this might mean? my train of that is that it's because she's been on my mind a fair amount recently, but if anyone's got anything else, please, please let me know !!
I was working as a courier and used to see this girl a couple of times a week for only a few minutes so we didn’t see that much of each other but I knew she liked me but she is from a different culture and it was hard so as I’m single after a break up of a long relationship I was taking my time but then I was made redundant and it was wasn’t that which made my whole world crash it was not seeing her anymore ..recently I have had dreams with her in them and seem to remember them well ..it’s been 4 months since I stopped going there .but I just looked at your site because I wondered if me dreaming of her meant she was either thinking of me or dreaming of me. ,... it was only last night and last week Thanks
I had a dream that my old crush was standing next to me, and we looked at each other about the same time. I smiled at him, so he smiled backed at me. I haven’t seen him for a couple years, although he’s still been in the back of my head. I never spoke to him about my feelings, let alone anyone else. I’ve been thinking more about him lately, and I’m just wondering why he’s showing up in more of my dreams.
i had another dream about my ex friend that i miss tonight, we were driving to a hotel room in a big city during the night and i rolled a joint for us and when we got to the hotel room we smoked some weed, and after that we cuddled with eachother and kissed for a bit and did our own things. i found a blacklight neon skating park that i wanted to take him to and i didn't know where he was, so me and another person looked for him and found him, then we drove to the neon skating park and started to skate and i woke up.
I had three dreams last night about a man I’m friends with. We’re both open to being attracted to each other but I don’t know if he’d like a real relationship. In my dreams he would come over to make me feel better or once I was breaking down outside his building and he took me in. One time my father started to scream at me and he picked me up and set me on the bed in another room, told me it would be okay, kissed me and left.
I've just had 2 dreams in the last 2 weeks that I was at 2 separate parties and in both loved ones that have past were there. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep because even though I was happy to be with them if it means I'm going to be joining them soon I'm not ready. This has me shook.
Last night, i was just having my sleep for around 3 hours, yet i dream about someone i can't forget, and when i'm awake i start to think about him again all the time. I don't know why i just can't forgot him, even though we don't meet anymore .... I don't even know what's my heart truly want...either forget him or just stay like this.
The last time I had a dream about someone in my life was a couple days ago. I haven't talked to this person in a couple months so it was surprising to see them appear in my dream. A coworker had told days prior to this dream that someone fitting the description of dream person had come in and asked for me. I feel like this dream was a sign that it was the person who had been asking for me and it would make sense because where me and this person last left off was very negative and just not on a good note and the dream was basically asking one another for forgiveness for what had been done. Nonetheless I believe we dream of people we know for a reason and they do have some kind of connection to what happens in real time when we're awake.
I have been dreaming about this person for atleast 2 weeks and some dreams are almost nightmares
He's literally been haunting my dreams for so long but the dreams are really pleasant- it always leaves me confused and sad
Quite often I have dreams with a different guy in each one and this guy truly loves me and I him; they are no one that I know in the real world.
Louis Fontana
I just had a dream about a girl I was talking to for over two years but she told me she met someone else recently and I haven't been in contact with her the past few weeks .
Last year I dreamt on my ex boyfriend. A month or two ago he started following me on Instagram then in the week he reached out to me asking how I was and saying he wanted to clear out any misunderstandings between the two of us.
yesterday. i already dreamed of her twice, yesterday was the last. she was my boyfriend's M.U. we haven't meet but i knew her face, i see her photos in fb. it's so weird, every time i sleep im think about me and my bf cuddling etc. it was very random, that's why im here to have some ideas about dreams.
Randy~ I believe you’ll run into this person again gas they were put into your once and shall be there again. Especially when you are going through hatch changes and distancing yourself from everyone and everything. But be ware they may have been bringing you back to steal your energy.
LAST NIGHT, I was dreaming of 3 person who happens that very familiar to me and one person is one of my ex, that requesting for a comeback relationship, I wanted to know what does it means, He showed there eagerness to have me back in his lofe what does it means? I'm really curious about it since it has been happening consecutively.
So I saw my crush twice in my dreams in the same night . In one he was happy with me but in oe he was trying to end our friendship idk . And I have seen him once before too so 3 times he has been in my dream . The first time it was like we are in love
I have the same dream frequently about someone I dont even think off or see anymore never went out with but the dream is clear as day and I remember it the next day I had 3 last night with the same person in I kept waking up due to struggling to sleep and everytime I went back to sleep they reappeared just dont understand why
Ryan Hart
Very interesting! This dream could be a message that they are thinking about you. God could be trying to guide you toward this person for a very special reason.
Brianna Madura
I keep having dreams about someone I used to be inlove with 4 years ago. The last dream I had was him telling me, "you can always find me on fb". For the past four years I just can't stand to have anymore dreams about him. I'm just so tired of seeing his face..
Hi there I had a dream last night about someone else, which is my boyfriend's friend. I'd like to know if he has the same feelings for me as I think I do for him?
Ryan Hart
Exodus 20:17 says "You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."
I had a dream about a friend (I also had a tiny crush on him) who moved away about 2 years ago. The dream was really random, given the fact that I moved on a while ago. We were in a crowd and I kept trying to get his attention, but I couldn't.
Don't wreak there friendship if he's any friend he would IMEDIATLY tell your partner if you did anything like that it's wrong
Sherry Tanner
Well I look this up because I dream if someone I have deep emotion connection with an psychical connection to but never got further we just drew a friendship bond but never waz able to express my true feeling seem if we do run across we both be nervous and to answer the other question been about close to year but grew this feeling an connection 2 pluse years ago wen I was with a karmic partner that betrayed me doing that time and I meet the one I dream up some months prior it waz a instant connection but never took it any further cause I waz healing from the previous connection with karmic didn't expect to grow emotions for the one I have emotions for it just came out of know we're and have not got over him cause I really feel n my heart he my soul mate also a blessing that came n my life. That brought me happiness and that I can talk to him about anything I miss that. But it's n God's hand waz meant will be and what's not won't understand thank. Thank you
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing. Continue to have faith that God will guide you to the right person. It's in his hands now...
i had a dream about someone at my school. we arent really freinds i should say but like we have many classes together i do admit i like him. i never told him anything and he didnt show any sign he likes me back. in quaintine, its hard, i just wonder if im gonna see him again, or if he misses me.
I constantly dream of a same person who’s my very close friend. As she moved to other country, haven’t met and contact. But I think about her every night before i go to sleep. And I need her to reach me out! I’m hoping she has the same feeling for me as well :(
Ryan Hart
God works miracles everyday to reunite lost love. I will pray for God's grace in your life.
I hope she reached out!
Bhargav Gogoi
All of the above mentioned reasons and points are very accurate. I have been dreaming about someone whom I was seeing few months back and I do feel the same
Ryan Hart
So glad you found this helpful. God bless.
Ryan Hart
I'm glad this article was helpful for you. Thank you for leaving a comment.
I had a dream last night about someone I no longer have contact with from 6 months ago...we had a huge argument and I ended the relationship. I’ve always had feelings and a very strong bond with him. We were together many years ago and ended our relationship then due to certain circumstances. We have this special connection but I felt he was abusing the friendship. Taking my kindness for weakness. My dream was that he was back in my life, and I have had about 4 dreams in this 6 months. I think of him often. He asks a mutual connection about me quite often...
Ryan Hart
This could be a sign that God is working to heal the wounds from your breakup. I will keep you in my prayers.
I dreamt my son who I realy miss someone brought him yto me and we hugged and I had memories in my pocket of long ago n I went to make him a coffee in the kitchen miss him so much
I had a dream about a guy I had a crush on during junior year. He didn’t like me back obviously. He was really hard to talk to. I haven’t spoken or seen him in months. Yet I had a dream with him in it. And multiple people but the dream seemed to circle around him. I haven’t even been thinking of him. It’s strange that I had a dream. It was random. All the boys from my high school were having a party in my neighborhood and me and my sister got dressed to meet my sisters friend but he was there. We were planning to go to their house to watch movies. Throughout the dream their was an awkward tension and we were eventually warming up to one another without sentences. My sister was gone (you know dreams) but we kept having these awkward confrontations. I think the dream was representing the lack of relationships I have had with the people I felt I had a falling out of. B/c he wasn’t the only one. It was my cousin, this other guy named Daniel, the dude my dream circled around AJ, and Lyndon strange I never spoke to him. Does that mean they were thinking of me? Because I haven’t really thought of them at all. Until this dream.
Ryan Hart
You're right, one of the reasons you might dream about someone is because they are thinking about you. This is true even if you haven't thought about that person in a long time. Isn't it incredible how God sends us messages through our dreams?
I had a dream about a guy I had a crush on during junior year. He didn’t like me back obviously. He was really hard to talk to. I haven’t spoken or seen him in months. Yet I had a dream with him in it. And multiple people but the dream seemed to circle around him. I haven’t even been thinking of him. It’s strange that I had a dream. It was random. All the boys from my high school were having a party in my neighborhood and me and my sister got dressed to meet my sisters friend but he was there. We were planning to go to their house to watch movies. Throughout the dream their was an awkward tension and we were eventually warming up to one another without sentences. My sister was gone (you know dreams) but we kept having these awkward confrontations. I think the dream was representing the lack of relationships I have had with the people I felt I had a falling out of. B/c he wasn’t the only one. It was my cousin, this other guy named Daniel, the dude my dream circled around AJ, and Lyndon strange I never spoke to him. Does that mean they were thinking of me? Because I haven’t really thought of them at all. Until this dream.
Samantha Mortel
I have been dreaming so much about the same person, but different scenarios. The latest was last night: I was somewhere in the open auditorium, and then I see his little brother wearing a boy scout uniform. After that an incoherent voice boomed, then I see him together with his other brother, mom and dad walking with their little brother. Somehow, it faded and transitioned to me facing him, he was saying 'Thank You' with a paper in hand, smiling. I kissed his cheek after that. We go to the same school but he's on a higher level than me. I met him because we take the same service, also because he joins to dance contests and such. We don't share any conversations together, a few words but not really that much. He's also whom I consider my 'First' love; even if he doesn't know me and don't acknowledge my existence that much, I knew several things about him. And because of that, I've grown to cherish him.
Adreanne Cryer
I had a dream about old friend from church I use to attend. The dream was I attended an event she had at a church and she was saying something to me and moving around but I could not hear or understand her..very confusing
Ryan Hart
Yes, that does sound like a very confusing dream. God is sending a message through your dreams that only you can understand.
Mackenzie Roberts
Well in my dream I believe i was at a school that day i was in the gym I got a note for a someone it said his name on it and I went back to the gym and say down he came up to me and told I had to write u. A love letter to tell how I feel . I know this guy from work he one my friends little brother the one thing that. Happen me and him they we kiss
My last dream with him was last week. In my dreams I heard that a group of people on my street giving a blue rose. When I came there there's no blue rose but I saw him.. a man that always appear in my dreams. I know him and I love him.. but we never see each other for a year.. Honestly I don't know why he always appear in my dreams.. maybe because I always think about him Or maybe just because I love him.
I keep having a dream about some one I met on holiday years ago , we really liked each other but I was with my boyfriend and he worked in another. He told me that he loved me and I must admit we did tell me loved me and I must admit I was smitten. He now happily married and I still have dreams about him but I feel sad when I think about what might have been. I now have my fiance and little girl who I love to bits but I still have dreams about him. What does this mean?
Cate Vallada
This confuse me more actually coz the person I dreamt on is currently in a relationship and this dream honestly feels wrong lol. I just hope these dreams would stop already.
Maria Young
Hello, Ryan, I would like you to know that "running into" your website has been the best thing that could happen for me personally right now. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and advice, but more importantly, I feel it is working to help me refuel and fulfill my walk with God, on my way to fulfilling my spiritual destiny. I am deeply encouraged, and would like to express my gratitude to you in this comment. I am going to devour the information and hope to put it to good use, as much as it is in my power to do so. Keep up the good work of faith.
Ryan Hart
Thank you for the kind words. God bless.
There is this guy and im always dreaming about him and for some reason I KNOW that my dream is trying to tell me something and ive been writing them down and....im just trying to get to the bottom of this 🙃😅
This article helped me but I would really like to get more in depth. I had a dream about an old friend who was close to me and then we both moved on. We are still friends but we don’t talk a lot. He was in my dream as my boyfriend and it was weird because when I woke up I had a message from him. When him and I met we were both in serious relationships but they have since ended and everyone around us said we would flirt but we never saw it. I’m confused as to what this dream means.
I dreamt about the guy I like and I feel that he also likes me ..In my dream I saw we were both admiring each other romanticizing our date..And having a great time .. However m not sure about the reason behind this dream ..So if you can help me know the reason it would be really helpful. Thank-you so much ..Your article was really helpful.
Seema Ujir
5th of June, i.e. today i dreamed of him. And dont know whether he is really thinking of me or not. But yes i always think of him. He is always in my mind. And what ever i saw in my dream is what i wish for, dream make my desire with him fulfill even though i want in reality.
Dear Ryan, recently this morning I dreamed of a guy who I am very close to. We have been friends for years and 6 months ago our friendship became much stronger. He shared his deepest parts of his life; his dreams, family, past relationships, his journey of his faith, and how he felt about life in general. I got to experience a whole new world by going to church with him every Wednesday and Sunday. Became a more social and outgoing person, that I grew more as a person as time went by. Soon I realized I feel deeply in love with him always wanted to be by his side, hanging with his friends. It was then I decided to tell him my feelings, only to be rejected. I was emotionally heartbroken believing we shared a special connection. Then realizing I jumped to quickly and realized I needed to be a better person. To first love myself truly as I was and trust God wholeheartedly. So I decided to wait again for feelings to return back. However again I was rejected once more and to his eyes I was part his inner circle of trusted friends, a sister that he can share everything. I kept thinking of what I wanted but did not realize what he wanted in life. It took many months to put myself back together and to countiue loving him from a distance. So my dream yesterday morning was a shock to me, I remember waking up confused and unsure what it meant. What I do remember me and him are on a date at a burger place. He is wearing his favorite plaid shirt and blue jeans and black boots. I can't really make out what I'm wearing but I do know we are both. Waiting at the front register but my gets weird instead of giving me cash to order my food he gives me a loaft of bread. Then he left without saying anything much only to wait for him until he comes back. I look into my wallet for cash but it is empty. I cancel the order and go over to the tables and see a couple of his friends sitting by a table and they invite me over. Then his friends ask where my date was I told he left in a hurry. They all insist that I go after him so we hop on a strange bus. The seats are benches instead of chairs and all the seats are lined side by side. No seatbelts or doors just large windows and the floor has many pebbles and small rocks. As we are driving I notice three books under the pebbles I pick them up. Believing the girl sitting next to me dropped them, but she thinks I tried stealing her purse. And becomes angry I try explaining to the girl I was only picking up the books. Not her purse and suddenly outside the window I see the guy I like outside. A large mall area where is looking for someone and that's where my dream ends.
Aidan Cantu
I had a dream about this person and it was so weird because I haven’t remembered a dream in a long time and I was just looking for answers. Like why do I remember this dream? Also why it was that person in my dream?
Garima NK
Your article has helped name a lot Ryan. I have been Seperated from my husband since 2 years not. Haven't spoken to him or seen him. We had a love marriage and really loved each other a lot untill there were a lot of interference and problems from Family. Lots has happened and there doesn't seem to be a way to mend things. I have tried all ways. Off lately I have been getting constant dream of my husband which has been disturbing me a lot. I cannot talk to him or see him at all. My daughter talks to him and that is the only satisfaction I have. Your article does help me but makes me think as well. Thank You.
Alex Castillo
Thank you.
Well I keep having dreams about him since the first time I met him until now
Last night I had a dream about a guy I have a crush on but I kept waking up during the dream but from what I can remember from the dream it was bad as he spread lies about me and then we got together what does this mean
I just ended a 5 year relationship,it ended on a bad note.I still Love him ,last night I dreamt I attacked him,it was scary
I keep dreaming about the same person. Most of the time he is just in the background but last nights dream he just ser in front of me setting a meal feeling relax and I just stood up and walked away ... but I had forgotten my glass of water and I honestly felt a real touch from him when exchanging the glass over to me. That touch is not real is just a dream but now I that touch is in my morning thoughts. So odd.
Last night, I had a dream of a guy who is in my maths class. I’ve know him since the beginning of high school but never talked and I don’t think I have feelings towards. My dreams can be weird so I don’t understand what this means but I had a dream that I was playing with my friends and I kicked the ball and it hit his head pretty badly. I ran up and said sorry to him and he seemed embarrassed or hurt and so I told him that I would take him to the nurse. So while we’re walking there, I don’t know why put we were holding hands and how hands kept slipping out of each other’s hands like as if he didn’t wanna hold hands and what. But as soon as I took him to the nurse I left him there and again apologised. While walking back to my class I was crying because I felt bad. So yeah, that was my dream.
I have dreams about my fiancé. I have dreams that things are bad when we live together. I have had three specifically hard dreams about examples of things that may go wrong. I have children and he is much older than I am. Idk if I am having the dreams because I shouldn’t move forward with him and God is warning me or if I’m just processing fears in My sleep?
We used to go to the same school and we used to bicker ALL the time, people did suspect that he had a crush on me. One day he dropped this ring in the classroom and blushed so hard when he saw that I’ve seen what has happened.. people were suspecting that he was going to give it to me. Then years went on and he dated this girl for a bit and my feelings for him did drift a bit. We both grew up and moved schools. Where I live we have to take public buses and he started taking the same bus as me because our schools were close. I go to an all girls school and he goes to an all boys school ( don’t know if this is relevant but whatever ) I we do glance at each other sometimes, and now because of quarantine I can’t go to school so I can’t see him on the bus. And I just Had a dream about me and him going on a date. We saw a lot of people we knew there, at one point we were holding hands and one of his friends saw us and he let go of my hand. I don’t know what it means, can someone please help me?
I keep haveing dreams where my ex shows up randomly. Can go weeks so out him showing up and then boom out of no where. Last night I was at a birthday party for some kid. I was with everyone else and he was in a small room off to the side with some others. I’d notice him out of the corner of my eye But never look directly at him. At the end I was talking to his sister and made some smart comment that he heard as he walked by ( cAnt remember what I said) he smiled and said “I didn’t think you were gonna talk to me”. I don’t remember the rest I think I woke up at that point
Almost always he's appearing in my dreams and i just can't help it. I would wake 1 am.. and dreaming about him reallly sucks. He's my high school friend or shall we say my teenagers days crush but til now he'd never depart from my dream.. or maybe i was just really obsessed of having him near me for once again. I don't know what to do with myself to get rid off out from this shits for its breaking me over & over again. In my dreams he'd rejecting me still.. and never appreciated my presence! Whats the meaning of this?
Almost always he's appearing in my dreams and i just can't help it. I would wake 1 am.. and dreaming about him reallly sucks. He's my high school friend or shall we say my teenagers days crush but til now he'd never depart from my dream.. or maybe i was just really obsessed of having him near me for once again. I don't know what to do with myself to get rid off out from this shits for its breaking me over & over again. In my dreams he'd rejecting me still.. and never appreciated my presence! Whats the meaning of this?
so i had a dream about my ex, in the dream there was posters on the wall saying “will you be my girlfriend again” and i personally said no in the dream but we was still close and hugging and kissing.. i don’t know what this mean..
I've read your article and it somehow reflect on my dreams. Last night, i saw a person in my dream which I've never seen for a long time, never had a conversation for the past years and I have no idea of him since we broke up. I woke up atleast 3 times last night and every time I went back to bed, he would reappear in my dreams. I can clearly remember every story in my dreams and it's all about us getting back together. She's been in a relationship since we broke up 8 years ago and I'm happy with my relationship right now. I don't understand why he has to appear in my dreams. By the way we have the same birthmonth which is July.
