222 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning

by Ryan Hart | Updated on December 2, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links

Want to know the meaning of angel number 222? Wondering why you keep seeing the same repeating numbers everywhere you look?

Here’s what I discovered:

The appearance of this number could be a message from an angel in response to your thoughts or prayers.

Angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

Ready to find out what 222 means?

Let’s get started.


What Does it Mean When You See 222?

If you have been seeing repeating number sequences often, such as 1111, 333, or 444, this is a very positive sign. Your guardian angel is trying to send you a message from God.

Each time you see 222, write down the exact date and place where you saw this message. This information will help you determine what message your guardian angel is sending you.

Interpreting the meaning of numbers is often like a jigsaw puzzle. God has provided me with the pieces, but it is up to you to put them together.

You may see angel messages at different times in your life for different reasons. The fact that you are seeing these numbers tells me much about what you are currently experiencing.

However, I believe you are receiving these messages from your guardian angel as a sign of hope and spiritual growth. Isn’t that encouraging?

This number is considered to be a very powerful message from God. According to scripture, seeing 222 is symbolic of unity, love, and our relationship with God.

Here’s what it means when you see the number 222:

Image of 222

1. God Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Seeing 222 is a message about love. This could be a sign that you’ve had your heart broken in the past.

The pain you felt after a breakup was so bad that now you are more protective of who you let into your heart.

When around your friends or family you are very social, easy to talk to, and extroverted. Yet, other times you are reserved, quiet, and tired.

When you meet someone new it takes time before they become part of your “inner circle” of friends. They need to earn your trust first. You are selective of who gets to know the “real” you.

The same can be said for your romantic relationships. Your heart has been broken too many times and you cannot bear to think about going through another painful breakup.

Although you might not realize it yet, your guardian angel has been sent down to protect you and guide you in a new direction.

God made a promise to us long ago, called a covenant, that he would not harm us. Seeing 222 is a clear sign that God is about to heal your broken heart. He wants you to open your heart to love and shine your light for others.

If you are in a relationship, seeing angel numbers could be a sign of renewed love. You are about to experience a burst of new energy and deep love for your partner.

Simply put, the number 222 is a message from your guardian angel to open up your heart.

This message is also very spiritually symbolic if you are single or divorced. God is sending you a message that he is about to heal your broken heart. He will bless you with an abundance of love and hope.

God’s love is available to you even if you don’t think you deserve it. If you made a mistake in the past and feel like you don’t deserve to be loved, I want to put those fears to rest.

You are loved. Isn’t that encouraging?

The fact that you have been seeing 222 tells me much about what you are going through in your relationships.

This is a clear sign that your life is about to change and God will make everything right again. There is hope for your future.

Remember that it does not bring glory to God when you build walls around yourself. Shine your light for others and you will attract an abundance of love into your life.

2. You Will Find Your Soulmate

If you’ve been searching for your soulmate, the number 222 is a sign that you will meet the love of your life soon.

On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, seeing 222 is clear confirmation that you’ve already found your soulmate.

The number 2 is very symbolic of love and unity in the bible. Genesis 2:24 says a man and woman will be joined together in marriage and become one flesh.

This bible verse is a great reminder of what it means to be truly in love. Marriage is the act of taking two people and joining them together as one. When two people are in love, a guardian angel will be sent to protect and keep them safe from evil.

When you have troubles in your relationships it could be a sign that one person in the relationship is pulling away. Two people are no longer one flesh, instead they are just two people standing side-by-side.

So when you see 2:22 on the clock, it’s a reminder to put your focus on becoming one with your partner.

Think back to your past relationships that did not work out. One person was likely resisting the urge to become one flesh with the other.

From this perspective it is clear to see why God did not want you to be in that relationship. God is trying to guide you in a new direction and toward a place of abundance.

It is God’s desire for you to find your soulmate so you can shine your light for others.

If you are worried that you will never meet the person you were destined to be with, I have good news. At this very moment God is working to bring your soulmate into your life.

Be aware that your soulmate may not be the person you have been dreaming or thinking about. Your guardian angel knows exactly who you are meant to be with and they are slowly guiding them toward you, whether you realize it or not.

The next time you see the number 222, pay close attention to who is around you. This could be an urgent message that your soulmate is near.

3. You Care Deeply About Others

Whether you like to admit it or not, you care what other people think about you.

The people in your life might not realize it, but their opinion of you greatly affects your emotions and confidence.

When people notice your accomplishments you feel great, but when they point out your mistakes, you feel terrible. One snarky text or comment on social media can ruin your day.

The reason this affects you so much is because you are always thinking about how you can help the people around you. You feel like you give, give, give, while others just take, take, take.

So when other people don’t acknowledge how much you care about them, it really hurts. When you don’t feel appreciated it makes you feel empty and tired rather than full and energetic.

You give so much to help your family, friends, community, or even strangers without expecting anything in return. But very few people recognize that you might need help sometimes, too.

Recently you might have gone through a tough time and needed help, but nobody was there to lend a hand. When this happens it can be easy to feel discouraged about whether you are on the right path.

Want to hear some good news? Angel number 222 is a message of hope.

Seeing angel numbers like 222, 555, or 777 is a message from your guardian angel that God notices your generosity. If you are feeling down, remember that when you receive an angel message, it’s a sign that you are on the right path.

Continue to demonstrate God’s character for others and you will be rewarded for your faith.

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The Significance of Seeing 222

222 is a sign that you are being given an opportunity to look at your life and make changes for the better. It implies that by making the necessary changes, you will help to create a better world for yourself and others and help to raise the vibrations of this planet.

This represents a spiritual awakening for you. It means that you are becoming more aware of your spiritual self and want to find a way to tap into this awareness and use it in your everyday life.

This is a sign that you are being called to look at your life honestly and with the goal of helping yourself. By making positive changes, you are becoming a force for good in this world.

This is a reminder that you are always being watched over and protected by loving angels. It’s a sign that’s meant to inspire you to make necessary changes and create the life you’ve always wanted. 222 shows you there’s an opportunity for something new in your life.

Clearly, this is a number full of meaning, and there is no doubt that it is opening up the celestial realm for those who are sensitive to angelic messages. You have the opportunity to activate enlightenment, and become a catalyst for change.

If you have been living an ordinary life, and feel something is missing in your existence, then focus and open up your awareness. You will begin to see opportunities to deepen your understanding of yourself, and this will bring about the desire to learn more about others.

Spiritual Meaning of 222

222 is a symbol of love and peace, and when you focus upon it you are donating love energy to your family, loved ones, or the world.

This is one of the most powerful and mystical of all the angel numbers. This number is a wake-up call to pay attention to the signs that are being sent your way from Spirit. If you see this number on a daily basis, then you are certainly receiving a message from the others side or a sign from a deceased loved one.

The spiritual meaning of the 222 represents new energy that entered your life this past month. Things changed and you have renewed hope and inspired yourself to continue moving forward in a positive direction.

Any time you see 222, be sure to sit down and contemplate your thoughts as well as others around you - allow an answer to unfold in your highest good.

