Mars in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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The Mars in Aquarius person is very independent and self-reliant, likely to enjoy being a “lone wolf,” living by his or her code of honor regardless of what society may think.

They tend to idealize the concept of love, placing more importance upon the notion of loving and serving humanity than on personal relationships.

Mars in Aquarius people are noted for their original and non-conformist approach to life. They have a strong sense of social justice and against anything they perceive to be unjust.

They are also known for being quick and witty with a biting sense of humor, especially when arguing a point. No one can hold a grudge like an Aquarius Mars individual.

What Does Mars in Aquarius Mean?

The Mars in Aquarius person is the guy or girl who says the most interesting things. They are intelligent, independent, and always keep you guessing.

The Aquarius man or woman wants to be surrounded by their own people and ultimately only needs room with their best friends to be happy.

They are an aggressive type with fiery and passionate impulses. He or she may appear to be rather cold and reserved; but the passions are there, just below the surface.

They are original, playful and active. The Mars in Aquarius natives are usually sweet and sensitive people who’re born with a humanitarian spirit.

Mars in Aquarius Woman

The Mars in Aquarius placement describes a woman that is intense, imaginative, determined, and independent. They keep their emotions to themselves and present an image of calmness, often hiding all that is going on inside.

They are impulsive, revolutionary, strong and self-reliant. At times they may surprise you by suddenly breaking out in anger. However, once this fit is over, Mars in Aquarius woman pick up where they left off with no memory of the outburst.

They have a streak of rebelliousness and may at times withdraw from family or friends because the pressure between those relations becomes overwhelming.

They tend to be laid back, easy going, and tolerant. They are friendly and fun loving and like their freedom. They have quite an adventurous streak in them and this makes them very popular amongst people around them.

These women don’t like sitting at home doing nothing as they get bored easily. They will turn the most mundane task into something fun and interesting in a matter of seconds.

The Mars in Aquarius woman is highly independent, probably more so than any other woman. She has a strong sense of her own identity, and knows exactly what she wants.

She is usually extremely unique and individualistic. Flexibility is a key to her, as she will try anything new if she has the opportunity. Being very forward thinking, this woman will be the one to come up with the next big idea or invention that will change our society!

Mars in Aquarius women are independent, service-minded, rational and have a positive outlook on life. They want to help people and be of service to others.

She is an inspiration. She doesn’t need anybody to approve her lifestyle, she follows her own fashion and trends, mostly favoring colors from pastel scales. She is highly rational, she thinks in a logical manner, rationalizes and values anything that is factual and can be explained by reasoning.

The Mars in Aquarius woman is a bit of an enigma. Independent, strong minded and freedom loving, her strength is unquestioned. Yet she can also be aloof and opinionated, with little regard for the rules of the game.

Mars in Aquarius Man

This Mars in Aquarius man is charming and friendly and very independent. He can be quite rebellious, as he does not care what people think about him.

He is emotional, assertive, and stubborn. As a man with this Mars sign you love adventure and excitement. You like to climb mountains, dive deep into your passions, take risks when necessary, and try new things! You seek meaningful love but burn out easily once you find it.

Mars in Aquarius men are often adventurous and daring. They can be gifted as contractors and architects and will work vigorously to build the structure of their dreams. However, they can also be impulsive, impatient or intolerant of other people’s limited abilities.

They often have a disdain for authority, making them poor employees. Mars in Aquarius men are quite competitive and need to feel that they are winning in whatever they undertake.

This may lead them towards dangerous activities on the road or in sports since it is extremely difficult to defeat them at anything. They love to be the winner and despise placing second or third place.

He is a thinker, a rationalist and loves to debate. He goes by the book and hates deception of any kind. He is a scientist but could also be an inventor. He is an extreme humanitarian dedicated to creating a better world for all living creatures.

Mars in Aquarius men are sensitive, idealistic and devoted companions. Always interested in the new and the unusual, they find inventive ways to satisfy demands for change.

They are creative, innovative and intellectual. They may be independent, eccentric, unconventional, even revolutionary. They are often at the forefront of the avant-garde and highly progressive. This sign is highly adaptable to change.

Mars in Aquarius is characterized by an original and independent thinking, self-sufficient and flexible way of thinking. He is a strong organizer of his own life, in which own interests prevail above everything.

The most important thing for him is prestige and success, and they ready to achieve their interests at the cost of other people, even friends. He likes to surround himself with other successful people.

Mars in Aquarius Transit Meaning

A Mars in Aquarius transit shows that there is going to be a lot of mental stimulation and connection. It allows for new social and humanitarian causes to be cropped up. This energy brings a strong sense of equality and universal brotherhood that results in rebellion and social reform all across the world.

This is an exciting time when we feel the urge to modernize or change the way we do things. We can find ourselves breaking out of old routines, trying new styles and getting involved in community and humanitarian issues that make us feel more connected to others.

We can all be a little more spontaneous under this transit, but it’s also good to think about the consequences. The transit of Mars through Aquarius means you are in a rebellious but exciting period of your life.

Aquarius represents electricity, the spark of innovation and forward motion, elevated understanding and new perspectives. All that is unusual, rebellious and non-traditional stirs your curiosity – or maybe even your participation.

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