5 Prayers for Healing, Sickness, Surgery and Recovery

by Ryan Hart | Updated on September 25, 2018 | Post may contain affiliate links

Seeing our loved ones in pain can be a more difficult experience than if we are in pain ourselves. One way to help those that are suffering is through fervent and persistent prayer.

I admit that sometimes when I kneel to pray for those that are in pain, I can’t seem to think of the right words to say. That’s why I’m sharing a few of the healing prayers I say for others, in case you too are at a loss for words.

These are just a few examples of prayers you can say, but feel free to put them in your own words as you talk to God.

The prayers for healing below can be said to heal the pain you are feeling yourself or modified to be said on behalf of someone else. I’ve included my favorite prayers for healing the sick and even prayers for a speedy recovery after surgery.

These prayers are powerful, so use them on those that need them the most.

Prayer to Heal Physical Pain

Lord, you bring so much joy to this world. I wake up each morning with the sole purpose of giving you glory. I confess that lately I have not been able to bring you the glory you desire because I am in serious pain. The pain that I am suffering is through no fault of your own and I repent for the sins that have led me to this point. I thank you for giving me so many chances to make this right. I pray that you push away the demons that are causing the pain within my body. I promise to use my healed body to walk in the path you have created for me and tell others about your incredible kindness. In your name I pray, Amen.

Prayer to Heal Emotional Pain

Lord, you bring a smile to my face each day when I think about you in my life. I confess that I surrounded myself with people that do not know your generosity. One of these people has broken my heart and caused me to doubt your graciousness. I thank you for all of the people you have brought into my life to help me through these difficult times. I pray to you with a heavy heart and ask that you give me courage to forgive the person that is causing me such great pain. I ask that you show me how to model your character for others so I may mend this pain I feel inside. In your name I pray, Amen.

Prayer to Ease Pain

Lord, you are beautiful, kind and generous. I pray that you see the pain I am suffering and the hurt it is causing those around me. I confess that I am responsible for the mistakes which brought this pain upon myself and the people I love. I thank you for the great wisdom you shared with me during these difficult times. Today, I pray that you help me share your wisdom with others so they may avoid the pain I currently feel. In your name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Before Surgery

Lord, you are so caring and gentle. I confess that the beautiful body which you gave me must be cut open today. I am so sorry to cause you this pain. I thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with the doctor who will operate on me today. I pray that you send angels to stand by my bedside and safely guide my doctor's hands to mend this body you have given me. In your name I pray, Amen.

Prayer for After Surgery

Lord, your glory shines upon me like a warm light. I confess that my body has undergone surgery and has been mended in your glory. I thank you for guiding my doctor's hands and mending my body so I may continue to follow in your son's footsteps. I promise that I will obey the doctor's orders so that I may recover quickly. I promise to demonstrate my patience and accept the discomfort I experience during my recovery without getting upset. In your name I pray, Amen.

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As you reflect on these prayers, remember that healing is a process. Our body, mind and heart take time to heal.

God is listening carefully to your prayers and He may have already started the healing process within you. However, if you don’t feel like you are healed yet, be patient.

You should repeat these prayers as many times as necessary until the pain has been eliminated.

If you are currently experiencing pain, I will pray for you and your family. Please feel free to submit a prayer request so we can pray together.