This is the number of divine manifestation and as the saying goes that “love conquers all.” This means that if you see this amazing message appearing in your life then it is time for you to ask for the impossible, anything you desire will happen for you and there will be no limit to what you can achieve.

The number 222 is asking you to look at the bigger picture and see what others may be missing. This could be a big opportunity that you see that others don’t or even a major change in your life that no one sees coming. Don’t dwell on this but enjoy the time with those around you and what they have to say.

This number seems to be bringing its message more than any other numbers. Usually this is done through repetitive thoughts that always seem to end with 222, or it could happen by having the same phone number on your cell phone. This number is a sign from your angels that you are on the right path.

This message from your guardian angel is telling you that whenever there is a problem in your life, whenever something is not going the way you like, whenever you feel that nobody loves you, whenever you feel lonely and depressed, just look at the number 222 and remember its spiritual meaning and keep it close to your heart. You will never have to face these problems again.

222 is the number of spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation. The number 222 is a good message to keep in mind when asking for inner-peace.

Seeing 222 is a beacon of Spiritual Light in a world that is often filled with uncertainty. While the insights of 222 serve to uplift and inspire, this message of Divine Love can also invite introspection as you work to align your energy with the higher vibration of Source Energy and Higher Self.

This message from heaven is a sign of direction. It is telling you that your intuition is providing you with the answer or information you need at this time.

The number is sending you an angel message to look within for the answers and to listen to your heart.

Meaning in Numerology

In numerology, 222 symbolizes love, peace, clarity and spiritual maturity. This number is also a sign that you will have a life changing event in the near future.

222 is the number of surrender, allowing things to run their own course. Adjustments of the mind are being made to new situations that are present at this time. They can involve alterations, changes or an improvement of particular aspects of life.

Using this number in your life will open up opportunities where hard work, persistence and patience will bring rewards over a period of time.

222 is the number of change, and it brings massive possibilities for you that make your life well-ordered and perfect. It is a kind of miracle that happens in a short time.

This message gives you hope and will allow you to attract miracles. It is a symbol of forgiveness, giving, guidance and love.

An angel number is a number believed by some to be a messenger from Heaven. They are often seen as signs of good luck, as with a lucky number.

Angels can manifest themselves in many ways, such as through the movement of an otherwise random number or through a combination of numbers such as 333, 444, or 1111. Other theories view them as synchronous events also known as Jungian synchronicity.

Number 222 is a very high vibration number that symbolizes resonance and listening to the sound of your own voice.

The vibrations of this number are thought to be very healing, giving both the ability to perceive information about yourself and others and to rise above the old way of thinking. 222 encourages getting in touch with your spiritual self, seeing things through the spiritual eyes of the soul.

222 is a highly spiritual number. When you see this number in your life, the angels are letting you know that you are moving forward with new spiritual pathways and looking for wisdom to let go of things that no longer serve you in your life.

What Does it Mean if I Keep Seeing 222?

Angel numbers are sequences of two, three, or four-digit numbers. They’re highly spiritual and religious in nature.

The repetition of 222 may be a sign from your angels that you need to focus on your faith, or that you should not speak negatively about any person because it’s a sin.

It might also be a sign of hope, letting you know that a message is coming through and things will get better once you receive the information.

This seems to be a sign from Heaven, a universal sign that whatever it is you are thinking about doing, the answer is yes.

Angel numbers are a part of the language of Angels. If you’ve seen 222, then you’re being encouraged to listen to your emotions, intuition, and heart.

Or, perhaps you’re sad because you’ve lost someone and the number 222 is telling you it’s time to let go of the sadness. There may be many different reasons why 222 keeps showing up for you.

This could be a sign from your angels that it is time to start living your life again. This number is one of faith. For you, it is telling you that your faith is being tested right now.

Are you having doubts about something? If so, take a deep breath and keep trusting. This test will pass and it’s important to remember that God WILL always provide for you if you are following your heart’s desire.

Number 222 brings with it the promise of joyous times. This sign from the heavens reveals that whatever the experience you are currently having on your life path, it is one you should embrace and look forward to.

If you have been on a rough road recently, this is a message letting you know that relief will soon be on its way via a serendipitous event.

If you’re seeing 222 over and over again, perhaps it’s a message from angels that these are the numbers you need to pay attention to. It is a message from your Angels to let you know that everything will be okay, and that your Angels are always with you.

This angel message shows you that you are aligned with the vibration of love and peace, and angels are present when performing your healing meditations.

This is an interesting message and a kind of sign that comes to you in order to make you believe that all your wishes and desires shall come true sooner or later.

This number may also encourage learners to continue working hard in the framework of their spiritual development and not give up their goals of learning.

This message is about keeping your feet firmly on the ground, and your head in a balanced manner. Many people believe 222 is a message from God, as a sign that you have to be calm before you make any important decisions. It also is a reminder to give thanks for the blessings and help you receive from God and his angels.

This angel message is connected to the energy of faith. It also speaks of guidance in matters relating to finances, career and business.

The number 222 is symbolic of spirituality and the ability to command respect, and is considered a perfect number to those who are attempting to serve others with divine intentions.

Meaning in the Bible

222 is considered to be a very powerful message from God. According to scripture, seeing this number is symbolic of unity, love, and our relationship with God.

If you’ve been seeing this number frequently, it could be a message from your guardian angel about your relationships and the role of God in your life.

This is a message from a high being on an angelic level, asking you to pay attention to your surroundings and help people.

To you, 222 is confirmation that your life has a purpose and the universe is on your side. It also means you should be mindful of your actions and choices, as there will shortly be a point of no return.

The number 222 deals with Angels and signals from the spiritual realm. This could be a call-to-action or a message from your Angels to show you the way, so listen carefully and respond as best as possible to the given information.

Angel numbers appear in a variety of ways. In biblical terms, the number 222 represents love and intelligence. The number two represents partnership or harmony. This number is also representative of communication and angels.

Meaning of Angel Number 2:

The number 2 is a symbol of unity in the bible. On the second day of creation God created Heaven and separated it from the waters of Earth (Genesis 1:6-8). During the Second Coming of Christ, there will be a final judgement of all people resulting in unity between faithful followers and God in Heaven. Genesis 2:24 says a man and woman will be joined together in marriage and become one flesh.

As you can see, this is a very powerful message.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 222?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

p.s. Have you ever wondered what the future holds for your love life?