I recently brokeup with my boyfriend, and soon after got involved with a guy who has been in a relationship since 10 years. A little back story is that he used to flirt with me in school and lied to me about his gf back then. This time I met him after 8 years but I felt a spark so I just thought of going with the flow. He too was having problems with his gf. They brokeup too. Soo all the sex made me get attached to him. We even stopped talking when I told him that I might get attached but whenever we met the sex was there. 3 months back he went back to our hometown and got stuck because of covid. He used to call me every once in a while and tell me about his online datings and all. He even tried to patch things with his ex but things didn’t work out. Acc to him he wants her but can’t be with her. So this time when he came back, I thought we could be friends but no the sex happened again. And I think now I’m in love with him. I texted how I feel and stopped receiving his calls for a week because ik what he’ll say. A week after I texted him to meet, but he didn’t. Instead he lied to me that he’s not well. I was devastated and I removed him from Instagram as well. He never called or texted me after that. I also saw his ex back to Instagram. What’s bothering me is, I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s always on my mind. He always in my dreams. Idk what I should do? And in the dreams I feel we have a connection. What does this mean? Help please
I have been in a just for fun friendship with a man for about 2 years now. I’ve always shown that if he could give me more than a friendship, I would take it. I just had a dream, he met one of my aunts. He tells my aunt that he does mess around with others. It hurts me, so I walk away. My aunt stays to chat with him, and she texts me that he says he’s tired of hurting me bc I end up finding out I’m not the only one he does stuff with. He rather end it, than continue to hurt me. Later on I receive a text from him saying just “hey” but I don’t reply. Then I wake up. I feel like I obsessed over this person for a long time. I think my dream is telling me I still don’t hv what I would like to hv, so maybe I should try moving on, instead of hurting myself. Bc I’ve tried ending things with him, but he comes back wanting to keep what we have.
Ive had this dream a couple of times. There is a guy that i dont know and im in a relationship with and am happy. Lots of touching and cuddles. The only i know for sure is the guy is taller than me and asian.
Darell Brewster
What’s up Ryan, so i recently had a dream about a coworker I use to get along with about a year ago, but we stopped communication for awhile. Just recently we began back on speaking terms.. well more like “hi and bye” (she started speaking again to me first) anyway in the dream it was like the two of us were working toward a goal together as a team, there was nothing romantic just the two of us working toward a goal I can’t remember the specifics of That goal I just know we were working toward, it may have been for like a competitive competition I don’t exactly know. When I woke up, I was wonder after months and months of not having any dreams why now? This is my first dream in about 1 year I suppose it’s been a while since I had a dream about someone and this was the dream. Can you help me understand it better?
Theres this guy i liked so much years ago & didn’t worked out because i didn’t got the chance to know if he likes me back because i moved places, although he showed motives back then..and i’m not sure if i have totally moved on, and it’s been 3 nights that i keep dreaming about him.
I had a dream last night and its about friends,, we had a field trip/tour and my male friend said that he's gonna be sitting beside me and then while we were walking he became clingy to me,, holding my hands etc. and we havent seen each other for like 4months cause of the pandemic,, and i think i actually like him but im in denial aha i dont wanna fall for him tho,, but im still confuse of him popping out on my dreams what does it mean?
Well,I've dream about one of my ex crush and thinking about him suddenly and the dreams are,we kissed and we both are happy but why do I've to dreams about him ?! The reason I stop crushing on him bcoz,his bad attitude but why ?. Looking forward for ur reply.
i had a dream last night about someone, which is my Dentist Dr. i don't know why she appears in my dreams.
I had a dream about someone only just a few days ago and that person left my side often but I want him to be happy forever and nothing should happen to that person , I think more than thousand times but I get into dream about that person once in aa week ,and that too with something special events , I will be happy in my dreams but in reality its not the thing , the person who is angry on me frequently can remember me , no , I know about that person very well , though I get same in dreams , what could be the significance
I had a dream about someone only just a few days ago and that person left my side often but I want him to be happy forever and nothing should happen to that person , I think more than thousand times but I get into dream about that person once in aa week ,and that too with something special events , I will be happy in my dreams but in reality its not the thing , the person who is angry on me frequently can remember me , no , I know about that person very well , though I get same in dreams , what could be the significance
I had a dream last night about my boyfriend & he had stopped talking to me & pretended as if i didn’t exist . what could this mean ?
From last 3 days I hv seen him in my dream...I ww seeing that he is saying I love you...m also missing u.....n same time he we with another person....I remember what wear that time...in reality now we had not any relationship but I m still love him
Jessica Murray
just woke up from a dream from my ex and my friend told me he was talking about me the other day so maybe he’s dreaming ab me too🤷‍♀️
I had a dream about a boy that i had a crush on one year ago and i haven't seen him for a year..i completly forgot about him and he appeared in my dream and that was the moment when i remembered about his existence. Why did i dream about him?
I constantly dream of my ex. I don't know why. Whenever I dream of him, I see that we are together and happy. It happens like everyday. How can I get rid of it?
This morning right before waking up, its about a friend i lost because if dishonesty issue. Only to find out that that was already 5 yrs ago exactly today.
I really looked this up on google 'cause I find it really odd. Last night I dreamed about a guy from work whom I once liked. He doesn't feel the same. I lost feelings for him and I'm in a serious relationship with someone else right now. In my dreams, there was a shooting incident and he saved my life. And I embraced him for saving me. I wasn't even thinking about him anymore and I thought I lost feelings for him a long time ago. I really wonder what the dream meant. My heart was beating so fast when I woke up. I'm really puzzled.
I keep having these dreams about this boy that I know who we both love each other but it’s complicated and I saw him last week. But before I saw him the day before I had a dream about him and then a week later today I woke up right now having another dream and idk why I get dreams about him. He did hurt me cuz he has a girl but he told his friend that he wishes he knew how I felt before he got a girl and that was said four months ago but I keep having these dreams where I’m hanging out with him laughing and smiling and everything is like when we were talking and hanging out together. I’m just really confused and curious cuz idk if he is thinking about me that leads to me dreaming about him, cuz this is the first dream I’ve had of him since I saw him last week. And when I said him we were just making eye contact and being near each other here and there but we didn’t talk or be alone.
I had a dream about this girl I use to like, but when I am at school I don't think about her. In this dream we were all cuddled up and we were happy. It's like we were a couple and I had my arm around her and she had her arm around me. I don't even see her anymore we haven't seen each other in months, so I don't know if this is a "sign''.
I had a dream of this guy. We used to be friends when we were young because we were neighbors . I used to have a crush on him long ago when I was a teenager but now I had a relationship and also had kids but he keeps appearing sometimes in my dreams even though I'm not thinking of him or even seeing him for ages and also he has a family now.
I dreamt abt d person quite often, sometimes I think we are going to have a relationship in d future but I think is never possible coz he is a muslim and I am a Christian and mostly we are happy together and we are very close and sometimes d dreams I had abt him are strange, sometimes we are aving a sexual lntercourse, I am shy to say dis but I just want to express my feelings I can't even tell my mom, coz I am shy to say dis out and l am in a state of confusion 😕
Maria D
i have dreamt of my deceased cousin, who was so close to me and she was just standing and smiling at me and the next night I dreamt of my deceased aunt who I took care of in the nursing home due to severe alzheimer's and she was lying down lifeless on the ground. In my mind, I know they have already died but i have a feeling during my dream, that there were 2 more female relatives that have passed away and I couldn't find them. It's weird but I am so happy to see my close cousin. I wonder what my dream means.
Cheryl Buchanan
Ryan, WOW! Jesus really did use you in my life today on many levels with this simple number and dreams informational. 11:11 just recently started appearing again to me as well as 3:33 and 2:22. The soul mate death of family and friends my thoughts turning towards heaven and telling someone that I only think of my ex when Hes thinking of me. And when I dream of Him he is connecting with me. The resurrection thing> You know; I am going to have to send you a letter because this space will not do justice to this testimony. Thank you so much for sharing your love for Gods people this way.
For past few days i have been dreaming of a boy who lives near my house. But we have never talked and i dont even know his name. But i see him like everyday and when he comes in my dream he is usually saving me.
Hello, I just had a dream about a person that I have not actually met in person but have talked to on and off since September via text/phone. It’s been a little bit since I’ve reached out, but I’m moving in a few weeks to study at a university that is relatively close to them. In addition, this person and I had once fantasized about being together one day, which puts new thoughts in my mind since I haven’t engaged with this person in awhile. I firmly believe that the universe does things like this for a reason and I’m trying to figure what this one means. If you could let me know your thoughts or help analyze this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Shannon M Logan
I keep having dreams about my ex husband and my brother. My husband left me in 2006 and that was also about the the time my brother stopped talking to me. I had a horrible problem with pain pills. I was in the Army and got hurt in the line of duty. I had several knee surgeries, and got addicted to pain pills. I miss them both so much. My ex is remarried. I feel he was my soul mate. I haven't dated really since he left me. I haven't found anyone. I guess something is wrong with me. My life is straight and has been for several years now. I just wish I could get my brother to speak to me and maybe my ex just be social and talk. I don't want to mess up his marriage.
Tshegofatso Modise
I had dreams about my ex. In the dream he proved that he loves me and I was happy and surprised I was happy to know that he loves me back because honestly since the time we broke up I felt that he never loved me. I am thinking of him most of the time, I genuinely love and him back. We got separated because of distance, was this God's plan.
Every night I have a dream about someone I’ve never met before and there always romantic and it’s the same person my friends and family think he’s my soulmate but I don’t know what it means
2 months before i saw my ex in dream
I dream of a past relationship. But this person died several years ago. I dream that we are having a conversation
I really like him i feel like he is for me I feel like his is my husband to be
Dr. MRob
Hello Ryan. Thank you for sharing your gift from God with us. I am praying for you and your ministry. My husband left us 3 1/2 years ago at a difficult time. I have known him all his life. I married later in life after praying for God to send me the right spouse for 2 years. Most of my dreams of him have not been that good. The last three have had his girlfriend in them but he wasn't paying respect to her. One dream had a black broken ring in it but the last one he put a necklace on me with 3 chains of gold and a gold lion medallion. I have prayed all this time for God to give him a new heart and restore what the enemy has stolen. I don't know if the enemy attacks me when I'm asleep because I'm defenseless or it's my subconscious. When I'm awake I see visions and have amazing experiences with nature like never before (butterflies and dragonflies landing on me, doves, and shooting stars all during prayer.) I have also seen numbers. I have asked God many times to take away this desire if it's not of Him. I think it's a spiritual battle and restoring our marriage would glorify God more than bring me someone else. People think I should move on. I ask God daily for his thoughts to be my thoughts. I think people put happiness before God's will and I am not going to live that way. I have given him to God praying for His will to be done. I did make a covenant and want to stand by that until God hit's me in the face with someone else. Any suggestions?
the broken black ring MIGHT symbolize how your marriage with him was broken and tainted darkly (sinful?) before God. marriage is a lifetime thing, with one exception of infidelity without the person not going to change ever. if the person can change then the marriage can be saved unless the person is set in their ways with infidelity and then you can remarry. Only God can interpret dreams so I suggest you ask Him for clarity in your dreams. Also three gold chains might not be a good thing, in real life pimps use gold chains as a way to have assests that arent taken by the police when they get out of prison, so I dont like the chain part but then again only God can know what it means.
It is indeed possible for the enemy to attack you while asleep as that is when we are vulnerable. Also pray to God for the meaning of your dream as only he can interpret it and pray for Him to protect you in your sleep if it is His will. At first I thought that the dream might symbolize how you placed him as an authority over your life before God but then I realized I thought that because that is what I did in my own life and it brought me a lot of darkness. In the bible Gold belongs to God and lion can symbolize God. The enemy loves to copy God and in the bible Belshazzar gave Daniel a golden chain when he made him a third ruler of the kingdom. Read Daniel CH5. Daniel interprets the writting God wrote on the wall with his finger. Daniel initially rejects the Kings gifts as Gods people are not to accept gifts for what God has done or that is to take his credit. but the king ends up giving him the reward anyway. Belshazzar’s kingdom gets destroyed. God is to be number one in your heart and his will is the number one question for you to ask him. you can ask “Let me know what is your will more perfectly so I am to do your will” God cares about you and doesnt want your soul to be lost more. We are to glorify God by upholding him and his Word. God doesnt seek to glorify himself he already has all the glory, he doesnt want the sinner to be lost. people are ones with that kind of heart to seek for their own glory. Even though in human thinking you might reason, only God can give the reason in the end. It is a mystery that God wanted to come to earth to serve man and die for him but humans wanted to become like gods instead and become like the most high. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
Today is: 8/9/20 I had this dream: 8/9/20 (I had this dream around 5am, my sleeping schedule is messed up.) I had a dream about someone last night, the thing is he’s someone that I met online. We used to wish each other good morning and good night every morning and night but now we don’t talk to each other that much. I think that I still like him but he doesn’t like me as much. But I had a dream that he had came over to my grandmas house, that’s where I was. I asked her if I could throw a small party for him coming over..it was just him my cousin and I. The thing is...it’s one of the best dreams I ever had. We had spent so much time with each other, he met my parents, guess you can say we flirted a tiny bit, and there was this one night of where we had cuddled together in the same bed while going to sleep. That’s a short summary of the dream I had last night. It’s like I think about him almost everyday, sometimes I’m sad because I miss him, or mad because we don’t talk to each other as much as we used to. I’m sorry if what I wrote is long. He knows how I look and I know how he looks. And we’re around the same age.
well the answers is right. thank
Hi there, i dreamt about a guy i use hate n like at the same time. I saw i was falling into a pit n before i could fall he caught me n rescued me.Its been 5 months i didnt meet him. I miss him.
Damien Jessiah
This gave so much insight and almost made too much sense with dreams I’ve been having recently.
I don't really , I'm 12 and I'v been dreaming about someone from my school for the last week
I dream about this person alot. I loved him too much, we were together for a while, but due to long distances, career opportunities we had to take different path. He became busy in his life and now we rarely speak to each other. I just felt that I was in a toxic relationship with him. My previous relationship didnt worked out, but i never had any dream of him. Also, there are many problems in my life, like bad childhood, abusive parents, i dont have much friends, i am a very introvert kind of person. But this person was the reason for my happiness some days back. But now a days I am just trying to stay away from him, as I too was getting emotionally dependent on him.
I had dreamed about a girl. Which I want a lot. But she lives far away from me. I just fell in love with him since I saw him in mobile. In the day dream i saw him
Morshidah botones
Last night ive dreamed about my friend/co worker, what is that mean?
For the past few days I dreamt about my late boyfriend and my recent boyfriend sleeping with them together it came like this I saw my recent boyfriend cuddling with me when I looked at him closely is not him is my late boyfriend
i had a dream the guy i like was sitting next to me and flirting like as if we were dating or something 😼
hi yes i dreamt of my ex last night. It was a short but happy dream. I dream of him now and then but it usually is an unhappy dream. In real life i was with him for 2yrs and they were happy. He broke it off but said he still loved me. Its been over a yr since we broke up but up until a couple months ago we still had contact. When we were together, i would dream sometimes of dreams that he was going to leave me and they were very sad dreams. Only 2 were of happy nature which was one i dreamt lastnight. He was the love of my life and i still miss him.
I’m confused about it all because the people in my dream are the current person I’m with now n my friend is in prison n the others were family members and two friend from past that I never hung out with them in past or now but after reading this is still confusing n making Sense bout the emotion feeling part with my current partner and i thanks a lot
Angel Navs
Last nigth. I got a dream about him hugging each other like it felt so real then, I ask him I hope this is not a dream but, I just woke up and felt a disappointment because it was just a dream... I never thought I would dream about him because I'm not thinking about him but because of that weird dream my mind can't stop thinking about him
I had a dream of all the people I knew at my old school... which is a lot and I have no idea what that means. Because it’s been happening to me lately multiple times!
Vina Cristina
Good day sir. I just want to share my dream. I dreamed about me sitting in a crowded area. It doesn't look like I'm in a concert but there are chairs in front of me and people are seated on it as I am seated on mine. There are two chairs beside me; one on the right and one on the left and they are empty. Now, I'm surprised because my favorite boy group/band from our country appeared, but they are just standees and seemed to be operated by those in the technical team of the place I am in. While I was looking at the standees, someone asked me. "Who do you like among them?" I turned to that person and I'm surprised to see the member of the band that I like. "You," I answered. What he replied is really heart- breaking... "Me? We're not meant for each other." But I didn't reacted to his reply and just opened my phone. As I was scrolling through my phone, I felt someone sitting next to me and saw a guy in my peripheral vision. It was also the member of the band! I continued scrolling through my phone then he got interested to what I'm doing in my phone because he was looking at the screen of my phone. When I scrolled through the the games of my phone, he picked a game there and I didn't objected his choice so I played that game. The scene changed and that guy who picked a game on my phone was hugging me tight from the back. I don't know why and I'm clearly confused as to why that happened in my dream. I only met that band in the internet and started stanning them because they are so talented and great. This my dream and I'm confused why I dreamed about him or the other member which I like. Thank you so much and I will wait for the response. 😊 God bless!
I had a dream last night about someone I love and wish we were happy together but they are in a relationship and I really wish that relationship would end so ours can begin. So I’m just being patient and quiet about it.
Last night I had a dream it was a very weird one ( it took place in school),I was with 3 ex guy friends 2 of them were very shy around me but the third one (j) was well extroverted as he normally is and hitting on me which I thought was weird cause I'm in a relationship ,the guy that I'm in a relationship with (v) also showed up he was kind of dismissive at first but started warming up to me and asked why I was with (j) when he saw us walking to the bus together it seemed weird because hes not the jealous type and not really confrontational and knew that I didnt like him but started yelling ,this is all I can remember I just woke up sorry if theres any misspellings
jp valencia
why my dreaming so weird?..in my dream im having a lot of fun with my neighbor she same age on me but she not close to me. thats why im curious?
I have had about 3 different dreams that are all revolved around the same person and myself being in a relationship with them. We are coworkers. They have caught my eye several times. I'm just trying to figure out if it means he is also thinking about me.
I Had this wierd dream where a celebrity I liked died. I don't know why I had it, but I got really scared and heartbroken, even though I've never met them. I woke up, relieved. I don't know why I thought the dream was real...
Ive dreamt about my crush and me being happy and engage for about four executive days
I dreamt of my ex but it was a very long time.. then suddenly i dreamt of him last night i was attending his wedding and then there’s one of his cousin was very mad at me that i was there! It’s really weird coz I don’t even think about him I don’t even love him even if we were ex before!
Hi Ryan It’s 4 am in Australia and I just woke up dreaming about my ex (I hate saying he’s my ex..still so in love with him..we broke up a few months ago and have been mostly friendly but last time we ran into each other and it was awkward and he’s been unusually ignoring my insta stories) It was so vivid and real..so dream goes like this: My friend and I go to his parents place to return a pair of shoes to his mum. I tell her about my new job offer (only got it yesterday) and have a nice talk to them. Then Emile comes in...he looks joyous happy and excited and him and his dad tell me about how they went skydiving together..then we started to talk and to connect..I remember his shine in his eyes and how all of a sudden we wanted to kiss..then I woke up all sad ☹️ How do you interpret this dream?
Ikeya Robinson
I have been dreaming about a friend of mine for a while now, each time i dream about him they're always different but positive. I still have a very big crush on him and i believe he still has one for me as well. However we decided to remain friends instead of starting a relationship. I do believe he is the person im meant to be with which is why i probably dream about him so much. We talk and video chat almost everyday and it's never a dull moment. Do my dreams of him mean we are meant to be together?
I have a nightmare about a person I know every night, most times it’s about them dying ;-;
I haven't seen that person from past 4 years. Yet I often see that person in my dreams.
Dreamed of a recent man I love. He was in my life 9 yrs ago we drifted apart. I met with him over coffee. A week ago. In my dream last night he’s in his car the one he owns today he’s alone serious facial driving slowly looking around he’s in front of me I’m driving behind him he doesn’t know that. I was not following him I just happened to spot him. He drives for a while on lakeshore then he made a u-turn to drive toward my direction. This weekend he’s having a discussion with the person he lives with about their relationship. What is my message in all this
I had a dream about this kid and we had sex but we’ve never done that before and I have t seen him in like 2 years and I’ve been with my boyfriend for like two years and he was also in the dream and he was the one who tricked me and said that I cold have sex with someone because he wanted to have sex with someone but after I did he said that he didn’t and that he was testing me
Last night. I had a dream about my ex. We were in a car talking and he said we needed to live apart for a while to see if the relationship would work out.
I had a dream where this guy who confessed his love for me a few months ago, was seated right next to me on the floor, and we were talking about something intimate, I guess. I am an introvert and had blabbered something the moment he confessed, and then carried on with my lockdown life and my studies, trying NOT to think about him. He just suddenly appeared in my morning dream out of the blue, and I can't seem to get the dream out of my mind now. A few months before he confessed to me, I had a very strong intuition that he liked me, and he kept appearing in my dreams then, too. (P.S the guy I'm talking about is a famous young musician who has had lots of failed relationships in the past). I have no clue as to how I'm supposed to decode the dream(as it is bothering me now)...please help!!
Samantha Sandefer
I just had a dream about a man I used to have a relationship with two nights in a row! When we were dating I used to dream of him and he would show up or the phone would ring and I knew it was him. This rather came out of the blue and for some reason I think he is thinking about me! I am married, though and not altogether happily but of course, I would not cheat so I hope he is Not coming back into my life. Who knows what the future might bring though bc I am not really happy in my current situation and not well treated by my husband. The man I had the dream about though broke my heart 20 years ago. Any thoughts?
