Mars in Taurus Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Taurus is someone who is heavy, sluggish, and inert…someone with a stubborn streak who is unyielding. They love food and hate to exercise. The physical Mars person possesses a strong physical body, they are not for anything fast or which requires lots of movement.

They are also very practical when it comes to building things which will last over time, you want them on your construction team! This is a family person who cherishes friends and family above all else.

What Does Mars in Taurus Mean?

Expectation, duty, stability, and inner strength are things that come naturally to a Mars in Taurus person. They are slow but steady in all aspects of their life, and tend to stick to routine.

They are also seen as being stubborn and often impatient with people who they think don’t get the job done right.

Mars in Taurus people are known for their strength, patience, loyalty, and perseverance. The personal planet of action, Mars is the driving force behind your personality.

Your Mars sign explains your need to be in control, drive hard for your goals, or risk everything for a sure thing.

This is the “in the mood” sign. These natives are considered sensual, practical and reliable. They are known for being stubborn and they appreciate beauty, comfort and convenience.

Mars in Taurus takes you back to the basics. You are a sensualist, are happiest when you have comfort and security around you, and things just seem better in your world.

You crave stability and calm and can get anxious or even angry if you don’t have a sense of solidity around you. Mars in Taurus is a sensitive, steady, and responsible sign that’s never really uptight.

Mars in Taurus Woman

The Mars in Taurus woman is about sensuality, seduction, and intimacy. These women are known for being calm and hardworking.

Elegance, refinement, sensitivity and appreciation for beauty are some of the traits of a Mars in Taurus woman. Her genuine sincerity and humanity will win over not just the people she meets but the world itself.

She loves being the center of attention and is happy to play that role whether it involves a party or just an intimate dinner with her true love. This no-nonsense personality wants things to be done right without any unnecessary drama, which also makes her a terrific friend.

A Mars in Taurus woman is a steady, reliable, responsible, and hard-working woman who loves to exercise both authority and discipline. She is honest, sincere, practical, and artistic.

She is known for her ability to be practical, reliable, down to earth and tender. Her energy gives a kind of stability to those she is with, and she’s generally easy-going.

She makes good partner, wife and mother because she understands the value of hard work and long term commitments.

Mars in Taurus Man

We could say that Mars in Taurus men are stubborn and settle on what they’ve already achieved making them proud about all their achievements.

This position shows a man who has mastered the art of self-discipline, he is responsible with his duties that he has assigned for himself. He makes every effort to get the job done and does not hesitate for nothing.

Mars in Taurus men are very protective and possessive in love. Making a bond for eternity is really important to these guys, and being your lover means he will always strive to keep you happy under his watchful eye.

He can be very protective of you, he will make you feel like nothing bad can touch you while he is around. They are quite the romantic that loves candle lights, wine nights, and grand gestures.

He’s a bit of caveman but in all the right ways. He’ll try to claim you as his because he wants to give you everything you need and protect you from harm.

He is creative, artistic, sensual, passionate, and possess a strong attachment to family. He likes to acquire physical things, home repairs and building work.

The Mars in Taurus man is surely a charmer. His slow speech and careful approach are typical of Taurus natives, but his ability to call upon patience and a sense of calm in a crisis will be very attractive to the opposite sex.

He likes to keep his plans very low-key and that’s the way he treats women. He won’t rush into a relationship without knowing all about a woman: her personality, tastes, history - even her favorite food.

The Mars in Taurus man will be reserved but also competent, the latter quality coming from his inclination to rely on common sense. He may seem taciturn - he can be very shy when he does not feel at ease with people.

He is often calm and composed, somewhat private, and his determination will make him a courageous person.

He is a sensitive, passionate and sensual soul. He is loyal, stable and deeply concerned with the comfort and welfare of those around him.

He will take time to understand the people he cares for, and loves spending time with them. He will deepen his understanding of himself as well. He does not take change well and can be quite stubborn at times.

Mars in Taurus men are warm, nurturing and gentle. When they fall in love, they will try anything to make sure the woman is happy.

They adore beautiful things and will often overlook financial comfort for their partner if it means she will be surrounded by elegance and style.

Mars in Taurus Transit Meaning

When Mars is in Taurus it brings us the assertiveness and self-assurance of Mars with a greater sense of what is right regarding material goods, property, wealth, and possession.

When we are at peak times during the transit of Mars in Taurus our energies are focused on money, earning a living, frugality, financial security, and savings.

With Taurus energy being very connected to the physical body and health issues can be exacerbated if one is not attuned to their own body. If we don’t have a strong sense of self-esteem and don’t feel worthy in some way, our reactions to the accomplishments of others can cause a downward spiral.

This period brings a new opportunity to improve your daily routines and increase your productivity. It’s time to break up any old stagnant cycles and to discover new ways to express yourself both creatively and spiritually.

The planet Mars, planet of desire and action is transiting from the fast moving sign of Aries and into the steadier sign of Taurus.

This is one of the most easygoing of transits, so it won’t make you more stressed out than usual. You’ll feel more secure than usual, and strengthened in your gut instincts.

This can create a time of grounding, steadying and enjoying the pleasures of routine and comfort. You want a stable home base, with secure routines, plans and people to lean on.

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