Mars in Libra Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Libra natives are charming but aloof, hardworking and a little lazy, fertile and passionate but sometimes lacking in follow-through.

They’re also good-looking, practical, tidy, and love to be on the cutting edge of style. Life is a balancing act for Mars in Libra natives which is reflected in their personality traits that can make them mysterious or even confusing to other people.

These folks exude a certain coolness, daring, and even mystery. Whether they’re packing their bags for an exotic overseas destination or just preparing for a romantic interlude with a loved one, these personality traits often come into play.

What Does Mars in Libra Mean?

Mars in Libra is a strong Air sign, and is considered a type of Mars on steroids - combined with the Libra cardinality, those born under this combination are vigorous and almost impatient to get things done. They can be very outgoing in social situations but still carry a refined quality not evident in most Libra born folks.

Their mind is vivacious and progressive at work, generally confident about their own opinions. They seem to take extra time to consider problems from all sides before coming to a conclusion, and so rarely jump to conclusions as other Air signs are known to do.

Mars in Libra is friendly, charming, and brings a touch of romance to your relationships. Charming and amorous with a desire for love and a strong sense of fairness.

You have excellent taste in partners, choosing relationships that are loving and lasting. You are the committed type, and do not abandon relationships unless you feel you must.

Mars in Libra can be a challenging combination. Gifted at blending with others, they naturally understand the needs of a large group and have an intuitive ability to find the right approach to any conflict.

They are both passionate, and graceful. Strong and capable, This placement is adept at getting others on their side. They will know when to fight for what’s right, as well as how to bring opposing parties together to find common ground.

Mars in Libra individuals may have a tendency to “take flight” when under stress. They may find it hard to communicate their real feelings.

They are charming, social, flirtatious and delightful. It can be hard for others to get to know them well because they can be guarded and indecisive. As Mars is in the sign of Libra, this person is interested in all things aesthetic such as art and music.

They are naturally charming and diplomatic, making them excellent mediators. They have a strong sense of fair play and justice, and easily find common ground between two opinions.

Mars in Libra people enjoy helping others, but can often have trouble with their own lives because they can get so caught up in other peoples problems.

Mars in Libra Woman

Mars in Libra women are charming, social, and easy to get along with. They are energetic and love to strive towards their goals. They are romantic and adore the delights of being in love.

The typical Mars in Libra woman will be very attractive to the opposite sex, with her pretty face, pleasant smile, and well-groomed figure. She will be a wonderful cook and hostess, the ideal wife or partner for a man.

Although she is talkative, she likes to hear from others as well. She is a good listener because her attention is focused on those around her without making them feel patronized.

Mars in Libra women are very elegant, warm and flirtatious. They have a sense of humor that makes them very attractive companions.

They enjoy wearing nice clothes, and they love to feel feminine and beautiful. They can become energized by others finding them attractive. They have a very feminine charm, but they are also more powerful than the typical Libra woman.

They are adventurous and independent, seeking to explore the world and new experiences with an open mind and broadened horizons. With a modern, liberal perspective on relationships and self-expression, they have a deep appreciation for art and beauty, making them romantic yet practical.

Although these women present themselves with a stylish sophistication, they care deeply about equality as well as long-lasting connections.

Mars in Libra woman is charming, warm, amiable, and gracious to all she meets. She is artistic and loves the fine arts. These women are born dancers. They love music.

She is charming, beautiful and very romantic. She has a talent for attracting people who are bound to give her the attention that she deserves. She is so determined and always able to achieve her goals and desires, which can sometimes place a strain on her relationships.

The Mars in Libra woman is often the center of attention and always charming. She is someone’s best friend, who knows how to get what she wants and always has something to say.

She’s likely to have a good deal of friends around her, who view her as a source of encouragement and support. She has an interesting personality, while being intensely jealous of the quality of her partners family support system.

Mars in Libra women are beautiful, sexy, sensitive, and creative. They impress everyone with their charming looks and stylish clothes.

Their charm and beauty may be as hard on them as it is on others. They can easily enchant a man into a one-sided romance, only to leave him pleading for more.

Mars in Libra Man

A Mars in Libra man’s balance and harmony makes him an ideal companion for daily life. He is very adept in social settings, and that carries over to his home life.

This combination makes it easy for this man to be on good terms with others. He does have the ability to read others, and uses that ability to his advantage when dealing with everyday people. Matter of fact, this is how he gains some of his much-desired popularity.

Mars in Libra has the capacity to be the most charming of all the men but he is never obvious about his ability to charm. The manner in which he presents himself is modest and unassuming.

He appears a perfect man caught up in a life that is more mundane than perfect. He possess good looks, extraordinary intelligence, and an air of mystery.

This is an intellectual man who surrounds himself with intellectuals. The subtlety of this man’s intellect should never be dismissed even if he creates an image of being effeminate or less than macho.

Mars in Libra men are known for their charm and grace, but also have a strong sense of fairness and justice. They have an incredible ability to read others minds and intentions, which gives them the confidence to take calculated risks and go after what they want in life.

He is endowed with a cheerfulness that will lift the spirits of everyone he meets. Not a mean person, he is sure to be courteous and pleasant to everyone, except maybe someone who is rude or obnoxious or bullies others.

A man with this placement is loving, charming and romantic. His gaze is magnetic.

When you get to know him, he reveals himself quite easily and becomes more of what you see on the outside. He radiates charm and tends to be a bit flirty.

These men tend to be dignified and charming. Yet they can also be indecisive and face difficulties in their relationships, at work, and with money.

Mars in Libra Transit Meaning

The meaning of Mars in Libra transit is that there will be a time in life when you will have a period of internal conflict, where you may experience some form of indecisiveness, that can be so extreme that it may result in your inability to take action. However, please remember that this does not mean to avoid taking action.

This transit can bring about magical moments of love, intimacy, peace, and harmony. Feelings of anger and aggression are also possible. Self-indulgence is favored and happiness rules most areas of relationships with others.

Mars in Libra shows how you can balance the masculine and feminine, action and passivity, and bring peace into your life. You want to be with other people, but at the same time you need your space and some time to think over everything that happened and is happening. The transit indicates a deep desire for harmony.

Mars is the planet of energy and action, an aggressive force that likes to get things done. There is a lot of energy generated with Mars in Libra; however, this transit can be a challenge.

This is a time of moving forward toward your goals, becoming more aware of your “power” in relationships with others, and exploring the possibilities of new love in all its various forms.

But we must be forewarned that even though this transit is kindling the fires of passion, there can be conflict and frustration when these feelings are not given expression in positive and productive ways.

The planetary energy is not a time for fighting, but for negotiating. Make no mistake; your negotiations will be unusually effective. You’re the person who can settle disputes, finding middle ground that works for everyone involved.

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