I see my old crush in school sometimes but its like once a month. Last night also I dreamed of my old crush. Even though we have not seen each other for a year. I wonder why he appeared agin even though I never remember or forgot I had crushed on him.
My ex's friend becomes mine very GOOD friend he dailytalks with me .... but last night he is comes in my dreams....... i m so confused why he comes in my dream last night...... but somewhere i feel he likes me and somewhere i feel he talks with me only for passing their tym...... i don't know what the exactly mean of it ???
Good day. I've been dreaming of this person for like years. But not often tho, he would appear in my dreams occasionally. He is a friend of mine of whom i haven't seen , since highschool. We were so close. But when i entered college i decided to stop calling him. I really liked him back then. In 2018, he said hi. And sometimes i would say hi. And last night i dreamed about him. We were back in the days when we were still close friends. But worries me is that, I feel bad for my husband because i shouldn't be dreaming of him. I want to know, what is the purpose or reason why. Because there should be something behind this dream. Iam happy and i love my husband very much. I want to hear your thoughts.. This person is also important to me.
Kate Guy
I often dream about person I believe was the first person I truly fell love at first sight with. He was I colleague at a hospital we both work in and worked together every day for years. We are both professional but he is in my sole and I think about him every day even though I left a year a half ago. Our connection I think is never to be repeated and we are both married. I feel like I 'fit' so much with him. I miss him and don't know what to think really..
I had a dream about someone I like and I have had these dreams before.
One specific person regularly comes in my dream, like every 2nd day. We haven't talked to each other for more than a year but I wish things weren't like this. Life doesn't feel as life without her.
I keep dreaming about my ex but is back to me, I don't why I keep dreaming about him?
Hi I have dreamed about a guy I haven't seen in 6 months and I haven't talked to him since November. I have dreamed about him 3 times and in th dream we were together but in real life we werent. We hadn't talk for stupid decision we made. I haven't stop thinking of him. I have been thinking about how it my fault . It hurts just the thought that him might not care . I have no idea what to do
I have dreamt about a boy to whom i have met about once or twice and in my dream we were behaving like couples in my dream what does it means please tell me
My favorite teacher appears in my dreams at least twice a week but I only like her as a friend. I also only see her at school at least once a week, so my guess is I just really miss seeing her a lot and talking to her.
ive been experiencing the same as well......idk whats happening......dreaming is what i do most of the time.....yup i feel the same
I’ve had two dreams about my deceased love’s friend. We haven’t spoken since my love passed and it seems like ppl are trying to keep us from speaking. I don’t have interest in him, but believe he liked me. I hardly dream or have dreams I remember and I don’t usually have ppl in my dreams. So, I’m not sure why I have dreamed very memorable dreams with this person. The first dream was a hug that seemed to heal the hurt from losing my lost love and the second was us running into each other. Not sure why or if we will see each other again, but it’s interesting. Maybe he is thinking about me.
Kaydence Kroner
Last night I had a dream of a girl who I want to be friends with. Basically in my dream she came to hang out, which is so unlike her. She has said that we could be friends if me and current boyfriend weren't together. Do you think this could be a sign or is it just a wish about us ever being friends?
last night... i dreamt about my ex that i haven't seen face to face in a couple of months (we sent few texts but not a ton). I miss him so much but i feel like he just kinda forgot ab me...lol. this is probably the 3rd dream ab him this week and i crazy because everytime i dream ab him i miss him more and more.
I had a dream with 888 .you came out the enterpetation was what I always thought..also I always dream with my x . Its how I feel and think also .I think and dream with my x all the time ...it's been almost 14 years of our separation ..but he calls me at time and this makes it worst ...it's also hard for me to meet a guy . And when I do he appears back like if he new ...
Yesterday.I dreamed of the person I liked 2 years ago.He knew that I like him and he almost confess to me too that he also like me. But we suddenly have misunderstanding and ignored each other for almost 9 months.It was weird because before(1 year ago),I always dreamed of him liking me back.But it's been 5 months since I last dreamed of him.so I was shocked yesterday when I dreamed of him since I now have special someone.And I'm not even thinking of him,we're also not talking to each other for a long time.
My co-teacher dreamed about me. That I was going to be married to someone whom I know. After the moment of hearing the dream, I don't feel good at all. I do not want it. I was not hapoy to hear it at all...but I kept it in me. Today, the mother of whom I was going to get married to is also my co- worker and a churchmate...So the mother knew the dream when my co-worker told the dream... it was a year ago... and i told the mother today because we're close friends, that I do not want this kind of feeling. She seems to be a good listener and I do not want to be fake about it. I just told her that why I am anxious about it and I do not want it... (indirectly) My anxiety is high these months, I ask for advice to my parents they seem to be passive about it...or maybe I may have just overthinked it. But it pops out in my mind a sudden... I just want to be assured and be at peace that it would not be it. But somehow, everything is not going well. it's too noisy inside my head and it bothers me alot
So last night I had a dream of a man my first love hell my only love although I am married and he is as well to other people but my choice caused it so...anyway last night i dreamed of him and we were at some house which in my dream seemed to be his house ..I could feel my husband along with his wife were there but did not see them once in my dream just me and him were clear as day it started him standing in the bathroom doorway I'm on the couch and were just staring and smiling at each other then all the sudden were both on the couch and were just cuddling as soon as he was about to say something I got woke up......
I had this dream about someone I had a crush on three years ago when I first met him.He came to my place the next year again and we spent another two days together. Not exactly together, but just hanging out and talked a little bit. We kept in touch for two years, just every once in a while, sharing some life events. I have never thought about being together with him. I have trust issues and we are never gonna be good fit. But because we have never been together, which also makes us never be split up. This is enough for me. Last time he did not return my messge. And after about one month, he showed up in my dream. Sort of doing the same kinds of things as we did before. Normal random things like he waithing me to finish my assignment then we hang out together. The next day when I talked wiht my friend about my dream. She said that this means the person is gradually forgetting about you and moving on. I have got this painful feeling hearing that.
When i were dream a family but in that family all are dead but 1 member didn't death and she were in my house i didn't saw her face
Recently Ive been dreaming about the same person every night. Ive dreamt about them plenty before and they were always warm and glad to see me. In the past week they have been cold or seemed resetful towards me. I get the overwhelming feeling that I hurt them but I haven't spoken to them in a while so this doesn't translate to any real world events.
I dream and about someone I meet back in 1967, he was in the army I lost contact with him don't know where he his all this year's I think about him. What is it mean?
I am dreaming about the same person for the 5th time and he is my best friend.He had confessed his feelings for me while I told I like him but can't be in a relationship but he always appears in my dream as my partner.I like him but was not really in a situation to accept his proposal so I decided to say no but I like him and Idk the dream always confuses me. What does it mean?I love him? I really don't know I just consider him as my fav person
I dreamed of a person last night whose my good friend. It's been the fifth time he came to my dream. I can't figure out whether I love him or like him but this boy always admires me the way he is. I wish we could be together as life partners in future but sadly he doesn't feel the same as I feel for him.
Husband of 40 yrs passed away after an illness. The only times I have dreamed about him he was with someone else or not wanting to be with me. I wake up feeling hurt and confused. I want to dream of him because I miss him so much but I don't understand why I dream of him being unfaithful...is there a meaning to these dreams? He was never unfaithful when he was alive that I knew about.
Last night I dreamed of this guy I like kissing me and i've been having the same dream the exact things over and over for a week now I don't know why tho got any advice?
I had a dream last night and what happened is that I was just driving around the area in the rain, with a kid at school named Jadon. We were having such a good time. we were laughing and being nice to one another. I think this might be a sign that I could be real good friends with him. He does seem like a nice kid. He just moved here a few months ago so that means I am thinking about someone who I just met recently. Maybe this is also my psyche telling me to be less socially awkward or maybe just that I like him. ever have that kind of dream?
I had a dream last night about this guy I’ve known since kindergarten I’ve on and off liked him. I think I have a crush on him but I don’t know. I don’t want to like him but I can’t help it. I told myself no boys this year.
I keep dreaming about my ex and its so annoying..he hurt me and betrayed me. Im trying to move on but these dreams...and i keep dreaming of him trying to come back into my life and apologise..
Eleanor Sagoes
I had a bad dream about a friend I didn't tell him about the dream.
I dreamed him last night,i meet this guy last year unexpected and we had a great day knowing each other but that’s one day he needs to go back in California the next day but he ask a contact like line application and fb but after that we never talk often. I am thinking if he lied when he says he like me or am i acting weird?i dunno since it’s my first time to meet American guy.
I worked with this guy back in 2001.We became good work friends. After I got let go from that job, i never ever went to visit for the last 20 years. But for the past 3 years I will randomly have dreams of this guy i worked with. I see myself walking into a place of work or even once I walked into some other place and he was there waiting for me. the dreams would be like once every 6 months. In my dreams it is like he is trying to tell me something, but I always wake up before i can get anymore out of the dream. He was married at the time when we worked together. Don't know how to take why I am having these dreams all of a sudden after 20 years of working together. I don't even think of anyone at that job, especially this guy. Sure I liked him back in 2001, but he was married, and friends is all we were. Is he thinking of me and is that why I am dreaming about him now? Very confused!!!
Ellie Moore
I had a dream last night. I dreamed about my old host family but I didn't even miss or thought about them. I remember that I promised with them in my dream that I will visit them this Christmas Eve O_O. Therefore, it made me feel weird when I dreamed about them because it's quite illogical. I also dreamed about my old Chemistry tutor, I don't even know why. It has been 2-3 years. Then, I dreamed about my family which is reasonable because I also miss them. What a fantastic experience.
I had a dream that my ex had someone else pregnant , we have been separated for 6 months now and he comes and goes as he please we have a child together
Ema watson
LAST night I had a dream,where The person who loves me (my old crush)was crying cause of me.
Shayne Romero
My son was sent to prison last week n i dreamed about him last night that he was jumped by a cousin bt not in prison jus at a house n my sister was wit him i told her not to say anything bc my son didnt get hurt bt hurt the other person what could that mean?
Chelsey Salazar
I had a dream last night on 10/13/2020. It was of this Turkish guy that I found interest in a couple years back but he couldn't speak English much. I haven't talked to him in a long time. Or even thought about him. in my dream, i was in north Carolina looking across the Atlantic and said "hes over there". then it jumped to my friend and I. Then the Turkish man called me and said "I learned English" and he wanted to rekindle us again. My friend was jealous and blocked me on all social media accounts. Then I asked what's wrong and my friend just looked at him and I. I'm not sure what this means.... I just know it could be a message. I hope to have an answer soon.. Have a good day.
I dream last night one of my classfelow measage me to talk me on video call and i was surprised why he is saying things because he is not my friend we never talk too much in clas but latet i dont know how someone take me to very unknown place which was full of bad people siting in the open on the ground, under the shelter he(zain) was there i went to him and ask what happend he replied he was added in jail because he was marked as murderer of someone whom i dont know. and he said he didnt murder anyone and he will be out next weak. I also know he cannot do this because he is only 13-15 years old and i feel very bad for him that i hug him and dont know how i said him that you are the perfect man i have ever seen in my life. this dream make me feel so bad i saw him in school he was same as usual. But i am feeling so upset dont know what does this dream ment to be
I've had the same dream for the past week about my brother I haven't seen in two years. What does it mean?
I had a dream about this girl have dated before,thou I really love her,she travel out of my country and she changed to me when she got there,she start a new relationship,it's almost a year now,an I think about how her every single day she has left.
Hi Mr. Ryan Hart! Have a nice day! I got a dream of someone which is my friend or my mortal enemy for almost two days. In my dreams, we used to like each other. But in reality, we used to hate each other. I’m confused. I just want to ask what is my dreams mean is?Do you think he also dream of me?I hope you help me.Thank you.
Two nights ago I had a dream about a guy that I don't see a lot, but we saw each other around three days ago and I liked him last year but we stopped talking because we don't have any classes together. When I saw him I realized I still have a little bit of feelings
Hey Ryan It would be of great help if you help me decoding my dream. Lately every now or then i keep dreaming of my classmate with whom i lost contact 8-10 years ago. I have no such feelings for him nor any connection but i don't know why i always end up having a beautiful romantic dream with him wherein he is always protecting me or is showering me with tons of romantic gestures. Other dreams i might tend to remember in tits and bits but whenever i dream of him it's like crystal clear for 2-3 days in my mind. What it could possibly mean ?
Stacy Lee
I had a dream that my childhood boyfriend had came back into my life and we were engaged to be married
Last night i had a dream about the boy i have a crush on. this is the second dream i’ve had about him. in the first one, we were sitting with some of our friends and watching a movie and laughing and having fun. in the second dream, it was him as one of those museum tour guides. He was introducing himself. the second time, i woke up three separate times to a dream of him as a tour guide introducing himself. is this a sign that something will happen? we have been friends for about three weeks but i already trust and love him a lot. Help?
Orlando tolentino
Oct 20 2020 I already sleep at 4:29 AM. I got a dream. I saw someone in my dream thats a boy I feel like I meet him before but I really don't know when we meet his also a Filipino but I think I really forgot who is him In that dream we are in a China his name is Mike. then I saw a car and I was surprised to see myself as a woman I could not believe so now I still can't get out of my mind who that person is and if it's just a dream or my past life I hope someone can confuse me with how to explain those and I hope I know if it is a past life or just a dream
I'm really not keen on trying to find out what I'm dreaming about. I have doubts on why it keeps on coming to me since a few days ago. A classmate of mine back when I was just still a junior who I never really thought of as anything but he was nice to me from what I remember. Then four years later, we're already in College and I was on another School when he greeted me like we're closed friends from before. We talked in a very awkward phase before I needed to go and now a year later, I'm dreaming of him confessing to me that he liked me but in that scene, I rejected him though we're always together. What does that mean? Could this be a sign or just a metaphor? It's really bothering me.
Jashwanth Reddy
Dreaming of same person for 2yrs. In every dream I feel we are getting close. It feels very real the next moment I wake up everything collapse
I had dreamed of a man in my bathroom, looking into the mirror. I wasn’t there, but there. I was the mirror, looking at him through it. It wasn’t some one, I knew or someone fictional... it was just somebody. A light brown hair man, pale, and in horrific shock. Sweating like hell, placing his hand on his forehead. Then tilted his head up to connect with his face in the reflection but instead to see, behind him… Another him. In my real life bathroom, we have a window in there. When you open it, you see the garage or a parked car. At night, I open it to let steam out from my shower, and I always remember the darkness emptiness when I look in. That's what he saw in the window too, the void of the garage… Then the silence. Not even swift of movement, but slow motion. You see the same man, with wide eyes, shot red, face stiffed, with no emotion moving slowly into the window frame. Near the light of the bathroom reflect on the double in the shadows. The double eye’s were just so… soulless, not only to the man himself, but it felt like he also saw me through the mirror… I was helpless to do anything but watch carefully through the mirror glass...The double knew that too… The reaction of the man when he saw his double. You can see his face drain, as he meets contact with it. The sweat glistened from his pores and eyes enlarged in panic…
I dreamt about this celebrity that I adore very much and In the dream we were very close but something came up and his mom had to take him back to his country but in a way he didn't want to go,,,then I woke u unfortunately
Ahsan Nayem
I saw a certain person in my dreams today . She once loved me and by degrees I was fall in love without knowing . After that she proposed me but I didn't tell her any thing and ingore her. After that she left and started a relationship with an other guy . I was too angry that I blocked her after writing some rude massages . And now her birthday will appear after two days and I dreamed about her . Everything happened in this year . . I don't know what to do . So please any one help me.
It all started by one of my friends showing up to my house and telling me that I should meet with him again. I haven’t had contact with this person for over 4 months now and they blocked me everywhere even though we never ended in bad terms. My friend insisted so much in my dream and he ended up showing up to my house but he acted so distant and like if he didn’t care about me and my friend was still right there with me in the living room and he sat next to me and time passed and he tried grabbing my hand but my dad saw and he got mad and he wanted them to leave the house but they kept ignoring him so he went to the neighbors house and talked to both parents and one of them which is the dad of the guy who doesn’t that to me anymore punished him in a very harsh way, when I wanted to go help him I woke up before I got too close to him.
Have been dreaming about this person since we started dating and now we are not together and am still seeing him in my dreams. Have been in a relationship but still seeing him i have prayed but i keep seeing him am tired
i had a dream about someone last night. i was in love with him and he loved me, but i have never seen him in my life. he was a child entertainer so he would dance and sing for little kids with animals but he loved me.
Lately I encounter someone in my dreams that I do not know,I saw him in the event and then he smiled at me when he saw me,like I know the story of my dreams but the person that I encounter I cannot recognize his face but I saw him,he smile at me,she look cute,he is a tall and handsome person.I don't know what to react when I wake up in the morning and it bothers me a a lot.This is not the first time but I already encounter 5 person in my dreams and they are all handsome man,and I do not know what to react when I woke up,lol
Hi, i had a dream about someone that i never see long time ago, in that dream i'v heard him say to a guy that he likes me (fast forward) then after that he invited me to watch a movie then i said to him that i like him out of no where then he smile and i woke up, what does that mean?
For a week straight I’ve dreamt of my ex. He cheated and I left him months ago. In every dream he tries to seduce me or come back into my life via friendship. But I can’t see him as anything other than the love of my life who betrayed me. Unfortunately I still get butterflies every time I see him or think about him, and I fear it will harm future relationships.
Vaughn Harter
I had a dream last night about my ex. I’ve turned over a new leaf and have moved on from her. But I keep having dreams about her every now and then. I don’t understand what to take from it. We don’t talk anymore. I don’t know if she wants to talk to me or not. Very very confusing.
Sonal Bakshi
I saw him in my dream this morning. He was waiting for me in a cafe and it was not certain that i will come but still he was waiting. We were having a good time and suddenly he took a step back may be he remembered his bad past experience or may be he is still in love with his ex that is making him take one step back and behaving that way.
I had a dream last night . This is not the first time I've had a dream about him , but I feel like he is thinking of me . I think about him . My dream was about me going to his house he got my hair done so we can cuddle . It was a weird dream but I just wonder if he miss me , think of me , or dream about me .
Cynthia Fuller
This person is someone I am fond of...the attraction was mutual in the beginning...but it became more of a sex thing ...he is hot and cold..which is hurtful. I lost sight of myself and more into him and what he wanted..now I dont hear from him and I know I shouldnt make any attempt to contact..the two times I did..he did respond..now I am backing way back and not gonna make any attempt to reach out...yet I keep having these dreams about him...help me
I’ve been keeping a record of my dreams, I was just going through some of them. Two of them featured one of my childhood bullies. If anyone knows anything about this, I’d love to hear it.
Anna-Maria Sullivan
Dreaming of a nale friend and our chikdren. We are all travelling to the same destination. We exchange touches with him making the first touch. Very passionate exchanges between our eyes and body language. In life I adore him feelings are one sided. Accepted a date invitation with another male the day before the dream..
Elizabeth Howland Chapman
Very intense dream. Have been having a virtual relationship with a man I know slightly from my youth real life. He has a gf now live in. We started a 11 month discourse and virtual relationship. Very intense. He paid a lot of attention to me. I fell hard for him. I normally do not fall for anyone it's been long long time. I began to feel he had deeper feelings for me as well not thru his words but his actions and attention to me. He wanted us to get together but then covid hit. Dream: basically an old friend from same town brought him to me seemed I was in an almost hidden location. He had come to find me with thoughts of leaving his gf. Many details of him even bringing me to the same place she was and a sort of leaving of her to me. I woke a few times during the night but each time would go back to sleep and a different chapter or continuance of dream would start back up. We seemed in many parts to be driving around very fast and dangerous in a car. Me driving. The last chapter was same friend from beginning of dream arriving on a horse bareback to escape a catostphic event of some kind. We have recently broken up which was hard for me. Although some exchange was still going on. Very much reserved by him except not right at first when he recontacted me. I have been struggling with the known knowledge that what I created in our relationship was a complete fantasy of how I hoped it would be. He helped create that and did pull me in as well though. The dream I believe was my subconscious thru the dream living and expelling the fantasy especially since at the end the same person who brought him to me then brought me away from the disaster that was the conclusion of the fantasy and my hopes and now and the night before conscience realization that in truth he was playing me. The dream has brought all this out. Usually my art is what does that in my paintings although as with a dream I won't see this till later in the painting. This is my assessment of my dream. I think I am on right track.
I remember last time, I dreamed about someone, but in the end he only took advantage of me and caused me emotional pain. It might be a premonition or warning but I only ignored it. And then now, I dreamed about someone that I left for a reason that I regretted. Maybe I just miss him and feel lonely. I know for a fact that I can’t have him back.