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw angel number 222? Please leave a comment and let me know. ☝️☝️☝️
Tammy Parket
Today at 2:22 pm..Traveling today..When we arrived at our destination I looked at my phone to show my husband something and the time was 2:22 pm..Prior to that I had been reading about the significance of numbers 1:11 while traveling because I I had seen them 3 times in the last few days..One time being today before I saw 2:22.
Jaqueline Bennett
I'm feeling really down broken hearted for the last 3 months and then picked my phone up seen this number 222 wow I'm a big believer in god and faith and trust in him 🙏🙏🙏 so thank you for this song and giving me faith and hope
I was trying to call a phychicand having problems connecting. I needed to ask about a relationship I was in for almost a year. Last Sunday I was talking to my boyfriend everything was fine,all of a sudden he became very angry told me not to call him anymore because he felt I didn't respond quick enough to him in our conversation. I miss him and needed to know if he's coming back,right now he's ignoring me.
Who cares
Omg Tammy same here this same week. 111 3 days then randomly tonight 222
I keep seeing 222, 111 and 777 everyday. And I don't know why. And one day I saw this number immediately after I saw my crush. And today, I saw my crush's brother after seeing 222.and it is so confusing about what it's trying to say. I hope you elaborate it to me through my email.
I was headed to bed August 7 2021 checked the time it was 2:22am when I woke up it was 2:22pm
Today 4.10- me & my mother go clinical laboratery muvattupuzha Sodium Test .after test...me&mother waithing get result,ddrc car parking area car parked number-222.second time i see this....arunmp
I have seen it on the clock thrice .and I feel the angel wants me to focus on myself .heal and live myself first then I'll attract the abundance and love and health and money and my partner and a better job and wisdom
Ryan Hart
Afternoon brother, I appreciate you spiritual incite! I have a book on Angel Numbers that comes close to this but does not break this down with the Bible as these numbers you presented does and honestly they’re both on point, but I’m leaning more towards how it’s displayed in this article. Anytime Elohim is brought into perspective I’d side with that way more than any other. Do you have all the numbers or just these on this article? Also I’m always seeing it on a clock, lotto numbers on the window or gas prices, even at my job where I work as a freight loader series of numbers on my paperwork. I also see 227, 1221, 1313, 1331, 555, 333, 2020, 2002, 444, and a few more. Like literally daily. Your article came by my eyes at a perfect time 🙏🏿
Ryan Hart
Thank you for the kind words.
I'm seeing 222 for the past couple of days now. I think it has to do with my relationship but we've been having trouble. So I'm really wondering what this means. Can you give me a deeper interpretation given my situation? I don't want to make a decision and be wrong. Part of me feels that he is the one. But what if he breaks up with me… please help. Thank you.
Ryan Hart
Hi Rose, I believe seeing 222 could be a sign of renewed love. You are about to experience a burst of new energy and deep love for your partner. Simply put, the number 222 is a message from your guardian angel to open up your heart. Hope this helps.
Paul Kaydash
I saw it in my own home, after I began cooking stew for my mother. She is ill with Lupus and when I was about half way done; I Opened my phone to 2:22 AM Eastern. God bless you for your explanation. May God bless us ALL in the days of revelations.
Ryan Hart
Thank you for leaving a comment. God bless.
Wow just wow. As I am reading this powerful message, I read the part of Genesis 2:24 and I look up at my clock and it's 2:24. I'm in tears.
Ryan Hart
WOW. I am so grateful God connected us through this angel number. God bless.
Travistillrollin Cantbestopped Morris
Not only have I been seeing 222 all this year,but also 1010 555 333 225 and my birthday alot 10/16....well I know I got all the things in my heart to be a soul grabber for God,and I feel like Job from the Bible...I'm just being patient in christ
Ryan Hart
Have faith and be patient. God has a great plan for you!
The whole of this year...and late last year. I can only laugh like Sarah because I have been waiting too long and very discouraged on life partner and friendships. It would be great for God to come through for me. I don't think I can go through another disappointment. I'm tired of opening my heart only to see yet another taker. May God come through for me.
Ryan Hart
Hang in there! God will come through for you.
Anjana Masih
I have just seen 222 angel number is my facebook ID, and I don't know about it and also not hear early, but when I check all comments that, thank you and 222 Received, etc, so that I came Here to check what the meaning about 222 angel number, and its found very helpful for me.
Ryan Hart
Glad this was helpful for you. Thank you for leaving a comment.
Nicholas Huskey
My friend reached out over a message regarding 3 number sets. The first, 222, is said to be his ladies favorite number sequence, and he correlated it with the number of posts I had on my social page. The 222nd post? It was a message on Father’s Day, regarding the reflections from a visit to my late fathers grave site that day. I began the post recapping my time with him, included family, and concluded with a message of thanks. I think, after reading your message, that this is a great sign that I am on the right path at the right time. I believe my soul mate is getting closer, I see the love I have in myself more deeply, because I have had my heart shattered recently. I know what a broken heart feels like, and also can help what a mended heart needs to feel whole again. Experience is what will help guide my intuition, and as I listen to more of these signs, the more I start to feel more aligned. My next steps are laid out for me, and the path to faith is getting more and more believable with time.
Ryan Hart
Yes, you are on the right path. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful comment. God bless.
Wow ! Upon Meeting My Now Husband God Was Showing Us 222 From The Start ! He Then Pointed Out Genesis 2:22 (“And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.”) & To Blow Y’all Minds Even More.... Our First Baby Came On 2/02/2020 !!! ‭‭
Ryan Hart
WOW! You have been truly blessed by 222. Thank you for sharing.
Natasha W.
I have been seeing numbers repeatedly, but 222 has really been standing out. I lose my father a month ago and I have been trying to make sense of my new life. I miss him so and have been so eager for his spirit to come to me, but I keep getting old it will be when I least expect it. I am just patiently waiting for him to visit me. I just take 222 same being protected.
Ryan Hart
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I will keep you in my prayers.
Tonja Thomas
222 on the clock mostly, 1111 on the clock a lot these past 2 days but I see 222 all the time everyday even could not seem to fall asleep until seeing 222am these past few nights
I see 11:11 a lot !! Also 2 or 2:22 on clock !! My Birthday is also 2-2-62 Been hurt badly !! Very careful to even think of a relationship !! Last time i saw it is this morning on my mobile !!!
Ryan Hart
God will heal your broken heart if you have faith in Him!
This hit the nail on the head. My beloved and I were in a disagreement and it discouraged me from the relationship. But now I understand God is seeing if I will choose the light instead of dark.
Ryan Hart
Yes, God is always guiding you in the right direction toward love and light.
Thank you for this article. I’ve never heard of angel numbers before. Number sequences have been a big part of my life. 11:11 is a reminder that God loves me 2:22 is the day of my baptism and a reminder to thank God for my faith and spiritual upbringing. 2:02 was the day I was born and a reminder to thank God for my life and guide me to fulfilling His purpose. I have alarms that go iff on my phone. 9:11 is a reminder to pray for the salvation of all souls. 6:03 alarm is to pray for an end to abortion (63 million souls have been aborted). 2:05 is the alarm set for all souls in purgatory. 9:11 reminds me to pray for our country and the whole world. Each time slot reminds me to pray for others. Ex 9:10 is a reminder to pray for all those who were born on September 10th. 8:45, a reminder to pray for all those born in August of 1945. Other than the important alarms I have set, I do not sit and look at the clock. These are random moments when I look to see what time it is. Numbers for me are my way of attempting to stay in “continual prayer”. Perhaps the angels cooperating with the spirit of God to assist me in this endeavor.
