What Does it Mean When You Dream of Flooding?

by Ryan Hart

Updated on November 6, 2019

Cars in flooding water

Do you ever dream of flooding water? Want to know the spiritual meaning of this dream?

I’ve had dreams like this often and decided to go on a journey to find what these dreams actually meant.

Here’s what I discovered:

According to the Bible, dreams are messages from God in response to your thoughts or prayers (Daniel 1:17).

How amazing is that?

Ready to find out what dreaming of flooding means?

Let’s get started!

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3 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Flooding Water

Having a dream about flooding is often thought to symbolize a big life change, new beginnings, or forgiveness.

Since God uses dreams to guide us in the right direction, we must turn to the Bible to accurately interpret our dreams.

Flooding is mentioned many times throughout the Bible, including in the Book of Genesis and Revelation.

If you are having dreams of flooding, this tells me you are likely going through a tough time in your life. Do not ignore these messages from God.

Here are 3 possible spiritual meanings of having dreams about a flood:

1. You Will Experience a Positive Change

According to the Bible, flooding is symbolic of a big change in your future. God used flooding water to cleanse the Earth, allowing only Noah, his family, and the animals of the ark to survive (Genesis 7:7).

Once the flood waters receded, God made a promise to never flood the earth and harm a living creature again (Genesis 9:15). So when you dream about flooding, this is a sign of a positive change in your life.

The stress or difficulties you are facing will soon be washed away. Likely this is a great relief for you as you enjoy a certain amount of variety in your life.

You may be feeling trapped by limitations in your life such as your job, relationship, or living situation. Take this opportunity to thank God for His mercy and allow Him to guide you in a new direction.

2. You Are Always Faithful During Difficult Times

The Bible mentions flooding as a symbol of strength and morals. For instance, Matthew 7:25 KJV says:

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

Throughout your life you have been tested many times by temptation but have remained faithful. It is no secret that you have passed on career or financial opportunities because you refused to take advantage of others.

Sometimes you wonder what your life might have been like if you made a different decision. But, you are thankful that you can sleep at night without a guilty conscience.

Dreaming about your house flooding is a reminder that if you remain faithful, you will not get swept away by temptation. Your faith is built on a foundation of rock and does not waiver.

3. Something Will Be Taken From You

Beware, when you dream of flooding, this may be a sign that something will be taken from you.

It is not clear what exactly will happen, but you should not ignore this message.

Often a dream about flooding means there is something in your life that you are taking for granted. When this person or opportunity is no longer around you will finally understand how valuable they were in your life.

A dream about flooding may be a message from God reminding you to appreciate the gifts he provides each day. Be thankful for all He has given you and the new opportunities that will come your way.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about a flood?

