Angel Number 888 (Meaning in 2022)

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Angel number 888 could be a message from your guardian angel in response to your prayers.

Angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

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888 Meaning in the Bible


Angel number 888 is a very powerful message that should not be ignored. According to scripture, seeing 888 is symbolic of new beginnings, change, abundance, and family.

If you are in need of a financial windfall, seeing the 888 angel number is a very good sign.

I’ll explain more below.

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 8:

Angel number 8 is a symbol of a new beginning in the bible. On the seventh day of creation, God rested, therefore the 8th day represents the beginning of God's new kingdom (Genesis 2:2). Abraham was the father of 8 sons. Galatians 3:29 says "If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise," meaning we are also his children in God's eyes.

As you can see, angel number 8 is a very positive symbol. When you see it in a repeated sequence like 888, the meaning is enhanced.

So, what does that mean for you?

Let’s dig a little deeper:

What Does it Mean When You See 888?

Image of Angel Number 888

In my research, I discovered that there are 3 possible reasons why you might see angel number 888.

These messages are usually related to money, family, or abundance.

Here’s what it means when you start seeing 888:

1. You Have a Unique Relationship with Money

ATM at Night

Angel number 888 is symbolic of abundance, but it also tells me that you have a unique relationship with money.

When you have it, there’s more than enough to go around. But when there is not enough at the end of the month, it seems everyone wants a piece of your last dollar.

Sound familiar?

Even with all of these ups and downs, you have come to realize that money doesn’t buy happiness.

But, having more money in your life would probably solve some of your current problems rather quickly.

We’ve all been there.

Right now you might be seeking abundance because it would make solving your problems easier, not to buy luxury items.

In fact, there are probably people in your life that depend on you to provide for them or give assistance.

While you love supporting others, this burden can feel overwhelming when there is not enough to go around.

2. Your Family is Growing or Changing

Family Watching Sunset

Seeing 888 is often a sign that your family is growing or changing.

What exciting news!

There are many possible reasons for receiving this message but the most common is when there is a new child about to be born.

However, this could also mean someone new will be introduced to your family circle. Such as a new spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend of a family member.

You are not sure what this will mean for the future but are prepared for the change that is about to happen.

If you are concerned about how you will afford to take care of this new person, do not worry.

It is normal to feel nervous or worried about how your family will be able to handle this new responsibility.

Angel number 888 is a message from your guardian angel that they will be watching over you. It is possible that this person was brought into your life by an angel for a very specific reason.

Continue to pray for God’s guidance and grace upon your family.

3. You Will Receive an Unexpected Gift

Woman Holding Cash

If you have been seeing 888 frequently, pay close attention. Your guardian angel is trying to get your attention.

You might receive an unexpected gift or receive a financial windfall. An angel is sending you this message because you are likely missing out on the gifts God has given you.

When you see angel number 888, stop and look around. A gift may be waiting for you right under your nose.

Sometimes we miss the gifts we are given because we are so busy in our daily lives trying to make ends meet.

Each day we get up, go to work, clean the house, and then do it all again the next day. Then, we wonder when we will get the extra time or money we desire so we can finally slow down.

Have you ever wondered when it will be your turn to prosper?

Seeing 888 is a special message that you will receive a gift for your hard work and faith in God to provide.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 888?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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