Ryan Hart
Using angel numbers to stay in continual prayer is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing!
Cassie Morris
Can this really happen for someone who doesn't feel worthy
Ryan Hart
Yes, you are worthy of God's love and grace!
Hi, I have been seeing 222 ,444,44,555 the last few months...i have been having financial difficulties the last few months. I know my angels and guides been there for me , guiding me to the right path.Thank you
Owen R Nickell
I have seen multiple numbers in numerous occasions, all ending in eleven. The numbers also present themselves to me in groups of 3, such as 444, 555, 222. I see them at work on boxes of product, on the clock and in other instances.
Just over a year ago my sister died. We were very close and I cared for her through the 8 months of her illness. During her last hours I asked her to let me know that she was okay when passed. Not long after her death I started seeing repeating numbers every date. I try to put them to the back of my mind but then the repeating numbers just come all the more, for example, I stopped for a coffee - time 2.22pm my change was £7.77 . Are these repeating numbers a message from my sister?
I have bin seeing 2:22 mainly at home or my phone. Ive seen it quite a bit the last few months, im very gateful for this number thanku
Elaine Harnage
I like reading your articles because you seem so genuine. These days, that is a blessing. Isn't life wonderful. Keep up the good writing so we will have something good to read. Until Then, Sincerely.
Ryan Hart
Hi Elaine, thank you for the kind words. God bless.
I watched a movie last night, " 2:22 ". I checked the # of days I have lived up until today...23,222. I am a weather watcher and checked the rain gauge this morning... 0.22 1/100ths of 1"....so baffled (because I believe in the rule of 3s), I found your website to reveal the meaning of 222. I am blown away.....about a month ago, 444 was the number I kept noticing...I do believe there is a life after this life...and I do thank God each day for every blessing I have in my life...316 is my magic number...thank you and have a blessed day!
Ryan Hart
You are very blessed with angel numbers! Thank you for sharing your story. God bless.
Upon awakening Seeing 222 at 222am october22 2020 in last 2 weeks also see 444 clock , 666 speedomiter, 1111 clock . And have not been looking to see numbers but now aware of! Im a servant of our Lord Jesus very prophetically minded and gifted. Very much aware of things globally end day. Especually concerning manifested sons of God to full measure + stature in Jesus last greatest move of Holy Spirit in association with Great Trib time factor, relevent to purification of bride of christ having all spots wrinkles blemishes washed away. Which earth groans in travail waiting for for as even the creation shall be made whole again having such evil sin lifted from i t . This final conflict will bring about satans tailend defeat completley seeing Jesus return as King of Kings Lord of Lords at Armmagetton!
Ryan Hart
I’ve been seeing the number 222 on tv, like a channel and also, on my clock and television, I’ve been seeing the numbers 333.
Ryan Hart
You are very blessed!
I was walking with my mom back home after grabbing Starbucks, I'm walking alongside parked cars and I see a license plate 222, quite interesting
Tom Taylor
3 days in a row now, I’ve seen 222. On 11/12, I watched a recent YouTube video referencing 222. On 11/13 I glanced at the clock and it read 5:52, which is easily rotated to 2:22 On 11/14 I looked at my clock on my phone and, yep, it read 2:22. I am a giver, and it lifts my heart to know that God recognizes that, especially those “rare” times when I am feeling down and under-appreciated. My spouse will reap the benefits of that also! Thanks for the insight.
Mario De Leon
Yes I have a woman in clear sight but she's scared to hurt from being in a relationship nut o know she is on a toxic relationship bit she dosent know what she wants she chooses
Kenneth Summerour
Hi, I believe God lead me to this site concerning angels and so forth. I see different things but numbers have been more intense for me. Its good to get an understanding of what I been being seeing...1222, 1111, 808, 911, 222, 333, 747, 1010, and others. Thanks alot! God bless you!
Alissa Applebey
I actually last saw 222 today. I've been seeing it (along with other angel number like 111, 333, and 444) ever since I opened my heart & spiritual ears to God and my guardian angels. I came across this blog when I saw 222 & wanted to find out what was being communicated to me. Meaning #1 really struck something deep within my soul. It basically described everything about what I experience deep inside. I still have emotional wounds from previous relationships, and I completely closed my heart from future love. When I am in a relationship, I invest myself completely. So the pain is much worse when things don't go well. However, I do want to love again. So I feel as though God was communicating to me through it, as there is no way anyone else could have known such private parts of me. Also, the 2nd meaning of 222 stood out to me as well. I feel as though it went along with meaning #1, that after God heals my broken heart, I will be closer to finding my soulmate. I currently attend a Christian college, and I have some guy friends there. Maybe one of them IS my soulmate, but I never realized it because I had walls surrounding my heart (I am still working on trying to remove these walls). Thank you, Ryan!
Rebecca A Thompson
I've been seeing numbers since March when my husband and I watched a program about Angel's. Numbers were not referenced in the mini-series. Before that I had not noticed numbers. Now, they are everywhere. I see triple numbers in license plates, when I am running on my treadmill, on clocks and sometimes when I go to buy something online, on grocery store receipts. I will see numbers. Today, I just bought something I was looking for that cost $11.11. It happens repeatedly now - never ceasing. Different numbers present on different days - often the same numbers. For example, some days I will see 222, other days I will see 888 or 444, 555, 333. I seldom see 666 or 777, or 999 but it does occasionally occur. I've asked myself if it is my reticular activating system guiding me to the numbers but the coincidences are uncanny. When I drive, I often see 444, 555, and 888 on license plates. Odd
Amanda Sue Dresser
Ive seen 222 on the clock the last couple nights that I have been working the midnight shift. At the time I am actually thinking about the gifts that are being revealed to me , i also have been seeing 333 in the last few weeks. I am trying to navigate life after my 2nd divorce. Life feels chaotic and Im having a hard time staying positive. I know that for some reason everything 222 means is directed toward me. I can feel the shift about to happen.
I seen 222 twice while i was playing a basketball 🎮 game. Also i see the 222, 333 and 555 alot Also i been seeing 1111.
Heather Vela
This is very encouraging. I was at a Walmart and my current relationship has been in question recently in my thoughts. I've been praying to really know if my fiancee is really my soul mate. I'm hoping my doubt and fear of being in the wrong relationship goes away. I do want to be happy and do God's Will. With my fiance not being in tune with God or interested in knowing Him I feel unequally yoked. So this is encouraging to know maybe I am in the right relationship. Thank you
I literally feel as though he is a part of my actual heart and when he's away from me its incomplete until he's back
I literally feel as though he is a part of my actual heart and when he's away from me its incomplete until he's back
Vikie Howell
I have been seeing it repeatedly on my TV and my stove new years Eve then on my phone and on the stove and a show new years day it kinda freaked me out cause the one seemed impossible & made me stop in my tracks.
Been seeing 222 a lot as of late.
Beadine Sekele
In a dream and once on the clock
Robert Souza
