Angel Number 4747: 3 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing 4747

by Ryan Hart | Updated on December 1, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links

In this post you’ll discover the meaning of angel number 4747 and why you keep seeing repeating numbers like 47, 474, or 747 everywhere you look.

In fact:

If you have seen this number mulitple times it could be an important message from your guardian angel.

God sends angels to earth to guide us and deliver messages (Psalm 91:11). One way they might communicate with you is through Angel Numbers, or repeated number sequences.

Ready to find out what 4747 means?

Let’s get started.

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What Does it Mean When You See 4747?

Here are 3 possible spiritual meanings:

1. You Are Your Own Worst Critic

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The numbers 4 and 7 represent God’s truth and perfection in the bible (Genesis 1:14). God created you in his own image, but it can be difficult to live up to these expectations. When you think about who you are, you can be very critical of yourself.

Remember that God put us on this earth to glorify him by demonstrating his character for others. Angel number 4747 might be a message from God that you should focus more on Him rather than on what others think of you.

Scripture tells us that “If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth” (1 John 1:6). So when you see this angel number, turn your attention toward God, and focus less on your imperfections.

2. Your Partner is Not Who You Thought They Were

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The order of this angel number is very important. The number 4 is directly in front of the number 7 is this sequence, meaning the truth will be revealed about someone’s physical or spiritual perfection. John 8:32 says: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

You might have a strange feeling that your spouse or partner is not who you thought they were. If you do not feel this way now, number 4747 is a message from your guardian angel to pay close attention to what your partner does or says from now on.

Angel number 4747 is a sign that a surprising truth is about to be revealed. When you were first getting to know your partner, you painted an ideal picture of them in your mind. It turns out that they are not as perfect as you thought they were (Proverbs 12:22). The truth will be uncovered soon.

3. You Will Find Your Soul Mate

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The number 4747 is a symbol of truth and perfection in your relationships. If you have recently met someone that you think is “the one,” then this angel number could be a confirmation.

On the other hand, if you are still searching for the person that you plan to spend the rest of your life with, there is hope. Your guardian angel will deliver the person you have been looking for soon. Be patient and the perfect partner will reveal themselves at the right moment.

1 Corinthians 13:4-6 is a great reminder that “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” Meditate on this bible verse daily if you are searching for true love.

Meaning of 4747 in the Bible


Angel number 4747 is a specific message from your guardian angel using the numbers 4 and 7 repeated once. These numbers have important meanings in the bible.

However, when you see these numbers repeated in a sequence, it is a very powerful sign that an angel is trying to reach you. Pay very close attention to these numbers.

This message is not sent by angels very often. If you start seeing the number 4747 it could be an important message about the troubles you are having in your relationships. I’ll explain more below.

Meaning of Angel Number 4:

Angel number 4 is a symbol of God’s righteousness in the bible. On the fourth day of creation God said “Let there be lights in the arch of heaven, for a division between the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for marking the changes of the year, and for days and for years” (Genesis 1:14). God’s creation of the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day is a symbol of truth.

Meaning of Angel Number 7:

Angel number 7 represents physical and spiritual perfection or completeness in the bible. Creation was complete on the 7th day when God rested. Nothing more needed to be added or removed and was therefore perfect. The book of Revelation describes 7 trumpets that will announce the rapture. When the 7th trumpet sounds, "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever" (Revelation 11:15). At that point His kingdom will be complete.

According to scripture, angel numbers 4 and 7 represent God’s righteousness and perfection.

When you see numbers like 47, 74, 474 or 747, do not ignore these messages. Take a momment and think about the last time you saw these numbers. It is likely that an angel may have been near you.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Where have you been seeing angel number 4747?

