Mars in Aries Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Aries are strong-willed, independent and assertive individuals that exude self-confidence even when faced with the worst of circumstances. These people are pioneers who love nothing more than leading the way and following their own path.

They boldly make decisions and never allow anything or anyone to stand in their way. This strength of character is a product of their future-minded Aries nature that has led them to be strong-willed, independent and assertive individuals.

Mars in Aries has a bold, fearless, and energetic personality. Her fiery resolve feels as if it can conquer anything and her passions ignite around anything that fires her up. Positively fearless, she has the ability to make instant decisions using gut instinct to guide her.

What Does Mars in Aries Mean?

Mars in Aries personality traits include the strength to start new projects quickly - but not necessarily finish them - and impatience with people who get in their way. They are straightforward and fearless.

They do not like to be tied down and can become impatient when they are confined. Their anger is explosive, and they resent any kind of restriction on their freedom.

Mars in Aries people have many exciting and intense qualities. They are daring, courageous, energetic and active. Their energy is often directed toward aggressive activities where conflict can be expected. They are the type of person who will walk into a house and, within seconds, rearrange the furniture - just to see how it looks.

They are the first to try new things. They thrive on competition and good grades. If they don’t succeed, they work harder until they do.

They always want to learn something new and will jump at the chance to take a class, attend a workshop or go to a seminar. They need constant stimulation and challenge in order to be satisfied and lead happy lives.

They are the eternal warrior, always ready for a fight! Individuals with Mars in Aries are shrewd and canny. They have energy to spare and are extremely go-getters.

He is an independent thinker that loves to make his own decisions. He likes to be in charge and will let you know if he doesn’t agree with your decisions. It’s important for those close to him to pay attention to cues about how he’s feeling, because he isn’t always vocal.

Mars in Aries Woman

Mars in Aries brings a woman a dynamic personality. Her energy is dynamic and powerful, yet she will always project this energy in the most positive way possible.

She will take initiative and will be more aggressive than others. She won’t sit back and wait for a man to make the first move. She’ll be forceful and assertive, she will love to start wars with people who find her offensive.

Mars in Aries women are strong, confident and independent. They have a great need for freedom and mobility. They are spontaneous, courageous and energetic. They love competition and are always ready to take on a challenge. Their motto is ‘live life now’ and they always make the most of each day.

They are passionate, independent, and like to make their own rules. Their drive to discover and experience new things is stronger than anything they have ever felt in the past and their firey nature makes them unafraid of what is yet to come.

They’re a strong type of woman who stands up for herself, but has learned that sometimes having a passionate heart means giving her loved ones what they want or need as well.

Mars in Aries women are passionate, daring, and sometimes reckless. An Aries female can be blunt, even arrogant. She’s decisive and wants to be in charge. She’s also courageous and fights passionately for what she believes is right.

Mars in Aries woman is a firebrand! Mars is the planet of physical action and bold action. She is ruled by the impulsive planet Mars who wants what he wants when he wants it, and she’s ready to take on anything or anyone that gets in her way. She is the ultimate competitor!

Mars in Aries Man

Mars is a planet that rules the sign of Aries, making Mars in Aries men passionate, brave, assertive, energetic and determined. They are full of energy.

They are responsible and hardworking, but it takes them more time to finish their work because they are full of poise and curiosity. The patience level of these men is less when compared to other men.

Jovial and eager to engage, Mars in Aries man personality traits may have you entertaining the opinion that a glass of wine is always half full. And for this fiery Aries guy, it is.

Never one to shy away from adventure, you will likely catch him scaling mountains or scuba diving on his next off day. This guy’s heart takes over when there’s a cause to be fought forβ€”he won’t be seen sitting on the sidelines.

He is a strong-willed, passionate person who loves to live in the fast lane. His ambitious nature makes him into a born leader. He is courageous and always ready to take up challenges.

He hates any kind of compromise in life, whether it’s his job or his career. Mars in Aries men are not prone to settle down with just one woman and their relationships are intense and passionate.

At the same time he can be unfaithful at times. He is not one who attempts to understand others but far more interested in setting the rules for everyone else around him.

Being a Mars in Aries man can be exciting. If you ever get the chance to ask an accomplished Mars in Aries man about his life, you’ll hear about the adventures and dangers that fill his life. They are electrifying, ambitious, dogged, and most are impulsive.

Being courageous and daring is part of his emergent nature. There’s a lot of pride to go along with this adventurous persona, which just adds fuel to the fire beneath his shoulders.

The Mars in Aries man will need lots of space. If you live in a small apartment, it’s probably not a good idea to get into a relationship with him. He will rarely want to stay at home. He loves change and everything new, and that includes his partner as well.

Mars in Aries Transit Meaning

Mars in Aries gives you the drive and determination to be a leader. You will want to stand out where ever you go, but this is done on your own terms.

You may be very rash and impulsive in this period of time, taking chances that others would not. Your fiery energy, passion and courage are all heightened at a time like this. During this transit, you can expect to:

The Mars in Aries transit will help you take charge of your life and achieve the goals that you’ve been dreaming about. If you often find yourself feeling backed against a wall, or like things are constantly working against you, this intense transit will provide the motivation to finally break through that obstacle and come out on top.

Mars in Aries occurs when Mars enters the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is an active sign, and your energy levels will be stronger than ever during this time!

The energy that comes along with Mars in Aries is reckless and impulsive. If a person possesses this transit, they will understand how to use it to their advantage in order to aspire to greatness.

This transit not only gives you the courage to face any obstacle head on, but also allows you to raise your limits and surpass your own expectations. With Mars in Aries, your actions are spontaneous and unexpected at times, but your mind remains active, alert, and full of adrenaline!

You feel a sense of urgency regarding the need for change, and are eager to leave your own mark on the world. This is a time of great energy and enthusiasm, but not necessarily patience or tact. You may find that your desires override personal relationships, and that you tend to act without thinking much about the consequences.

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