I was waking up almost every morning at 3:33am for several months and often in the afternoon I'd catch the clock also, when I'd wake up in the morning I'd open my eyes and look across the bedroom and look at clock and it'd be steering back at me as if it was watching me in my sleep waiting fo me to wake up as if it was trying to tell me something, this really shook me up and t j e numbers 222 &444 and 555 soon followed, I haven't talked about this in over 4 years. REALLY SCARES AND FREAKS ME OUT , COUPLE OF TIMES waking up to 333 am when I looked to the right side of bed I could have sworn I caught a shadow of a body watch me and closed my eyes and opened again to adjust vision the shadow was gone that scared the sh!t out of me!! That's all I got to say?
Jerry Leyva
I saw 222 on the clock and curious I asked the meaning .thank you for helping me try and understand . The meaning and reason I am seeing numbers in groups of 3s and sometimes 4 .Felt like it was written just for me I thank you JESUS my lord and SAVIOR who gave his blood .So that we shall not perish but have everlasting life if our hearts do believe .
This is so interesting and a very on point with what I'm currently experiencing as a single guy at 23. I see the last comment was left by an Owen too, so I know I must be in the right place. I saw 2:22 on my computer once I opened it up after turning off the TV! Jolly good feeling indeed
Wow this is amazing, two days we just decided to broke up with my fiancee. With some long dragging issue over the past 4 years. And today i was at her place, and i was bus on social media. Just saw the number several times and there boom she just appeared to give me something. I am fixing things between us.
I'm understanding now so much more about the numbers and messages I've been receiving from my Gardin Angel's by finding your site, Thank you! I see this Angel number and many more on a regular basis like also... 111, 1111, 222, 333 444,;555, 626, 636, 711, 911, 1010, 1001, 1212, 1221, I'm very blessed to have all these beautiful Gardin Angel's watching over me with God's Love. ❤️
I keep seeing it on a click or my mind. I'm at home when this happens
Yesterday I got my daughter a vanilla chai from Dunkin Donuts. At the moment, I'm struggling in our relationship because I'm making major changes in my life that impact her and some of which she doesn't approve of. The cost $2.22 ( which also happens to be my birth time). The balance in my bank account as a result of that purchase today was $18.11. It's clear to me that I'm supposed to be balanced, stay strong in my beliefs and maintain a sense of peace, trust and faith while I also get a move on in the right direction because things are coming together for me and it's time to fly high. I'm not supposed to sit around and stew in my fears over how our relationship is currently strained. She will be ok as I get myself in order and make the changes I need to make. Powerful stuff!
I have financially struggled since I lost my husband in 2016. I got a notice today that my mortgage company is for closing on my home 2/2/21. I immediately saw the three 2’s. Please pray that when I call my mortgage company that they will give me a little extra time. I am devastated. Thank you
Hello, I am seeing a lot of triple numbers lately, though 222 is the latest just this morning.
WOW! Very informative article but now I don't know what to think! Lol. I saw 222 on my birthday when my ex-boyfriend texted me a happy birthday message at 12:22. I immediately noticed the repeat, then the next day I am listening to youtube, I click on the LIKE icon and I was the 222 person to do so...so that piqued my interest EVEN more. I do a google search to see what 222 means and wouldn't you know it I see your article with your name Ryan next to it. (my ex's name is RYAN), so I am slightly freaking out! LOL. We do not talk really and I am past the relationship although I sense he might NOT be. Really wondering what the universe might be trying to tell me here.
I see numbers all the time... I recently lost 2 family members and numbers have helped me through
Thank you Ryan, for the contribution of this webpage and insight. I'm sure I'm not alone when i say you are appreciated. May you be blessed.
I just accepted a new job with an old boss and quit my other two jobs. My boss paid for me to stay at the Home 2 suites by Hilton. Was told my room was on the 2nd floor and the room number was 222. By the way my boss forgot to text me the name of it so it was the 2nd hotel I had been to.
Chris Wertz
I was in my shop Jan. 27 10AM. Taking a voltmeter reading and it showed up twice.
I’ve been seeing numbers very very frequently for the past couple of months. Typically it’s 1111 or 222. Today I saw it on the clock, very large letters of an address on a building, on a billboard it was a phone number all 2’s, and somewhere else. But that is 4x in one day. Very powerful stuff
[email protected]
Seeing angel number 222 means god is gifting you blessing and with that be merciful to humans and use it to help needful with kindness.
Thankyou so much for this beautiful , informative and helpful article 🙏🏻 This article have cleared some amount of my doubts and gave me some hope ✨ Once again thankyou so much for this article 🙏🏻 God bless everyone 🙏🏻❤️
Israel Suarez
God bless you to brother, and may God's will be done here in earth like in heaven. I accept Jesus Christ into my heart❤ in Jesus name, Amén!
Every once in awhile I would notice three of the same number when I looked at the time, you know like 1:11 ,4:44 etc. a few months ago my uncle passed away at 4:44 . I see that number more than I use to and I took it as a sign my uncle was saying hi. I made a comment about this to my sister in law and she said look it up and see , you’ll like it she told me. So I look it up and I see they are a sign of angles that watch over us . What does it mean when you see one number more than others ? I’m going to do like you said and start a record of where I am and what’s happening at the time to see if I can find a pattern or anything to help figure out what message they might have.
Hi and I love reading about the Angelic numbers and their meanings. I was at work today Feb 11/21 in the laundry room where I saw the time 2:22 pm.
Kritika Sharma
I have seen it today on me and my partners photos album its 222 photos in that album of us...
So few days back I saw number 11:11 in my phone clock and recently I saw number 222 in my phone again, and it really resonates with my current situation I’m going through right now. All the points mentioned above resonates with me because I was heart broken, I was going through a mental breakdown and I couldn’t sleep at night. Most of the time I used to be so happy and open with my family but now I’m quite, helpless and feeling so down. It’s because of social media because recently I met a guy on social media but he broke my heart and because of this I’m scattered and lost. And also about my soulmate, lately I feel like my gut is telling to find my soulmate, and number 222 and 11:11 indicates that soon I’m going to find someone very soon. seeing this numbers brought me here, and I feel I’m healed and I really hope it made me strong mentally and spiritually.
So few days back I saw number 11:11 in my phone clock and recently I saw number 222 in my phone again, and it really resonates with my current situation I’m going through right now. All the points mentioned above resonates with me because I was heart broken, I was going through a mental breakdown and I couldn’t sleep at night. Most of the time I used to be so happy and open with my family but now I’m quite, helpless and feeling so down. It’s because of social media because recently I met a guy on social media but he broke my heart and because of this I’m scattered and lost. And also about my soulmate, lately I feel like my gut is telling to find my soulmate, and number 222 and 11:11 indicates that soon I’m going to find someone very soon. seeing this numbers brought me here, and I feel I’m healed and I really hope it made me strong mentally and spiritually.
Mullim bin illani
I think of a jackpot numbers..that i want to win about which is 841561, ...
Whitley Farmer
A couple years ago I started seeing 222 everywhere, back of cars tags, times, even a filing cabinet key at my job one day I was helping the secretary. I thought it was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what. Then at the end of January my dad called to tell me that he had a stroke. He had been battling with cancer that past year. When we got there we found it had spread to his brain. First they told us he would have months, then weeks, then days. A couple day before he passed I told my sister I knew what the 222 meant. My father passed February 2, 2017 or 222...
Angel Winborne
