Angel Number 2: 3 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing 2

by Ryan Hart | Updated on August 15, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

After Angel Number 2 started appearing in my life, I went on a spiritual journey to discover what it meant.

I was surprised to learn that seeing the number 2 was likely a message from my guardian angel.

God sends angels to earth to guide us and deliver messages (Psalm 91:11). One way they might communicate with us is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

How incredible is that?

Ready to find out what it means when you see Angel Number 2?

Let’s get started!

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Biblical Meaning of Seeing 2

Angel Number 2 is symbolic of love, unity, faith, and marriage in the Bible. It represents God’s love for us and our eternal life in Heaven.

Seeing Angel Number 2 is a very powerful message from your guardian angel about your relationships.

Let’s explore what this number means in more detail:

Meaning of Angel Number 2:

Angel number 2 is a symbol of unity in the Bible. On the second day of creation, God created Heaven and separated it from the waters of Earth (Genesis 1:6-8). During the Second Coming of Christ, there will be a final judgment of all people resulting in unity between faithful followers and God in Heaven. Genesis 2:24 says a man and woman will be joined together in marriage and become one flesh.

These scripture passages give us a better understanding of what your guardian angel is trying to tell you, but it doesn’t give us the entire story.

To figure out exactly what Angel Number 2 means you’ll need to think back to when and where you first started seeing this message.

You may also need to consider if there were any other Angel Numbers in the messages you’ve been receiving. All of these clues will help you decode the message from your guardian angel.

However, from my research, I’ve found that there are only a few likely messages when you see the number 2.

Here are 3 possible spiritual meanings of angel number 2:

You Value Relationships Over Money

You have a strong belief that relationships are more important than money or success. Seeing Angel Number 2 is confirmation of this fact.

There have been multiple times throughout your life when you put your relationships ahead of your career or goals. You don’t regret this decision. But it does make you wonder how your life might be different if you had focused on yourself instead of others.

If your bank account reflected the amount of love in your life, you would be considered very wealthy. Even though money isn’t everything, you can’t help but think that it would have solved some of the problems you’ve encountered.

That being said, you are thankful for the people in your life that have supported you along the way.

If you are currently searching for your soulmate, seeing Angel Number 2 is a message that you should pay more attention to your relationships.

Your guardian angel might be letting you know that to get the relationship you desire, you will need to make sacrifices in other areas of your life.

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You Have a Strong Sense of Intuition

If you are seeing Angel Number 2 often, this tells me that you have a strong sense of intuition. That means you can learn new concepts almost instantly, without much explanation.

This ability also overflows into your understanding of people as well. You can easily see through the facade most people put up.

You are rarely fooled by those that try to take advantage of you. Using the spiritual gift of discernment, you can see through the lies people tell.

When you begin to see Angel Number 2 frequently, this might be a sign from your guardian angel that your intuition will be tested soon.

Be on the lookout for people in your life that are trying to trick or deceive you.

Remember that your guardian angel will be by your side to protect you from harm (Psalm 91:11).

Someone in Heaven is Watching Over You

The number 2 is symbolic of the separation of Heaven and Earth in the Bible. Seeing Angel Number 2 is a sign that someone in Heaven is watching over you.

Although we cannot communicate with our loved ones in Heaven, it is comforting to know that they are watching over us.

Think back to the last time you saw Angel Number 2. When and where you saw this message will give you more clues as to who this message is from.

