Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 28, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Anniversary gifts can be tricky - what do you get the person who has everything? Or worse, the person who doesn’t want anything?

Well, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will share a list of anniversary gift ideas by year.

Whether your spouse is into traditional gifts or more unique items, we have something for everyone. Some partners may think that buying their significant other different kinds of diamonds will suffice during anniversaries, but that’s not always the case. Keep reading to find the perfect present for your loved one!

Couple exchanging anniversary gift

1st Year: Paper

When it comes to choosing a gift for your first wedding anniversary, it can be difficult to find something that feels both special and meaningful.

After all, this is a big milestone in your relationship, and you want to show your partner that you have put some thought into their gift. However, with a little bit of creativity, there are many different options out there that will help you express how much you care.

Some ideas might include personalized artwork, framed photos from the wedding ceremony or honeymoon, a photobook, or even an experience like a weekend getaway or romantic dinner out.

Whatever you choose to give your spouse on this important day, just remember to let them know how much they mean to you and how excited you are for your future together.

  • Modern Theme: Clock
  • Color: Gold
  • Flower: Orange blossoms
  • Gemstone: Gold

2nd Year: Cotton

Given its versatility and long history, it is no wonder that cotton is traditionally given as a second year anniversary gift. Cotton symbolizes strength and resilience, two qualities that are essential to a lasting marriage. It is also a reminder that even though life may be full of ups and downs, love will always prevail in the end.

Another aspect of cotton that has contributed to its popularity as an anniversary gift is its visual appeal. Cotton is known for its bright colors and unique patterns, which often reflect the personality and style of the recipient.

Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that cotton will continue to remain a popular choice for celebrating happy occasions like anniversaries for many years to come.

  • Modern Theme: China

3rd Year: Leather

Leather is the traditional gift for a third anniversary because it is strong and durable, just like a relationship. Leather is also a flexible material that can be molded into different shapes, representing the ways a couple can grow together over time.

Leather also ages well, developing a rich patina over the years that becomes more beautiful with age. Just like a marriage, leather gets better with time. So if you’re looking for a gift that will represent your lasting love, look no further than leather.

  • Modern Theme: Crystal

4th Year: Linen

On the 4th wedding anniversary, many couples choose to give each other a gift made from linen. This material is associated with various symbols and meanings that make it an ideal choice for celebrating this special occasion.

For instance, linen has long been associated with purity and cleanliness, making it a perfect symbol of newlywed bliss. Additionally, this durable fabric is known for its resistance to wear and tear, reminding us that even after years together, a strong marriage can endure through any challenge.

Ultimately, then, giving a linen gift on the 4th wedding anniversary represents gratitude for the milestones already achieved together as well as anticipation for all the years yet to come.

  • Modern Theme: Appliances

5th Year: Wood

Wood is the customary gift for a fifth anniversary, symbolizing the strength and durability of your marriage. Just as a tree can weather any storm, so too has your relationship withstand the test of time.

The statistics are grim for marriages, with over half ending in divorce. But you’ve beaten the odds, and after five years you’re still going strong. Just as trees need sunlight and water to thrive, so too does a marriage need love and attention.

So on this anniversary, take a moment to reflect on all that you’ve built together, and all that lies ahead. Congratulations on making it this far - here’s to many more happy years to come!

  • Modern Theme: Silverware

6th Year: Iron

An iron gift is traditionally associated with several key themes and ideas on the 6th wedding anniversary.

Primarily, an iron gift symbolizes strength, durability, and longevity. These qualities align closely with the traditional themes of love and commitment often celebrated on wedding anniversaries.

Additionally, iron gifts are also viewed as being reflective of endurance and protection, two qualities that are especially important in relationships. Whether it is a small decorative object or a larger piece of furniture, an iron gift represents the idea that couples can get through anything together by relying on the fundamental strength of their attachment.

At the same time, this is also a reminder that couples should actively work to protect their relationship from outside influences that may threaten its integrity over time. Thus, by giving an iron gift to commemorate a special milestone such as a wedding anniversary, both partners are declaring their intention to honor and nurture the loving bond between them for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Wooden Objects

7th Year: Copper

For some people, the seventh wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate with a traditional gift of copper. This reddish-brown metal is associated with both luck and healing, making it an ideal way to commemorate seven years of marriage.

In many cultures, copper is also seen as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. For example, in Ancient Egypt, copper was often used in jewelry and other decorative items.

As a result, giving a gift of copper on a seventh anniversary can be seen as a way of wishing continued financial success for the couple. Whether you choose to give a traditional gift of copper or something else entirely, celebrating seven years of marriage is a special occasion worth marking.

  • Modern Theme: Desk Set

8th Year: Bronze

Often considered the traditional “bronze” anniversary, this momentous occasion is often celebrated with some type of bronze gift. But what does bronze symbolize exactly?