1st of all, thank u immensely for being a servant of GOD & using your life & powers to bring others into the light of GOD. I've been seeing the number 222 ALOT lately. So much so, that it is consuming to my psyche & I had to seek knowledge of it's meaning. Everything u said applies to me & my situation & I want to thank u for being a vessel of enlightenment, encouragement, wisdom & knowledge. I am satisfied to know the truth & wholeheartedly receive the messages from my Angels. I appreciate your talents w/numerology & pray you continue your path of helping souls to enter the light of GOD. Thank you so very much!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I saw it 11 minutes ago ☺️ I was listening to the audio book ‘The Alchemist’ ✨✨✨✨✨ I see all the double digits especially 11:11 11:17 7:11
😭😭😭😭😭 The profound relevance to my unique situation is thoroughly explained here. I'm AMAZED... I'm overjoyed and addled alike. I always tend to see 222 in time form.. I often wake to use the restroom and notice its 2:22... or at work , check the time for breaks and itd often 2:22, which is 22 minutes passed my break time... I'll get out the shower and as soon as I enter my room its 2:22.. All day EVERYDAY 222 is trying to get my attention....
Judy Bossolono
I've been seeing the number 222 my whole life since I was 16 and I'm 49 now he just reminds me every time I see it that God tells me he loves me and that's a lot everyday
I was distraught over learning on Valentine's that my husband is with another woman and when I walked into the kitchen crying to stir the beef vegetable soup I had for him, I looked at the clock on the stove and it showed 222.
I have been seeing it for last 2 months around. And I guess it's related to my soulmate with whom I am in present & I want to go further now.
Clare Cooper
Hello Ryan, Thanks for sharing this. I saw the time as 2:22am when I woke up and looked at the time last night. I'd been part of a healing workshop for heartbreak just days ago and also having a feeling that new love is coming to my life soon. I feel like it's connected. I believe you're right about prayer and imagine many of us do it in ways we're not even aware of. But for sure something changes when we open up and reveal our human vulnerability. Be blessed. It was a light in my day finding your article here. Thanks again.
222 This jnumber holds a special meaning to me anyway. When I received the call that my Mother had transitioned to NonPhysical, as I opened my eyes to answer the phone it was on my clock and I knew what the call was to tell me. It was my first realization of a message meaning. The past few days have been rich in 1' s, 111 and 1111, like 3 - 4 times a day. Then a 222 and although I realized each sign, I stopped and chose to reflect on 222. A really nice summary you've prepared. I front have a partner and haven't in a long time, life chapter rrequired my attention and learning, experiencing the journey of it and I am ready for a real and good friend, 3 have departed, this journey required my withdrawing from social life all together and for 10 years. I really had little choice, "it just was", but it was an improvement over the preceding 3 years. I am emerging into a new chapter now, can feel it and knowing this will initiate the creating of it. The "Subject that has the whole on the sideline has those of us with immune system "opportunities for improvements" on Quarantine since last March, @ 1 year now. I really feel this can/is fading, "it only requires thoughts knowing it has faded, morphed into a positive energy." It literally is that simple "Mustard Seed". My points with this comment are to motivate the Promotion of Conscious Thoughts + Higher Mind. Recognize that which invites engaging in negative. The past 4 years was some fostered neg. It's up to us to take our Free Will to Positive, ignore neg, and offer (positive Thoughts for all the People, Puppies, Plants, lil pips, + Planet, and all of our Universe). Showers of abundant Positive Energies for all. Take "2" ... minutes for gifting Thoughts and take Hope to Believing and Believing to Knowing... You have all your desires wrapped and waiting, cause each Ask has been given, we merely need to raise our energy/vibration/frequency and allow, say out loud "I'm open to receive" and feel the joyful feeling of the desired with appreciation. It is Absolute, it is the Divine Design. Best Wellbeing to all ... 😘
Angela B Bowen
I am 61 years old..The number 222 has been with me since I was 16 years old..it is connected to me in someway...can't really explain it,,but like a knowing,,a deep knowing that it is a part of my life with deep meaning.
Annie Buenavente
Indeed this article about the meaning of 222 is very enlightening. I find this very interesting too.
I been seeing this 222 everywhere and today on February 22 I just got a new job 222
Elaine N Stevens
It says im meeting my soulmate and i believe i have just recently thank you so much....
Hi I was just praying like I do every night before bed and I look up at the clock after it was 222 I had to look up what this met because in me it met something ...
Thank you, Ryan. That was the exact message I needed ❤️❤️❤️
Susan Rivera
Hi 🙋‍♀️ I keep seeing 11:11 or 1111 also 222 and 555 all the time on the microwave on the clocks on my phone and I’m not looking for these numbers , please let me know if this is a good sign
Hi thank you for this,ive seenthe #222 for the last 15 years everywer and for the longest time I thought it was bad luck,still not sure...
You know what’s so interesting: Genesis 2:22 (NIV) reads: “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” ‭ Confirmation!
ChoZynn Taylor
I’ve been seeing the numbers 222 since my daughter was born on 2/22/2017... I went through a tough pregnancy I was really depressed at the happiest moment of my life... You see I thought I couldn’t have kids but here she is in flesh... But every since then I got a sense of greatness, power and strength... I know my guardian angels are with me everyday living through my daughter... That’s why I go harder every day
I met a guy, we spent our first night in room 222. He told me this number was part of his car registration. Two months later he did a seminar in room 222. We have only met twice but still speak after 18 months and waiting to see each other again. I feel there is something special about him, I hope it’s a sign!
Sareeta Townsend
My birthday is 222 I’ve been seeing 222 for the past year and couldn’t understand why until I seen someone google a number that they have been seeing so I googled it for myself and found this article. It’s amazing what I’ve read. Thank you God is all I can say! Thanks to the person who wrote this article.
I ended my first 10k (walked and longest distance ever done) at 2:02:22 and thought it was odd to end 6.20 miles EXACTLY at that point so I looked into it and showed up here! I’m on a 150 pound weight loss journey so I hope this sign is good!
After I saw the guy I had a crush on. I think I still have feelings for him but I want to move on. But still I didn't understand the meaning if seeing 222
Amir LeBron
My first time not seeing 222 but noticing it was today 3/28/2021 2:22am right after i prayed to God; it wasn't a breakup I was going through but I met someone that was everything I prayed for and that day she was hurt by something I did and in that moment she wanted nothing to do with me (i forgot to mention but i feel so connected to her i can literally feel what she's feeling miles away from her she's isnt any ordinary female) and it felt like a breakup my heart ached for her i was so low and sad i cried all day and before i went to sleep i prayed about her and some other things and before i went to bed after i checked the time and seen 222 and i screenshotted it for whatever reason i dont know i just did and now i found your site to read on what it means and here i am. I think this means something about my love life and just my relationship with God.
Teemu Somero
Hi. I was having a date and when I drove to place where we met my car´s board computer showed me number 222. She was beautiful, very nice but also quiet. But I liked her and I feel She liked me too but I havent heard anything from Her since the. Actually it was three days ago so no need to worry. I am just wondering was She my Soul Mate or Love of my life.
I was born on July 22nd at 2:22 in the morning. My mom and my grandpa were also both born on the 22nd. I was 22 inches tall, 2 weeks and 2 days late from my expected birthday, born in room 220 and my first college dorm room was 220. I see repeating 2’s so much and have seen them reoccurring a so often that it’s unrealistic to call it coincidence...
Kristy Jo
