3 Encouraging Meanings of Angel Number 0808

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This is the most detailed guide on the meaning of angel number 0808 you’ll find on the internet. If you’ve been wondering what 0808 means, you’re in the right place.

Let me tell you what I discovered:

Seeing 0808 is a private message from your guardian angel.

Angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

Ready to find out what seeing 0808 means?

Let’s get started.

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0808 Meaning in the Bible

Image of Angel Number 0808

Angel number 0808 is a unique combination of the spiritual numbers 0 and 8 repeated twice. Seeing 0808 is usually caused by your recent thoughts and prayers. According to scripture, seeing 0808 is symbolic of change, new beginnings, and life.

Take a momemnt and think about exactly when and where you saw this message. The fact that you are seeing this angel number reveals much about what you are currently experiencing in life.

I’ll explain this in more detail later.

Meaning of Angel Number 0:

Angel number 0 is symbolic is of darkness, and our absence or nonexistence without God. The number zero does not appear on its own in the bible, but the biblical meaning of this number is very important. In the beginning there was nothing but darkness. When God created the heavens and earth, the earth was empty (Genesis 1:2). It was not until God created man in his image that life began.

Meaning of Angel Number 8:

Angel number 8 is a symbol of a new beginnings in the bible. On the seventh day of creation God rested, therefore the 8th day represents beginning of God's new kingdom (Genesis 2:2). Abraham was the father of 8 sons. Galatians 3:29 says "If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise" meaning we are also his children in God's eyes.

Scripture reveals that these numbers have very powerful meanings when seen together. This is a rare message that not many people receive.

The good news is that there are only 3 things that angel number 0808 might mean.

Here’s what your guardian angel might be trying to tell you:

Big Changes Are Coming

Leaves after rain

You are happy with your life and how things are going, but you always imagined your life turing out differently. If you had to rate your life on a scale of 1 to 10, it is not a 10, but it’s definitely not a 1. However, you are constantly working towards your goals and trying to make your life better.

Seeing 0808, is a strong sign that big changes are coming to your life. A new chapter is about to begin in your relationships or finances.

While this angel number clearly represents new beginnings, it’s not quite clear whether these changes will be for the good. Keep you eye out for changes to your normal way of life within the next few weeks.

If you recently went through a big change in your life, this is a sign from your guardian angel that this is part of God’s plan for you.

You Are An Old Soul

Man Walking on Sidewalk Alone

Angel number 0 is a very unique message about the past. On the other hand angel number 8 represents new beginnings. This special combination is clearly a message about your anxiety around finding your place in this world.

If you are seeing this number frequently, you likely have an old soul. You often wish you were born in a different decade or century when times were simpler.

You enjoy listening to music from your past, and care little for new music you hear on the radio.

Antiques, art, or collecting are likely great interests of yours. You find yourself fascinated with history or geneology and are very curious about where your family came from.

The next time you see angel number 0808 it is a sign that your guardian angel is about to reveal new information to you about your past. Be aware that what you learn about your past might greatly affect your future.

You Are Dealing with Sadness

Woman With Solemn Look

Before God created the heavens and earth, there was only darkness. And before God created man in his own image, earth was empty.

Seeing 0808 is a sign that the sadness or loneliness you are experiencing will end soon. God is about to shine a light upon you and a new chapter is about to begin.

You are normally a very positive person and have a hopeful outlook on life. Recently, you have been dealing with emotions that are not normal for you.

You might not consider yourself to be in a slump or depressed, but you can sense that something is different about you.

It’s not clear exactly how you ended up in this situation. But the good news is that your guardian angel is trying to send you a message about hope.