Depending on your individual interests and preferences, bronze can mean many different things. It can reflect qualities like strength and resilience, or it can simply reference a passion for all things antique and antiquated.

Either way, the symbolic significance of bronze makes it the perfect choice for marking such an important occasion.

So if you’re searching for that special token to commemorate your eighth year together, look no further than bronze-a beautiful material that truly captures all that your relationship means. Happy anniversary!

  • Modern Theme: Linens

9th Year: Pottery

For many couples, the ninth wedding anniversary is a time to reflect on their years together and rededicate themselves to each other. Pottery, with its rich symbolism and long history, is often the gift of choice for celebrating this important milestone.

Pottery symbolizes creativity, resilience, and loyalty, qualities that are essential for any successful relationship. By choosing an intricately handcrafted piece of pottery for your partner this year, you are both celebrating your relationship as well as showing that you treasure these qualities above all others.

Whether it’s an exquisite vase or an ornate serving dish, pottery makes a wonderful representation of all that you have achieved together over the years. So go ahead and celebrate your ninth anniversary in style with a timeless piece of pottery!

  • Modern Theme: Leather Goods

10th Year: Aluminum

Aluminum is a highly symbolic material that is often used to celebrate important milestones. It is widely recognized as a symbol of ten years of marriage, which makes it a popular choice for celebrating anniversaries.

After all, reaching this benchmark in any relationship is a great accomplishment and a tribute to the hard work and dedication of both partners. In addition to being associated with ten years of marriage, aluminum also represents other important concepts like progress, movement, and innovation.

Like the silvery metal itself, these attributes are hallmark features of successful couples who continue to grow together over time. So if you’re celebrating your tenth year wedding anniversary soon, consider treating yourself and your partner to something made from beautiful aluminum. You won’t regret choosing this sophisticated, timeless material for such an important occasion!

  • Modern Theme: Diamond

11th Year: Steel

Steel is often seen as a symbol of strength and durability. It is perhaps no coincidence that the eleventh wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with the material, as it takes tremendous resilience and commitment to weather the ups and downs of a long-term relationship.

This quality of resilience is embodied in steel itself, which can withstand incredible amounts of stress without breaking or bending.

Whether used in buildings, tools, or armor, steel represents steadfastness, strength, and stability. In this way, it serves as an apt metaphor for a marriage that has stood the test of time.

So if you’re looking to celebrate your eleventh wedding anniversary in style this year, look no further than steel: the perfect embodiment of everything that your marriage stands for.

  • Modern Theme: Fashion jewelry

12th Year: Silk

Silk is often seen as a symbol of luxury, and it is often used to make high-end clothing and accessories. However, silk also has a more practical side. It is strong and durable, yet soft and smooth, making it an ideal material for many different types of products.

In addition, silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into fabrics of various weights and textures. For these reasons, silk is an appropriate choice for a twelfth wedding anniversary gift.

It is a luxurious material that will last for many years, but it is also practical and versatile. Whether your spouse prefers a scarf, a tie, or a piece of clothing made from silk, they are sure to appreciate this unique and thoughtful anniversary gift.

  • Modern Theme: Pearls

13th Year: Lace

For many couples, the thirteenth year wedding anniversary is a special milestone. And, one of the best ways to celebrate this momentous occasion is with a beautiful piece of lace.

Lace has long been associated with romance and elegance, making it the perfect symbol for a lasting marriage. In addition, lace is also said to represent femininity, delicacy, and grace.

All of these qualities are essential for a happy and successful marriage. With its timeless beauty, a lace anniversary gift is sure to be treasured for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Textiles

14th Year: Ivory

Ivory is an elegant and sophisticated symbol of the fourteenth year wedding anniversary. Whether it takes the form of gorgeous handmade paper, a delicately-carved ivory statue, or a work of art made from carved ivory, this material is a timeless representation of love and dedication.

Ivory represents everything that lasts - from the life-long commitment to one another made by two people at their wedding ceremony to the years that they will spend together as they grow old together.

With its regal beauty and enduring quality, ivory makes an ideal gift for a couple’s fourteen year anniversary. So if you’re looking for something special to give on this important occasion, look no further than this precious natural material.

  • Modern Theme: Gold jewelry

15th Year: Crystal

Crystal is a material that has come to symbolize numerous things over the years. Its shiny, glittering appearance has made it a favorite choice among jewelry designers and home decor enthusiasts alike, and its reflective properties have also helped to make it a popular symbol of inner abundance and harmony.

No doubt these associations are especially meaningful for couples celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary, an important milestone that many consider to be a turning point in their journey together. With all this in mind, it is no surprise that many people choose crystal as the theme of their fifteenth wedding anniversary celebrations.

Whether through simple yet elegant party decorations or elaborate jewelry pieces crafted by expert artisans, crystal is the perfect way to honor one’s commitment to love and happiness.