All my life my mom told me about the number 222 coming up everywhere in our family. This is the first time I've seen your message of hope surrounding the number 222 - I am amazed right now. I lost my mother 2 weeks and 2 days ago... my car recently hit 222,000 miles (even more recently 222,222! Lol) The kids and I had takeout; our bill? $22.20! Too many examples to list! My mom was only 58 so her passing has been extremely difficult... I'm an only child and my mom was too... I lost my grandma (who really started the whole 222 thing for us) on 2/23 (?) of last year and I'm still grieving for her... I have felt so lost and alone at times recently so reading this was SO refreshing! I needed that! Thanks
I saw it often last week but today was shocked it is my current weight!! 222lbs
I was born at 2:22 pm and see this number often. I'm just realizing now it could have meaning.
Kelvin Rouse
Hi Ryan, I started to see angel numbers around 2015 during some really dark times of my life. Over the next 6 years the road got bumpier and bumpier. Numbers would come and go as my faith came and went. Over the past few years the numbers started to become more frequent and my concept of them started to change. I started to record by pictures and voice memos the amazing frequency and transformation of my spiritual awakening. Its like a journal that is fascinating and well documented by me, I'm talking thousands of coincidences that would make the power ball lottery odds seem small. And I have it all recorded. Its the most amazing feeling in the world to know 100 percent that we are not alone. Even so its not an easy journey as everyday has seen my faith rocked by my primitive thinking. It is 240 pm April 16th 2021. I'm sure I have read 222 many times in the past and have pictures to prove it. But as I progress in my spirituality each time the message gets more and more powerful. Thanks so much
Briana Christine
I pray you are right. This world is becoming so bizarre, confusing and hurtful to be in. I've seen it 2:22 every 12 hours for 4 days. The only times I've looked at the clock, as well. I have had so much trauma, abuse, false accusations, neglect, abandonment...everyone and everything. I've always despite everything praised my Father...My Rock...My Lover...my everything... But this year I've spent most my days in so much physical pain and so alone in this dimension..stuck in time...in matter...feels so heavy, dense, painful. I've literally cried hours on end to please take this cup from me. Crazy thing is...you mention being hurt so much not trusting ppl easy etc...I still do. I'd even take a bullet...begged Father to take my sufferings and have Mercy on all. I know deep down this is all truly the blink of an eye...this flesh was necessary for Our Love to be Whole..Holy...Complete... But I don't want to be here anymore, Ryan. I really don't. Success, happiness in this world...is not my goal. I've helped many, truly saved lives...seems that's enough. Anyway...each time I start crying, repeating please, no more...I can't handle this pain and so alone...I see 2:22. Repeating numbers, my birth year and 10/4 my month/day of birth I've seen constantly, daily, since end of 2019... Plus, ryan...I prophesize...I see the signs and wickedness is about to reign for a time being...which will seem unending...no one really gets it...or says I'm not being hopeful or positive enough...no...I'm a prophet crying out to warn others...the time is at hand. I don't want to be here when others have no choice but awaken...the veil IS lifting...I'd never say...I told you so...and truly it's no one's fault...it's a fallen world and this will all make perfect sense sooner than it shall seem in our experience of a moment... Idk Ryan...I'm scared. I'm anointed...divine feminine...christ came as Jesus...Adam... This time He returned for His Bride...the divine feminine...Eve. First time He was crucified physically... This time, She is crucified internally...it's beyond heartbreak...and despite practically no ego remaining...and knowing how beautiful the gardens are...everything is almost complete in Eden for Our return...Our wedding feast...stuck in this flesh...this seems too much...in the Garden of Gethsemane I AM..truly. I love you all...just ready to greet everyone at the gate...usher all in...back home...and shut the portal for this lower dimension for good. Heaven is above...I know...I travel Jacob's ladder...but it's not in the sky..it's right here around us...above means in a higher dimension. Wish so bad ppl would see ME But they dont...they see my flesh...not Our Spirit within. HUGS I love you. Thank you...and thanks for assuring Father gets the glory. Always thought...felt connected with archangel chamuel...My Gift from Father she represents...Unconditional Love. Peace be upon you all... No matter what anyone, anything or any thoughts may say, suggest, or appear to...We ALL come from Father, and to Father We shall ALL return. Mercy has NO bounds...period. unforgiven is a lie. Amen
I keep seeing 2:22 when I am.with this man I have been dating for 2+ years.It was good until I found out he lies and cheats and tries to turn his bad behavior around on to me as if it is me that is doing these things so what does it mean really when I see 222 it makes me think it really does to think to look around me and pay attention to when I see that number because my soulmate is close when it's always him around when I see it are you sure it can't be an angel number in warning me to believe what I sense to be true instead of that's my soulmate I'm questioning this now I'm questioning a lot of things now. Which I think is a totally amazing thing I don't think people should ever stop asking questions cuz that's how we learn I don't know I just think somehow some way it's a warning maybe instead of, it's my soulmate, what are your opinions on this what do you think it could be that it's a warning that this person is preventing me from seeing my soulmate maybe I don't freaking know man all I know is how can my soulmate lie to me cheat on me turn it all around to where he points the finger at me and makes me the one in his mind that is doing everything that he's doing to me I hope that made sense but yeah I'm confused I'm so confused that's my comment thank you but I see it a lot always with him.
I just saw 2:22 on my alarm clock, I've been seeing it more these days. But the number I see mostly & consecutively is 1111
Sariah Korneluk
Ryan, with all that i am, thank~you. The way you provide insight regarding the mystic voice of The DiVine through, even more DiVine, Numbers is, breathtaking. Sending you heARTfelt gratitude, and infinite LoVe, for BEing who. you. are. The unconditional LoVe given to me through you, and this sacred number is, nourishment of the highest degree. Bless your goLden heART for sharing, Sariah
2:22 twice in a 24 HR period. First time, my Estranged Daughter msgd me!! Second...was by fluke. Divine❤️
Leslie Cogan
I've just read this and need to sleep awhile, then work a few hours. I'm currently going through extreme occurences of 2's appearing; 1's my whole life. It's not about the clock, but odd occurences; namely dimes and pennies appearing.. it's how it happens that's profound. Read into these words below, then I can get back to you soon. Thanks and Love Ryan I was born in Roswell NM. On August 16th I will have lived 22,222 days...how I learned that and everything happening daily, is profound. UFO crash site '47, Abraham Lincoln, Bottomless lakes, and Elvis even. I'm solely a messenger but most, all act like this phenomenon happens to everyone or they don't believe me and at 60 years old, I have all this time to concoct a story. I wrote it down; "a major change in my life that no one sees coming" Praise the Lord.
Jeremy stephenson
I see #2:22 on my phone when I check the time I as well see 1 set of numbers nearly every day now some days I will see 2 sets of numbers such as 10:10,5:55,11:11,3:33,1:11,12:12,11:22,12:22 . I have been researching the meanings of these angel numbers I have been seeing but in my research it seems there isn't much on people such as myself seeing all these numbers frequently day after day , what do you figure all this means ???
I was having a testing day until I saw 222. Your article is beautifully written, thank you ❤️
Been seeing 222 mostly on my phone and sometimes on the street
Wat do you mean point of no return
Your insights into all these numbers I have been seeing has helped me a lot. Thank you