According to Galatians 3:29, “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Remember that you are not alone on your journey.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 0808?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw angel number 0808? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Kelvin Emeka Kaladau
Saw 08:08 twice today on the clock. Morning and evening.
Hello Ryan..I live in South Africa. I was going to remarry on 12th December this year. Synchronising numbers are very important to me. My fiance lives in a different territory to mine. Things are difficult now cos of the spread of the Covid-19 n lockdown between territories..but he can get certified permits to relocate here now. When thinking about another wedding date the number 0808 came into my mind. I checked it on the Calendar n saw it's on a Saturday which is perfect. It is also my birthday. I live in a security Retirement Village n have to get permission for him to come n live here with me. We are both committed children of God. Do you have a Word for me from Him concerning this. Turning in my mind all day is the song sung by Paul Wilbur: In Your Presence that's where I am strong. According to Exodus 33v14-15. God bless n keep you safe. Marie-Louise
Hello Ryan..I live in South Africa. I was going to remarry on 12th December this year. Synchronising numbers are very important to me. My fiance lives in a different territory to mine. Things are difficult now cos of the spread of the Covid-19 n lockdown between territories..but he can get certified permits to relocate here now. When thinking about another wedding date the number 0808 came into my mind. I checked it on the Calendar n saw it's on a Saturday which is perfect. It is also my birthday. I live in a security Retirement Village n have to get permission for him to come n live here with me. We are both committed children of God. Do you have a Word for me from Him concerning this. Turning in my mind all day is the song sung by Paul Wilbur: In Your Presence that's where I am strong. According to Exodus 33v14-15. God bless n keep you safe. Marie-Louise
Hello. Thank you for your good site I wanted to ask you a question … I have a friend who has hurt me a lot in the past He is back after a long time and wants to connect with me again i have one secret wich should not some know that . I asked the angels if this person knew about my secret. If he knows, it will be very bad for me The number 0707 came to me .. Does he know my secret? and he danger for me?
I din't exactly saw a number 0808 but i a dream.. I ask my supirior.. What is his number.. Then he replied.. Just 4 number .. I remembered.. It was 0808
Priyanthi Nirmala Abeynayake
Still the sufferings even though I get so many messages from angels through numbers, why?
Dhamithra hanadi
I have seen this angel number today morning! For few days i am keep seeing many different angel numbers.. It’s like 1111,0606,1717,0808.. I had a relationship and it was over.but i know we love each other! Because we are perfect for each other, from thought, look, behave,many things and more.. I believe universe and i am thanking him always for hiving my boy friend’s love to me..it’s a blessing! Hope everything going to ok!! And thank you for these explanations! Great day!
I always see the time in my phone is 0808,0440,0101,1111.1010,i hope my life really changed. Amen
I just seen it. I've had darkness take me from light and I am tired anymore and ready to leave this Earth, my heart is always broken and cry. I was once in zeal for my Lord and now I question why did this happen to me 6 years ago. My soul is exhausted from this trying literally of killing me and my loved ones.
Morning Holy. Remember God’s way is not our way. I am going through a lot right now. Suicide is the last option, what if your Guardian comes through for you right now?. You are stronger Holy. I don’t believe God has took this far to leave you. You are a star in your family keep shinning. Give them hope, yes you can. May the Angels surround you and your family with the Wings Of Light. May you be filled and illuminated with Divine White Light to cleanse and purify your energy, uplift your vibration and support you in embodying your highest Divine truth and potential. Stay safe and stay Blessed. Keep the faith 🙏🏽
I took a bit irregular walk at the morning returning from school where my child goes, i went on a road going to the camps, where the sky is open, and no houses around, thinking might be some different energies over there, what could clean me a bit from the weird and strange feelings i am experiencing from a heartbreak and constant inside struggle thinking i have been cheated and lied. As i look up in the sky, i saw the electricity in the air. The fog was all around me, everything was just grey but the feeling of the sunshine just touched me, and i started to feel its warmness in me. I made a video about this grey "nothing" and i saw it was 08:08. The Sun is always there even if we don't see it. I am going through a very dark period of my life, i do not remember i experience this loss of shine before. I have all of my attention on hard work, and i am praying better days to come.
These numbers appear all the time in the last year and it drives me crazy.... easy day: 0808, 0909, 1010, 1101, 1212, 1313, 1414, 1515, 1717, 2020, 2121, 2323, 1234, 1456, 2345 🙃😖 I really hope for changes... this year 2020 was a bad one!!
I only seen.it once on my phone. Do you have to see them more than once I have had two big chances and I have doubted whether I am up to what lies ahead, the future seems uncertain, unsure of where it may be going. Do you think i have read too much into the numbers?
I can't help feeling sorry for the ones that didn't believe, but now its time for changes,and I am going to make the right decision.Everybody is going to have to accept it.
I usually seeing this number on my phone screen.
helena bishop
