Mars in Cancer Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Cancer is a very sensitive, sympathetic and caring person. A true humanitarian at heart.

Mars in this position bestows several qualities. The person will be ambitious, domineering, possessive and possess hidden leadership qualities.

He will give his all for the benefit of others and have very high ideals. Most of the time he will take on too much responsibility because he feels that he can handle it better than anyone else and must carry everything on his own shoulders. This makes him inconsiderate from time to time but as soon as he realizes it he will rectify things.

What Does Mars in Cancer Mean?

Mars in Cancer can be challenging to have in your birth chart. They are naturally attracted to helping a cause and desire to make a difference. They like making their own decisions and have an appreciation for the finer things in life.

As someone with Mars in Cancer, you find pleasure in many things. Mars is the planet of action and passion—these are your areas of strength, so you need to seek out circumstances that allow for creativity and freedom.

With Mars in Cancer, you can expect to be an extremely sensitive and emotional person with a deep well of compassion and a drive to help others. You are highly protective of your loved ones and really care what others think about you (in a good way). You may also have trouble observing the obvious or taking things at face value, which could lead to some doubts or confusion.

Mars in Cancer is an exceptionally sensitive and protective influence. It gives courage for the expression of deep-felt emotion.

The most appealing trait of Mars here is the ability to overcome feelings of fear and timidity, which can cause unnecessary delays in taking action. This placement encourages personal and material security as well as a strong desire to help others.

Mars in Cancer Woman

The Mars in Cancer woman possesses a calm disposition and quiet manner. She is charming, has a sense of humor and is kind to others. She is quite expressive in her speech but respectful of others.

Her mode of thinking is not always logical, instead it is emotional and subjective and though it makes her less efficient she still seems clever enough. She possesses intuition and emotivity that makes her conscious of other people emotions.

The Mars in Cancer woman is the feminine form of Mars and can represent an aggressive, energetic and courageous female. Although she possesses these qualities, her sense of self-preservation is very strong and will always be one of her top priorities. Known to be dominant in their relationships, this woman requires attention especially if her partner does not show her love enough.

When Mars is exalted in Cancer there is nothing to stop this woman. In fact, depending on her other planetary positions, she may be a very strong and powerful person, with a single-minded purpose that influences those around her.

She may appear quiet and unassuming on the outside, but inside she has tremendous inner strength for getting what she wants out of life.

Mars in Cancer women are highly emotional and compassionate. They have an active imagination, a tendency toward mysticism and may be interested in astrology or metaphysical science.

They are extremely dedicated to the well being of those they love. The loyalty of a Mars in Cancer woman is a rare quality that is not easily given or broken. They are extremely protective of their loved ones and can be easily hurt by criticism.

She is the most affectionate of all Mars sign women. She gives her amorous love, holding nothing back. Her man is her core of strength and she depends on him for security, safety, and comfort.

The Mars in Cancer woman is the most homemaking of all the Mars sign women, preferring a life centered around home and family. She loves to cook, clean, decorate, care for children, and play wifely roles. More than any other sign, she wants to be a mother and may choose to have a family early in life.

They are thick skinned, emotionally reserved, and fiercely loyal. They make excellent guardians of the home and can be fiercely maternal towards their loved ones. They consider themselves to be domestic goddesses and may try to rule every aspect of the household.

Mars in Cancer Man

Mars in Cancer men have an interesting mix of personality traits. The masculine anger and strength is present, but there’s also a sweet sensitivity that draws people to them.

They are attractive because they have all these qualities, and they also act on their instincts. They are very practical when it comes to survival, and you always know where you stand with a Mars in Cancer man.

He is a born leader and protector with a courageous soul, and strives for perfection in everything he does in life. He’s a spiritual being too along with his intense and restless energy.

He has a giving heart and is sensitive yet brave. He’s got a very purposeful way of living life. His intuition is the rudder that steers him in the right direction in every aspect.

If you are in love with a Mars in Cancer man, you have certainly turned the head of a stubborn, hard to impress guy who is set in his ways and proud of his accomplishments. He’s got a strong sense of integrity and doesn’t like to be played for a fool.

Quiet and protective, he puts everyone else’s needs before his own – often including those close to him. A canny businessman, he has keen insight into people and likes to use this talent to his advantage.

Mars in Cancer men are protective, sensitive, nurturing and sensuous. They seek women for whom a home is the center of life and babies of their own are the ultimate source of fulfillment. If you are looking for a man who will put you first with considerate kindness, adoring attention and thoughtful gifts, look for a man with his Mars in Cancer.

He is the ideal man to depend on when you need help. He will be there to lend a helping hand when you are in trouble, and he has the deep sense of loyalty needed to sustain a long relationship.

He is sensitive and possesses an artistic temperament, so he likes to express himself in creative ways. He can be somewhat moody at times, but that just means that he is an artist with his emotions.

Mars in Cancer individuals are moody, and emotional to a fault. They are also extremely driven to be the best in everything that they do, very goal orientated, and extremely passionate about whatever it is that they are focusing on at the time.

Mars in the sign Cancer describes a man who is affectionate, warm, patient, understanding and nurturing. It is not unusual for these men to take on responsibilities that others shun, such as helping out with household chores or providing advice to younger siblings or friends. These men find it easier to discuss their feelings than other men.

Mars in Cancer Transit Meaning

Mars in Cancer transit refers to a time when Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio, is in Cancer.

Mars is your unconscious energy, primal motivation, the source of your instincts and raw talents. It gives you a fighting spirit when faced with challenges and crisis and ultimately makes you want to triumph over them. When this planet moves through Cancer, your emotional body is on high alert.

This transit is a time capsule for your emotions as well as passions. As you’re locked into very specific habits, it might feel like you’ve been frozen in time.

You may feel overwhelmed or out of sorts with the situations at hand. There are some things that you need to drop as new and exciting changes begin to take place.

Those unnecessary parts of your life will fall off effortlessly and the next phase of your life will bring many new positive aspects, including opportunities for success and money. It’s okay if you are feeling overwhelmed because your brain has a lot of stuff going on right now.

A Mars in Cancer transit is a time of year when you can successfully finish your long-term projects, but you should not rush them. This period is a very sensitive one, and it may get too emotional at times.

In order to avoid minor misunderstandings, fighting and breakups with friends and relatives, try to avoid excessive negative emotions, dangerous kinds of sports and risky hobbies. Your family may require support from you during this transit, so you should pay closer attention to their needs. You might be more reserved than usual during this period of time, which won’t harm your social reputation at all.

Are you prepared to launch thorough an introspective, emotional and even intense period of your life? During a Mars in Cancer transit, this is precisely what can happen to you as Mars the fiery planet of energy and drive stations direct.

You may feel a strong desire to eat emotionally, overeating or indulging in comfort foods. Perhaps you feel inwardly vulnerable or subjected to feeling and mood swings that are contrasted with your usual sense of invincibility.

While you’re a bit withdrawn during this transit, it’s actually a great time to recharge your emotional tank and thoroughly do a little maintenance on your relationships or even your own self-image. This is a period of retreat and reflection rather than action.

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