Angel Number 555 Meaning & Symbolism Explained

by Ryan Hart

Updated on July 26, 2020


Have you been seeing 5:55 frequently or other repeating numbers? Curious what angel number 555 means?

Here’s what I discovered:

Seeing 555 could be a message from an angel in response to your prayers.

Angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

Ready to find out what 555 means?

Let’s get started.

Image of Angel Number 555

555 Meaning in the Bible

The 555 angel number is a combination of the spiritual number 5 repeated 3 times. Most people begin seeing this number in response to specific thoughts or prayers. According to scripture, seeing 5:55 is symbolic of grace, kindness, and salvation.

When you see angel number 555 it could be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you.

I’ll explain more below.

While angel numbers can have a variety of meanings to different people, I’ve found there there are only three common meanings of seeing 5:55.

Here’s what your guardian angel might be trying to tell you:

1. Be Kind to Yourself

You are very critical of your mistakes. There are times when you put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect that you become overwhelmed.

Seeing 555 is a sign from your guardian angel to be kind to yourself. God has put you on this earth for a very specific purpose. If you bring glory to him each day then you have fulfilled your duty.

People that see angel number 555 tend to overthink situations and care deeply about what others think of them. You guardian angel wants you to know that God’s grace is upon you.

2. Someone Close to You is Struggling With Illness

In the bible the number 5 is symbolic of the Holy Wounds suffered by Jesus during his crucifiction. Seeing 555 could mean someone close to you, like a father-figure, is dealing with an illness or injury.

You think often about this person and worry about what might happen next. You wish there was more you could do to help.

Your guardian angel wants you to know that they are watching over this person who is suffering from disease or sickness. Continue saying healing prayers for those that are sick and wait for God to work his miracles.

3. You've Been Thinking About The Past

Angel number 555 is a sign that you’ve been thinking about the past and wondering whether you made the right decisions.

You often consider what your life might be like if you had chosen a different career or married someone else. Although you can’t change the past, you have a feeling that you wandered off your predestined path without realizing it. Now it’s too late to go back and change.

Seeing 555 is a clear sign that your guardian angel wants you to turn your thoughts to the present. Jesus died to forgive our sins and what is in the past must stay in the past. The good news is that you still have time to make things right and get back on the path God intended for you.

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555 Biblical Meaning

In the bible the number 5 is symbolic of God’s grace.

Jesus was wounded 5 times during his crusifixtion: 2 on his hands, 2 on his feet and one on the side of his chest. These are known as the 5 Holy Wounds.

God’s undeserved kindness towards us is demonstrated by the death of Jesus and his salvation of sinners.