I keep dreaming about a guy I haven’t seen for 5 years. We used to work together. I used to like him but haven’t thought about him for a very, very long time. There is no reason I should be dreaming about him. We don’t have mutual friends, aren’t in the same line of work anymore, don’t even live in the same area. I just had a dream where he told me he was in love with me (!), totally out of the blue dream.
Angelina Spark
I dreamt about my special male friend last night... He has a crush on me for a long time but we can't be together for my complicated situation but in seeing him sometimes. I dreamed that he sleep next to me and my kids
My last dream was last night. I’ve been having dreams quite frequently these days.
Maddi DiDio
None of the above really describes me, so I am curious what my dream meant. I am young (14), am single, and have never been in a relationship. Jayden sits next to me in one of my classes and we usually talk a lot, but I wouldn’t say we are friends. In my dream, there were some people trying to kill me, and they knew where I lived so I couldn’t stay at my house. So, I asked Jayden if I could temporarily live with him and he said I could. Often his friends would come over, and we would all have a great time, but being alone with Jayden was kind of nice. In real life I have never thought about being in a relationship with him, or anything like this.
I had a dream Just now I woke up starting to think about this person. This was someone I never dated I tried to date her in the past but every time I try to talk to her on social media she wouldn’t reply or won’t talk to me very long I’ve always have crush on this girl since I was 15 things didn’t work out because she used to be In a relationship with a friend I was cool with so that’s why she didn’t want to be in the relationship with me but recently I started seeing her in person a lot more whenever I go to the grocery store she work at I don’t know if I may over thinking things but whenever I do go to her work place we both be looking at each other and when we are close by we don’t say anything to each other I feel that she always looks at me and I look at her too one day I was at Walmart she was there to get her hair done and when I walked by to leave we both was looking at each other I know you probably thinking why want I try to talk to her again in person because I feel like I’ll be wasting my time she really looks like a nice girl and who believe in god like I do I saw how she carry herself and she is gorgeous it’s just that we had problems back then when I tried to get with her and I do think about that person a lot at times so I wonder is god trying to tell me that I should be with that person? even though things didn’t work out when I tried to be friends with her so this dream I had got me thinking about her and now I’m wondering if she’s the one god is trying to tell me to be with
Anne JL
I've been dreaming of my ex. More than twice already. I don't even think about him before I sleep or anything coz I wanna get over him. We were in a relationship for 7 years but left me for another girl recently. In all my dreams he looked really serious or sad. And we were in places we usually meet when we were still together. Then I wake up with a heavy and gloomy mood.
Okay, I had a very different dream last night. I dreamt about a childhood friend of mine that I really wasn't in touch with for a very long time (since I changed schools 3 years ago). We were just chilling in our old school classroom and we were eating a chocolate since it's his birthday. Normally we never talk. I have no idea why he came and talked to me casually.
For the past 2 in a half years i have been having dreams about my ex girlfriend constantly she’s always on my mind and i don’t understand what that actually means far as that being a sign and are my dreams attempting to tell me something that I’m too delusional to see
I've had about 3 or 4 dreams, about someone I used to be with, we ended happily last time we had been around each other but I realized he took advantage of me I'm still debating that in my head, because things were so real... but I had one specific dream that spoke a lot... It was me and him having a talk after the relationship, I was like interviewing him asking him questions about our relationship and he was answering very blunt and truthfully... I was shocked to hear how he actually did things or ya know from a fuck boys perspective... Maybe that was God confirming my questions in my head... But still I feel like I still have a chance with him since we never really wordfully ended things he just stopped talking to me and blocked me and unshared his locations from me... In my head I plan to text him one day and start things back... I cant accept the fact he did my wrong...
That night I dreamed people that someone I know and suprisingly I bump into her on my way to market.Is it only a coincidence that She appeared in my dream that night and seeing her accidently the followed day?
LeRissa Crider
I had a dream last night about a very significant ex of mine, the dream was so pleasant that when I woke up from it I felt disappointed. The thing is though, im engaged to someone else... And the dream has caused me to doubt my current relationship. My ex is now with someone else as well and we have some intensely heavy history, so getting back together is not an option... But i feel like this dream happened because I am moving back to the same town he lives in; as well as my recent commitment to another man. Anyways I am rambling now, just wanted to state that there seems to be an element of truth to your interpretations... And I need to further meditate on the meaning of the dream.
I haven't seen my step-brothers in 2 or 3 years,and recently I have been having dreams about them it’s always the same topic just different locations. It’s always me looking for them and when I find them I hug them or just one of them. I don’t know how to contact them but the dreams are torturing me because I miss them so much.
I'm so glad I came across this article because I did have a dream about someone that I've been following on instagram for almost 3 years now and we have always had a great connection of her IG live whenever she would go live about beauty and skincare topics. Slowly and surely I'd notice she would post the same content I would on my social media stories but just over looked it. But then it hit me this hasn't been just a few times it happens almost DAILY. Then randomly I had a dream of her about a month ago nothing sexual but it was feeling of being peace in each other presence and feeling comfortable with each other with very little to no words needing to be exchanged. Oddly enough I'm coming to God for love and he's placed with woman in my life and immediately I was denying it because of it being same sex attraction BUT it's God. I then started learning about spiritual attraction between the divine feminine and masculine. Although we are physically two women in the flesh, spiritually she's divine masculinity and I'm femininity. As my spiritual awakening has strengthened God has been revealing so much to me and I'm excited to see what's next for us. As of now we don't talk in the flesh but it's been an awakening that this God's divine that has brought us together. Having faith in the spirit hits so much stronger than just having carnal faith. Having spiritual faith is believing in the unseen to manifest it in the physical. My testimony is very different than most but it's God nonetheless.
Last night I had dream about he .. I don't know why it came but while I was watching the dream it was really fun for me, it's 5th time he came into my dreams
My ex is living with someone who he says he made a mistake on letting female in. I had a dream I went to his house while she was gone. She caught us making out. Ex told me to meet him at corner if street which he showed up. Than I woke uo.
I keep dreaming of the same person but it’s not the same dream. It’s someone I had a crush on in high school and I think they had a crush on me, we wasn't close and I haven’t seen him since the end of high school. In these dreams we are talking. I cant remember what about but we are always taking. One dream we where in a class room but on either side of the room but still talking. I had another dream that we was at a ballroom dance he was dancing with a stranger and I was dancing with a stranger. But during this dance we did not look at our dance partners we where looking at each other and we wouldn’t break eye contact and again we where talking. I have had dreams where I was sat next to him talking but they are rare. There are other dreams but I cant remember them, these two are the most recent. Anyone have any idea what they could mean?
I am in a long relationship with my partner same sex I had a very vivid dream of one of my best friend a female she is not gay she is straight but my dream was that we kissed and it was a wonderful kiss and now I feel weird i feel like I cheated on my partner what does this mean
i had a dream last night... my male best friend proposed me, it was shocking as we are friends since birth and he actually teases me everytime. i don't know what i was dreaming for. i remembered i had a little crush on him before but it's nothing between as now. i am soo confused after that dream, do i still have feelings for him? and why did these all suddenly came back to my life? he don't know about these because he had a girlfriend those days and for his happiness i never let him know about my feelings but afterwards he broked up. maybe i was afraid that he doesn't like me back that's why i never told him. but now i have moved on i have a long distance relationship & also a good friendship with my bestie, then why is this type of dreams come?
bienvenida s.peimo
just now.this morning dream if my ex husband with my neighbor telling me that he is the lawyer of my ex and he told me how the sentiments of my ex regarding me.
Joshua Ong
I always dream about my crush we both like each other( thats in the past *2 years* I don't know if she still like me or not ) but she's not my girlfriend. This girl is my schoolmate so we always see each other. I don't know why I keep dreaming of her is there a sign of the dream? does she want a relationship with me or does she still like me or maybe I just miss her so much I don't know but I do enjoy of my happy memories with her I always do look back at that and she also enjoy the memories of ours
i dream about someone , IN MY DREAM it seems like i know him but I’m not sure how i know the man. AND WHEN. WE TALK AND THEN HE WAS TAKING PICTURES OF ME WITH SOMEONE ELSE WHICH I WAS WONDERING WHY AND WHAT HE WAS DOING, I didn’t understand. And then my daughter should up And continue taking pictures and processing them. And after I was with my family. I was confuse about all of it. Please let me know what means.
AtheenaVamp Hoy
I constantly dream about my 2 ex-huspands, it's always in a castle type setting and its Victorian feeling, but one of my ex-husband is always there either they are with me or it's a hurtful situation, I'll wake up feeling like it was real so strange people tell me I'm a astro dreamer you know out of body?
I’ve been searching for a possible reason of a dream I had the other night. The dream was so vivid and real. It’s been on my mind since. I had someone in my life that I loved and meant everything to me. Unfortunately I moved out of state and we tried to make it work for over a yr. We are both very stubborn and blamed each other for not communicating or making time etc. We loved each other but it seemed we just stopped communication. I know it was him waiting for me and me waiting for him. I tried reaching out a couple times but no response. Well the other night I had this dream. There was a bar we used to go to all the time. It was a gathering at a similar setting. The owners daughter saw me and came over and said “good, I’m glad your here. I told Jeff to come so hopefully he shows.” At this point I was across the room from the door and I so wanted to just leave to avoid him. I had turned to talk to someone so my back was to the door when I suddenly heard some excitement from the guys. “Hey Jeff man, how you been?” My heart started beating a mile a minute and I wanted a way out without him noticing me. A few minutes later I felt a hand come around my lower back and I knew it was him. I just turned into him balling. His voice so clear said “I know, I get it.” We just held each other crying and he quietly said to me “ I love you, always have” And I said “I love you too”. Then I woke. What could this dream possibly mean? I’ve never had a dream so vivid of someone before.
Dear Mr. Ryan Hart, I have had a dream about this boy in my school class. I'm only 13, but in this dream I was older, but I'm not sure what age I was in the dream. In the dream, I was outside, and that guy/classmate walked up to me and asked if I wanted to sit with him. I wasn't able to because I wasn't attending the event he was going to. He replied saying a sad okay and then he walked off with his friends. I tried to get his attention back, but he ignored me when with his friends. He glanced back sad, as I stood there yelling his name. What does this dream mean. Please email me if available.
So far I’ve had 3 dreams about this guy my friends think could be good for me. The first two were pretty similar. One of his friends and my friend tried to set us up. But the third one me and him were basically dating.
I have had dreams about my crush. My crush also likes/liked me back I know this because she told one of my friends. She also holds eye contacts with me, smiles at me a lot, and is very touchy. Does this mean anything in particular?
Tiffany Couto
I'm having a problem with somebody trying to reach out to me in the wrong way I don't have the right mental word for it but it's a pretty mind game and it's psychedelic I'm getting into your head body mind and soul and I know that person is just like that and done it before to somebody in front of me and now it's traveling into my dreams it's an uninvoluntary invite it feels like an involuntary abuse not even thinking of the person and going about your own business and the person is mind stalking you following your every move and then traveling into you asleep being a cause of your nightmare
I haven’t seen or heard from my child’s father in 3 years. I don’t know if he is dead or alive. Sometimes he show up in my dreams. If I think about him, talk about, or do neither he appears.
I had a dream about this guy I work with. I think he's in a relationship, but Im not sure. It was more of a love connection it was all nice and smooth and me and him just connected. I barley know him, I only know him because he's tall, and because I sometimes need his help and call him by his name. That's really all I know about him is his name and when mom bought us all kitkats I gave it to him and he seemed shocked and amazed he was given a treat. But I don't understand, why I would dream about him...
My dream was of a guy that I like. I’m this dream I went they a couple different obstacles and was hinted to guess who it maybe about, I was given different gifts after finishing each obstacle. At the end, he revealed himself and told me that he loved me, and he was so sorry it took him so long to tell me. He is the only crush tht I’ve been able to vividly dream about and his appearance to be exact. This took place on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
I kept dreaming about this one guy when I was in a relationship, and I still do, but then my boyfriend broke up with me and then I dreamt about both of them, and I still am. I don't know what to do and how to handle it.
Abigeal Bernard
I dreamt about a close friend we had lunch and he said he totally no longer had time for me...but after somedays i dreamt that we were together very happily..he had time for me...am still confused about it
I had a dream some time last month with my cousin who no ones seen or heard of in a while and the detail was too much to forget. The military was after us, he got hurt, and then disappeared. Next day after waking up I get a call from him out of the blue and we talk about how he went distant and he told me he had debating thoughts about joining the military despite our views on it. This dream and others I had that are stressful always led me to believe that person in the dream is going through something out just needs someone to talk to.
Debarati Roy
hey there, so the thing is i have been having dreams about a particular person repeatedly even when they aint the last thought on my mind before i go to sleep. what does that mean? am i just thinking too much about the them or is there something else behind it?
Peter Jackson
I had a dream about the girl I like most. It was last night. She was going to do something for herself and eventually she was going to be hurt by many people. So, in that dream I save her and for that I faced problem. So tell me... What should I do to her?
I dreamt about my brother. In that dream he was with me all the time. We are not close to each other due to some family issues. So i had a thought "i am not concerned about him, then why i saw him in my dream? ". So i just googled. That's all. But i think he would have been thinking about me. That's so amazing 😁
Last I dreamed about was my big brother. A lot of reasons I dreamt about him are likely. But it happens over and over again. It's a bit confusing but also intriguing. I think I'll keep trying to figure it out for a while.
I met someone online we love each other but he seems to be busy but I have seen him visiting me in a dream carrying a bucket full of avocados and all my family was happy
So there's this guy I've known since the beginning of the year. A mutual friend of ours was determined to set us up. We started talking on social media, and i didn't want anything more than friendship at that time. We've never met, yet he admitted to liking me. I was reluctant at first. But now that i know i would definitely say yes if he asked again, we're not talking. At all. And I've had some dreams featuring him, latest one being last night - which is why I'm on this webpage right now. I feel like maybe it's because we've never met that my mind us making up scenarios of how it would go if we actually did meet up. But in the end it's just that - a dream.
Today early morning he is 15 yrs elder to me and he is husband of my very good customer,he always praise me for my cloth designs..today early morning almost 3 time i have seen him in my dream and always in my dream he tries to kiss me and hug me...today morning dream i was crying and he didn't bother anyone and he come and hug me and removing my tears and telling me am standing with you..he is grandfather now his daughter got married and son is going to get married am totally shocked what does that mean
Tiana Schroeder
So I have had a crush on my best guy friend for about 6 years now and he knows this but our family is really good friends, and we have had some you know what, but when I asked about going further than being family friends he said it wouldn't be best since a lot of our family consider me and him cousins even tho we have no blood relation to each other, but a few years ago he cuddled me at night only once but it was sweet, than he kisses me when nobody looks but than he is a complete asshole when i give into, but know i can´t stop dreaming about him, we are 2 years and 3 months apart as well, I just don´t understand and just a couple nights ago I dreamed about me and him starting a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, I just don´t understand it please help me, please and thank you. Sincerely, Tiana/Ana Schroeder.
I had a dream last night about this guy and well I like him but I don’t know if he likes me but like you said if you dream about them they are thinking or dreaming about you please help me and give me some ideas what you think please
rebeccah gentry
im not talking about person who is still living and i dont think about them. it totally surprized to evem dream about them, they were not good for me or to me.
Karabelo Koki
I have dreamt of her more than 5 days in a row now...she's my bestfriend but I really like her more than just a friend she has grew bigger in my heart now and I really like her
I dream about her 2 or 3 times the first we ended it all in a bad way and we couldn't fix it . the second time which was tonight we were working together like we meet back 10yrs ago but we were each other ex and she keep staring at me little words said at work together. But to others she asked about me I can't remember the other one
I lost my true love many years ago,and I still think about her every day,and I dream about her once in a while,I remember one of the dreams that she was married and her husband was out of town,and I said to her that I need to tell you something before your husband comes back,and told her that I still loved her,and then I kissed her and held her in my arms very tightly ,then I woke up,I felt very sad and depressed the rest of the day because it felt so real,poeple say that you cant live in the past,you must move on in life,which I have done,but I know one thing and that is I still love her,and will always love her,even though it ended 30 years ago,and if I saw her again I would run into her arms
2 days ago...I got a dream about my favorite person ..someone I've got away
jayr alvarado
Last night, it was my ex, felt real again, but a different feeling of the relationship, but the love was still their, it’s been a year and a half and I still struggle missing him.
I was 15-16 when I was seeing this girl she broke my heart any way I’m 45 know I just move to a new area she has 7 daughters she got taken to Pakistan and married off at a young age any way I’m in this new area where she takes her kids to same school as mine going back 6 months ago I saw her in my dream near my mum and dads house she had one of her daughters with her and tears were rolling down her face I dnt know wot to make of the dream
Hello... I was so shocked when I saw my crush from before appeared on my dream last night. And in that dream we looked like a real couple and he's making alot of efforts to make me happy. But I've decided to end up my feelings for him months ago after he confesses that he had a girlfriend. And now I'm happy with my boyfriend though we're in a long distance relationship, but I'm very happy with him and i really love him. That's why I'm very confused why my ex crush appeared in my dream.. Weird. Actually this has been the second time I've dreamt about him. But the first one was that he had a wife and a kid with it and we've had a conversation as if he didn't know me.
I dreamed about Kim Taehyung 'V' of BTS. I know them but never thinking about them. I like their songs and that's all. But I always dreaming about him. Being with him and I'm aware that we can't be together cuz he is a celebrity and all. This is the fifth time and just now I've just woken up from my afternoon nap and I dreamed about him again.
Celyn Heurt
Last night and it felt so real. I had a dream about my idol, actually they are two of my idols that I had dream about. I don't know what to feel, and honestly I don't think that there's a possibility that they might also thinking about me because they didn't know me. But it really felt so real. When we talk and touch each others hand, I felt like my heart beats faster. Aaaaahhh! I don't really know.
Just a dream about my ex girlfriend that i know we still have feelings for each other however she is in denial anyway in the dream we kissed and giggled and i could actually feel her lips on mine it felt like we are still together and we were both very happy even though in reality we have been apart for almost a year now and shes recently told me she wants to remain single and doesn't see a future with me
i had a dream about this one boy and its been reoccuring hes one of my bestest friends and people say we should date and ive shared everything with him and hes liked me in the past but idk if i love him or just as a friend i cant decide and ive dreamt about him a couple nights at a time😮
the other night I dream about my ex that I haven seen for long time. And in my dream we are still inlove and he change a lot from a person who never show his sweetness to the guy who is very sweet and give me surprise.
hi! can i know if there's any name (like the name of it disorder) for this kind of people who always keep dream the same thing? and the dream that they getting is from the past.
I have no feelings for that person. But a few years back I started to dream about that person. We are not close. After the dreams appearance it was had for me to face that person. I am looking for ways to stop that dreams. I am not believing that the person is thinking about me since we have no close relationships. Anyway I have to stop dreaming about that person. Its hard for me in reality.
Sierra Mosley
I had a dream about w guy I hooked up with we spent a champagne filled weekends together and the vibe was great,but since he’s been distance and so have I. Figured it’s just a fling but I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, and I wanna see him again and he lives so close so why not ya know but I don’t wanna get to attached.
I dreamt of the man I like he was sleeping and when he woke up he looked at me with a smile and then moved to another room
I had a dream last night of my ex trying to get with my best friend. In the dream she didnt mind it at all because she liked the attention she was getting. We also fought constantly in the dream. It was basically him telling me to go away and i wasnt welcome in her house and me telling him to leave her alone and that she doesnt like him at all. He and i broke up around 6 months ago because he wasnt over his ex and neither was I. Now we basically hate eachother and im glad hes out of my life. I know she still talks to him irl and i was talking about that with my current Boyfriend yesterday. Please let me know what this could mean!!!