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Ryan Hart
May I pray for you? Please leave a comment and share your prayer request.
Nothing has been going right with me lately... I can't conceive. I feel like there's a curse upon me.... Pray that every sickness in my body is heal
please pray for me I have a arthritis knee p[ain for more than 20 yrs and also struggling with high blood pressure
Pls pray for my niece Rebecca Vani, in johor bahru, malaysia who undergo cyst operation and during the operation the doctor had remove 1 ovary. As the doctor said need to send to lab for test on cancer or is it endometriosis. In 10 days time she will get the result.
John S Hamilton
I pray that I Get closer to the Lord God take over and teach me patience and learn how to love and not be arguemental to get out of hand with my anger I have a problem blowing up with anger at every little thing and mostly at my wife Jean and I need the Lord God's hands upon me to strengthen me
Brittany Burnett
plz talk to me an pray for me
Please pray for my brother who is suffering from kidney stone pain, gas pain and bloating pain he has just done surgery to break the pain but has unbearable pain. I beg of you god to to make him whole again and I beg that you pray for him.
toni webb
Chelsea I will pray for him I do understand the kind of pain he’s going through bc I’ve been through kidney stones more than a few times. I think it’s worse for males. I myself am female. Prayers for him.
My family and I could use your prayers on our struggles with Peace, health, strength and forgiveness. Crystal, Cathy, True aunt Lisa Jason and many others. Thank you and God bless.
Please pray for my Luzviminda Sanchez she suffering pain on her cervical cancer.
I need pray for my thank you.
Please pray for my cat Sam that the seizures happened to him doesn’t repeat again please lord give him long life protect him always that no disease affect him in Jesus name Amen
Please pray for my knee in left leg , I had a total knee surgery and I am in lot of pain.
Please pray for my Mom Remedios Abenes for she has just had a angiogram for her heart and they had put a stent in her vein which had a blockage since she came home i noticed she is having a hard time breathing she is also wearing a life vest for her afib please pray that any complications she's having goes away and that she recovers faster she also is disabled and has aphasia one of our family members says that my Mom has been cursed that anyone near her will be affected and we are struggling especially if it has to do something with my Mom it's like whatever it is it gives us a hard time please pray for us thank you.
Please pray for me and my Family! My one son died at 36 years old, 3 years ago and my other son is 36 now and had a manic episode 10 months after his brother died and now is in it major depressive episode. He has BiPolar 1, depression and PTSD but I prayed for healings for all those. Waiting for them to manifest. He is being oppressed by it and doesn’t understand the healing. He is in bed and has no hope. My ex is taking me to Court to stop paying alimony. He has plenty of money and hasn’t helped with money with Michael and his Fiancé living with me I. Separate rooms. He begged me to take them in, I would have gone it anyway because Michael was in 13 hospitals in 1 1/2 months. He gave me $250 for food in 13 months. My alimony has been reduced a lot while we go to Court but that started in March. My next Court date is January 15th. Also, my Mom and Dad are 93 and I take care of them too and I believe my Dad had a TIA which is a mini stroke on Thanksgiving. He couldn’t get the words out for quite a while but is doing better now. Please pray fir a good Christian man for me that would put God first. It is so hard to go through this all alone. Although, I know I am never alone. Oh snd my Son Jeffrey who died, his middle name was Ryan! Thank you so much for your prayers!! I know I was led to you. I always read about what the repetitive numbers mean in the Bible and love yours the best. He just gave me 555 I talked about someone in your life is very sick and then I read your healing prayers Ryan, thank you so much! They made me feel better. God bless you and your family! Carol
Pls pray that I can help me, my family, and my friends learn how to pray more and read the bible I guess and learn to worship god and jesus so we all have a chance of getting to heaven. And I know this doesn't really make sense but I really would love to do that but I always feel unworthy of praying and stuff so I don't really do it to often. Also I'm scared to pray because when I speak to whoever im speaking to when I pray my words don't really make sense and it makes me feel dumb. I'm also seeing angel numbers everywhere and its just not adding up. I get angry all the time too and I need help with that. Sorry if you read this long paragraph.
Kevin G
He has undergone major brain surgery Removing a tumour He is stable but he woke up without the ability to swallow he had another op Sunday to put in a tracky in replacement of the ventilator Prayers needed that kevin will return whole and back to his family and friends who are praying and waiting for his return by grace
Genaro Morales
I have been experiencing these terrible unbalance and dizzy spells got my ears checked my heart checked my head checked all tests come back negative however I still have been experiencing these symptoms I am a nervous wreck because I don’t know what to expect or what to do I am in constant prayer for healing.
esther Gutierrez
My friend Alfonso lopez has covid and the cough doesn’t let him talk and it’s causing pain please pray for his recovery thank you so much
Please pray for my wife Gloria she had a hemorrhage in her head 2 weeks ago and they had to do surgery 2 times in a span of 4 days because the bleeding wouldn’t stop her brain has shifted 11mm to the right because of the swelling she is till in the hospital and with head pain and she can not get words out pls God mend her
My name is Roland Russell I just had surgery and had my finger amputated I pray and ask for healing and Resurrection and forgiveness is cause my injury please pray for me that I will recover and I will use my recovery as a testimony to help others in Jesus name amen
Kristie Smith
My body aches all day, I feel anxiety and hopelessness, there’s a constant ringing in my ears, I’m looking for a job but having a hard time finding one. My husband and I are going through financial issues. I’m not happy and I wake up mad all the time. I have much to be grateful for but something is holding me back from true happiness and peace. Please pray for me?
Thank you, I am experiencing effectually the Powerful Anointing in Christ, by The Holy Spirit, through HIS Name and HIS Blood! HALLELUYAH! Revelations 12