Angel Number 1212: 3 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing 1212

by Ryan Hart

Updated on March 13, 2019


In this post, you’ll discover exactly what it means when you see angel number 1212.

In fact:

Seeing 1212 could be a special message from your guardian angel.

Angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

Ready to learn the spiritual meaning of seeing 1212?

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Image of Angel Number 1212

1212 Spiritual Meaning in the Bible

Angel number 1212 is a combination of the spiritual numbers 1 and 2 repeated twice. Seeing 1212 is symbolic of unity, virtue or purity, and love.

Individual angel numbers have a deep spiritual meaning on their own. However, when angel numbers are seen together in a repeated sequence like 1212, they can represent a powerful message from your guardian angel.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these numbers means:

Meaning of Angel Number 1:

Angel number 1 is very symbolic in the bible. It represents God's power and self-sufficiency. God does not need us, but we need him. Also, the title of the first book of the bible is Genesis which means origin or creation. And the first commandment tells us that "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me" (Exodus 20:3). When you see the number 1 it is a reminder of God's power and that we must worship only one God.

Meaning of Angel Number 2:

Angel number 2 is a symbol of unity in the Bible. On the second day of creation, God created Heaven and separated it from the waters of Earth (Genesis 1:6-8). During the Second Coming of Christ, there will be a final judgment of all people resulting in unity between faithful followers and God in Heaven. Genesis 2:24 says a man and woman will be joined together in marriage and become one flesh.

It’s clear that God is trying to send us a message about our faith and relationships. If you have been seeing angel number 1212, this could be a sign that you’ve been dealing with relationship problems.

Take a moment and think about the relationship you have with your family, spouse or friends. Have things been more difficult than normal? Your guardian angel might be trying to tell you something.

Here’s what it means when you see 1212:

1. You Will Find Love Soon

Happy Couple

Seeing angel number 1212 is a very positive sign if you are looking for love. This is a message from your guardian angel that you are about to receive an abundance of love in your life. Love may come in many forms but there are a few things you can start looking for.

First, you may start receiving love signs from a new person like a friend, coworker, or crush. When you see 12:12 on the clock, look around the room and notice your surroundings. Your next love interest might be in the same room.

Next, this could be a sign that you will find love again from a past or current relationship. Angel number 1212 is often seen right before a past love interest reappears in your life. Be on the watch for signs from your previous relationships that the spark is still there.

2. You Will Have a Spiritual Awakening

Silhouette of Woman

Angel number 1212 is very symbolic of unity and virtue. It can be a sign that you are about to receive a spiritual awakening. You will be united with the Holy Spirit and receive certain spiritual gifts.

You have experienced religious or mystical moments in the past that had a profound impact on your life. However, certain events in your life have made wonder if God actually hears your prayers. Seeing 1212 tells me that you have been questioning your faith lately.

The 1212 angel number is a sign from your guardian angel to remain faithful even when God is silent. It is during these times that he is working to answer your prayers. Remain patient and you will soon be met by the Holy Spirit.

3. You Let Few People into Your Inner Circle

Women Looking at Ferris Wheel

You tend to keep people at arms’ length because you have been hurt in the past. When you let someone into life, you are trusting them with your deepest thoughts and feelings. This is not something you take lightly.

Sometimes you put up a front or facade in order to hide the real you. If you reveal too much of your personality too soon, you worry what others might think of you. However, those close to you know that your quirks are what make you so much fun to be around.

It takes time for you to accept someone into your ‘inner circle’ of friends where you feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable. You constantly struggle with making real connections with others, but you are open to new friendships.

Seeing 1212 is a sign that you should let more people get to know the “real” you.

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