Angel number 5 is a very special message on it’s own. So when you begin seeing 555 repeated multiple times, you should acknowledge the importance of this message.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 555?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw angel number 555? Please leave a comment and let me know.
I be been up for a while when I looked on my phone it said 5:55 and I just kept staring at it...then I looked it up lol.everything on here seems to be so accurate in my life thank God for reassurance ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ
Steve Rodriguez
I noticed three 555 on my phone. What does this mean?
I saw it today. I'm realizing only I can control nothing but me.
Terrie A Smith
I see them when I look at my clock
I always see 555 or 444 when im watching dancing videos cause i practice dancing alot??
Clyde Strese
Hi everyone it seems like every morning I wake up and grab my phone and it's 555 not realizing what this means I just thought I was coincidencealways believing in a higher power because of myself or bigger than all of us not really the type of person that believes in organized religion so many different beliefs out there it's hard to just fathom that one of them could just be right so I try to take the collective thought that all of them could be so what I believe in the higher power of God whoever that may be is how I believe because I definitely know there's something bigger going on out there especially seeing this number all the time and looking it up when I finally did I realize something. One it was my spouse's favorite number two he passed away in August 20th of 2019 he was buried on September 5th 2019 due to many different things with his family if anything is was he died military time at 0055 that was the time of death on November 5th 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer still going through that everyday so today when I picked up the phone again same as yesterday it's like my body automatically sees that number and see it everywhere on receipts on phone on computer it doesn't matter it seems to follow me I've never noticed it before and it's been coming more common the past month I almost died just recently about 3 to 4 weeks ago I coded once on the table due to a reaction to the chemo cost kicks bleeding in my lungs I barely made it out of there was on ICU for 6 days with a machine breathing for me I had some crazy dreams I don't know if they were dreams or signs from my spouse that he was there That's all I dreamed about sitting with him holding their hand I still feel that so deeply it's nerve-wracking scary and grateful all at the same time I'm not scared to die I'm more at peace now than I've ever been is that normal I don't know but he looks at me talking I can't hear the words but it's almost like a sign for me to get ready that he's coming from me He's carried me through a lot I've had nobody with me since a bit really been going through my cancer treatment over the past year I just recently started a new round and can I say it's been crappy losing all my hair which isn't a big deal my guy I'm still stuck in the hospital bed watching my spouse pass away slowly on August 20th but I wouldn't change it for the world God put me there for a reason to be able to look him in the eye one last time told his hand and tell him I love him and to give him a kiss before they put him in a coma he died like I said 12 hours later I was in that room 3 hours where they tried to save his life going back and forth every time he told going back up there and holding his hand and talking to him finally the doctor said they could do no more they let him go I laid with his body another 8 hours after he passed away in the hospital bed seeing him songs come in his hair just talking to him so his family when they finally arrived they wouldn't have to see him anymore what did give God gave me then to be able to say goodbye most people don't get that it just happens so fast so scary and so thankful all the same time my emotions has been everywhere so now I really believe that when I came back after my clothes call and dreaming about my love I really believe it's a sign from him to tell me to keep my things in order to go to those places I want to go on this earth. it's crazy how my beliefs are changing so quickly and so rapidly lately I never really believed in angels I believe in a higher being spirit but I don't believe they communicate with us but now my whole opinions changed I've seen things that I didn't think was even possible and then maybe hard for some people to believe believe me I've always been the type of person to see it touch it feel it it's real heck I can see it sometimes even feel it around me but physically touch it no I can't hard to explain yes incredibly hard but I don't know if it's what kind of signs take this as but I'm taking it that he's here with me wanting me to know that he's here I still struggle with it every day did I make the right choice could have done anything different to save his life those questions we were married for 4 years and together for over 10 not a long time passed away at 35 I'm 41 and doing cancer so I don't know by the grace of God the spirits in this universe I'm not quite sure all I know is I'm keeping my mind and heart and soul open to all of it that's all I can do that's all I have left in me the energy that I have around me I believe it's from him I'm hoping and praying everyday that God will take me out just as quickly as he did him