Angel Numbers: The Spiritual Meaning of Repeating Numbers

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In this post you’ll discover the meaning of angel numbers and why you keep seeing repeating numbers throughout your day.

In fact:

Each number sequence you notice has a specific meaning and could be a message from your guardian angel.

Ready to find out what these numbers mean?

Let’s get started.

Are Repeating Numbers Messages From Angels?

God sends angels to Earth to complete missions on his behalf (Luke 1:19). Most people cannot see or hear the angels around them.

If God does not speak directly to you during prayer or you do not see angels, don’t worry you are not alone.

The good news is that angels can communicate with you even if you cannot see or hear them like you can with other human beings.

You will need to look closely for clues that your guardian angel is helping answer prayers on behalf of God.

What Are Angel Numbers?

One way you may notice signs of an angel in your presence is when you see repeating numbers or unique number sequences frequently.

Many call these Angel Numbers because they are believed to be signs of angels.

You may see a specific time on the clock each day such as 12:12 or 4:44. Other times you may notice number sequences in account numbers, license plates, phone numbers or lottery tickets.

Seeing a specific sequence of numbers such as 333 only once or twice may not be a message from your guardian angel. But if you begin to notice the same numbers appearing frequently, then you should suspect that they are angel numbers and are a message from an angel.

Common Angel Numbers

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