Mars in Capricorn Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Capricorn individuals have an instinctive ability to lead others. They are persistent, energetic and bold individuals who like to work with a structured plan and schedule. They are motivated, practical and realistic thinkers with great ambition and the ability to make the status quo change for the better.

They are ambitious, self-reliant, business-minded and goal-oriented. She likes to be in charge of her own world, and she is not a woman who can be “pushed around.”

She may have a rather serious demeanor at first, but when you do finally get her to open up, you’ll see that she has a great sense of humor. You can definitely trust this woman, she won’t let you down!

What Does Mars in Capricorn Mean?

Mars is the planet of assertion and ambition. This is a sign that thrives on hard work, persistence, practicality and material gain.

You will find this Mars-ruled individual to be a powerful, duty-bound and serious-minded person. If people choose to resist their more down-to-earth Capricorn qualities it can become an obstacle to realizing their full potential; in all areas of life there will be a tendency to become stuck in an old routine or track.

Ruled by a more serious and practical placement, Mars in Capricorn natives are bound to be more deliberate than impulsive. While Mercury and Jupiter are in fashion, this energy is best suited for Capricorn’s focus on career longevity.

They are known to be ambitious, serious, and keenly devoted to their careers. It is hard to imagine that this placement could appear in any other sign than Capricorn. It’s easy to understand why these characteristics have also aided them in making a success of their relationships with others.

Mars in Capricorn individuals will be more disciplined, work harder, and find success through perseverance and hard work. They are very ambitious, passionate, and courageous.

This placement can be the driving force behind a business or creative endeavor that becomes world-renowned. These people also have a tendency to hold grudges rather than letting go of resentment and irritation; the key is learning how to forgive, which will play an important role in their personal growth.

The Mars in Capricorn type is the natural leader. Known as being responsible and dependable, they make sure that all agreements, commitments, and obligations are met. They are practical, honest, diplomatic, and orderly.

They like to set goals and work hard at achieving them, but this can get them in trouble as they can become overly focused on the small details. This can cause some stress for those around them who may need our help or advice and aren’t getting it because they are busy with something else.

Mars in Capricorn Woman

Mars in Capricorn women are bold and strong. They are natural leaders and are not afraid to get into the thick of things.

Although they can be a little bossy and forceful, they remain dedicated to a few select people and causes in their life. They are ambitious and strive to look their best in all situations. Mars in Capricorn women love details, accuracy, and efficiency.

She is known for her strength and will-power. She is incredibly disciplined, especially when it comes to her work life.

Her all-business persona can be intimidating to some; but, this powerful woman is more than capable in the office. While at her job she can be tough on those around her, always strives to succeed (and makes sure the others around her do as well), and holds rigid standards for herself and others.

But, she is fair and objective in business dealings, so others tend to love working with her. When dealing with her lover she can be dominating.

The ambitious Mars in Capricorn lady is also a daring doer, who highly appreciates the stability of a strong foundation. She strives for perfection in her work and strives to achieve individual goals that demonstrate success.

This woman is not easy to understand. With this Mars sign, she is always ready to fight for what she believes in and will not give up.

She is one of the most ambitious women in the world. She will be busy with career, determined to break through glass ceilings. Her drive and ambition is self-motivating, she will have no trouble finding success doing a man’s job in a man’s world.

They are practical, sensible and down to earth. They are full of energy that they like to channel onto things and people that are important to them. They are very loyal friends who will always be there for you no matter what. They expect the same from you in exchange.

Mars in Capricorn Man

Mars in Capricorn men are driven, proactive and have a great sense of purpose.

His energy will be focused on his work, which is what the Capricorn man loves so much – a reliable, steady job that produces results and even better if he can make enough money to take care of his family. He may be successful at whatever career he chooses and do very well in the working world.

They are ambitious, enterprising and hardworking. They will be able to achieve a great deal of success during their lifetime because of their strong work ethic.

They are very responsible & reliable. They have high standards and expect others to measure up to their exacting requirements. They make excellent leaders and take pride in their abilities as a boss or supervisor.

A man with Mars in Capricorn is serious yet cautious, and understands the value of hard work and planning. He is stern, persistent, ambitious, methodical, and has great determination.

They are methodical, patient, practical and very much dedicated to their responsibilities. They have a professional, responsible and reliable personality who learn through commitment and hard work.

They are known for being careful planners and builders who invest in the future. They take their responsibilities very seriously and like things done well.

These men are unlikely to change their opinions about love, friendship or money; once they make up their mind, that’s it! This man is also possessive of the women he loves.

Mars in Capricorn men are all about results. They are powerful, determined, ambitious and passionate about achieving their goals.

They have a very practical sense of reality. They are great planners and doers and often set benchmarks for themselves which they strive to maintain through hard work and persistence.

The Mars in Capricorn man has a remarkable self-control. Possessing an almost robotic quality, he is able to plan, schedule and organize his time with incredible efficiency. He is known to be hard working and conscientious, and will always complete any task he starts.

Inside these men there is a deep sense of pride and dignity – self respect is perhaps the highest value for these individuals. Their desire to maintain their integrity and self-image may lead them to be rather stingy with praise for others, or for that matter with time spent on themselves.

Nevertheless, they can be warmly affectionate with friends and family. They are excellent providers who love a good challenge; there may be a tendency to overdo it sometimes though as they are eager to please others.

Mars in Capricorn Transit Meaning

A Mars in Capricorn transit brings many major changes and surprises in the next few weeks, especially on career but also on financial front. Many people will experience the challenges of power and authority during this transit.

This is a great transit for those who get their power from being in control, and desire to be the leader. You might challenge an imbalanced system or someone might try to put you down, either way, your aspirations will be disrupted.

Negative feelings will hound you on the inside while you are the voice of reason and understanding to everyone else. Others may challenge your ideas about power or authority but they don’t see that you have had trouble asserting yourself.

Mars in Capricorn will affect you in two important ways these next few months: You’ll need to establish a stronger foundation for your existing goals, and they’ll be easier to achieve through patience and perseverance.

This transit also heralds a period of typically strong financial motivation. An individual born with Mars in Capricorn should be expected to have a fairly keen sense of the value of money. This individual may be prone to hoarding, or at least being thrifty.

When Mars is in this position, we expect that individual’s desire to survive will increase greatly and that they will become highly motivated to make money work for them. This can be a great time for someone born with Mars in Capricorn to invest and save money for their later life.

The transition of Mars from Sagittarius to Capricorn is a shift that will have a dominant influence on us this year. As transits go it’s a huge one, and, getting going just before the New Year its arrival is likely to send shockwaves through society in general and our personal lives in particular.

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