So if you are looking for something special to celebrate your fifteen years together, consider embracing the symbolism of crystal and experiencing all that this beautiful material has to offer!

  • Modern Theme: Watches

16th Year: Wax

The sixteenth wedding anniversary is often considered to be a significant milestone in a marriage. At this point, many couples have been through a lot together and have established a strong foundation for their relationship.

One way to celebrate this special occasion is by giving your spouse a gift of candles or wax. Wax can symbolize many things in a relationship, such as the ability to weather storms, the strength of your bond, and the ability to adapt and change over time. It can also be seen as a token of your love and commitment, something that will always be there to remind your spouse of how much you care.

Whatever it may mean to you, giving your spouse a gift of wax on your sixteenth wedding anniversary is sure to be a cherished memory for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Silver holloware

17th Year: Furniture

Furniture represents many things on a seventeenth wedding anniversary. For example, it can symbolize comfort and security, especially for newlyweds who are just starting their lives together. It can also represent wealth and prosperity, as well as creativity and imagination.

Most importantly, however, furniture is a way for couples to leave a lasting mark on their home and family. Whether it’s an ornate antique armoire or a simple storage cabinet, beautiful and functional pieces of furniture help to make a house into a true home.

So on this seventeenth wedding anniversary, take some time to appreciate the role that furniture plays in our lives!

  • Modern Theme: Furniture

18th Year: Porcelain

Porcelain is often associated with elegance and grace, making it the perfect symbol of an eighteenth anniversary. Whether reflecting the bright, intricate patterns found on traditional porcelain dishes or the smooth, shimmering surface of a decorative vase, this material carries a sense of beauty and refinement that perfectly represents the height of wedded bliss.

By marking this special occasion with a gift made of porcelain, couples can honor their long years together and reflect on all that they have built and accomplished together over the years.

Whether they choose to surround themselves with beautiful porcelain dishes or display an exquisite porcelain sculpture in their home, those celebrating an eighteenth anniversary can be sure that the gift will serve as a reminder of their enduring bond for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Porcelain

19th Year: Bronze

For many couples, the nineteenth year wedding anniversary is a time to reflect on their relationship and enjoy a special evening together. For others, it may be a time to exchange gifts that have meaning.

One popular choice for a nineteenth anniversary gift is bronze. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and it has been used throughout history for sculpture, weaponry, and coinage. It is also said to represent strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for an anniversary gift.

Bronze is also a warm color that can evoke feelings of comfort and stability, both of which are important in a long-term relationship. Whatever the reason for giving bronze on the nineteenth anniversary, it is sure to be a cherished gift.

  • Modern Theme: Bronze

20th Year: China

The 20th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in any marriage. For couples, it signifies the strength of their commitment and the endurance of their love. As such, China is often seen as a symbol of prosperity and abundance on twentieth wedding anniversaries.

Given its long history and rich culture, China is also often seen as a symbol of wisdom and strength. For couples celebrating their twentieth anniversary, China can be seen as a reminder of the many blessings that they have received over the years and an affirmation of their commitment to each other.

  • Modern Theme: Platinum

25th Year: Silver

For couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, silver has long been considered a symbol of their lasting commitment and enduring love. Whether worn as jewelry or incorporated into home decor, silver is often seen as a tangible reminder of the years that have brought the couple closer together.

The soft, elegant sheen of this precious metal evokes feelings of refinement and sophistication, capturing the essence of the bond between two people who have stood by each other through good times and bad.

In addition, the meaning of the number 25 is reflected in different interpretations in different cultures. Thus, for modern couples celebrating this milestone anniversary, silver represents a beautiful bond that continues to grow stronger year after year.

  • Modern Theme: Sterling Silver

30th Year: Pearl

The pearl is a precious gift that symbolizes the steadfast love and deep friendship that exists between two partners on their 30th wedding anniversary.

In ancient times, pearls were highly prized for their beauty and rarity, seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today, however, they are valued just as much for their symbolic significance.

The smooth surface of the pearl represents a heart full of compassion and empathy, while its soft luster conveys openness and vulnerability. Especially meaningful when given from one spouse to another, this special gemstone is a perfect expression of the enduring nature of true love and the deep bonds between family members or close friends.

So if you’re celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary this year, be sure to bestow the gift of a stunning pearl necklace or bracelet – it will no doubt be appreciated more than any other present could possibly express!

  • Modern Theme: Diamond

35th Year: Coral

For many couples, the 35th wedding anniversary is a time to reflect on the enduring nature of their relationship. And what better way to symbolize this than with a gift made of coral?

After all, coral is one of the oldest and most resilient creatures on Earth. Like a marriage, it can withstand the harshest conditions and continue to thrive for centuries. When given as a gift, coral is a reminder that true love can weather any storm.