What do you think is the spiritual meaning of seeing flooding water in your dreams?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about flooding? Please leave a comment and let me know.
I had a dream that a was driving and had my kids and 2 cousin in the car, when I drove into a flood and 2 men’s came and rescue us and put us in a boat. Took us back to dry land and I was able to see my husband and family members again.
I had a dream that water was rising around my city and children , but this was all that I could see on the right facing me, but on the left I saw a road with no cars that looked like it waS wet but there was no water. I also had the opportunity to have a conversation with someone maybe my husband about what was happening but don't remember what was said. I was not certain about what to do next. I remember hoping it would pass, the water that is. But, I kept my eye on the dry road to see if any changes had occur, but there wasn't any. I seem to not be able to decide on a plan of action. Before I could decide what to do I was awoken by the roar of a motorcycle.
I had this dream last night but I was rescued by a man and he put me on a ark just like during the days of Noah in the bible
Ambele Collins
I have had this dream, there was a flood and I jumped into it, then I dreamed also of large land slide but no human lives taken, today I dreamed I was in a small flood in my dad's office and suddenly a huge landslide, but moving too slow, so we ran. Last one was slow too but large. What'd it mean?
I had a dream last night. I saw three white horses descending from heaven and a mighty flood followed and was covering the whole place people were running and shouting. I found myself gathering and packing money and soon the flood was calm again and I woke up to realize it was a dream
I had a dream last night. I saw three white horses descending from heaven and a mighty flood followed and was covering the whole place people were running and shouting. I found myself gathering and packing money and soon the flood was calm again and I woke up to realize it was a dream
Wilre Mitchell
I had a dream about a river flooding last night. I woke up quite emotional about this. The river flooded roads and houses. I was swimming in the river and some warning was issued before the flood. I warned everyone to get out. I managed to get out to a house next to the river. A little water flooded the house I was in. I remember pushing the door closed and water was pushing through the key hole. I can't remember anyone getting injured.
Emmanuel Oamhen
I had a dream last night it was like a water bank was over full and there was this great flood all over everywhere, i remembered trying to lock my down and some water were pressing through, I also remember, I then ran in and close my windows and went upstar. Then I saw people swimming on the water and they are not hurt and not afraid. I don't really understand this dream... Just wish to hear from someone......
Jamille Russell
I had a dream last night that there was a flood. It looks like the flood in the Bible. People n animals were getting washed away, and I was running and screaming " Jesus a come!" What does that mean?
Last night dreamed water was slowly rising in my house, but in one area there was a heavy stream down stairs into the area where it was slowly rising. One prominent thing I noticed were watermelon seeds in the water. I know it means something because when I woke up, it was vivid in my mind and remains there. HELP!!!!!🙏🏾
This flood dream was in a familiar house; I'm thinking/feeling it's my mother's house in the hallway. Flood waters came from behind me sweeping, & when I half turned around to look, I was lifted airborn in L position holding on to a thick painted wood structure of support built on the ceiling, & side of wall. I watched flood waters, & all items sweep by me. I woke up with some feels of fear, but I then immediately recalled how I was lifted for safety with a sigh of relief.
Roselyn Obioha
I was in a dream last night where I had to passed through a flood in order to get to my destination
I had a dream last night. I was crossing in the river and I saw the flood coming near to me.But several times I am always dreaming a flash flood.
Hi Dreaming of swimming out of a flooding water to me could mean victory from the plan of enemy or from one challenge or the other
Pule immaculate
Idreamed that iwas walking on the way to our place, when aheavy flood with aheavy downpour of rain trap me in bitween road bridges along the swamp area.i struggled with it to avoid drawning and eventually managed .i saw another boy also in the same floods. at the climax of the floods i shouted loud the name " jesus" and floods calmed there and then .
i had a dream i was in the in my province middle of the forest...when it started to pour water from the mountain...while i was working at home...them sudenly it stop by a big solid rock suddenly pop out and grow bigger. It stop the flood...yet i told my family to pack up a lil things akd we need to move out of the house cause it.might fall on our house....
Just last night, I dreamed of a flooded road.. but the flood was just shallow. In my dream, I was riding a boat along the path. Also, I was able to climb a hill although the flood‘s current is against me. What does it mean?
i had this dream last night, at first it was raining heavily and then i watched the water build up after that i saw the flood water rushing in front of me from far away then i took a shelter on a bridge the i woke up.
Mauricio valdez
Since I became a Christian God had spoken to me trough dreams .I had hundreds of dreams and I been faithfully tanks to him he use dreams to strengthen my faith and share with me things that are coming in my life and events to come.tank you Ryan Bendiciones
Eric Frimpong
A friend of mine had a dream about you flooding, she said she was standing on a hill with a lot of animals around her, then suddenly a lot of water came and wash all the animals away.
I dreamed i was in my work ute and water surrounded and i did all i could to get my heavy work clothes off while trying to escape the rising waters and drowning =/ i dont remember any thing after that panic in the dream
I dreamt this last night that I had to get myself and my babies to the highest building cuz the world was about to flood we has escaped from the first wave of water which was high up in the sky
I dreamt about a flood last night. I dreamt I was driving toward the city that I live in and from a distance I could see that it was flooded. I stood on top of the mountain waiting for the flood to end. I was safe so was my kids. We just stood there waiting. It was a terrible feeling.
I dream about flood last night ,I was going to church when I see flood on the way to the church ,beside I was inside a car with my son ,than I saw some people I didn't know inside thesame car ,I am pay for the car ,just for me ,than I ask the driver y the you put another person inside ,he didn't say anything ,so as we are going I saw flood around the all the road to the church ,then I see my self in a room ,with those people ,that was with me inside the car before ,then a man I didn't no we're he came from start give money at to all for us there ,1000each but I didn't give the woman beside me before give to me ,he gives me more money than another's 2000, first than another 2000 that is 4000,than I work up for the sleep
