What Does it Mean When You Dream About Horses?

by Ryan Hart | Updated on September 16, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

Woman petting horse

Do you often dream about horses?

I recently had a dream about riding a horse. As you might guess, I was very curious about what it meant.

So I did a little research on dream interpretations. I discovered there are 3 possible spiritual meanings behind seeing a horse in a dream.

Ready to find out what it means?

Let’s get started!

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3 Spiritual Meanings of Having Dreams About Horses

Horses are symbolic of courage, strength, persistence, and conflict (Job 39:19-22). Having dreams about horses means you will run into obstacles that require your faith in God to persevere.

In the Bible, horses were almost exclusively mentioned in battle scenes or times of war. They symbolize bravery and do not hesitate to act when called upon. When others are scared, they are fearless.

Many believe that dreams are messages from God in response to your thoughts or prayers. When you have a dream about horses, take a moment to think about what message God is trying to send you.

Here are 3 possible spiritual meanings of having dreams about horses:

1. You Have a Very Strong Personality

Dreaming of horses is a sign that you have a strong personality. You are not afraid to fight for what you believe in.

This trait is most common in those that have dreams about white horses. In the bible white horses are symbolic of conquest and victory.

For example, Revelation 6:2 says “I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.”

You are passionate about helping others in need. More specifically, you often speak out in support of people that are under attack from criticism.

While you are proud of the battles you’ve won, they haven’t all been easy. In fact, you’ve lost friends along the way over a difference in opinion.

Having disagreements with those close to you is difficult for you to deal with. Many people see you as strong and courageous on the outside. But the reality is that you often worry about what others think of you.

Seeing a white horse in your dream is a sign that you should remain resolute and tackle conflict head-on.

2. You Will Meet Your Soulmate

If you see a brown or black horse in your dreams, this tells me much about your past relationships.

There have been many ups and downs in your romantic life. Despite this, you still have hope for the future. You know your soulmate is out there waiting for you.

Seeing a horse in your dream can be a sign that you see yourself as romantic despite your past experiences.

You often imagine what your life might be like when you meet the man or woman of your dreams. The heartbreak you’ve experienced so far will be nothing compared to the amount of joy you will feel soon.

Watch closely for messages from your guardian angel about your soulmate. You may begin seeing angel numbers or signs when your soulmate is thinking about you.

3. Your Pain Will Be Relieved Soon

When you dream of riding a horse this can be a sign that you may be experiencing some sort of leg or foot pain. The discomfort in your feet may be caused by an injury or a specific pair of shoes you like to wear.

Riding a horse in your dream is symbolic of the pain relief you will soon experience. You will be taken off your feet and given time to heal, whether you like it or not.

The bible reminds us that God will guide us during times of struggle and pain. Isaiah 63:13 ESV, “Who led them through the depths? Like a horse in the desert, they did not stumble.”

You may struggle to complete your daily tasks due to this new disability. Things that were easy before, are now difficult. However, relief will arrive soon. You will soon be able to return to your normal way of life without discomfort.

If you are currently dealing with pain in your legs or feet, seeing a horse in your dream is a good sign.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about horses?