Waiting to go to work and glanced at the clock 0808 I recognised my Angels wanted to let me know that what is happening in that place doesn’t matter they are finding a way out for me as I’m being treated with disrespect put down and made to feel inadequate I’m 63 ! done the job 25 yrs ! New management When I read the meaning of 0808 I said thank you it was as if just written for me and so apt Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone and I have so much to give the world spirituality I need to change the situation and move on Thank you
Thembeka Mthethwa
I started seeing this number yesturday, microwave, cellphone and my laptop. I was just thinking about my past, and how it could change. I also am in a relationship with my sons father and things werent good year 2020. Im not sure if i should leave or try make things work. im also trying out a new course to better my families life, ( Mom, Little sister and son). Im a very optimistic person hence i was born in December 7. Things will look good. Thank You
Hi I'm very spiritual and have been more so . My uncle and dad passed away suddenly 3 weeks and 2 days apart at 7:30 am. We weren't expecting this but both were because of Heart Disease. When I seen these numbers 0808 I was sitting in front of a lite candle that I have lite because my dad passed this week on Tuesday Jan 19 2021 of a heart attack. He was only 61 ! My Uncle passed before him due to complications of a stroke. I think I'm seeing this because of my sadness and my dad wants me to know that ill be okay! I need to keep my head high and fight back against heart disease! I also seen 0909 an hour later! Today it was 1010 and 1111. I used to alway see 0101 or 1111 before so I pay attention especially when I'm hurting.
I have been seeing 0808 at work a lot when I am on my way to work something just tells me to look at my phone than I would see 0808.
Christine Nash
0808 2020 had a stemi heart attack I painted a drawing with the numbers and it struck me I wrote a fiery leo heart born in a cancer soul. New life, new day of birth, complete darkness to life again.
I just seen 0808 as i spoke on my platform to enlighten people on he Latinx community. I spoke about how I believe it's important to defend people who are awake when it comes to the new terminology that many people describe themselves to be.
Thank you for your wonderful explanation. I absolutely resonance with all I have read. I was lying in bed this morning thinking about where I am in life. And just reminding myself of my divine status.. Free will is very important to me, the gift I receive from the cosmos, God, universe.. The darkness represents to me the judgemental aspect of human kind that seeks to deny that precious gift . My beloved mother passed over 4 months ago and the emotional experience of that is something I have never known before.. I do wish for a simpler way of life. Natural, free, compassionate, balance for all... Yes.. I wish for Christ's ldeal for mankind.. And I feel this is another darkest hour in the worlds timeline. That will be replaced by light eventually..as all things do come to pass.. Many blessings. Bev
Thank you for sharing your knowlege and wisdom in 0808, I have changede my life in ways of guidens of Angels the last 8 months, I feel the presents of God, higher realm and Angels near and with me. My life has changede to what i believe and how i see the World now, every Day its getting better and making more sence, I am becomming more spiritual and believe in goodness to Living. I pray and Talk to God every Day thanking him for my Blessings. Im still in a differcult situation but I know that things will be better, I have faith.
I have been suffering with sadness as we speak i feel low..This number is showing i won't feel like this forever
Hi, I recently got stuck with a mc Donald’s job where I work myself dry every day. I’m so smart and could be such an asset if I worked anywhere else. The days just keep getting worse. The pay just keeps getting less and it’s causing relationship problems. My dad just had a heart attack and my moms been in and out of surgery this year. Everytning has just been falling apart. I know people say when it looks like it’s falling apart it’s really falling into piece but it doesn’t feel like that yet. Every day just gets harder and harder and I have no one. Out of jail for a year now, none of my old friends are good or want to talk and I haven’t made any new ones cause of Covid and no one at works talks to me. My partner doesn’t understand how to talk to me, he says things like people have it worse. They do. But that doesn’t make me feel better. People throw me around and walk on me because I’m nice and last night I couldn’t anymore. I went to work and was told to go home and come back later and work late. I had school in the morning ando said I can’t work late. Only till 8. They kept me till 840 and then the clock machine broke and I couldn’t clock out so I had to work more and then just write a note. And all I wanna do is smoke some shweed but I can’t afford it and I don’t know anyone I trust and yesterday was just the straw that broke the camels back. I just started balling in my car after work, which I usually do but this time was different because I was saying things I didn’t mean. Like I just wanted to die. I don’t. I just want to be happy. I started driving home cause what’s sitting there gonna do? And when I was driving I had to take the long way home and I just had this overwhelming NEED to scream. I never scream. I think I can’t scream. But my lungs expanded themselves and I SCREAMED bloody murder 3 times until I ran out of air. I did that twice. Then I called my dad on FaceTime and cried for another hour until I went to sleep. Life’s just not fun anymore. It used to be only beauty and I could only see the good things but lately. The beauty is fading and it’s eating away at me. This morning I woke up and saw my dad texted me. It was 0808. I use military time. I woke up and looked at the clock and that was the time. I decided to look it up and came across your page. I’m ready for my life to begin. I’m ready to learn lessons I enjoy. I just want to be happy
Mubita Ephraim