when is my time to go I have a lot of family but we don't really talk a lot they don't really understand me and what I'm going through none of them just lost their spouse or their significant other The one they lay down next to tell their secrets to believe me I feel the presence of something God angels all around me I've never had that happen to me before so seeing 555 all the time I never really understood why I see it it's not my 9/11 or anything else I've never really seen those numbers it's the first time I've ever noticed anything like that and how they surround his death times etc I'm not sure what to really think about all this I'm still kind of up in the air but my my heart and soul is telling me it's him telling me something that he needs me to know and understand one before it's too late for me or whatever it may be so I don't know I have a lot of different thoughts there run everywhere all I know is I feel love warmth and sometimes healing on the back of my neck and then I'll look up at the TV and sure enough it's 555 either in the morning or at night I tell people that they think I'm a lunatic I don't know I don't believe that I'm like I said I was at the type of guy to kind of think that far ahead but I know that we had two places left on this church we wanted to go to one Hawaii and the others Alaska I think about it all the time Hawaii would be 49th state Alaska would have been her 50th we've been all 48 states and two countries and over 5,000 cities we drove a semi truck for the past 10 years so our last stop was Alaska we always talked about it we always said that's where God called in the sky always breathtaking to us the magic that happens there the feeling the look I don't know maybe we always thought about that too far but we always felt like it was a piece of heaven cracking in at least that's what we we thought God wouldn't bring something so beautiful for us to see we couldn't imagine something like that I truly believe that must be the sign he's trying to give me why I survived because he knows those are the last two places on this earth that we ever wanted to go to and when skydiving are ready that was one of our others completed it came back to Ohio and that's when I almost coded and died so it's like I got to keep moving like he's trying to tell me keep moving Don't worry about the cancer it's out of my control and seeing God's hands going from stage 1 to stage 3 but I'm not scared I don't even think about it I think about completing my task my mission on this earth before it's my time I close my eyes and I see it so clearly but I try to tell somebody it comes out jumbled and mumbled and a complete mess they don't understand how can I get this across thank you so much for your time Clyde Strese
I've been seeing this number for quite some time now. I thank you for this illuminating article and at least for me, the topics that you have written about are exactly right on the money...incredible. Thank you and may Almighty GOD Bless you.
Trena legge
I see the numbers 1111, 555 often; I use to also see the numbers 222 and 444, but now itโ€™s mostly 1111, and 555. I believe I am one of Gods chosen. The numbers 555 I think for me they represent grace, kindness, and salvation. If you would like to hear my testimony , please feel free to email me. Thank you. God bless. Trena
I was watching apocraphile1970 youtube channel and he was speaking of how 1+1=2 and this is truth and unchangeable and then I came to an understanding that JESUS being truth dismantles lies and purifies in himself making you as HIS likeness. I stopped his video randomly at 1:15:55. GOD Bless in JESUS Name.
I'm a Guardian Angel I have been sent the number 5:55 Time for Action I'm protecting an individual I'm about to protect my country
I saw 555 on Facebook Messenger from a supposed friend (penfriend)that is rarely in touch
I am having bladder surgery this morning and as I was getting dressed I looked at my phone and 555 was there. I have been praying about this surgery. So I feel that for me it means God is with me and I will be okay ๐Ÿ™
Martha McCaffery
Thank you for the message. I see 333, 555, 777 111, 11 11 , and 111. Iโ€™ve been a Christian since I was little girl. I m 63 y.0 and I โค๏ธ the father, son and Holy Spirit with all my heart. I have experienced his โค๏ธ all my life. I truly love the father the son and the Holy Spirit with all my heart. Just trust him and wait on him. Martha McCaffery
Thank you Ryan! This means a lot. I was laying here once I woke and was thinking about the present my boyfriend who has been suffering with mental illness but a good soul, we split one month yesterday but still love each other dearly and hope if he can get on his feet mentally we may have a future. Then thinking of my mom who passed December 31 2019 not long ago with Alzheimerโ€™s but from covid and how I feel like I failed her in some ways...laying here crying. Then my mind went back to my youth and so many mistakes I regret and pray god forgives me as I was in a different place then in life. I am a perfectionist and can be my worst critic...I need to find self compassion and forgiveness which is difficult. I got up after these thoughts and right there on my oven clock reads 555 or 5;55.... I seen this and then looked up meaning and found many answers here....I literally see 555 a lot but 111 or 1111 every single day! I also see 444 333 222 1010....a lot .....but 111 every single day and now 555 .....
Trinnie Singletary
I have been seeing 5:55 on the clock almost everyday..