What do you think it means when you see a horse in your dream?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about horses? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Two nights ago. I'm on a highway with heavy traffic in both directions. I see a horse up ahead, white but with one broken foreleg. The foreleg has broken clean and is laying on the ground. There's no blood and the horse is not in distress. I feel compelled to help the horse, so I pick up the foreleg and lead the horse by its halter in search of someone to help me heal the horse.
Me and my uncle traveling on bike suddenly I came to a place of very big bridge and I found that the water flow is very high and water touching the bridge and saw water flow increased suddenly waves came over the bridge and I stopped my uncle at beginning of the bridge and I said I'll go first and Cross the bridge by foot, alone walked through the bridge and water came over me and pushed for a while and stopped me and I again started walking and again same thing happened. any how by God's grace I crossed the bridge and I saw a white horse at the ending of the bridge and I sat on that horse and horse running very fast and also I saw a black horse partially. May I know the interpretation And I came out from the dream.
Suzanne Diederichs
I dream when I opened my door there were 4 horses standing there looking at me. Brown horses and one dark black,blue horse.
Ayandele Timothy
One of my friends women had a dream about horses follow after is family
Mary Clarke
I enjoy your article about the horse 🐴 on the 23/8/2020 I saw a big white horse in a dream at the end of the street as I looked on the horse was tied with a brown rope eating when his to front legs give in he fell down in a kneeing then his mouth hit the round the people being to pull on the rope to get him up and I awake
I had a weird dream that it was post apocalyptic times and I tried to kill a horse with a huge SUV but I only ended up injuring it even though I hit it dead on really hard. The reason I hit it was because it was charging right for me and something about it felt like it was trying to attack me plus being that it was post apocalyptic times in my dream something was telling me that I was supposed to kill anything that seemed aggressive or weird. I tried looking it up but haven't been able to find an exact match for this strange dream.
Lydia Hays
I recently had a dream about a horse in a house with me. We got excited and the horse rated up and when he came down his front right good landed in a short crystal glass, he removed his good and we both at the same time leaned in to look in the glass only to find a small chip. Then I woke up.
Lydia Hays
I recently had a dream about a horse in a house with me. We got excited and the horse rated up and when he came down his front right good landed in a short crystal glass, he removed his good and we both at the same time leaned in to look in the glass only to find a small chip. Then I woke up.
I think that the first explanation makes scents about me because I am having problems with those whom I was close to and I do have a strong personality when it comes to things I believe in. Thanks for the article
Last night I dreamt of soldiers riding horses in formation down the street in front of my house. Then one soldier brought his brown horse onto the front porch of my house. Then he told the horse to get onto a wooden porch swing and the horse did. The horse got off the swing and the soldier ordered it back on the swing and it obeyed immediately.
cielo gonzaga
Dream last night,,I'm walking in to rough road going to the bario then I saw I child alone and I save her from the 🐎 that is attacking us,,
I just had a dream last night that once our family moved in to a new place a man on a horse raided the city and had approached our house. He tried to get in by having the horse knock down the front door but I kept the door shut from the other side with my body weight. I don't know what to make of it so some help of insight would be appreciated.
Dionicia Gomez
I had a dream last night about myself and my family and we had taken my horse to Mexico for vacation with us, and I dreamt that I took my mare a bath and I went to take a walk with her and when I got at the entrance of our ranch the military was there and I tried going back to my house but the military took my horse away for war and there were many other horses that were taken and I remember that I told the commander that I was a U.S citizen and he couldn’t take my horse because she also has a passport saying that she was born in the U.S and she is a pure PRE Andalusian and I told him he can’t take her and he said he could because her ancestors were from Spain and I was so confused but they still took her from me. And I followed them and they were taking them up the hill towards the mountain and all of the military soldiers were there and I ran as fast as I could to the top of the hill and I saw the other bad guys ready to fight and they started to shoot at the military I saw my horse and I got her and I saved another white horse and ran to my house. And I remember seeing my horse run up to me and I could feel her happiness in the dream because she saw me and I put her halter on and I went up to the other white horse and it didn’t really have much of a reaction and I put it’s halter on too and that’s when I woke up.
Last night i had a similar dream. I was about to cross a bridge in a post apocalyptic scenario (which i have alot of dreams about) and these 2 huge white horses appeared like they were keeping me from going and further i felt so scared and then it liked glitches and one is behind me pushing me forward then i woke straight up. The more i think about it the more i feel like they were protecting me from something and woke me up. Its really got me shook. 😥
Brooke Danillie
I had a dream about a white horse I had a spoted shuttlen pony as a child his name was white feather anyway I was like 5 years old wen I had the dream iv always remembered this dream any way I was in my moms room wen I woke up in the dream I remember I was scared an at my moms window it was open an the curtain was flowing up like it was windy an there was a white horse at the window it was speaking to me telling me something only thing I can remember it saying is it trying to get me to come to the window i feel like it was telling me it was my white feather but in the dream I felt like it was lieing an it wasn't my horse I always Ben curious about this dream because I know it holds a key to something I need to know now that I'm older just need help remembering wat it said an y was it trying to get me to the window an y was I scared
I just dreamt I was given a horse and at first climbing up I seem to have trouble with the saddle but it was ok. In the natural I’ve not been on a horse in over 30 years and my experience was not so good. Anyway in my dream I felt confident that I could ride it. It started out that I didn’t have the reigns but held on to what was around the horses head(?). I thought if the horse didn’t take off in a fast gallop I’ll be ok. The horse was pretty calm and we trotted without fear. I felt good in the dream.