Angel Numbers carry very specific messages in response to your thoughts and prayers. If there is someone you’ve recently lost, this could be an important message from them in Heaven.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 2?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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I have a bird feeder on the porch but I only ever get red birds. And its literally always the same 2 red birds. I know this because one is female one is male. One is bright red with a very flamboyant orange beek. And one is dark reddish brown with ruffled feathers with looks like black under the ruffled feathers. And has one stray feather that sits right on his head like a cow lick. My meme who raised me loved birds. She told me the bright red red birds are males and the females are brown. We never get any others. Then on Tuesday my little boy 15 months noticed a bird and started clapping and laughing i looked not thinking and it was a bluebird. Looking right in our window at the feeder. Then much to my surprise a second bluebird flew up next to it. They kept chasing the two red birds away. We only saw them that day. All day long. Haven't seen them since. This was the day after my son saw a huge bright yellow butterfly with a little bit of black outlining on his bottoms wings. And it followed my son around while we were outside and we NEVER get butterflies. Like the whole time I've lived here maybe 3 times in 3 years. But NEVER like this butterfly. It was like playing with my 15 month old. I have been seeking God for clarity and to hear a word from him. Me and my family have been in a season for going on 3 years now where everything in my relationship and family seems to being fall to pieces and I'm steadily still believing God can do anything. But, wandering if he's telling me the relationship is over or if the enemy is just trying to keep division. Hence seeking clarity and understanding and hearing from God for myself not what other people say they've heard or qhat they think. (I don't mean that rudely) just want to hear my OWN word from God
Nana 2
If they were cardinals, they are the sign of a visit from the dead. Could be true of any red bird. This could mean your meme (deceased mother or favorite relative/ancestor?) was watching over you. The butterfly is a sign of transformation. The visit was a protective visit and when you were fine again your birds finished their mission. Spiritually you have just passed through something and are experiencing new beginnings or rebirth. You are now safe.
17th August 2020, I saw my deceased dad at my aunt compound .... It seems there's something going on.(7days gathering remember after his funeral ) Dad was there , mum, my distant family relative, my first cousin was there too(he hugged me and sat down) . I was there with my son(which I can picture again in the dream) ... We(seated) can see him but others can't... I brought white seat and sat beside my dad... At a point he got up to dress up before people starts coming.. He enters through the their front door of my aunt Then we are at our old, my brother was there, dad enterd to change his clothes... I was in the room. (had it in mind to tell him that I saw him in dream what is he trying to tell me). But I was looking at him... He came out putting on his white top(with blue design and a short) he told my brother to gave him 20million which he did. He went back to the gathering with a white book(it was like they want to settle money issue or something i dont know) Immediately my brother followed him,(I went out through the room door before then I saw a bottle water on the fridge and drink it(I looked inside there was ice in it) (ify(my younger sister looked through the window and saw me, she was hanging out her clothes outside. i was calling out to my brother to wait as we walk towards the gathering.(because he seems to be busy at home) He was walking towards my white seat, at the same time i had in mind to seat beside dad... I opened my eyes... Then I picked the No 2 my deceased dad was sending to inform of asking 20million from my brother. I Need more interpretation of this dream Mr Ryan Hart. I think my guardian Angel is encouraging to trust, faith and love my relationship with my husband and as well balance my life in unity, love and harmony We have being having alot of issues lately that's affecting me emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and psychological. We are at the point of divorce.
Jerry prophet
Hi my name is Mrs Jerry prophet I have been waking up every morning at 2:00 I truly trust my angle when it comes to numbers my mother in law passed and my husband left me I was torn my intuition is very strong and I'm not trying to left love in and someone is really trying to love me and I'm really lost at this point trying to gain control of all the emotion and the angles have really showed up for me thank you dearly!!!
Stephanie uzoukwu
I saw number 2 in my dream twice . Someone gave a ring with number 2 written on it.
Katie Dodson-Terwilliger
Dear Ryan, We recently lost my father, suddenly. The other night I was leaving our horse farm and stopped to take a picture of the beautiful full moon amidst the trees. I noticed two green orbs in the photo, and decided to take a few more. In each photo, the orbs moved closer and closer to where I stood. I thought nothing of this, and kept driving home. About 5 minutes after I left, a large doe ran in front of my car. I slammed on the breaks, barely missing her by an inch. To the right of my car, stood a second doe. She just stood there and stared at me. This is where I began to notice the number 2. The next day, I went about my usual routine. I stopped for gas, and the tank stopped at 20.22. Since then, twos have been appearing in all aspects of my life. I found great comfort in your article. I’m so thankful I decided to research the number’s symbolism and found this. I have been looking and praying daddy made it safely into His arms, and I feel as though, he is still with me; guiding and protecting me.
Kayla N Miller
No lie, I feel like EVERYTHING STATED in this was being said directly to me!