So if you’re looking for a way to commemorate your own 35th anniversary, consider giving your spouse a gift made of coral. It’s a beautiful way to honor the strength and resilience of your relationship.

  • Modern Theme: Jade

40th Year: Ruby

The ruby is a beautifully vibrant gemstone, renowned for its striking scarlet color and deep luster. As such, it makes the perfect gift to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary, marking a long and meaningful relationship between two people.

In many cultures and traditions, a ruby symbolizes love, passion, and vitality, highlighting the enduring connection between spouses. Moreover, this precious stone is also associated with courage and strength of will, qualities that are needed to weather any storm and overcome any obstacles in life or love.

And so by presenting your partner with a ruby gift on this landmark occasion, you are not only honoring their years together but also reasserting your commitment to their happiness and well-being.

Together you have weathered countless storms and rediscovered joy in times of trouble; may the ruby represent all that you have shared over these years together and be a constant reminder of the trust, respect, and love that exists at the heart of your relationship.

  • Modern Theme: Ruby

45th Year: Sapphire

The sapphire is a stunning blue gemstone that has been associated with royalty for centuries. In fact, the name “sapphire” comes from the Latin word “saphirus,” which means “blue.”

A sapphire gift therefore symbolizes both luxury and longevity, making it an ideal choice for a 45th wedding anniversary present. The sapphire is also said to represent faithfulness, honesty, and clarity of thought, making it a perfect way to signify the strength of a long-lasting marriage.

Whether you choose a piece of jewelry or a simple sapphire pendant, this beautiful gem will be a cherished reminder of your wedding anniversary for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Sapphire

50th Year: Gold

A gold gift is typically given as a symbol of celebration on a 50th wedding anniversary. This special occasion marks half a century of marriage, and thus is an important milestone that is rightly honored with a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

The use of gold in this context serves to emphasize the enduring quality of the relationship between husband and wife. Gold is widely regarded as one of the most valuable and precious metals, representing concepts like strength, wealth, and success.

By choosing to present their beloved with a gold gift for their 50th wedding anniversary, couples send the message that they have built a successful and harmonious partnership that will endure through all life’s ups and downs. Whether it takes the form of jewelry, artwork, or something else entirely, such a gift is always sure to be appreciated and treasured by its recipient.

In short, choosing gold to celebrate this momentous occasion says an awful lot about how much meaning you attach to your partner’s well-being and happiness. By giving this kind of present on such an important occasion, you demonstrate your unwavering commitment to them and your enduring love for one another.

  • Modern Theme: Gold

55th Year: Emerald

Emeralds are a traditional gift for 55th wedding anniversaries. The green color of emeralds is said to symbolize eternal love, making them the perfect way to celebrate a long-lasting marriage.

In addition to being a beautiful piece of jewelry, an emerald gift can also serve as a reminder of the couple’s enduring love for one another. Whether it’s an emerald ring, necklace, or earrings, this type of gift is sure to be cherished for years to come.

  • Modern Theme: Emerald

60th Year: Diamond

A diamond gift is the traditional way to commemorate a 60th wedding anniversary, and for good reason. A diamond is one of the most prized and sought-after gemstones, coveted for its gorgeous sparkle and durability.

Thus, when one receives a diamond on such an important occasion, it symbolizes both strength and longevity–the very qualities that have defined a marriage for six decades.

Additionally, the timeless elegance of a diamond makes it an especially fitting choice for marking this special anniversary. Whether presented as a piece of jewelry or incorporated into some other gift, a diamond represents perfect harmony, happiness, and everlasting love.

  • Modern Theme: Diamond

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the traditional gifts for a wedding anniversary?

Traditional anniversary gifts are special presents that people give for each wedding anniversary year. For example, the first year’s traditional gift is paper, while the modern gift is a clock. The 50th year, known as the golden anniversary, has gold as both the traditional and modern gift.

Nowadays, many people also follow modern themes for their gifts. These modern anniversary gifts can be fun and different from the old ones. Both traditional and modern gift suggestions help to make each wedding anniversary year unique and memorable.

Are there modern alternatives to the traditional anniversary gifts by year?

Yes, there are modern alternatives to the traditional anniversary gifts by year. For example, while the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, the modern alternative is a clock or wristwatch, symbolizing the lifetime of marriage ahead. The 40th anniversary traditionally and modernly is celebrated with rubies, representing love and passion.

Porcelain, elegant but delicate, is both the traditional and modern gift for another year, signifying the hard work put into the marriage. Even for the golden 50th anniversary, while gold remains the traditional symbol, modern gifts can include other forms of gold jewelry.

Bottom Line

Anniversary gifts are a special way to celebrate the longevity of your relationship and commemorate all that you have been through together. They can also be a reminder of things to come.

When choosing an anniversary gift, think about what your partner would like and how it will reflect your relationship. If possible, give a traditional gift that has special meaning for both of you.

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