Hi Ryan Heart. I had a dream about my ex and I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning. Background information: i dated this ex when i was 19 so 4 years ago. I have not seen them in for years either, since the occasion. We dated for 3 months. Not very long but. The break up was weird and I never had alot of closure as to why we broke up. I actually still wanted the relationship when we broke up. But anyhow I think about this person alot. Probably once a day or like in am obbsessed kind of way. Also I dream about this person mabye once every 5 months. Last time i dreamed about him he died. In the most recent dream; In the dream he was in a relationship with someone else, but it was not a very deep relationship and then he started visiting me at my house and at my place of work, but every time he did he brought his girl friend. Yet even though he dir this he would look over at me very frequently and he was interested in what I was doing and gave subtle hints that he was interested in what I was up to. I also found that in that siuation I had a chance to show how much I had changed or grown so I found myself showing off to this person. This person( my ex) seemed like me wanted to talk to me but that he was not brave enough. He said a few words to me, but mostly he looked at my acheivments and that I was good with kids. Idk:( i hate dreams like this because they are not reality. I really just kinda wanted closure for why the relatio ship ended. I personally should have moved on a long time ago, but I just have not met anyone i liked as much yet. He has alot that is wrong with him,but my problem is the me still liking him. That is my problem. Also dreams like this that give me false hope. Suck.:(
I have this dream about 25 after 38 years ago about my ex I dont even think off or see anymore never but i dream she is lying down on the bed and i kissing her after I went to the Next Room but I continue to get different dreams all alone with she, I dream she 5 times for this year 2020 I am not thinking about she no matter what I do I cannot get she out of my dream I am married and living my life comfortable, I am a poor person and she is from a Rich family this is why I could not be together with she move on with my life and I never look up ,I don't know what become of she life, I put my trust in God, but I still dreaming the same dream
This morning I dreamt of 3 boys I went to school with. I was only friends with one. So it wouldn't really surprise me if he was thinking of me. The other two though it would definition suprise me. It's kinda cool though that it's a sign of them thinking of you.
I have been dreaming about this guy He was my seat mate in childhood and he and I used to fight everyday But now that we have grown up , he has become fascinating and he is always on my mind but he doesn’t likes me So I keep having dreams about him , for instance that he is looking at me or we are again back in school or that I am with him What does it mean ????
Norberto Hernandez
It was last night actually, My dream was short I only remember standing next to my car that I have in real life, and up on a hill is a long time friend that I haven't talked to in about 5 months because of "complications" but I still have feelings for. Anyways she was up on a hill and she was sitting in a car as well but she was smoking a cigarette, and she's never smoked in her life so that was kind of confusing, but I truly do miss her and what we used to be.
It's been almost two years and now I'm in love and in a total relationship... wasnt even thinking of my X and a couple of days ago I was shock to have him in my dreams . He did destroy my heart so awful and I had to force myself to let go I was embarrassed and humiliated. But I dont wish any bad to anyone and I always prayed for him to one day understand that the hurt he cause shouldn't happen to no one. I dont know why I get so many dreams and it's not just from him. I dreams that actually happen at times I have to write my dreams to see if its god or am I just a weirdo but my X tends to be in alot of my dreams🤔😞
Sully Smith
Many of these are possibilities for my situation it has been going through my head the past few days when I dreamt of my ex and i came across a psychological video talking about dreaming of another. So I decided to look it up and came across this, this article helped me a lot and now I just need to wait and see what happens, hopefully she may come back to into my life someday for which I dearly loved her
So a friend of mine told me about the dream he’s having and I’m the only one he has told so far.❤️
I got a dream every night. It's kind of different scenario but some of them was a dream when I was a young. I dont know what does it mean. Also, I always had a dream to my crush way back 2014. Can you help me with this? I really want to know what does it means.
This afternoon I had a dream about him I haven't seen him for a year now he always appears in my dreams when I think of his face I don't remember the exactly face feature he have its so blurred but in my dream its so clear every detail about him even his mom that I never met before I just saw her picture. It just a mutual for a month but he always appears in my dreams. I hope someday we'll meet again. Maybe my dreams is another wolrd/parellel universe with him.
I had a dream about my father who's been passed away for 15 years. I was going down the road and I looked to the left and he was in this driveway at the top of the driveway and I called him and he didn't hear me so I drove up into the driveway park the car got out and I called him again and there were these people that came out of the house I don't know if they're alcoholics or druggies or whatever but I was trying to get my dad out of there and then I turned and I looked to the left and I saw a girl dead behind this man I don't know if she had a drug overdose or whatever and that's where the dream ended. I'm not sure if I had the strain because there's just a lot of things left I'm done with my father things sunset that I wish I could have said to him for a passed on but I miss my dad even though he wasn't the best dad. I was in a dream interpretation group but I left that group because all they could tell me is it's a evil meaning that I'm going to make a pact with Satan or someone's going to be hurt my family and that's not true because I'm a child of God I'm a Christian Satan has no power over me or my family. I trust in God completely that he's going to care for us and put us where we need to be and that's not in harm's way.
I keep having dreams that me & my ex are back together. I also have dreams with her telling me she is coming back to me. What could this mean Ryan? It’s been confusing me...
I always have a dream about a ex that I messed up and till this day even tho married three kids still deal in my heart love her
I have been having these dreams about my ex girlfriend about 4 times and in all these dreams she was quiet and stirring at me, while I was busy either by having a conversation with someone or I was working/ busy with something and she was still looking at me, and the reason I left her was she was not communicating with me, if I call her, she does not answer me, when I text she does not return my texts
I have bizzare dream about someone I know from high school. He is not an ex or a close friend. I used to have feelings for him but I denied that feeling long time ago because I think it will not work. We were kids back then. I have been with 2 long term relationships and I am happy. So i was suprised to dream about him. I never thought of him but these dreams just happen and in these dreams it always leave me with a very emotional and heavy feeling and i dont understand why. He always wants me in the dream that we were together in love. Its weird. Whenever it happens. I visit his profile in fb and every time something big happened to him like when he graduated and last he got married and had a kid. In reality i dont want to be with him, it wont work specially now. I dont think about him except when i have these dreams. I hope it stops. Its unhealthy feeling. Do you have any suggestion? Tia
I constantly dream of this person and family, I am trying to move forward, but this person calls often about various things and is still connected to my family. We talk or text but never hang out like we use to. Separation wasn’t a good one but trying to get adjusted. Seems like they have moved on in their new life but they call me a lot?
I constantly dream of this person and family, I am trying to move forward, but this person calls often about various things and is still connected to my family. We talk or text but never hang out like we use to. Separation wasn’t a good one but trying to get adjusted. Seems like they have moved on in their new life but they call me a lot?
I had a dream if a friend of mine whom I hv met Jus once.. Bt i feel m infatuated towards him n felt d same connection from his side too..bt after our meet he suddenly felt bad bout me telling him something n nw he decided not to tlk to me nemore n not to be in touch with me... Bt i dreamed dat he proposed me for Marraige n m already married n he his married too.. Nw Wat does dis dream of mine mean...??
Amiyha Johnson
The last time I had a dream about my ex was like 20 minutes ago, and I think it’s because I was just thinking about them but I hope they are thinking about me and wanting to make an appearance again,I really miss our talks and laughs that’s why I was wanting the relationship again because I feel like he’s the only one who could really relate to me And yes he was my first love. I just don’t know what to do either to let them go or keep trying I’ve had these feelings for like a month now.
I dream with a girl that i dont even know who she is. I just know were a Facebook friend and were not even close to each other. In my dream I hold the hand of this girl and we feel that we love each other. But in real life we dont even know each other. What do you think the meaning of my dream??
Hey I had a dream about me and my ex getting back together while I was with my bf we got caught in my dream but to me it felt like a nightmare I kept waking up from it and every time I fell back to sleep it was like it started where I left off I woke up scared and held my bf tight
A. Pritchett
Last night I dreamt that two old friends and I somehow ended up at my exes apartment. Oddly enough I can remember every detail about the charger we were driving and the fact that my ex was still living in the same place with the same car yet neither me or the two old friends actually on a charger. We were inside the apartment building because I was looking for him and I saw he was dating someone else, someone he wouldn’t normally date. We left out and hit his car (by accident) and the alarm went off so we all started running but my friends left me behind (it seems by accident) and then came back to get me and as I entered the car I woke up.
Many times I dreamt of my ex bf. He courted me for almost 6 yrs. And became my bf but didn't really practice the usual way of having this bf-gf relationship because our relationship is just a secret and my father don't like him. Until we have no communication and only heard that he is already married. My studies and my family are my priority that time. I was only 21 yrs old that time, now I'm 45 yrs old and still single. Sometimes I am questioning myself what if its us. I haven't seen him anymore since I accepted him as my bf on Dec.15, 1996. Many times I dreamed of him and this year I remember that maybe it's already 3 times. Almost all of my dreams are same although different scenarios and character or persons are with us, IT IS THAT WHEN I SEE MY EX BF IN MY DREAMS, I AM ALWAYS HIDING OR ESCAPING FROM HIM. I DON'T WANT HIM TO SEE ME BUT HE IS CHASING ME, AND ONE MORE THING IS THAT HIS FAMILY MEMBER PARTICULARLY HIS ELDER BROTHER AND SISTER IS FINDING A WAY AND INSISTING US TO BECOME TOGETHER. Could you please explain me about this? Thank you in advance, stay safe and God bless.
First I wanna say this article was helpful. Today is the 12/9/20 i had a dream about my kids mom last night it wasn't the type of dream you want to have. We broke a few months now we rarely talk only where the kids are concern . lingering feelings like the article says but this helped in many different ways.
Last night. I keep having reoccurring dreams about the same person, they pop up every few weeks or so. It honestly feels like my dream is trying to tell me something, each dream is different with the Same person and it’s just odd.
Rowena Dumaplin
My boyfriend ,he dream last year , that he saw me I he's dream that I was crying and I'm waiting for him because he go out in the house for too long , in he's dream and he said that's why he took so long in the outside bcos the girl who played with him before is talking with him and he said to that girl, that "stay away from me bcos I have a new girlfriend and she will be mad at me or kill me if she saw me talking to u ,, so that's he's dream , were LDR , hope u answer this kind of dream and give meaning to these dream , THANKS!
Deandre Noble
it’s weird but last night and this morning and it’s about my ex .💔 my opinion we might start back talking and possibly getting back in a relationship .🤦🏾‍♂️
There is this guy that I connected with. Our connection happened really quickly and fast on such a deep level which was shocking for me because of how hard I find it to trust people emotionally. Anyway, we talked for about 2-3 months but it felt like we knew each other since forever. I hung out with him once in person and I mean I knew who he was in real life because he went to my school but I never thought I would hang out with him because of the people he associated himself with at that time. So he wasn't a complete stranger but I didn't know him well so the whole thing kind of threw me off. I do understand that I have been seeking out someone to give me affection. Just hugs and warmth is all I really want because I haven't been able to have that since quarantine started. Anyway, I snuck out one night to hang out with him and we were just talking until things started quieting down and then he kissed me. That night turned into something I was not exactly expecting if you get what I mean. We recently had an argument after it happened but it was about him cuddling with someone else even though he said he had feelings for me and lying to me and being hypocritical (it was a mess) and I never thought I would feel so attached. Anyway to the dream part. The past two nights he has been in my dreams (one before the argument and one after) and it has basically taken place in the same building which was a school building. (not my school specifically) but in the dreams, it leads up to us confessing to each other about our feelings and him letting everyone know that we are together and he and I are just so happy together. It is kinda stressing me out because I don't know if it's attachment because of what happened or just the fact that I lost someone who I really cared about and connected with.
I've been having nightmares for two days straight that left me in shambles everytime I wake up. It was all about my brother. The first one was being in a plane crash with him, happily surviving with him and the second one is he passed from something. I can't remember what from but it truly devastated me. Me and my brother have a really close bond, we tell each other our secrets, laugh with each other etc. We do have a few times where we argue but we make up. I don't understand why I'm having dreams about him all of a sudden. We interacted a bit fine this week. Although not that much because of his work.
I had a dream about a person it's midnight and my dreamed was he is coming here in Philippines but his face is different but his name was the one who I met,he like me and I like him to..he come here in Philippines and then we had a beautiful moment and knowing about our families.what does it mean?
I had a dream about a girl I saw once at school six 6 years ago. One day we were at school and we’ve met, this was the ONLY time we’ve seen each other. In my dream we’ve met again but felt a connection this time, a deep one. I remembered a moment when a sir were taking a picture of us, we embraced each other and the picture was finally taken. The most intense moment was when we were walking down a desert street holding hands, we went onto the sidewalk corner and kissed each other, I felt so many emotions that it doesn’t even looked like a dream, I still can feel her lips on mine. All started recently when her Instagram profile appeared on the recommendations and I visited. While looking at her pictures a image of her when we’ve meet six years ago instantly came out of my mind. It was such a intense and real dream to have just by looking at some pictures, I meant... we’ve shared moments, deep emotions and we were so happy being with each other. I’d like to know if there’s any possibility to meet her again even with she living abroad and coming only 1 time/y. Because I already know she didn’t think of me, she doesn’t even know I exist. Thx
Valerie Haros
I had a dream lastnight about the person I was having an affair with we decided to end things yesterday and lastnight I had a dream of him we were at his apartment and his gf was there and I was acting like if I was a co worker friend from work and she was asking me questions like if he ever tried hitting on me because I’m beautiful and I was lying telling her no we’re just friends that’s all. But the dream I felt like so ashamed of myself and he was soo calm in the dream he was laying on his bed next to his gf and just looking at me soo calmly while his gf was asking me questions and what was weird I was just sitting on the floor the whole time looking at them being a couple. What does this mean.
I m seeing dream of ex girlfriend constantly since we broke up July 2020 n her daughter. I definitely miss her.
I think it’s a good,thing because I told her about my dream and some days pass by and my friend says I got good news for you and the news were the person I told my dream kinda has feelings for me witch made me really happy!😀
Hello, what i am about to say may seem a bit outlandish BUT we are dying to know what all of this means. I had a dream which felt like I wasn't in my own body. I felt like i was walking around in somebody else body looking through their eyes. I was in the downstairs apartment in the basement of my house where a friend lives. Which I didnt realize was actually where I was until later after I woke up. I didnt see her at all only the counter in her kitchen through tiny slits of what seemed like somebody else's eyes. When I awoke I felt as if there was somebody in my room. I saw 2 shadows afterward and then fell back asleep. Later that morning I was talking to my friend that lives downstairs. She told me she dreamed I was in her house. I walked in her room but sort of looked right past her and then left. I was then followed by a lady who also went in her room, she didn't speak to her either just sort of smiled and left. She was pregnant and wearing a white and teal dress. She said when the lady opened her door it opened from the opposite side it normally would have. Like it was backwards. We are very curious to what this means if you have any insight.
Hello, what i am about to say may seem a bit outlandish BUT we are dying to know what all of this means. I had a dream which felt like I wasn't in my own body. I felt like i was walking around in somebody else body looking through their eyes. I was in the downstairs apartment in the basement of my house where a friend lives. Which I didnt realize was actually where I was until later after I woke up. I didnt see her at all only the counter in her kitchen through tiny slits of what seemed like somebody else's eyes. When I awoke I felt as if there was somebody in my room. I saw 2 shadows afterward and then fell back asleep. Later that morning I was talking to my friend that lives downstairs. She told me she dreamed I was in her house. I walked in her room but sort of looked right past her and then left. I was then followed by a lady who also went in her room, she didn't speak to her either just sort of smiled and left. She was pregnant and wearing a white and teal dress. She said when the lady opened her door it opened from the opposite side it normally would have. Like it was backwards. We are very curious to what this means if you have any insight.
I dream about someone, and she's my long time crush, i gonna be honest, i miss her even tho were not talking to each other, and in school everytime we got an eyecontact i feel like my whole day is complete, i feel happy, i'v been dream her last night and am very surprise what's the meaning about, i hope she's thinkin bout me :)
Last night I had a dream about my crush. But in my dream I had fallen asleep at his business, he woke me up around closing time. I asked him what time it was, then i would wake up in another dream. The same dream on repeat. So a dream inside a dream. All confused and still wondering what it all means.
I had this dream about my friend irem she die in 2019 the dream was that I saw her in school and I said to her I thought u was dead she didn’t not let me finish that sentence when she shhh me...
jomecielle Tentoco
I need your help about my dream and how to get rid of it
So my ex gf and I broke up a couple of months ago, and i had a dream and im Only writing what i can remember obviously. But it started with me and cat in her room. She was smoking out of her window and i was sitting next to her. When She turned and saw me she gave me the middle finger and walked downstairs. We were speaking to eachother i just can’t remember most of the conversations :( but she had a really big mario kart game that we played. I was full of genuine joy and happiness for the first time in a while... We ended up playing mario kart together then took turns and when it was her turn i sat behind her and asked her if “this was it”. Referring to us ending our relationship ties in all ways shapes and forms. The dream ended right there.... But i want her back?
Hey, I had an interesting dream about someone I hadn't met for a while so i'd like to know what it means. I don't usually remember my dreams in detail but this one I did. I was in 4th grade and i had essentially time traveled and was telling everyone about it to get them to believe me but none of them did. So i decided to tell the one kid who was a child prodigy and he believed me and so the whole time we would meet up and just talk about the time travelling. in the beginning it felt very real but halfway through it got fuzzy and i knew it was a dream and was waiting to wake up soon, i didn't tell him i was dreaming but he kept telling me "your gonna wake up soon we need to hurry" and right after that i woke up.
Yas Ali
The last time was two nights ago. I think about him constantly. I will a go month or a few weeks thinking I'm over him or I've moved on but just a few days later I see him or someone talks about him and all those feelings just rush back so quickly. I want to tell him about my feelings for him but I'm scared I might rejected or it will ruin our friendship forever.
I actually just woke up from a dream about my crush leaving me a message. He said there was a pocket watch for me in my locker at work. I was so convinced that it was real that I literally turned on my phone and checked to see if the message was there. Obviously, it wasn't, 😢 but hey, if my crush sees this, a pocket watch wouldn't be a bad idea for a gift. #dreamsarenotreality
Londa flores
I haven't dreamed in a very long time. I do still love my first husband however, I know he has moved on and I haven't had a serious relationship and now I have one but I fight it everyday trying to push him away I feel he deserves better and I dont deservelove cause it is my fault I divorced my first husband. This man is really everything I have never had he opens my doors leaves me notes n my gas tank. Very thoughtful like I have always been and actually he beats me at thoughtfulness which.i thought was hard to do. I feel I love him and I'm in love with him but I pick him apart and now we are on quarantine together and I am not used to being stuck in one spot for 14 days and can't go out .
I had a dream about a guy that was my best friend. I met him in 5th grade and we have been friends until we started to drift apart. There was no reason, we just did. I left that school because I moved and my friend told me that after I left, He confessed to liking me. I was shocked and told her to tell him I cannot return his feelings. About a year later I started to talk to my friend more. I asked about the guy and where he moved to. She said she didn't know. I asked that because recently I have been having multiple dreams with him in it. Once twice in a row. I now want to see him but I don't know where he is so I cant do anything... Does me having dreams about him signal him coming back or just that he is thinking about me? (Sorry this is so long)
i had a series of dream about a close friend of mine whom i secretly fell inlove with for a long time. it was difficult for me to admit my feelings for him. he was kind of confusing. and i also don't want to it to go deeper. as times went by, he moved away from us, no communication & connection at all. it seemed like he tried to run away from all of us. he became an outcast to his new enviroment, then lately we found out that he was suffering from depression. we were very close, we tell each other's probs and such. a year had passed, and he tried to run away again. i had a boyfriend and i had no idea what life he had been since then.. he keeps appearing in my dream before the day he committed suicide.. he kept telling me in my dreams that we could have been together, that he too loved me. It was like yesterday, but i still couldn't believe that it's now over. I hope he would still appear in my dreams every night because i miss him so much. "In another life, I would be your girl".
Last night i dreamed about a person but the person did not speak to me but was watching me like in want to see if im alright and on my part i also thought to myself in the dream im not speaking first
I had a dream of a girl(my classmate). In that dream she was sitting on front of me but I couldn't touch her or talk to her... And in my next dream I saw she was interested in someone else and was going with him..
2 days I dreamt about my best friend and my boyfriend and in that dream we were happy and in reality me and my boyfriend we're not in talking terms.So I would like to know that what does my dream mean
Last night I dreamt of an ex.
Last night I dreamt of an ex. It’s been 4 years. So I dreamt about him at least once a month for the past 4 years. At first the dreams were violent and he was angry. I was trying to run away from him and he found me. Now the dreams are different were I run into him and it’s pleasant. Over time they started to slowly change. Last night I dreamt I ran into him. I had to stay in that situation for a while and he was peaceful. I dreamt we still had chemistry and was slowly growing feeling for him again. Idk what that means. There was something in our relationship that I didn’t have with anyone else. That I don’t have in my current relationship. I want that. I think I am also getting over my fear. He lost his shit one night. Or maybe I just want to finally make amends because honestly there is so much I looked back on that I didn’t understand then that I do now. Or maybe it’s honestly all of the above.
I don't know if you still reply, but I have to reach out and try. My fiancee has been living in a skilled nursing facility in a vegetative state since suffering a cardiac arrest two months ago. Lately it's been nearly impossible to get through the day without just wanting to give up on life due to the grief that overwhelms me from him being "gone", especially now during the holidays. Last night, for the first time since the incident, he came to me in two dreams, though. One I don't really remember (I've always had trouble remembering my dreams). But in the other, he came to bed with me. Nothing erotic. He simply crawled into bed with me and we snuggled. It felt so real (I could feel the stubble on his face) and wonderful to have him back! Imagine my despair when I then awoke and found his side of the bed as empty as it had been when I went to sleep. Why did he suddenly come to me twice, and how did it feel so real?? I've never had a dream that felt this way. Any response is greatly appreciated.