Loretta Rivera
I continue to receive phone calls from the number 555... No other numbers precede or follow. Only the number 555. I have never answered these phone calls.
[email protected]
I just this 555 number on my phone while scanning my phone of viruses and this number pops up counting all the viruses in total... I'm blown away.... Thanks Mr Hart
Day before yesterday my mum and I were in a car accident, thank God no one was seriously hurt. The next day mum and I filed a report of the accident at the police station then took the car to the mechanic. My friend took us back home and after he left my moms friend came with bags and bags of groceries. After we received the groceries I looked at my phone.. the time was 5:55 ... God is good all the time โค๏ธ
Donna Woodlock
I love this article! I feel like I have just dropped off several loads of heavy material from my back. I am truly beginning to love Numerology! Donna :o)
Sarah Cox
I workin a coop and maybe 2 or 3 times a day the amount that someone has bought adds up to ยฃ5.55. This is daily and alot. We went out for a meal and it cam e ยฃ55.55 this also happens alot. I see 5.55 slot on my phone and when I get to work etc. My mum had a stroke 2 weeks and now wants to pass. My dad died 9 years ago this month and I think he is maybe trying to tell me something. How do I know who and what it is x
Marcus Parker
I seen 555 angle number i was playing a poker game on my phone that's when it pop up
Ida L Mcleod
Pray for my young daughter Jessica that she have lung disease and also surgery few days ago .. it needs to go away likely miracle please thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ
Denise Meck
I was at home praying to God to save us from the evil in our country right now, and to make sure President Trump was re-elected in order to keep moving forward.
Luby Martin
It amazes me every time I see the number 555 I go to my cell phone and look up the meaning of it and it really surprises me when nobody has mentioned still Small Voice which is 555 which Elijah heard from God speaking I would think along with all the things about Jesus 555 that that would be the number one 555 still Small Voice in each of us that God's us to Ultimate success read 1st King 19 level 213 still Small Voice in each of us got to be the most powerful 555 there is
I see 555 and 55 right now.
I've been struggling with threat of new lockdown, threat of never getting our normal lives back. Praying to God last night for sign of His Love, because I am reading scripture but don't always feel close to Him. Woke up from odd unremembered dream and clock switched to 5:55. Searched for meaning online. This article made me feel it was a message, that I am loved.
Just saw 555 on a license plate of a car who passed me as I was about to turn right from the parking lot to the main road. I feel it's about the past and also about a relative who is scheduled for surgery today.
I had an overnight with friends on friend...kind of a seer...said in my sleep i sad "5" loudly 3 times
I keep seeing 555 444 and a lot of Angel Numbers with all the numbers 1-12. Sometimes consecutively through the day. Now it's mainly 4,5,7,8,9, and 1's being the most common. 3's and 2's are occasional now compared to before when I rededicated my life to GOD. (A bit over a month or 2 ago)
Marisa Kuebler
Hi, I saw the number 555 for my checking account balance. I think all of this rings very true for myself. Thank you for sharing.
I think I need to let the past go and get on the path that was always intended for me ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’œ Amen
I seen 555 on the stove clock when I walked in side my moms house comin back from store for her
I woke up this morning to see 5:55 on the clock, looked up the meaning as I am seeing Repeat number patterns. This was spot on for me! I came home due to my brothers head and neck cancer. Every time I come home, I wrestle with my past, wondering if I took the right path. I am visiting my terminally ill brother this morning..... and will be praying for his peaceful transition.
Monica m Rosario
I see 555 and 111 1111 444 often. I see 555 randomly on THE clock or cell phone very often. Every now and then on a receipt or elsewhere . I see the other numbers EVERYWHERE 111 1111 are very connected to me BOTH my kids born on 11th Acct numbers 111 address of someone i use to deal with. A lot
I think my angels are telling me to find my higher self
I believe they are telling me to let go and enjoy the present moment stop working to hard before you get a heart attack and stop distrespecting your parents which have it way harder then you and probably have cancer or high BP
India H.
Hello there Ryan, I was blessed to read your article about 555. I saw it a few minutes ago. At this time I do consider the past and find myself bringing them up sometimes in conversations. How to forget the past when you want to be better and reminded to not make the same mistakes over and over again?
Jacoba Hofmeyer
I was sleeping and dream a man give me a old golden ring with a red stone and he puts in on my ring finger and it feels real and I wasn't even happy about it but I give him a hug and then I was awake and look on my phone and it was 15.55 but the dream was so real
I saw 555 and looked up the meanings. My stepdad who's 88, is in the hospital with covid. I wish I could do something but I'm 2,000 miles away and disabled. I am so glad I read this, it kind of eased my heart. I will continue sending healing prayers. Thank you so much!