What message do you think angels are sending you?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw angel number 4747? Please leave a comment and let me know.
everyday and eveywhere
I see this number everywhere for a few years. But I tried not to think, that it means something. I thougt, I overreact and time to be "normal" person. Finally yesterday my cellphone's ringing tone changed for itself. Name of sound was 4747 and.. in that case I can no loger try to be blind.
Any updates? I have been seeing different combinations of 7and 4 I’ve 15 times a day for more than a year now.
Yolanda Hill
My birthday was today 7/3/1973 and I turned 47 years old.
Dawn mathews
Number 4 was my husband’s favorite number and number was mine. My husband was killed in a terrible car wreck in 2016. At this time of my life 4747 does not pertain to me and my husband.
Hello 👋 I saw it watching a karma divination reading and I was skipping to my section and stopped on 47:47 I have been seeing a lot of angel numbers all year and as I type it’s 19:55. THANK YOU 😊🙏💖💖💖 Much love to you.
Paula Tristan
Hello Ryan Hart, I became interested in you when you mentioned your a christian. As I've seen and noticed there are many christian pastor's, minister's and Christian's posing as good Christian's but have a darkness in them. Ryan I'm hoping your a Godly christian, that God comes first in your heart, spirit and soul🙏🙌💕 That God is leading you in the right direction that He feels you should be in. I'm here in the comment section to leave my comment along with other's here. I've been seeing the number 7:47 on my clock in the living room since 2018. I've read your reasons and what you think it means. I know that God wants us completely relying on Him for guidance, in our walk with Him, and in prayer's. God is my rock Ryan and my fortress, I talk with God daily many times a day and night and I pray a lot🙏 I came to you here in hopes that I may learn about the number 7:47 and why I've been seeing it a lot for the past 2 1/2 year's now. It can be daily, morning and night or every couple of days. Aside from the examples you've given, reasons I may be seeing number 7:47 might there be deeper reasons Ryan. Thank you for reading my comment. I ask if you can personally pray for a friend of mine who suffers with head trauma pain at times that is unbearable to handle. He is very ill and suffers daily with head pain due from two severe car accident's that affected his brain. I ask for your prayer's to God to relieve my dear friend's head pain in God's power and mercy I pray Amen🙏🙌. I also pray for my health, that I stay as healthy as I can in God's grace and His mercy I pray Amen. God bless everyone in this world and they're loved ones health. In Jesus Christ's Holy name I pray Amen🙏💕 Thank you for reading my comment Ryan, I'm praying for you and your loved one's as well🙏 Sincerely, Paula🙏
Carlos mavhunga
Im not an honesty person. I was dreaming and an angel visited me in my dreams. He told me not to care to much about the things of the world. At last he told me to find 474, i couldnt remember the last digits. I woke up and open my browser and searched the digits, i wanted to know what it was. that is how ended up on your page. i was terrified.
Lisaundor Reid
Thanks for your prayers to our father for us, I pray healing in your friends life rn, May God deliver him, I know it is well because all things are possible with our GOD. Many blessings to all of you reading this❤️ Blessings peace love💯
Hi Paula, I too am a Christian and am currently renewing my relationship with Christ our Lord. Upon reading your post I felt that I wanted to reply to let you know that there are many people experiencing the same thing, I am one. I have been consciously noticing this number for at least the past 10 years now. More recently I am seen the number 47 and it seems to be ridiculously constant, everywhere and every day. Some years ago I was out to dinner with my wife and suddenly the restaurant lighting automatically dimmed as the sun was setting. I pulled my cell phone out of my shirt pocket and without looking at it, I showed it to my wife so she could note the time displayed on it. Sure enough it was 7:47. That’s just how sure I was that it would be 7:47. For some strange reason, no matter what I’m doing I will suddenly look at the clock when it is 7:47.
When I saw 474747...I was reading something when I saw the number. And on that very same morning, my boyfriend and I was talking about why we were in each other life. And I mentioned to him about growth and Love.
47 has been common lately! to day the girl i like has a pet and I walked him 4747 steps
Hi I'm Zunaira I've been seeing the number 47 alot lately, mostly on my cellphones clock. Whenever I look at time on my phone, the minute is 47. It actually got my attention because it was the only number I was seeing and it's kinda freaking me out now. Someone please tell me what to do.
I was trying to meditate and I kept seeing 4, 7 and 47. What could this mean?
Fatchi abrahàm
About a month ago,but I didn't comment.
Neeko Brote
it was so random the day I discovered this number's meaning for me. One Saturday morning, 4-24-2021, I had just moved into my new apartment after being without for so boyfriend and I had basically broken up too. Needing something to take my mind from the sadness, I opened my email and scrolled...a daily numerology reading came up and I opened it.Today Aiden had drawn a 4 House card with a rectangle frame in the upper right corner containg the King of Hearts. I read a numerology explanation about four being stable and how chairs and tables need four legs to stand so 4 is a symbol for foundation. How cool, I thought. My boyfriend was born four years after me in 1978. Then I thought, well he was also born on the fourth month on the 25th day. Add the numbers of 1,9,7,8 and you'll get 25. Add 2 and 5 and you'll get 7. 4747. 1111. Mine are 1221. But anyways, truth and perfection, I have not been myself or my boyfriend. He is recovering in rehab and I have been lying to him about using. Just before I read my numerology report, I was writing to him about being accountable to each other. When I was done, I had made up my mind to either stop lying to him or just quit...for good. And it was quit for good. Because I can't lie to him anymore. And it was the best decision I made today.
Michael E Ware
had a dream. I've had many dreams where the Holy Spirit has revealed things of God to me. 2 years ago after God introduced me to Violeta, God told me he was going to.bless Violeta and I on our wedding night. We joked that it was like Abraham and Sarah and it would be a child. Last night I had another this time I am 70 years old and because of heart surgery it is difficult for me to walk distances. In my dream I'm playing softball. In my dream I hit a home run, in total I hit 4 home runs. I have never hit a home run in my life and I jogged around the bases. In my dream Violeta and I are not married yet but for some reason everyone took it as a sign she was going to have a baby. We smiled and somebody suggested I could go to a clinic and find out. We went and I tested at 474% chance. They transferred the seed to Violeta and tested her at 474% . I awoke from my dream and just said so be it Lord according to your will let it be done. I thought of the following scriptures. I don't know but I thought about this. I will read about the Prophet Samuel.