Sylvia Kapp
My husband has past on for 18 years now and there is a black butterfly with blue spots and line that comes and fly around me outside every day the same time when us dit outside what is the meaning Thank you appreciate it
It had been more than six months since I got dreams about a person. But past two days I am repeatedly having dreams about this guy who was my classmate at high school. We don't see each other anymore and in the dreams we are in relationship
Franz garchitorena
It’s been 2 years when we broke up leaving without a word. Then suddenly appearing in the saddest part my day. After 5 months without contact, that’s the time I start dreaming of her often
Kumar chiranjeet
Commenting on the dreaming I am dreaming about my ex today and every alternate day since we broke up, and it has been a year since we broke up but i still dream up of her in my dreams frequently, and we r unexpectedly happy and joyfull in that, but every day i think of why i am dreaming of her because we have already broke up... 💔😔😔
I dreamt with an old crush last night. I'm in a 9-year relationship and super happy (2 kids too). I've dreamt with this person over the years. We never met just had some funny moments the first year of high-school with him. Idk weird.
Lastnight I had a dream about my ex n its like we were happy together hugging and kissing on each other dont know why is that
I just had a dream where me and my child child friend (Grace). We were on a bus taking a ride home and we were talking idk what about exactly but then we got into a huge argument about relationships and likeness towards one another. In the dream she tried to kiss me and grope my leg. I was so pissed off that the anger I felt, I rarely express on people especially my closest friends. I don’t what any of this means. I was broke up with by my ex and I think I’m just pissed for some reason, deep down I’m hiding feeling that I want to express but won’t because I’m scared.
I was dreaming about an ex of mine we dated more than 6 years ago and left on a bad note in the dream i asked to talk to her alone but every time i jump to a different place in the dream talking to someone else or doing something else or when i do eventualy talk to them before we can properly start the conversation someone interupts it in some way or i just wake up drenched in sweat why does it happen
I just dreamt of a guy I think I love finding someone new and being with them when he wouldn’t be with me I feel it’s his and my fault but I just wanted him to love me and it hurts a lot..... now I’m crying
This was not a I miss you dream, it was us having lunch as friends, and someone came up and said ZOO, like they were saying BOO! I am not sure what that means, but it was weird.
I dreamt about my ex boyfriend. He was laughing at me with a friend of him. It pissed me off! What does it mean? We broke up 2 months ago. He still replies to some of my stories. He seeks attention too, I feel that. But he’s dating another girl. I never want him back! But I want him to regret of loosing me, that’s it!
I dream about my ex and I wonder why ? where not close in person and also in my dreams
I had a dream of a long ago boyfriend only to wake up and find out later in the day he actually passed away 8 months ago.
Jake c
I few weeks ago I made a silly mistake wich made me realise I deceived my friends, and I hurt there feelings, all I've wanted to do is show them that I'm sorry for what I did, but i cant as I have no contact with them. These last few days I've seen my friends in my dreams, we are happy and getting along in the dreams, and it's like I never hurt them. It's so confusing as I'd wait forever to show them how sorry I am because there friendship meant the world to me, I was just too wrapped up in my own life to realise who I was effecting. Any idea why I might keep seeing them? Thankyou
I had the most bizarre dream I have no idea how to interpret it but I’ve been checking up my dream books. A person that works near me was in the dream. We were at an old house and my Dad found a skeleton under the house. By the end of the dream it had turned into a colourful tarot like character with horns at the bottom of it rather than its head!!! There was a symbol at the bottom and it seemed to be a really old way to reveal its interpretation. Really really strange. All feedback welcome! Haha.
Okay so I have been dreaming of my old school crush for 4 or 3 times and today also I dreamt about him!! He was my childhood friend but I dont know why he stopped talking... in dreams we talked and that's it.. I dont know I think he might be my soulmate or I dont know but now I have a boyfriend that I really like and yes I have been dreaming about my boyfriend too for 3 times yesterday I dreamt about him that I was in my school with friends and student then I got hurt in my foot which made me unable to walk then he sow me and carried me in hes arms and put me in the bus seat and he left with hes friends.
i keep havin this dream about my ex and in my dream we r at his house amd were sitting in the living room and were smiling and happy and making kissy faces to each other and my uncle comes in and my ex says "i gave u my heart before and im not doin it again bc i gave u my all and im scared to again" and it leaves me comfused and i wake up crying and idk wut to do i hope i get to talk to him again bc this has been goin on since dec.22,2020 i miss him so much plz help me
I have been dreaming of this girl whom we went to the same primary school long ago. It's a frequent dream for more than 20 years. Everytime I dream of her, it's quite a pleasant time and feel rejuvenated. I'm sometimes confused coz I don't know what it means. Not yet married but it's kind if confusing always dreaming of her.
Shannon Blackwood
Last night and they are more reacurring dream, and keep in mind I do not dream about people. But these are all about the same kid i grew up with and used to have very big feelings for in middle school and now we just have a heavy equipment class together and are inseperatable in a way. They are not just average dreams though its about things i used to think about with him datin mostly. Him flirting you know things every girl wants with their crush but thing is I dont have feelings for him (I think anyway).
I keep having dreams about an old friend who I used to be very close to. We were very close until around last year. Out of nowhere, she started acting distant and being estranged. She also had a major personality change as well. I still see her in my everyday life, but it just isn't the same. It was nice reading this article as I can relate to multiple of the points.
Nella ador
Hi. I been dreaming of someone I used to loved before. We never been see each other but he often comes in my dreams. Dreaming the same place, event and action where he is so caring for me. That dream reminds me how sweet he is. But it's long time ago. We didn't meet. And I dream about him. What should I react about this? Should I be happy?
Joann Rose
I dont ever dream about my x husband. But last night i dreamed two different times ladt night. He was movin his belongings an his old girlfriend was helping him move along with our old friends that we ran around with. I remembered following him out the back door just to see up the hill what everybody was doin where he was moving from. He has remarried but i for some reason can let 25 yrs go. We have been divorced that long
I let the love of my life go 20 years ago I dream of him every other night always even though he is dead it breaks my heart every time I wake
I don't dream often usually (not more than 5 - 8 times) but since 2020, i dreamt a lot more after I went to an event in December 2019. 3 - 4 out of 9 dreams I had was the same person and we arn't even related. The only related is inside the event I went to.
My ex has been in my dreams alot in the last few months, he chose to walk away, but has since appeared in my dreams almost nightly. I wonder why. When he chose to leave.
Ghie Nosh
It was recently i dream of him kissing while its raining, all of a sudden he was lost, in front of me. I been secretly love him for 3yrs..😕 We are good friends, and I don't want that friendship to end if I'm going to tell him I love him already, his way too young for me😒
All I can say is that dreams are the most mysterious phenomenon ever, I dreamed of someone I haven't seen in such a long time, and after just a few weeks after I met him, dreams can be a warning too.
I had a dream about my ex just now. We’re friends but I very much still have feelings for him, but I worry that I’m bothering him sometimes. In the dream he was at my house and he gave me a Christmas present, a stuffed unicorn and something else but I can’t remember what. I dream about him a lot but I guess I just assume it’s because I miss him a lot.
Hey Ryan, I had a dream last night of my ex who I haven’t seen in months. Every time I dream of him I feel comfortable although I know he’s a cheater. It’s really weird that every time I dream of him I end up hearing from him. I don’t know what it means but I’m guessing it’s a sign that he’s thinking of me.
Last night. He came over my house where all my family and friends were. I was nervous in my dream but so excited that he was with us.
I guess 23 years later we still have a connection Mayra was my deepest desire. I wish her the best of happiness and love...
been like a year since i seen her last, but at least 3 times a week she in my dreams... this article really hit home man everything you saying is exactly how im feeling... not mad about how it ended, just curious to see where it would’ve gone
Joel Bautista
Ive dreamed of someone I really like so much. It doesn’t happen daily, more like once a week or two. If dreaming about them means they are dreaming about me, this could be a sign
Hello, thank you for writing this great articles. I want to share my story that in line with your statement. I dreamt of somebody I liked years and years ago. We didn’t talked much and didn’t see each other much because he is my brother’s-in-law friend. This happened years years ago. So few days ago, I dreamt of him at my brother’s-in-law house. Then the next day, my sister told me that that guy will stay at my brother’s-in-law house for some time! And the next 2 days, he appeared!
I had a dream about someone I know from afar and it was an strange and but romantic dream. Long story short, when I woke up exactly after 17 minutes , he sent me a request on Instagram. What does that mean! Has he had the same dream as me ?or has he been thinking about me ?
i’ve been seeing this man that i have a lil crush on but he lives out of state and only comes to LA every so often. however i’ve seen him in la multiple times and he actually flew me out to see him a month ago. ever since then i been dreaming so much about him, i jus wonder if he dreams about me or even thinks about me. i have a feeling that he will hit me up when he’s in la next but this man is literally the first thing i think about when i wake up... do u think this is a good sign he’s thinking bout me to ??
Hi Ryan! I dreamed about one of my closest friend almost all the time, but in this dream, I dreamed about something that was more related to her than it related to me, so what does that mean?
I've been dreaming of this person for quite some time . We have some kind of history and for the last 3-4 years ive been stuck with them. Although i dont really know them anymore i guess its more of the idea of them that i like . For the last 6 months ive been having occasional dreams of them
Every night for the past week. My ex and I broke up last week, and it’s left me devastated and lonely, I have no one to speak to and I still love her very much. Makes it hard to think about all the good memories we had together, but I would do anything to go back to those moments, or create new ones with her. Sadly I know this will never happen again. Not a minute has gone by where I haven’t thought of her, she’s always in my thoughts and dreams. I can’t do anything that we used to do together on my own, as it doesn’t feel the same.
AYANA Kyaire Williams
Last night I had a dream about my ex and his family. I will admit miss him we broke up a year ago and it was a really bad break up he moved on with in months of the break up I still haven't been in a actual relationship just talked to someone and had a baby idk if I actually miss him or miss the thought of having someone to talk to on a daily
I have been having dreams about my ex boyfriend. I miss him so much and I want to be with him . Is he thinking about me?
I just had a dream about an ex person. That I didn’t see or think of for a long time. The dream itself was ordinary but the impression it left me with make me ask myself if it’s because that person was, somehow, thinking or dreaming of me too.
I had a dream about an old high-school friend recently. We haven't seen or spoken to each other since graduation. But in this dream, we were passing each other by through the school hallways. We both knew and acknowledged it was a dream, but continued on as if it were a normal meet up. We even knew that we were about to wake up from it. Right before I woke up, I remembered us saying we missed each other and that we should plan a meeting when Covid is gone.
The weird thing to me is that I dream about this person almost every night. But I haven't seen them in over 5 years, I have no idea if they even remember me. It's hard to get their memory to fade from my mind, for obvious reasons. I doubt they' even recognize me if our paths happened to cross. It's been so long. Please, help me figure this out.
Janne Lew
What if I dream of a friend that die in an accident? Another dream is my uncle passaway last year but I dream of him passaway again. Like he never passaway b4.
I've been dreaming about my ex for the last two weeks. Our relationship ended 4 years ago. Since then, I've done a great job at letting go and moving on, but lately all of the old memories have been coming back. For the last two weeks, she's been the only person I think about, and she's been in my dreams ever since. I would like to know what this means. Am I dreaming about her because she still thinks about me? Is there a chance for us to get back together?
I dated a guy months ago.. we ended bad and I had a soul tie connection 3 months after. I finally feel I’m over here and I dream of him that he invited me to visit him when he had another girlfriend. I’m the dream I was yelling asking him why would he hurt me again.. I even had a dream months before that where he apologized to me and told me he loved me. I don’t know what this means
Why do I finish a dream that’s not over with into the next night after I fall asleep?
Louisa Ntikisha
Two months ago I had a dream about my current boyfriend,taking a walk.In the same dream I was getting married to him but before I couldn't reach the alter someone wake me up.please help me with the meaning
Little J
I dreamed about someone last night. In real life he was one of the people that I serve, someone I write for... in my dream, I don't know why we were partners in a workshop-like scene. there are other people around us, some familiar, others not really. we were in a building to collab with others like us who resides there. then i bumped into an ex suitor holding his cat. I took a photo of his cat and just said "hi". later, I opened a door and saw that that cat just escaped from its leash and I had to close the door to look for the owner(ex). then I saw my partner from the workshop.but I was busy looking for the owner but at some point I felt like he was jealous. then he sat on a sofa and looked at me. i was so nervous. then suddenly the cat was beside him. i was surprised. but then this girl sat on the other sofa which makes them 3 sitting side by side.my jealousy ate me just because of that and I walked oit of there. I knew he was still watching me when I left. that was the end of it. what is the meaning of it??? I came here looking for answers and found myself more confused.
I have recently been dreaming of one of my friends, and in the few dreams I’ve had it has been very clear that either me or him had a crush on one another. In the first dream, a few months ago, he had a crush on me. In the one I just had, I had a crush on him. I am showing signs irl that I might like him, for example being jealous when someone likes him or he likes someone else. Only problem is, I am in a relationship. Ofc I also have romantic dreams about my S.O., and I am very in love with them and want to be with them. SO WHY do I seem to have a crush on my other friend?!? It may be important to mention that my S.O. lives very far away and said friend does not.
Today on my afternoon nap I dreamed about my senior who has a crush on me , I don't know why 🙄 but I am not feeling good after that it has been a longtime since we chatted. Is there any specific reason behind this .... Pls reply😣 .
Today on my afternoon nap I dreamed about my senior who has a crush on me , I don't know why 🙄 but I am not feeling good after that it has been a longtime since we chatted. Is there any specific reason behind this .... Pls reply😣 .
Matthew Osborn
so I've been besotted with this co worker for a little under 18 months. I finally decided it was going nowhere in December. and took January off to remove her from my feelings. so I could continue a working friendship. had a dream on the 19th Jan. I was at a family function in a restaurant. in walked this co worker. drunk wobbling about a bit. showing off jewelry her boyfriend bought her. she asked in a desperate voice when was I returning to work. the driver in my place was so slow. she continued to make a show of herself. but then the dream got cut off by my alarm.
I dream about someone who i was going to break off my marriage for. A lot of people were against it so i thought it was the right decision for me to marry my current husband. But i constantly dream about the other guy and i cant help but constantly get so emotionally and spiritually down. I keep doubting my choices and i cant seem to be happy when i keep getting affected by a simple dream..
Ricky james
Hi there, had a dream about some that died on the Sunday and found out who it was on the Wednesday that was my birthday the following night on the Thursday I dream about us being together lying in bed together and telling her that she has died and and she thought she was still alive The following day my mum was at my place and just a whisper of my name was said
Ricky james
Hi there, had a dream about some that died on the Sunday and found out who it was on the Wednesday that was my birthday the following night on the Thursday I dream about us being together lying in bed together and telling her that she has died and and she thought she was still alive The following day my mum was at my place and just a whisper of my name was said
Matthew McNew
I had a dream about my ex wife. It was confusing and the scene of my dream was of somewhere completely different from where she lives. There was a sexual moment but no sex. There was an intimate hug and some kissing. I was surprised when it turned sexual and that’s probably why I woke up from the dream, or at least that’s one of the last things I can remember. I’ve already wrote down a summary of my dream. I’m wanting to practice lucid dreaming so I hear it’s good to write down the dreams you remember. While I still love my ex wife, we both have moved on and have new partners. Part of me wants to be with her again. Maybe it’s just wishful dreaming. I’d like to think that she did dream of me as well or at least was thinking about me. If that’s the case I can continue on with a smile knowing she was thinking about me.
I was discouraged a little in myself when I read the meaning of these dreams. Ive been having a dream about my best friend every day for the last week and a half. Us just hanging out having sleepovers. He is my ex. We used to have tensions. But its really fun in these dreams and we drawn closer now that we know the bad sides of eachother. I have feelings for him when I shouldnt. Im with someone. And that really shows in my dreams I guess
I was discouraged a little in myself when I read the meaning of these dreams. Ive been having a dream about my best friend every day for the last week and a half. Us just hanging out having sleepovers. He is my ex. We used to have tensions. But its really fun in these dreams and we drawn closer now that we know the bad sides of eachother. I have feelings for him when I shouldnt. Im with someone. And that really shows in my dreams I guess
I dreamt about my ex last night. Its been almost 2 years since I have seen him last. I saw he was demanding some answers, most probably related to our break up.
Hey I read it. I'm having a constant dream about my ex- friend. I hate her now but the thing is whenever I think about her in reality, she doesn't bothers me in dreams but 1 single day I don't think about her she comes in my dreams and ask for one simple thing: to take her back and I tell her I don't want to be with you anymore. Sometimes even I tell at her or slap her but she keeps bothering me. Why is it so...? I wake up and just want to not have this dream. Help me Please
Joy joseph
For sometimes now i have been dreaming about a particular guy i don't know him,i have never spoken to him,i just saw him in my church and ever since i started dreaming about him and sometimes his mother cuz they do come together to church. either am helping him or we are just talking and we are kinda friends in the dream and i don't know why it keeps happening
I had a dream about this guy that I used to talk to. We had such a good connection and we had so many things in common. We don’t live in the same city but he had expressed his feelings to me telling me how he felt about me and that he was willing to stop talking to other girls. He distanced himself a bit more then eventually told me he started talking a girl who lived in the same city as him. They had talked recently in the year but had just started talking again and told me he liked her. And I don’t know what dreaming about him meant. Does it mean he’s thinking about me?
I used to work at a warehouse when I was 21 and had a crush when I first seen this girl she was 24 named marysol. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever met till this day no girl has come close to her. I felt and knew I was out of her leauge she was like the high-school cheer leader that everyone liked and I was the weird quiet kid . And one day she asked a coworker of mine to tell me she likes me and wants to talk to me it was the most happiest day of my life but I didn't know how to talk or really date. We went on some dates and after 2 months of talking to her at work and a couple dates like 4 times eating out. 1 movie date and 1 taking her dog out for a walk and I would always find her at work and ask her how she was doing and what's shes been doing out of work. She started pushing me away I could tell then eventually she told me she was used to being single and just wanted to be friends but I still tried and I can see she didn't want nothing to do with me. I left her alone for a while then went up to her one day at work with tears in my eyes telling her I really thought I had a chance to be the person she was looking for. I can she she felt bad and I asked her why don't you like me anymore she said I was to young I went away and hid in bathroom crying. I worked at that place with her for about a year seeing her everyday happy with friends and everyone could see that I wasn't doing well cause of her I eventually Quit and am now 25 years old she was the happiest moment in my life and she made me feel at my lowest. I think about her everyday and have had dreams of her like once every couple months they are not bad dreams either they are happy ones and we are talking and laughing. Thanks for listening
For a while now i have been thinking about this guy. he had feelings for me then but i was to afraid to confront him. ever since we went to the same school we hung out a lot. now i haven’t seen him in over 4 months. I had been having this crush for over 6 years. Today i had a dream about him holding me in his arms. i felt so safe and not lonely. I woke up and realized that was probably never going to come true.
Kenneth Jones
Well its a nice thought, but I dream of my first love from time to time although that relationship ended over 30 years ago. I don't pine for them in everyday life or anything but I guess it just left a significant imprint on my mind to have dreams with them in it . Those dreams usually about having a good time with them ,but there not sexual just a content belonging kinda feeling attached to them. Though I doubt this lady us dreaming of me simultaneously or at any time really
Julie Moore
The dream I had was about an ex supervisor I always thought he was good looking but never thought anymore then that. In my dream he kissed me and said he had been wanting to do that for so long. It was strange to me. Just wondering why i would dream of him like that.
So I haven’t been talking to this guy for a long while now because he pretty much just wanted someone else. They have a family now but I can’t help but think about him and I thought I was fine. I haven’t thought about him in a while as I’m trying to move on, then bam. I get a dream that starts out with him in it, it’s some crazy dream about stealing something. Him and I have an amazing time and we ended up cuddling on the drive away and at the final meet up spot with the gang from what I guess you could call a heist. I felt he kinda felt uncomfortable with me cuddling with him in the car but eventually he accepted it and embraced me in the car. It was just so wholesome. I tried to show him a message that if he didn’t want to he didn’t have to but whenever I typed on my phone I could feel myself being pulled back to reality. I could hear the noises of the real world. So instead I decided that I’d just leave it how it was. After we got out of the car at the final spot he went to sit somewhere else, so I sat in close proximity to my friend, and he came over and sat next to me. We cuddled more and then I tried again to ask him if this was what he really wanted, and he looked at me for 2 seconds and then the dream was over. I just wish I could stop thinking about him, I’d love it if he felt the same way about me, but I just know that’s not true. Yes I am a guy and this was a gay dream.