priscah mwaramba
This morning I was going to my work all of a sudden there comes flooded water.AS I was going the flood becomes fierce and I decided to go back home. I walked freely against the tide going back home , but I saw about 3 girls who were swept away by the water. I also heard that another girl whom I did not see was also swept away. The water was not dirty neither was it clear but I could see clearly what was in it. What could be the meaning sir. Thank you in advance.
Harriet nyarko
Had the dream last night.... Was chaos ... White and red horses collided ... I wish I knew the things I'm actually taking for granted as the interpretation says
Jeffrey sekgobela
I used to dream in a big flood walking up and down in the flood like I was going little bit down in the water and come out again on my head I was loaded with 80 kg of Miller, but what surprised me is I did fall down in the flood I end up went out and join road and find the taxi to Beck home, so according to this was a big problem that it wasn't easy for me to get out in that situations (pslom 32:6 that is why you loyal followers pray to you while there's is still time then when trouble rises like a flood it will not Rich them) so in this dream I was in the flood meaning I already in the trouble, but because in that flood with a Heavy loads of 80 kg of a Miller I did fall down, it means I am like that house which ( Matthew 7:25 it rained harder the flood came and the winds blew and biat against the house but it didn't fall because it was build on the rock) meaning God given the house the strength, the house is me, meaning I maid it by the power of God and the grace of God, if you can look carefully in this picture it wasn't easy for me to get out there specially with heavy loads, yes it wasn't easy hey, even if you have a power you are gymming and lifting you won't get out in the powerful flood with heavy loads on you head the flood will sweep you immediately,
Thank you so much. Am kindly asking for prayers. I had a dream of a small flood in the road where I and my husband were passing. The road was a dusty road but the water was kind of like clear, I had this dream last night.
TaRoya Hollis
I don't normally dream, but when I do, it usually is a message. I dreamed of a flood just swelling up and washing everything away in sight. This usually happens when a family member is doing something or happening to them I have no control over . Or someone has passed on.
I had a dream last night that there was water all over by my house, and someone called me from the other side and I somehow managed to jump of the balcony to follow him, but he suddenly disappeared and I ended up in some strange room.
[email protected]
I had the dream last night I saw moving flood on the road carrying somethings with fast and I was trying to pick them but people told me to leave all those things he carring
Christine Herrera
My dream was a few years ago. It was water all over where land once was. I couldn’t walk through it I had to get through it by swimming. I saw no one around, I got to an area where was once a school when I got to the school there was no one around there was a dry patch where I was able to walk a little, I came to a big box that my step daughter was in, I didn’t see her till I looked down when I saw her She said can you help me. I responded with this is why I came back. Then I woke up
Mona Noel
Hello Mr. Ryan Hart. Greetings ! Namasthe ! Thank you for this dream interpretation. I had my dream this morning and as I was browsing to look up on a spiritual and physical meaning I came across your interpretation article. Yours did help me to understand mine a bit too. To share mine. It was a beautiful one. I dreampt of me and my life partner walking upto see someone in a particular street numbered 4. And then while we were walking, I true towards my right and see heavy clouds desending on earth. Along with heavy flood from the skies. It turns darkish grey. The skies and water. So I tell my partner to hurry up and walk before it comes to us. As we were hurrying up ahead , I see a huge monster wave of flood water coming up right ahead of us to wash us over. I just tell my partner to hold me hand, I crab his hand and into the flood water we dive. The flood water washes over us in a real big way and within a few seconds I come out with my partner holding his hand. I think we would lose each other while being washed over in that flood, but in my mind as I hold his hand I say, we will remain together. And we come out of the flood , it feels like to me that it was such a simple flood. To look it was huge. But we came out of it in some moments. And then we see the street number , we move on. This is the dream. I thank you for your article and the spiritual meaning to it. love and Light Mona
Leba Talei
I just woke up to a bad dream, I felt I was in a house felt like my home and I was running towards this room when I got there I on the light I saw the flower vase moved right before my eyes on the table moved and it fall off the table then I ran back inside the living room with fear and I told the old man who was occuping that room had died. The old man was someone I don't know but felt like a grandfather to me. But I was feeling a great fear in me like he's ghost was coming for me.
Thanks for the beautiful msg for my dream last nigth about flood
I found myself in a house that was not familiar to me visually but I felt comfortable there. The interior of the home was all white with nothing inside the home but multiple hallways. It also was only one story. The ceilings, walls, and floors were all white and all looked the same. All of a sudden I noticed water pouring down the wall and flooding the floor. The water was only a couple inches deep. The home was very bright white and stayed that same way throughout the dream. I started feeling worried that the home was flooding and I started running through the halls to look for my wife so I could warn her of the flood. However I couldn’t find her and I woke up. My wife passed away 4 months ago from cancer.
Naiga Jennifer
I had a dream but I don't understand the it.We were two people trying to run from something but I don't remember what it was,but as we wanted to cross over some little stagnant water,it started becoming too much,it flooded the whole place, wherever we tried to put our feet, instantly water covers the whole place so we went to pass the other where there wasn't water but surprisingly,we found our selves under a trench fully covered only a it had a small space where we could get out from but yet there were also stones covered on top so as we tried to bring out our heads,we saw women holding pangas but they didn't harm us. In that dream,we were too horrified but I don't know its meaning.
Aroh Nicodemus Ekenedilichukwu
Don't know
I had a dream of walking home with a girl when suddenly heavy rain poured causing flood in our path. So to get to safety, we climbed up a gate wherein a man was waiting inside catching me from the rapids of the flood.
Yesterday i dreamt seeing flooded river young girls trying to cross bt then fell in the river and washed away.