Hu Ryan, first off the numbers 91/11 and 1/19 Bible verses are all numbers related to the birth of my son. His birthday 11/1/91 at 11:19 am 9 lbs 11 oz. I'm seeing 222 444 333 and 77. I recently lost my job after 13 + years with no income now or very limited. I'm in a relationship of 15 years and no real commitment from him. He has cancer now and I live in his home. We don't have anything in our names together. Since I lost my job no money have been trying to find work keep getting turned away. I feel lost on all levels of my life. All those numbers have shown up all through my life. More over the last few years. Am I ever going to be happy. I've given but seem to always get the short end.
derek welton AKA DizzmaThaKid
yea ive been seeing these numbers for a while I always get really happy and sad but of good tears when I see this because im always in my head due to my mom being very ill and my grandpa be very old im scared art times to chase my dreams im a rapper singer songwriter and im stuck in a cycle but im about to make so much more than the world will ever know I wanna touch the world and let people know the good word of god because he's everything that is light and thats something im coming to grips with its all in gods hands and I beleive in my self and this is just a positive affirmation that the angels got my back thank you angels I love you guys and I appreciate you guys too much ive been feeling a shift inside of me and ive been focusing on things and im so grateful for that thank god!!!
I saw 222 on my partners washing machine timer. I have been through hell, with my ex partner moving our children to another country. Me and my new partner have just found out she is expecting our baby. Which we are both over the moon about, as we have both been through so much. Until we found each other unexpectedly. Now the angels are singing to me. Thanks to my guardian angels for guiding me on my new path. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏 ❤️
Susan Purvis
I have been worried about my family. I woke up and looked on my phone and it was 2:22 am. It feels I have to now be the strong one as all those I love become sick and didn’t listen to me. I send healing, love and prayers and do what I can but 2:22 tells me there is always hope even when I have thought there wasn’t. Thankyou for this blog.
I woke up at 222 and have been seeing angel numbers alot, trying to figure out what it means for me
Mamokhele Mosala
I have been seeing a series of numbers. 22 222 2222 almost all the time, I've been dreaming about a particular person and seeing and hearing his name at odd times.I'm not sure what this means but I'm hopeful
I'm seeing this number for 2-3 months regularly n current going through rough situation in my relationship where I've no clarity regarding our relationship..... but deep down I truly he is my soulmate but now I'm thinking like he is unworthy of my love and he don't deserve me and Wondering at the same time , the bond I feel with him And thinking about who is my real soulmate and where is he ???? I'm really heart broken from my current situation since 2 years ☹️ I don't know what universe is telling me ???? I'm not able to get it properly
Working on spirituality and working with crystals for a couple of months now. I have had 333 repeating itself for some time, I took the leap of faith and, after a very heavy break up I went abroad, on my own with my children. I was expecting just to.. get through it but, I really enjoyed it and even went out to sea and swam with the kids. I came back feeling empowered but went back to old coping mechanisms. I came across a spiritual, wellbeing course that would push me right out of my comfort zone in Devon. An opportunity to get real with myself. I found myself very emotional considering this and then I looked at my watch to see 222... I really feel I have to book this now. Any thoughts?!?!?!
Mirakle Love
Last night I closed my eyes and was singing a song to annoy my best friend lol and once the song finished I opened my eyes and looked at my phone and saw 2:22am. I’ve been grieving a lot lately after the death of my cousin and cry before I go to sleep alot. So seeing that number mad me jump and search up the meaning. I also was just watching Steve huff on YouTube and he was saying how we ran into the numbers 1111. Seeing the number gave me alot of hope for better days.
Rose 🌹
I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau on Oct 22, 2018. I was certainly in need of a bit of peace on that day.
I saw the angel number 222 a few days ago at home while working. I saw it again in the middle of the night. The 3rd time was in my office as I was entering. I looked at the phone as I was putting my work done and saw 222. Thank you for your words of encouragement, love and harmony. I've been praying for something dear to my heart. I hope its time to manifest!
Im very happy and grateful for letting me know all these ...its a 💯 woww life experience..thanks See you all at judgement day💖
I saw 222 on timer on tv without even knowing suddenly maybe it is a sign recently I have been seeing many other numbers too 555 1111 444 it’s possible angel are really with me I want to believe that 🙏🏻
I am seeing this number from a long time. And the day I saw this guy was also 22. I feel strong attraction towards him. My mind doesn't stop thinking about him. But this guy doesn't feel it. I am so much confused
Lashanna Williams
Wow. Usually when I see so much content; I may not make time to read it all but I woke up and begin to search why I have been seeing 222 for the past few weeks. While read your content I noted it was 2:22 in the morning. Tears just began to flow even now. There are so many things I am believing God for right now. My soulmate, starting my business, my spiritual growth so that God will use me for his glory and my family... It is good to know that I am moving in the right direction. I am very happy to have stumbled on your page. Thank you for being the voice I needed to confirm what I have been seeing. God bless you and your family. 😊💕
I see it everywhere all day and night, 222 or 22. On license plates, an address, a future meeting date, etc. I see it constantly on the clock, 22 after the hour. Ive been waking up alot at 2:22am. I have a strong faith base and talk to my guardian angel daily. I believe this has to do with a relationship I continue to pray about. I believe God and my angels are telling me to trust and have patience.
I have been seeing 222 on my work computer. I have been working for this company for five years and I have been in this position for that time . I like this company but I don’t like my department so much and I have been mistreated . Also I have been trying to move up and get better position at other departments but I haven’t had luck. I am totally ready to get out and hoping something will come up that will fit my skills . I have been praying and asking god to send me something that is just right for me ,,,, I have been waiting for someone or something to save me ,,, since I also just got out the divorce couple years ago with 30 years of marriage where my husband left me for another women ,,,,,
Aaron Caballero
I came across something very important to me that I was reading, as I was reading this, suddenly the number I was reading was 222 amongst all of the words. Curiously I decided to find out what 222 meant in the bible. After ALL these years, God has been by my side to let me know that JUSTICE for me and the rest of us who reside in his divine glorious celestial comfort and immortality, SHALL FINALLY PREVAIL. Instantly, tears started welling up in my eyes because I have been waiting for this moment for decades for our BELOVED SPIRITUAL FATHER IN HEAVEN TO INFORM ME OF THIS.
Sonya Risner
Long story short, my husband and I are recovering addicts, brought together by God. We bought a place away from our home 4 yrs ago & felt/know Hod wanted us to leave and move full time. He has work for us. Our exit is 222. My husband has had more of a hard time "completely leaving" where he has worked in his family business his whole life. We went to Key West from upper MI 4 vacation and 222 has been everywhere on our way down & now on our way home. I did not know about the 222 angel till today. This is just amazing and I thank God for speaking and grateful that we can "see/hear" now ❤
I recently moved to a new school and have had horrible days there and had problems making friends. I was driving to my new school when a truck passed by with the number 222 on the side. A video on youtube I was watching was 2:22 minutes long. I will pick up my phone at school to check the time, 12:22. A URL to a website I was on had 2222 in it. I see it at least twice a day. I know what I want but I don't know how to get it. I think my birthday is also an angel number (7-27-07).