Last night I dreamt my ex proposed to me with pink roses and was apologizing for things that happened in our relationship. Not knowing what this means
Hi everyone! I've been dreaming about my ex crush lately about 3years crush. I haven't speak to him since there was a pandemic. We just have an interaction on FB like reacting and sharing memes, okay straight to the point. I was dreaming about we are in the same mall! With his friend, and it is very interesting because he pulled me towards him and we went outside to the mall. I wonder why does he did that? He didn't even say something either, just an eye contact then suddenly his friend (a boy) pulls him immediately away from me. Then leaves me alone. Then after that dream, my feelings towards to him got back. I don't know why. But after that maybe 3 days, my feelings fade away. I know love fades but what does my dream mean? )):
Brandy Morales
I had a friend whom I had feelings for but then he found out; he wasnt interested so we talked about it. And we agreed it would be best to stay friends and so we stayed friends and then we got into a fight later on because him and his girlfriend broke up and he asked me to do him a sexual favor but I said no. And me knowing that he isnt one to always tell the truth I asked his ex at the time if they were still together because he asked me to do that favor and by the time she talked to him about it they were already back together and he got mad at me and cursed me out and blocked me on social media. And recently he sent me a friend request on FB and I declined it. Hes the only person in my life that I ever dream of constantly and I dont understand it. I had a dream of him last night also. I havent talked to him in almost 3 years though.
i dreamed about someone i know ... 2 years back i loved her( the same sex love) and i moved out of my hometown ... now i haven't meet her for 2 years even didn't talk to her... Today i saw a dream about her about kissing her and she kissed me back too. I don't know sudddenly i saw her in my dream like i didn't expect btw I loved her and i do love her .. i dreamed about kissing her cheeks and lips. I was filled with super joy like no depression, no anxiety nothing woah that was a super great feeling. Thanks for reading my story
Chris Newton
So beginning of story theirs this girl I had the biggest crush on for the longest time which lead me to falling in love with them. For the past 14 years I've always been thinking of her and dreaming of us in a relationship when I fall asleep. I don't know what it means and I wish I knew what it meant.
I had this dream about a man I've been talking recently and have never met him in person. It seemed to be a happy and a conflicted dream as I also saw another man who has been there in my life for 3-4 years ago. I see myself having a date with this stranger man whom I have talked over text and phone calls but this is the 1st time I'm meeting him and then we are interrupted by the 2nd man I have mentioned above. My dreams ends here and I wake up. Is this a fling or something else. Please help me understand this dream.
Hi It was about two days ago I dreamt about my ex,wow how I now wish it was reality I dreamt driving a brand new two door car that I don't even know the name of it,I met up my ex in his father's house I don't know what was doing there but the love I got from his mom was to die for,his father was okay but something was off with him,it was like he wasn't that excited,on the other hand my ex mom was over the moon,she even gave us time to get same alone time in the bedroom,after we done my ex's mom said to me "I hope you are here to stay" my ex said to me"I didn't know you would come back,hance I moved on,I'm happy you back"than we kissed Three days before that dream I dreamt being pregnant with the same ex and my crush's twins 🥺
I haven't seen my ex in a week. Our relationship was not always good. There were trust issues put aside and never talked about till one day, recently.. we got into a bad argument and didn't talk for a week. I miss him so much and think about him everyday then last night he was in my dream. We were happy, showing affection going on a trip. I didn't want it to end
I haven't seen my ex in a week. Our relationship was not always good. There were trust issues put aside and never talked about till one day, recently.. we got into a bad argument and didn't talk for a week. I miss him so much and think about him everyday then last night he was in my dream. We were happy, showing affection going on a trip. I didn't want it to end
Last night I dreamt of someone I was head over heals in love with about 2 years ago.. I haven’t seen or talked to them in quite some time although last time I dreamt of them I did reach out to tell them but got no response. I typically have pretty bad dreams. When the dream is about him it’s usually a good dream, and I wake up happy, but disappointed that I no longer have any connections to him. After reading this I do feel better knowing that he is most likely thinking of me as well.
I dream about my first love several times a year, in all of the dreams he is being affectionate and loving and giving me compliments, we cuddle and hold hands and I feel super content and happy but I somehow know it is temporary and we aren’t going to ‘be together’. Every time I wake up from these dreams it feels like my heart is breaking all over again. It really didn’t end well, he gave me a lot of abuse and cheated on me. It’s been 13 years since we broke up. I don’t know why I dream about him but I wish I didn’t.
Jenna Rousset
Last night in my dream, my ex hooked up with this other girl and he posted all about it on his Instagram. I dont know why he keeps reappearing when all i want is him out of my life for good. What does this mean? Am i looking for closure because we ended badly? Or is he thinking about me?
I think they are the warnings that if we make this decision this is how it might turn so better not to do that .
Interesting read! Every night I dream about my ex. Whether is good or bad! The latest dream was he wrote something down. Like a message but couldn’t read what it was. It was a long message... During that dream, my house was broken into and in my bathroom wall it said something like “I will be back” Scared the hell out of me! We broke up abruptly and haven’t spoken since... but I can’t stop dreaming about him and I wish it will stop one day.. (Damn Facebook and jealousy). That was the cause of our break up What does this mean? Please help. It’s doing my head in Thank you in advance Laura
Last night i dreamt about my bestfriend. Almost 12 years we haven't see, talk or chat with each other. We're not even friends in facebook or IG, but we had great times when we were together. I wonder whether she thinks of me too, because i always think of her. She's always in my dream. I had a feelings for her before and i told her about my feelings but she ignored it. The time i told her about my feelings, she kept her distance and as if nothings had happened to us back in time when we're together. And now i totally moved on and already have family with two kids. I wonder why i still keep dreaming her.
Last night i saw my first boy friend in my dream n its a long time that i dont have any news from him . But today im thinking about him too much ,is he thinking to me now too ???
Tai Samuelu
I always dream about my ex, I've been living with my boyfriend since I separated from my husband, I n boyfriend have a 10 year old son now but am still married to my husband, father of my 5 children..keeps me wondering why I always dream about him..
About Consecutive 5 days including last night his not my ex his my bf but we have been quarrel for 5 days bcuz of him self and i am dreaming about him for consecutive days and say me something about it 🥺
Juan Martinez
I constantly think of one person... My first girlfriend as mediocre as it sounds I am focused and absolutely intend to creat distance from my home town. I am so conscious of this pattern of thinking including dreams that I am actually tired of think about her. I am a realist and the fact I still fantasize about something I can't have leaves me in a somber wake.
One of my best girlfriends I’ve known for over 20 years. Told me to move on. She just Simply drifted apart. I’m confused and can’t stop thinking about her. We spoke everyday on the phone. Sometimes all day off and on. Thou we were in different states.. I miss her and I trying to move on. Her words to me she had no interest in having a friendship with me. I don’t know where that came from I’m confused sad, I dream of my friend we were at a wedding I went up her said hello. She didn’t want to be acknowledged. Wouldn’t say hello finally she shook my friend and said she made a mistake by ending our friendship. In my dream I asked her if she was sure about get your friendship back she said yes. That was my dream
I keep dreaming of the same person, 2 days ago I dream of him again. I don't have any relationship to that person. We're just acquaintance. But in my dream we are together and I introduce him to my father as my boyfriend. I am confused and wondering why I always dreaming about him. Also we don't have any communication and I'm also not into him. But because I'm always dreaming about him I think I'm starting to like him.
I, don't know..I keep dreaming of different people every night. I don't know what that could mean.
Last time I had a dream about someone special was last night. I was in a room with one of my close friends and we were watching a movie and I get a message from this guy I am currently talking to. In the message he is asking me out. It all left so real and I was so happy but I also felt shocked about it happening. when I woke up I had gotten a message from him but it wasn't him asking me out. It made me so happy but he didn't respond for like eight hours and i'm so confused. also this is my second time dreaming about him. the first time was us meeting. I feel like it is probably a sign from god or something because both dreams have felt so realistic. Ive dreamt about another people before but they've never felt to real. I just want to know what this means.
I dreamed about this guy that’s in the army we had a one night stand and I feel like it meant more it was just something about him at the same time I feel like he doesn’t think about me but I don’t know it’s confusing lol I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again and on top of that we are both virgos
I have been seeing this specific person in my dreams for weeks.we broke up a couple of weeks ago since then i cant stop thinking about him.its really bothering me.i cant start over.i want him back.i am sick of me being in this situation.i often have headaches because of overthinking.i cant have good sleeps
Jon Cris
I've been dreaming about my ex-crush for the pass 2 months at least once in 2 nights, I don't know why.
For the past 4 days i’ve had dreams about the same person, and they’re positive. But i’m not sure what it means. It involves being in a relationship with someone.
Hi ,last night i dreamt about my sister trying to get my husbands attention as she was trying to get him on bed with her it feels like its true cause eveeytime she comes around at my place she usually just keeps eyeballing my husband and its really hard to tell if my husband is into her also cause his attitude suddenly changes when theres other women at home! Anyone got a good advice for me on how to handle this kind of situation please
Rich Millard
Just had a dream that was absolutely identical to behavior that a woman and I enjoyed 45 years ago. Her kiss was identical in every way. She touched my face the exact way she did years ago. I think about her nearly every day of my life. The dream was so vivid that I woke up expecting her (Neree) to be sitting next to me. I have never had a dream that vivid
Last night. I dreamt about my high school crush. She's a friend of mine, too. It's not the only instance that I dreamt about her. Maybe, I just missed her a lot.
Hey I had a dream about a coworker we started dating and he was showing me new things and he had already been working on and he wanted me to see his work after that I was scrolling on fb in my dream And seen 11:11 then woke up
Randy kelley
Yes i read your take on dreams and i must say you didn't leave anything out you covered every base good of bad but it really don't tell me anything about dreaming at all or im just not understanding it at all.. But what if you don't dream at all what if only you have dreams about falling and never hitting the ground or flying in space ships what kind of person would that make what if they never dream what's that tell about someone ? What if i said i don't dream at all. Now but use to when i once had a happy life. I haven't dream in over 10yrs now what's that mean or is there any reason for not dreaming at all please tell me .....
Brad Pitt was in my dream last night
My bf recently left me, in the day of our 1-year anniversary he didn't msg me and I felt lonely and sad and I messaged him saying that "Don't you remember what today was" and it replied yes I do but tired of everything and left me 💔later that night I saw him in my dream and we were together and then the next day I couldn't sleep and then today 14/02/21 i saw him again in my dream and we were still together and when I told him about my dream was being so dry and didn't wanted to talk to me😭 one year ago I left my friends for him bcz they didn't want me to go in relation with him but now I regret and I'm confused what's gonna happen next😔
My ex and I broke up sometime around July, 2020. I've found it a bit difficult to keep my mind wondering back to him. Anyways, when we were dating, I had a dream that we broke up and a week later, we did. But I had a dream about him last night, we both sat down on a couch and I rested me head on his shoulder. He moved his arm and wrapped it around me and held my hand. It was weird because his sister was in the dream and she kept telling me that him and I should try again. But I found this confusing because of the fact I haven't had a dream about him for a very long time. Then all of a sudden I got this dream and I don't know what to do.
I dreamt of a friend of an ex. Only met a couple of times. It was very intense and vivid and we started a relationship in the dream. It felt all warm and friendly and calm - very happy. Been on my mind all day - just puzzling me that it was so random during a dream in the middle of the night, meeting up with this person and starting a new life and being happy! Almost felt real it was that strange!!
i keep on having dreams like every night about my x best friend and i miss her a lot
I had a dream about a guy I still love but I haven't seen or talked to in over a year and a half. I dreamed that we ran into each other again and he started crying when he saw me and we gave each other a hug. It was weird because it felt so real. Really made me sad, but hopeful that something will bring us together again.
Blessing Nwanya
I dreamt of my ex last night and we were close to each other and didn't realize he was close to me because he was discussing with friends and rests on my shoulder anytime he laughs without knowing he is was resting on my shoulder and didn't turn to know who he was resting on, wondering why he appears in my dreams of him even when he doesn't care about me or calls me even when we do exchange greetings anytime we meet.
I had a dream I was with my crush , we were happy , running around and laughing at a huge field of green grass and flowers. He gave me a flower. And then my dream ended. By the way my crush told me he like d me back a couple of months ago.
Last night I dreamt about my ex boyfriend, and I have on and off since we split back in October 2020. I think it’s because I do miss him (at least the comfortability) and I have so many unanswered questions, but also hoping that it means he’s missing me to even though his actions say differently.
Last night I had a dream about someone I know, we’re no longer in the same friend circle, and there’s always been something there but I haven’t heard from him in a while. For years I’ve had dreams where we would “bump” into each other hang out, and emotionally connect. These dreams are extremely vivid, and in the last two dreams he gave me a ring, something sentimental in a way that only he and I would consider it. It’s strange because he always has to leave but he says he’ll be back, of course I have another dream... but every time it’s so real. It really makes me wonder now too, because you stated that sometimes we have the dreams because they’re “thinking of you”. I wouldn’t mind waking up next to the person in my dream, not one bit.
Last night, I was dreaming about someone that I love, and before he has a good feel with me too but lately he left me alone and said he doesn’t feel good anymore. But I still love him, if he doesn’t love me back or what idk. Anyway about the dream, I saw him and I want to ask him for help with my study problem( added some information, he was like my second advisor he help me with my first year in college so when I got problem I always ask him for help), then I ask my friend to ask him for me. After that my friend said he can’t help me because he busy. I wonder what the dream mean? Because I have plan to ask him for help. And I was dream about that person so often, and I wonder why I always dreaming about him.
Ivy Grace O. Villalon
Last night I dream of a guy wearing a suit then with a girl wearing a white dress then he saw me running away from them then he followed me and tell me I 'm the one he love and propose me and I said yes. Then I saw a background that there is also a guy riding a motorcycle passingby. I'm so confused what it is in my dream.
I had a dream about my ex we broke up 2weeks ago today.. The dream was him coming to my moms house and asking to talk to me so we went outside on the trampoline and he was apologizing for breaking up with me and as I was jumping on the trampoline I turned around to him on one knee asking me to marry him.. I don't understand what that means please help
What country did she move to I also already had 5 dreams about the same person she's greek
I've had multiple dreams of this one old schoolmate, in some we would be in our old school and had romantic feelings towards each other, they would be quite affectionate with me too. frankly I had a crush on them when I saw them in school and it continued like that until we graduated.(I crushed on them for about 4 years) there were also times where I felt they might've liked me back bc they noticed some things that others didn't but I ignored it bc ofc I didn't think anyone would like me. I felt like I was over that long time crush but these dreams are making me question if I really am over it. I think its been a couple days since I last had one of those dreams
i had a fight with him and left him 1 month ago, i didn’t wanna do it it’s cus i was forced to by my ex ibf. i want him back so badly that i keep having dreams of him, is this a sign?
Hi, I was already in a relationship when I met this person. He too was in a relationship with someone else. But we were colleagues, and while working together we fell in Love. It was real and magical simultaneously. But my boyfriend came to know about my feelings for him and met him and told him something. I still do not what it was. But the last time I met my colleague was May 14th 2009 and since then I always dream of him. I also broke up with my boyfriend since I realized it was a toxic relationship, but I lost this colleague of mine , and haven't met him or heard of him since then. We moved on. I met a real Nice person and got married to him as well, and I'm very content and happy, but I still dream about my colleague quite regularly. And my dreams seems very real. I don't think about him much but I see him in my dreams regularly. I don't know as in what to make of it.
I've dream about someone who is close to my house many times now..this morning in my dreams that person was coming towards me and cornered me against a door asking me to help him take out a hair in his eyes my heart was pounding..even when i wake up..What does this mean??
izzy g
ive been dreaming about my crush for the past 2 weeks now. in my dreams he compliments my looks and pays attention to me. i wonder if he feels this way in real life about me. i also wonder if he thinks about me too.
Carolyn Goble
I am searching for help with my dreams...I have been dreaming about the same person every night for nearly 2 months now, no matter how much I would prefer not to. He has been a significant part of our life for many years on a professional level, and as a good friend to myself. However, in all of my dreams he is with the children and I as a family member...specifically the father figure to my children and lover to me. At times, he is simply at large extended family gatherings...knowing he is there with us, but I am doing something else...while he is with family, friends and the children...until I can join them. I know what the dreams imply, but I just don't know what to make of it all
Michelle long
I had a dream my ex was fighting me we were arguing then he came for me as we were fighting I was getting tied and was asking him to stop then I woke up... In reality I’m waiting for him to come back in my life but I haven’t heard nothing yet. What does all this mean I think of him every day want him back
Yesterday I had a dream about I dono if she's my ex or wat cz we didn't break up or something she just moved with some one else after asking for space between us but I can't I think about her every time am alone I dream about her being together in future am really so sad and confused I look at her photos every day and I can never forget a moment we spent with her I don't know wat to do guy some advice
Growing up I was attracted to my brother's friend Mike. I would flirt with him shyly and he would flirt back. We nearly ended up together but I was scared to try anything and he also wouldn't make a move. It was very awkward. I felt the sexual tension very strongly after that but both to why to do anything or say anything. For years we flirted on and off untill I met my bf now fiancee. I have moved to another country and I lost contact with Mike. I dreamt for years of me flirting with Mike. I was the one that would flirt with him and try to get his attention not him and I'd always wake up sad I never got to tell him how I truely felt all those years and vice versa. I felt guilty also as I am engaged. Just the last week alone I dreamt that Mike was in my dream somewhere and I didn't care this time! My brother was in my dream said to me that Mike wants to talk to me so I had to go find him, usually I was the one trying to always find Mike and flirt with him. When I went to find Mike he was sitting on the bed and he was sad. I felt him miss me at that moment, at least it felt real and when I woke up I felt that connection I once held onto for so many years disappeared for me, finally. Not sure what this means but I hope when you said that the other person might be thinking of is when we dream of them then I hope Mike can let go as I have.
Eugenia Charles
I love this ❤️ I need prays for my life and my family and my boyfriend and others in the world tanks
I had a dream a few weeks ago about an old friend who had feelings for me that I rejected, since I only liked him as a friend. But now I’m doubting that because in my dream he gave me a gift, and It might have been a Lucid dream because I remember feeling overwhelmed by the gift and I gave him a big hug. We don’t talk much anymore though..
This afternoon I dreamt about someone, we were happy but all of a sudden we had an argument, I didn't do anything though and then I woke up. So now I have decided that when next we meet I'll ask him if he is angry with me or not.
Hi so I’ve been texting with this girl for 2-3 months now. so this night I had a dream about her, we were going on a date and having a good time. What does this mean
I have had a lot of dreams about an ex, he was my first a lot of things but he wasn't that good to me. Always going back and forth between me and his current girlfriend. It's been 9 years now, I'm with someone and we are very happy but I still continue to have dreams about him even when I haven't been thinking of him. Sometimes my dreams are what makes me think of him. We dated in high school and after high school but from what I see, he seems like he has grown up a lot. Kind of wish this would stop happening although I do wonder what it means.
I’ve been in a complicated “relationship” for about 4 years. I’ve been having dreams about my trainer on and off for about a year now. It started off with him just showing up, but it progressed to flirtation, dating, and just recently, erotic. I’m starting to look at him differently and tend to feel shy and nervous. I don’t know what this means. Could mean nothing. I definitely can’t express my dreams to him. I’d feel ridiculous!
I have dream about my crush bestfriend twice in a week having some careing or fighting like couple means
Last night I woke up from a dream in the dream my ex and my friend were in a car which means we were moving on together and they were laughing at my humor it sounded good but near the end of the dream I was wondering where we were going because no one was driving in the car. So I wondered where I would stop but I never stopped because I was moving on. At the near start of the dream I saw an ex he was going in the opposite direction in his car so he was thinking of me too. But he didn’t move on he was running from his fears.
I’ve been having strange dreams!
I keep dreaming about my ex who fell in love with my cousin sister when we were in a relationship . I don't even want to see him but he keeps on coming in my dream . And now it's like the third or fourth time he came in my dream
Uh I have dreams about someone every 6 months or rarely 3-times a week. He is my ex-crush, but I still can't forget him. In the dreams we are in a relationship but we are running from something. I can't stop thinking about him. It annoys me bcuz I don't know my feelings.
Me reading these: "Um, like, all of the above could be true at once in this situation"
Just this morning I saw a dream about someone who isn't so close to me. And I wonder why?! And that dreams was quite wired actually.. So I wanted to know why I saw about that person. And after reading your post... I feel little okay! I would like to thank you.