I saw the number 08:08 today, after talking to my old girlfriend on phone. I received a good morning message from a lady that I'm admiring, she's knows I love her but she several times refused to work on a relationship with me. I'm doing money lending business, also trying to expand. This time I'm trying to open up a restaurant. I'm ready for any facet of change on my life, though the best for me would be a positive change. Thank you..
The day and your word synchronized. Last night, I slept with a prayer for my soul to be safe and closer to the higher beings. I woke up with a song in my head repeating words - courage to stay, you're not alone, I promise. Did brief yoga (out of practice) and with my ritual hot glass of water in the morning before filling up with food. I took my hot cup to my verandah. Turn on my ipad, saw Sadhguru in The Legend of Dhyanalinga. No clue what's it mean. Look at my phone I've noticed 0808 and smile. I've watched and researched what Dhyanalinga and realised my new journey. Which by the way has been slowly creeping on me and now I know what my retirement would be.😊 Have blessed day.
Clara Belle
I seen this number this morning I looked at the clock and it was 08:08 , I am currently in a situation where my partner has been a bit distant for a couple of weeks I know he has a lot on his mind , however using this time i have also come to realise that part of this situation is my own lack of self esteem , which I am working on daily, so what you said rings true with me, I feel now that I am beginning to believe that I am worthy of the love that I am giving it is going to come back to me 🙏🏼 💖
Hello I saw 0808 this morning and I do believe God send us messages. I saw this number while thinking of my husbands problem at work. His boss asked some of his family to help my husband with an apartment but he and his family is interfering in his private life and this boss will say stuff like... he helped to workout people at the company... this weekend the family landlord came yelling and swearing we must remove my daughters vehicle from his property because its leaking oil (we asked them if she can store the vehicle at his property for a week, he did not inform us the vehicle is leaking oil) he said the vehicle is leaking oil and we did not know at the time. Then he kept asking my husband if he wants a hiding and phoned his son and the friend but we did nothing the more we tried to explain the more they kept victimizing us. My daughter is traumatized and I was crying because I was working with an elderly lady 24/7 but she died on her toilet. These people accused us of drinking alcohol inside our own apartment. Due to me crying this guy told me I'm drunk and should drink less. My husband phoned his supervisor who advised us to sleep at another plase for 2 nights but we have nowhere to go. We did search for another apartment and have to live here for another 2 weeks. The boss who is family with the landlord phoned and told my husband he (he the boss is not drunk) insinuating my husband was drunk. So I'm scared my husband is going to loose his job we just picked up after covid and now this. I'm also wondering why my patient died so suddenly and worry because this circumstances is we will have to live here for 2 weeks. Then again also thinking I have been working with people who usually die due to old age I just can't anymore its 19 years now and I have seen various people in my career who died and some families treats me like low class I need a bee beginning but just don't know what to do for an income although I invented firefighters and have some stock but I'm so worried if my husband loses his job where will we go we lost all furniture and our vehicle due to companies closing down and then covid. So I have so much on my plate I don't know why I recieved this 0808 message 😔
Very good article thank you Love and light
Thank You
Eunice Mba
I always see this 08:08 on my phone, whenever I want to check for time.
Deeksha sahu
Answers:1. On mobile's watch 2.i think the message is that they are listening me..It feels like they guiding and telling me something..
Dear Ryan, I liked your explanation of the No. and I think it is correct to some point. I just took my morning coffee while reading and the coffee left a heart shape in the cup :-) Past night I saw 0404 and then 0808. And the past 2 months there are a lot of double numbers in the night. I know I am an old soul, enormously conscious with positive attitude, but lately going through a drain of energy by a neighbour with narcistic borderline personality and her past of drug addiction. It holds me back 'a little' from progressing in the day. So there's the darkness. I take long walks to where I can see bright skies and nature and that makes me happy. My life is about to change for the better I know. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
I saw the 08:08 in the clock. Yes we are going through some very tough times and praying for a positive change with clearing of huge debt. I am usually a bubbly happy go lucky girl. But I have resentment, anger, fear about the future. This is not me.
Natasha Zore
Good morning I have been getting mirror numbers for the last 7 months and have looked in the bible for interpretation but I am not really sure what the messages are supposed to mean: I have been getting so many double numbers always on my watch or phone it is freaking me out! 07:07, 08:08, 09:09, 11:11, 12:12, 14:14, 13:13, 15:15, 16:16, 17:17, 18:18, 19:19 20:20 and even 23:23. They are all over the place. Every day the numbers are different... I am a very big Christian and do not believe in all these weird things like angel numbers and things, but I do realize that this is a way of communication to me and I am not getting the messages! I have written down all the Biblical meanings of these numbers and I write them down daily, but I still cannot put the puzzle pieces together. I am sure you will find this interesting as I do. But thanks for clearing up 08:08: i knew about new beginnings and rebirth or resurrection. Thanks. Natasha
I've seen this number in today's date and was very curious about that to know more and more about it ... 🙂
Steve Kasina
08:08 happens at my mobile phone every morning at job place arrival..in exact point..... What's up?