Last night I had a very detailed dream that had my ex-husband and both of my ex-best friends in it. In the dream my ex-husband deceived me amd I rekindled my relationship with my 2 friends. I'm not sure what this means.
He used to call me and chat me how was my day going and asked me if I already eat lunch. He even deliver me food during break time. I used to it so I think I'm falling or something, then, one day I woke up then greeted him a blessed morning but he doesn't response in that day. I was dreaming that we we're having conversation on phone then I look stupid waking early in the morning sobbing. I just think that I was ghosted. Hoping for him to be back.
Soo I this was my dream I'm trying to understand what this means or the message it's trying to give me So I usually don't do this but I want to know what my head is trying to tell me In my dream I find out that my friend has a sister which I know in real life soon I ask her if she can be my gf and she accepts even if I still look bad and chubby we go on trips and have fun together not weird fun good fun I forget about my friends and family and only think about her I suddenly get trapped somewhere for months probably weeks I use that time to feel and look better I get in shape and as soon as my gf finds me she frees me and helps me out she's amazed of how nice I took this time to look and feel better and i notice I did this for her and she was all I needed in my life because I loved her it's weird but somehow this is the best dream I had ever had in my life pls check it out I would love to see a response I hadn't really talked to her much but it would be a dream to have this in real life I might be a simp but I'm willing to make the effort to find out what this means let me tell you something else which was pretty weird usually I look good when I'm going to dream but this straight up looked like me which had me thinking why not give this a try pls help me find what this means it would mean the world to me
I was geeting married to my lover but 15 days before the marriage date everything ended due to a lot of chaos and fights between us, from then till now it's been 4 months and I still see that I'm getting married to him. I don't know why and what does it mean???
I had my dream last night, it was of a close friend I was/honestly still am in love with. We haven't spoken in a year but the main details are fuzzy but I recall us being together but that seems impossible as we've never been in a relationship and he doesn't want a thing to do with me , so I'm just confused why I'm suddenly having dreams featuring him
For me its is more that I would like to be with this person but I don't know if they feel that way about me. In this dream, the looked at me , 1 in above me and told me to kiss them. I was hesitant taking a step or 2 back, but then I was called away. I told them we will talk later and left. That's when I woke up and my heart rate was high. What does this mean.
The other night i dream about an x and for the past few days ive been dreaming of him.just seeing him and he didnt even notice me in my dreams..i havent seen him for almost 3years now..this article was helpful
I dream about her regularly, infact i found out that i too love her through my dream. Last time she come with blushy blushy a DAY before
Gabriel, jericho
I think two days ago! What can I do?
I dreamt about an ex. He was telling me how he was engaged to his previous ex who he now loves. I seem to be dreaming about him so often when in fact I’m trying to forget him as he broke my heart. It wasn’t a peaceful break up and so many questions were left unanswered.
I liked this person about two years ago. At the time I didn't realise how much I liked them. I told them that i wanted to stop talking to them. And about a year ago the whole thing came back to me and i haven't stopped thinking about the whole situation.. I still like them and i wish things could be normal again but i feel way to bad and scared to even talk to them or anybody else about this. For the past year i have had dreams about getting more and more frequent. The last time i had one was last night. The dreams or never the same but most of them has the same thing happening in them: they confront me and tell me that i hurted them and that their over it. In another dream i actually asked them of we could be friends again and they said yes. These dreams are eating me from the inside out. I don't know what to do. Please help.
Last night I dreamnt of a past classmate of mine out of the blue, which I did not expect even though I have been thinking of him for a few days now. I rarely think of him though, apart from when something happens that reminded me of him (in this case, I heard an old song), then I would think about him for awhile until I forget about him again. I always thought he was my first love, from the moment I saw him, I instantly fell for him and up to this day I still can't forget about him. I regreted that I never told him how I felt, if only I could turn back time I would difintely do so. Don't get me wrong, I love what I have now and would never change a thing, however I always thought what would have happened if I told him how I felt, would he like me back or would we have a relationship? It's been 14 years, why do I still feel this way? One of the biggest thing I wanted to do, was to kiss him and hold hands with him. But I didn't have enough courage to even approache him. I have seen him stare at a me a few times back then, which I thought that maybe, just maybe, he felt something too. I just want to know what it means dreaming of him after all this time, is he also thinking of me? Maybe one day I might forget about him completely.
I dreamt of my ex last night. I feel it means I still love him but I'm with someone new and have been for 2 years I even have a kid with this new man but I feel stuck I'm not divorced from my ex yet either.
I had a dream about a certain person just last night
Shang Shang
I had a dream last night and I kept waking up but that dream will continue, I dreamed of BTS. Last night I wanted to leave being ARMY but because of that dream I didn't leave, they were with me and we talked happily, I was always with V and Suga 💜, then at the end of my dream Jungkook was crying and said to him stop "crying i won't leave" Then i decided to stay with them, it wasn’t just my last dream of them, always dram about them and i don't know what is the purpose, its just a dream? or what it is, God please guide me (thankyou for reading) from philippines Borahae💜😊
Lately I have been having the same dream that my Stray Kids and I keep meeting up and in the first dream of this, I started dating a member. Then the next dream was that we broke up because I kept receiving too much hate from his fans and he wanted me to live a normal life. And the rest of the dream was just blur to my dream series. What does this mean...
Hello Ryan. What is the meaning of a reoccurring dream of someone trying to kill you?
hey, currently I am dreaming about a guy who is my class mate. he is an introvert and i am attracted to him . we are talking almost every day for 5 6 min. last day he even called me for the first time. i dream about him for the 2nd time and we had a dance and in the end a kiss. when we meet in a class we always have an eye contact and
It was a few weeks ago. I was dreaming about this girl I truly loved and met online. For the past 3 years I started developing deep feelings for her, but I think it was never mutual. We had our moments, though, where we laughed and hit it off pretty well. I was even making plans to meet in person. But in January, she disappeared from my life without saying anything. I've been in emotional pain and sadness because of this. But one night, after thinking so much about her during the day, she popped in my dream. It was beautiful. We were holding on each other's arms and looking deeply into our eyes. Nothing inherently sexual, however. But beautiful. I didn't want the dream to end. It was so real that I even reached out next to me, to see if she was there, but, no. I haven't had such a beautiful dream since my ex left me about 10 years ago. I guess I really wanted this to work between us. And I still do.
I recently dreamt of two people, one person who I miss immensely but due to certain reasons we are no longer in contact as often as we used to be and another who I have literally started imagining myself with. I am however married and it's true, sometimes I do wonder what my life would've been had I made different decisions.
Earlier I just could not keep my eyes open so I went to take a nap. Woke up many times and each time I went back to sleep I started dreaming. I dreamt about my deceased grandmother who I’ve not dreamt of once since she passed many years ago. Then I dreamt of my deceased mother-in-law. This will have been the 2nd time I’ve dreamt of her in the past couple weeks. I also dreamt of my deceased father-in-law, which I’ve also never done. Then the last one I dreamt of an old friend/ex. I can’t recall a whole lot of what went on in each dream but I remember telling another unknown person to tell my friend to call me later. And they replied, ok. I will. I promise. All so very weird.
Within the past 4 nights, I dreamt about my manager for 3 of those nights. I never once thought of him romantically until I had these dreams. But he already has a gf that he’s madly in love with and he’s 6 years older than me. I also know that we have different values in life so I’m really not sure why I dreamt about him. Just want the dreams to stop to put me out of this misery :/
Hi all hope you're well. So I've been having this dream of my friend for the past 2 days. we had feelings for each other, but I'm in a relationship and didn't want anything to happen between us so we both decided to end contacts, now that he was appearing in my dreams and I wanted to know what it meant :)
gaziya desai
I always dreamed about a person who was my classmate till 2010 after that I have never seen him again but he was my first love but he don't have any feelings for me i tried to contact him in 2011 and 2012 but he didn't response. but now the person is appearing in dreams again and again and i am getting confused what is this happening to me.. do you have solution for this? if yes please let me know...
gaziya desai
I always dreamed about a person who was my classmate till 2010 after that I have never seen him again but he was my first love but he don't have any feelings for me i tried to contact him in 2011 and 2012 but he didn't response. but now the person is appearing in dreams again and again and i am getting confused what is this happening to me.. do you have solution for this? if yes please let me know...
The last time I had a dream about someone was last night. I have had many dreams about my ex. In the dream we are always hiding away together from people we know and love. It seems every dream about him is the same we have to hide just so we can be together. I haven't seen or spoken to him in 11 1/2 years. It has always bothered me that I'd have a dream about him. It makes me think, am I second guessing my decision to be with someone else? Is he thinking about me? Does he regret not fighting to keep me in his life? So many unanswered questions.
I have been seeing my ex ..... In my dreams .....The last day of yesterday i saw him ignoring me and talking with everyone in the class ... I was dreaming my school life where he was there .... I don't remember too much but yeah i have been seeing him in my dreams .... And those dreams just either break or haunt me ....even I saw him last night in my dream ..... I was feeling alone so i went for a walk and when i was passing across a park a girl came to me and gave me something and she mentioned that it's given by my ex .... And when i looked around he was there in that park but i didn't want to talk to him besides missing him like hell so i just left that place and went back to home ........ I think i knew what was there in that stuff the girl gave me there .... There was a sketch i made very first tym of my ex and gave him as a present on his birthday or our first outside date ...... But as soon as i could open that stuff or unrapped that thing and saw what is inside that i just woke up ..... But i have a strong institution that what i m thinking it was that ....... I want to move on fast ..... It has been 2 months almost breaking up with each other .we haven't talked with each other .... Sometimes i feel idc anymore I don't want to think about him and i will not do so.... But then he comes in my daily dreams constantly. ...... And it just makes me more vulnerable because the thing is i just don't want to even see him but I can't stop thinking about him ... I refused everytime thinking about him or the whole day but at night .... He comes in my thoughts then mostly in my dreams ...... I really want to not to be miserable again .... I want to move on fastly please tell me what can i really do to just stop thinking about him really ... One thing more I can relate with each and every 5 points you mentioned above in your blog ..... Now please tell me the solution if you have one ......
I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend from the last two nights but as soon as i wake up i kind of forget what the dream was all I remember is him being in my dream. Last time in my dreams we just had a moment and he tried to kiss me but I got awkward thinking about all the times he broke my heart. I started crying and he left.
I dreamt about a friend who I became reacquainted with after 27 years, last week. We communicated again this morning after I dreamt about her. She is single but in my dream she had a partner with exceptional talents. As a couple, they were not a obvious match but they had a solid foundation. She put up with his flaws with integrity.
keith Briggs
Two days ago I dreamed about my Ex Wife coming to my home. When I opened the door and looked down at her feet she had on a pair of my shoes that our son bought me 5 years ago for Father's day.
Sol flirts a little, but, due to our professional relationship, anything more would be inappropriate. We're both married and he seems content in his but he knows I desire more than my husband is giving me. I don't remember dreaming about him, but one morning when I moved in closer to cuddle with my husband, he pulled away and asked, "Who is Sol?" Assuming he had seen the name from meetings entered on my Google calendar, I explained how I knew him professionally. He then told me I had been talking in my sleep and what I had said wasn't something I would say to someone I knew professionally. I have no idea what I dreamt, but I have a feeling it had to do with repressed desires that I didn't even know I had until that dream
I had a dream about my cousin that I recently cut off and I also dreamed about this one guy that picked my friend over me... I haven’t spoken to him in a while but I miss my cousin and she blocked me on all social media but I cut her off bc being around her is jus “toxic” but I miss her it’s like she’s a drug and she was also a very fun person to be around
I keep dreaming about an old friend I haven’t talked to or seen in months, but in my dream last night it was different than usual. Normally it’s seem like just another day but instead I sat next to him and he hugged me, then continued to hole me and rest his head on me, which he would never do. Another person I haven’t seen in awhile was also in it, I saw him for the first day a few days earlier (he’s in my Mui Thai class) and in the dream we walked down the hallway of my old school and talked he had the same smile from 3rd grade but looked like he does now. The whole dream was really weird, it took place in my 4th grade school, but everyone looked like they do now, or at least the way they did the last time I saw them. I saw him the next day and Sparred with him but it was really weird because he came up to me it was all like “hey Leo long time no see”.
i’ve had a dream about my ex boyfriend we broke up in december and he has moved on with his new gf and i try getting him to notice me at school and try and get his attention i’ve changed the way that ive acted as well for him to notice me he broke up with me because he said i wouldn’t stop being friends with someone who he didn’t like we tried being friends it didn’t work so we just try our best to ignore each other. but this is hard now i’m having dreams about him
A month ago i dreamed about my marriage with my crush But according to me he was comitted with others😑😑
Some nights when I offten go to sleep I have a dream about somone I know who is a staff member. 50% of the time the dream in about intermate things. I like them but know I can not be with them so why do I keep getting these dreams? Is there a way I can get them to stop?
Ashma ul husna athai
Few days ago i met a stranger when i fallen sick he taken care of me.When i feel better he warmed me and reduce my all pain.i gave him my number to call me.Its been few days he didnt call me.But 2 days ago i saw him in my dream i expressed my all fèelings to him and also he expressed.He embraced me with full of love
Yazmin Hernandez
what if you cant stop dreaming and every single time u sleep u aways dream
I dreamt of seeing my boyfriend whom I stopped talking to for some months,though have never seen this person before. And now am about getting married only for me to start getting dreams of him returning back. And now am confused if I should go on with d marriage or wait for him. But d worst of it all is dat am two months pregnant
Last night I had a dream about my friend. See my friend he wants to be with me but I just can’t see myself being with him and he’s so angry with me. He called me yesterday about it. But yesterday night I bad a dream about my ex so I texted him and asked him was he ok! I don’t know if I fully had a dream about him because I don’t remember it but right when I was awakening I seen my ex face. Now last night when I had my dream my friend who want to really be with me had on my exe’s orange hoodie with the bear on it. And the bear that was on the hoodie had blood on it ! Was really weird
Hello. And Bye.
The last time I had a dream about someone was my ex’s father.. I’m now just waking up and remembering what I had dreamt and was curious of why he was in my dreams. In my dreams, it was simple. All I remember him doing was working on painting the inside of a kitchen with a friend. I was walking towards down a hallway and I only saw a glimpse of him to my left as I was walking. That’s pretty much it really. When I woke up I was confused cause it’s not like I purposely plan on dreaming about this certain person . We’ve had interactions before whenever I used to go over my ex’s house because he lived with his dad. My ex told me that his dad drank a lot, like we’re talking about every night . He was a nice man, I remember him checking up on me after me and my ex got back together. I would always tell my ex that he’s lucky to have his dad still around while mine wasn’t. So in a way he was like a dad to me, and dating my ex felt like we were all a family at one point . So when we had broke up, it’s like a family breakup cause I was only linked to them through my ex. I hope their both doing good and I wish them both the best and happiness.
I've seen a person whom I like quite little but he isn't interested in talking with me. He won my trust and kept his word and I appreciate that. We both were talking to each other on chats and then on a video call. I was in my home he seems interested in me when appeared in my dream. I don't why he won my trust in reality then decline contact with me from everywhere. It's hard to get him out from thoughts, after all, I waited for him for almost a year:(
I had a dream last night about a guy at my church. He’s very quiet but extremely intelligent at the same time. He’s never even said a word to me and I’ve been going there for a year. A few nights ago I was there and a girl said is it wierd the I think he’s hot and I totally agreed. I kinda like him and how mysterious he is I really want to get to know him but he appeared in my dream last night. In my dream it was raining and I was reading while my family watched tv. He knocked on the door and just walked in and sat next to me. The tv was so loud but I kept reading and he had his Bible and was reading it. I then made a joke about how I didn’t know how anyone could watch the Simpsons for as long as my family. He then said well that’s the Simpsons I’m guessing you don’t like it. I agreed and said I enjoyed reading and told him the name of my book. He was reading as formentioned a Bible but it was the same as my fathers. He was there for a while until the rain stopped his legs kept spreading out and his right one was kinda over mine. He suddenly noticed and pulled his legs back together and said he should probably get going since it was nice outside now. He drove away and my parents said well he was a nice boy.
I have dream today, June 13, 2021, my friend, co-woker before, we haven't seen for almost years, i like him very much before, iam Happy when his around and feel secured... Yet, i know this is wrong because iam already married with kids, everytime we're together i know/feel there was something special in our bond, i can feel through his actiobs sometimes that he likes me as well, it was just that i already married... He mentioned once before, he was okay or open to be with a woman with a child, now, that we haven't seen for a long time and he suddenly appeared on my dream without thinking of him... I just want to know, what does it mean? Assessing myself now, i have a little feelings towards, but then, keep on resisting on it, because it is not the right thing to do. Please provide your insights, thank you.
Lisa Huff
I think dreams tell you to wake the hell up. My dream took me to a level that my husband has been cheating on me and now I know it's TRUE. I put it all together and it was all true.im glad I dream cause I'm ready to move on
i had a dream abt my childhood friend that i hadnt seen in like 6 years. i saw him a year ago though and he looked old as shit. we didnt talk much. i lowkey forgot that he existed tbh. but yesterday i had a dream about him and it was the weirdest thing ever. we were lovey dovey and shit and i remember in one part of the dream his mom came in and asked him if he started hinting yet. what. 🙁. im so confused lmfao help
I had a dream about a woman who I care about but haven't seen in 3 years. In the dream she was coming out of her job as I was walking out as a customer. She saw me I believe we hugged can't really remember but I do remember that she told me to get come inside of a dumpster shed with her so her boyfriend does not notice us talking so I did. As we are talking I noticed that she was pregnant. I tried to put my hand in her pants and she told me no. We talked kind of looking out of the dumpster shed off and on. Thin she walked out. It seems she was kind of run down in life. I had dreams of her before and its always a baby involved.
Last night I had a dream about a family friends son whom I grew up with since I was a child. My family would always tell us that we would get together in the future but I always said no I never really thought about him that way. He recently went through a whole transformation physically and mentally. In my dream were were all hanging out with my friends. (My friends have never met him) We then stopped somewhere at this meeting/event my friends sat in the front seats and him and I sat in the back. He was playing with my hands and messing around. We weren’t paying attention to what was going on in the actual “event” thing. He then remembered that he left something in the car and went to go get it. Then came a woman with a baby and we both started playing with the baby. We’d take turns pushing him around in this little wagon thing. I then just remember us both smiling at each other.
this article was useful.
I’ve had this dream recently about my crush who which used to like me(not sure if he still does) but, it was always him and I happy together and like in a relationship when we have never been (I would like one but you know you don’t always get that lol) and we would always talk to each-other at school when I’m reality we knew about each other’s original feelings and were just scared to talk to each-other. What does this mean?
Hi guys Okay so I've been having this dreams about my girlfriend and some are good some are bad like yesterday I dreamed her cheating on me with another guy in her room Now this moment I'm confused and starting to be insecure... What can I do?
I keep dreaming about this guy who i met months long ago but and had a kind of connection and feeling that we will get married even though we hardly know each other i never felt this way for anyone but he was in an on and off relationship so i taught this will eventually fade off and i was busy with my life time moved on we just msg each other sometimes. But yesterday i had a clear dream out of the blue wherein i wasnt even thinking about him in my dream i saw we are close to each other & he telling me he brokeup. Please help me i dont understand this.
My dream was aboit my college at work, we do smile at eachother and i feel the attraction between us. I dream about him today that we were on a date really close to a train station. He already bought us snacks and whatever. I cant remember the rest of the dream but i knew i had a really good time with him
Last night i got a dream about my ex boyfriend. We didn’t contact each other so many years and i even don’t think about him. The dream was like i entered class and only remain one seat which is next to my ex. So i need to seat there and the other side is my bestie. In that dream i just focus for class n not even talk to him but he and his friend keep bothering me. When i still not talk to him, suddenly he shout to the class that he want to tell something while look at me. And i was like what’s wrong with u and grab his hand also my hand was really cold and shaking that time. I’m confused why I dream about him even I don’t think about him?..
Jessiciah Mendez
I woke up this morning off and on talking to someone. We were talking throughout the whole night and it always melts my heart when my soul and his talk! It’s just our beings being one with each other. Unfortunately I do not know this person in person so it’s a soul relationship. Gets lonely but I love our dreams and inner conversations.
Editha M. Rivera
I dreamt of someone who is ready to console and protect me in my dreams
I dreamed about this one girl who i am dating at the moment but the dream was abt me and her going to same school but she lives in California idk what tht means???
I had a dream about my crush. He was holding my hand and proposing me. What it mean? And I am confused about this... Can anyone gives the intention or message from this dream?